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Identification of the “self.”

teaching something

The static “self” looks for identity. Our identification goes along with our consciousness.
I could be taught: “You are a soul, eternal Atman,” If I believe that, and if my consciousness is identified with the way my body looks, the automatic reaction for an individual experiencing duality in the mind, is to reject the body and to embrace the new “idea” of self.

Rejection or fighting against anything as a method to overcome something is completely irrational.

That is how the word “spirituality” came into being. It is about the “spirit,” the “soul,” “who we truly are.”

When our awareness allows us to see something else, we could observe that the duality between the body and the spirit has been created out of a concept, an idea; thus we will reject something about “us.”

Living life with joy, the “now” becomes “spirituality” to another type of consciousness.

It doesn’t matter if we know the concepts, the ideas about “who we are,” for that “knowing” is all about the dualistic mind.

When we abandon the mind and start living with the heart, labels and ideas are no longer needed.
Those beliefs become an obstacle to experience life to the fullest. The mystery of “who we are” will be answered when we realize “who we are not.” 🙂

Life is harmony. To live life to the fullest we may need to be aware of that harmonic, rhythmical movement. Without that awareness we become rigid. Fixated in something. Death.
I recall the words of my friend Mathias about harmony and rhythm in life.

“Rhythm in life is already there. Human beings continue, in a hardheaded way; to try to accommodate life to what they believe is their life.
When you develop your intuition then you begin to understand that “to observe” is more than what we are able to see… then you start discovering that the internal weeping comes from the stubbornness of trying to be someone who is no longer you.
When that sense of rhythm is lacking, then we embrace extremes in our life.”

If we are unable to live life to the fullest “now” like a child, how is it possible to pretend to live to the fullest “in the future”?

How concepts and labels such as “atman,” “predestination,” “karma” and all of that are able to help us when we have not been able to realize by our own observation how Nature, Life works and rather rely on the hand –me -down ideas of someone else?
It does not matter how enlightened those ideas are, or how much we quote them or repeat them. If we have not experienced those, we will have our mind full of ideas and our hearts empty of fulfillment.

To know means, to live life in that harmonious symphony.

When we listen to a song, we don’t think about it. We don’t dissect it in different parts and analyze it to discover the exact timing of the instruments to try to discover why a song is “likable.”

When we truly listen to the song, we enjoy it. That enjoyment is a feeling where the mind has no place.
Life is like that song.
Feel the song. 🙂


Readers Remark: Sharing a video

i’d like to share a very beautiful song with my friends……which conveys the feeling of long long ago as in today’s murli……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BImuWz7zJE0 plz listen and enjoy:))

Below the lyrics:

It’s been a long, long, long time
How could I ever have lost you
When I loved you?

It took a long, long, long time
Now I’m so happy I found you
How I love you
So many tears I was searching
So many tears I was wasting, oh oh
Now I can see you be you

How can I ever misplace you?
How I want youOh, I love you
You know that I need you
Oh, I love you

The Drama is just a song

When we hear a song, there may be several responses to that same song.

Some will dance, some will sing and yet others will cry. Different reactions, emotions.

It is the same song viewed under different experiences. The same Drama appreciated under different sanskaras.

The Drama is just a song and we give meaning to it.

When we hear the song without gyan in our minds, we cannot recognize the song as a song but rather we see what we have been taught to see, under the vision of our traditions, dogmas and moral codes.
That is what our emotions dictate.

Pain can only see the possibility of being hurt again. Disappointment, can only see darkness. Any experienced of fear can only bring more fear.

It may be easier to unlearn what we have been taught to believe than to heal the emotions brought by the song.
That is our personal journey. To heal the self.
That is the meaning of the Brahmin life.

The Drama is just a song with no lyrics, and when we have gyan in our hearts, we learn to enjoy the song, knowing that it is necessary to forget that song so we can experience it fresh again……and again.
To learn to forget is necessary in life , just as remembrance is in our BK life.

Gyan teaches us to enjoy the song by making the lyrics of it according to what we find in our own selves, for the song and the lyrics are just a reflection of what is going on inside.

We can analyze the tunes, we can just be ironic and say “it is just an eternally repeating song” and kill our own feelings, or we can learn to enjoy the tunes as it plays, in the moment; without rememebring the last played note; now gone, nor looking to hear the violins and the “golden” trumpets of the future when they have not played yet.

The song can be enjoyed only “now” as it unfolds for there is no other time besides “now” when we live life to the fullest.