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Harmony is out of the mind

Have you heard the singing of a yellow warbler or a robin bird?
Be aware of how you feel. You may enjoy it.
Those sounds have a pleasing effect on us. There is coordination, balance, symmetry, agreement, peace in that. It happens without rehearsal, naturally.

That sensation we label as “harmony.” There is agreement with the environment.

I could take someone right out of that sensation if I ask:
“Why do you like that singing? Please elaborate.”
Even worse, I could ask: “Why do birds sing?” Then meaningless answers may arrive: That is the way they attract potential mates. They are protecting their territory. Truly, a bird does not DO things out of a plan, an objective. That is rational, not harmonious.

The mind keeps questioning. It keeps coming up with plans of action. Ideas, ideals and fantasies filling up our time.

Inner nourishment and delight is in the experience of listening to the bird’s song, not in knowing intellectual answers.
We only have preconceptions based on our human expectations and understanding of the world. Can’t ask the bird for “answers;” instead, ask your neighbor: “Why do you breathe?” Then, we could realize the value of our questioning and spare the bird from a meaningless question. Intellectual questions/answers are without fulfillment.
The intellect, reason, logic have a place in Life. That is the “office world.” We can hardly survive in that world without it. But to know harmony, we may need to open a different door.

Enjoyment of Life means to enter into that door of harmony.

Our “black or white” mentalities are not “trained” for harmony. We want to live Life in the “right” way, which is to follow a set of rules, commandments, expectations that we believe to be the representation of “righteousness.” We will apply those rules every time, the goal is to be consistent with our ideas. To be “right” we must get rid of “wrong.” “Wrong” is our definition of unacceptable…. Living in that intellectual, conceptual manner we lack fulfillment, harmony.
Harmony is not an idea, a concept. There is nothing to get rid of to make things “right” but rather to integrate. Can we integrate “right” with “wrong”? Not in our minds. Our  strict “concepts” and ideals do not allow for that. 

A song does not have a preconceived structure. It does not follow a particular pattern. A bird does not have limits of what is “right” or “wrong” to sing. Those are only expectations of the human mind, which are obstacles to discover joy.

“Mind” the environment. The inner and outer world. Be aware of the discordance of our own voice. Have we heard how unpleasant the sound of it may be? What we ARE manifests in so many ways.
Harmonious living cannot be put into a recipe. There is no method to study, concept to DO or commandments to follow.
Harmony changes continuously. Every song Life plays even though different, is in accord with the time, setting and environment. That is why, no one could teach another to be harmonious. Moving with it, is not following it. That is beyond the limits of any sort of “spirituality” or moral standards. Without harmony; enjoyment of Life is reduced to another method to “practice” and achieve by our monkey mind.

An enticing “objective” only to dream about. 🙂

The illusion of an ideal

Love is a pretty word. As the song goes: “All we need is Love, love. Love is all you need.”
Then comes the ideal: “The ultimate love is to love humanity.”
Bravo! I believe in that too. Great phrase. Everyone agrees on that!

Now comes the mind: “How do I get there? How do I achieve love to humanity?” “How do I achieve that state of sainthood?”

Then come religious/philosophical/scientific “methods” with clever answers to those inquires… but those answers require certain “doing” from our part.
Therefore, here comes “practice.”

After many years of trying different methods, and practicing then comes disappointment.

The ideal cannot be obtained. It is a mental thing which is fueled by our own greed.

“That is the top state of sainthood to love everyone. I want it for myself.”
That is called greed. It is the wolf dressed up as red ridding hood. Greed in the mundane is hard to recognize in the “divine.”

Where do we start?
Start with the only “real” place you could. That is with you.
Are you aware of how your mind throws violent thoughts around? It could be towards you or another. That violence cannot allow you to be Love.
See, it is not as the song says: “All we need is Love.” We ARE love.
Are you aware on how your mind dwells in the past and fantasizes about the future?
That mind cannot allow you to be Love; for Love is in the “now.” The mind cannot be in the now.

The pretty, “spiritual” words we say could be a trap for self-deception.
To try to achieve the dictionary meaning of those “good” words or virtues is like trying to hold air with our naked hands.

The clearer, the emptier your mind is of thoughts, the easier becomes to know Love without defining it, without labeling it, without describing it.

Thus, “all we need is love…” is just a catchy phrase.
“All we need is an empty mind,” is closer to Love, but … far from being a popular song.

Let the music take control, let the rhythm move you…


The above words of wisdom are from the lyrics of a well-known song…

To explain life in a paragraph without using beliefs could be a senseless trip.
Nevertheless in the experience of something which we could perform in a day-to-day basis, we could understand the greater picture without boring and brainy intellectual comprehension. 🙂

Life is playing a song. That song could be different for every individual. As a matter of fact, even though it could be the same song, the music will be heard through different ears… That is lesson number 1 in the “Mambo number 5” song.

Lesson number 2 resides in the steps that we perform, commonly known as “actions” or “karma.”
“One step to the left, two to the right. Swing your arms to the front and then turn around.” Those are nice steps to learn. We could learn those steps from a religion or from the school system or from some place. I hear the Guru saying: “Repeat the steps over and over and you will see that they will become second nature to you.”

Great! That is fantastic… Shall I do the same steps to every song that life plays? Here comes the Pop song, followed by some “bachata” and then some “ragtime” music.. and all I know is “One step to the left, two to the right…” 🙂 Maybe those are good steps for some “electric slide” in a group dance… Everyone follows the same steps… Don’t think just follow… Forget about thinking!! The issue is that we forget to feel the music…

Lesson Number 3 comes in handy: Music is something that you feel. Just like life. If you “think” the steps that you are to perform while listening to Music, you will not be dancing. You will not have the openness to let the music “take control and the rhythm move you” in a different way through every song in life.

Then lesson number 4 appears as a question: So that means that I can move however “I feel” like? 🙂
If you move with anger, with force, with violence; you will not be able to dance for too long. In fact, your movements cannot be harmonious; your steps cannot flow through every song, through every transition. You may call that a dance, but to dance means to move flawlessly, with easiness and without exerting yourself, it means balance of rhythm and breath. You may have lots of rhythm but without stamina, your dance will not last for too long.

If you feel enjoyment and appreciation of the song being played, your steps will follow, as you will pick up the rhythm….
You will be dancing every song with different steps! Isn’t variety the spice of life?

And finally lesson number 5: Become “one” with the song. That is “merged” with the music. In that way, there will not be “someone” dancing different songs; and letting life “move him,” but rather there will only be music. The dancer will be part of the “package” so to dance does not feel as if someone is “obligating” someone to dance as a final destiny; but rather the enjoyment of hearing the music will be in dancing it… There is no dance without music and no music without rhythm. Ego is the main element of separation of the dancer and the music.

Being alive is dancing. Knowing how to live means to enjoy the music and the dance. 🙂

Emotional art, ain’t art :-)

Every time someone expresses creativity for the sake of it, without a motive (outer or inner) or to comply with a duty, at that point we are witnessing art in its “purest” form.

In a way everyone is an artist.
Nevertheless as the world changes, most forms of expression considered “art” at this time, are nothing but emotional outlets from the artist. In other words, his or her emotions have an expression instead of being bottled up in the self. Emotional release is what they may be.

That sort of “art” is not creative. It is not original but just a felt reaction with an expression.

Would you consider a boxing fighter an artist? 🙂 If that fighter is able to express his negative emotions as to become angry, that boxer will become fearsome; that expression through a punch is an emotional outlet although, this boxer is not using a canvas or a guitar or paper and ink to express; this trained fighter is indeed expressing emotions and “creating” or pretending to create some “work of art” in another human being’s nose. 🙂

Creative art is meant to uplift human beings by expressing the greatness of the human spirit and not by showing emotional upheavals. Nevertheless, nowadays an “artist” merely displays his own emotional outbursts through a song composition or a painting. When others identify with that emotional issue, that is a “seller,” that is considered to be a successful artist.

I have noticed this in my travels. There are some countries where music is about expressing romantic suffering: “You left me for another. You destroyed our love. I suffered for you,” etc. After hearing these songs over and over in the radio or while traveling in buses, we could even start singing those songs… and believing in them… Easy religion!
Songs are a powerful mean to “brainwash” individuals who are not aware of what is going on. The same with a painting or a photograph. The more shocking those are, the greater the chances that those will be sold or viewed.

In our world, many times we do not realize all the complexes and “hang ups” that we posses in our psyche. The expression of that cannot be called art in my book, perhaps therapy but never art.

In a spiritual sense, these emotional outlets when unchecked, are a source of issues which will not allow us to freed ourselves from cyclical needy and dependent behavior. Sort of like being addicted.

A musician composing music because that “makes him feel good” is not in the same category as those who compose music because of it. No words to express reasons. The former will have a “needy” relationship as long as he feels good. That could become addictive. The later, will do so as a true expression. His “feeling good” is not dependent on creating music..

Please note that under this condition, no matter how much meditation or yoga or love one may have with God, those addictive behaviors, “hang ups,” emotions, etc. will come up every time we connect with another human being.

That is why some may express that God is in their hearts, but their behavior with other human beings, do not show that. That is their expression (their art) of that so called love, will not show love but other emotions. Then this “spiritual artist” is lacking an important ingredient and that is to be able to go deeper into himself to find the skeletons of the past which need to be taken care of.

Those inner complexes change from person to person. Let me give an example. In Peru social classes are determined by a combination of the way someone looks, their last name, his/her parents social position, and how much wealth someone has. Thus, someone who has accumulated money by selling widgets in the market will not be able to “fit in” in the “jet set.”

In the USA, (the melting pot) is mostly about money. You buy anything with money (except happiness,) you belong.

In India, social classes begin from the time that someone is born into a particular cast. When we look at how this affect us “now” in our perceptions, then we are doing something useful with us. We are freeing ourselves from those ideas.

As long as I have not observed how those issues (complexes) are affecting my life, my views, my expectations and how much they have “brainwashed me,” until that point of inner observation is reached, I will keep suffering from the consequence of believing in those things without my realization.

That is why in Spirituality when we hear spiritual knowledge, we could only learn when we observe in ourselves that which is being explained to us. Then, we understand.

A spiritual artist is like a sculptor. We are sculpting ourselves every time we go deep into those complexes and lingering emotions. The master piece will happen. It is a continuous work in progress and the expression of that transformation is truly the most delicate fine art.

It is the story on how the ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful swan. That is art.

Questions and Remarks for May 28, 2013

Brother, disclaimer you need not share this on the blog if you feel its not appropriate, also my comments with it as well. But felt like sharing the song with you, it has always inspired me to be self reliant and find inner strength. But truly want to thank you for sharing your understanding on concepts, it resonates. Hero – Mariah Carey There’s a hero If you look inside your heart You don’t have to be afraid Of what you are There’s an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you know Will melt away [Chorus] And then a hero comes along With the strength to carry on And you cast your fears aside And you know you can survive So when you feel like hope is gone Look inside you and be strong And you’ll finally see the truth That a hero lies in you It’s a long, road When you face the world alone No one reaches out a hand For you to hold You can find love If you search within yourself And the emptiness you felt Will disappear [Chorus] Lord knows Dreams are hard to follow But don’t let anyone Tear them away Hold on There will be tomorrow In time You’ll find the way

Thank you for sharing that song, dear soul!
I feel that song resonates more with me than the previous one…It is the mystical Phoenix bird rebuilding itself out of his own ashes in a cyclical way… If you take spirituality with commitment to self-transformation, you will be a hero. That hero takes the steps in self-transformation himself/herself, but in his/her way there is the company and support of friends, “true” friends. That reminds me of the song: “That’s what friends are for.” (Dionne Warwick) those friends are there to let you see when sometimes we cannot. To let you recognize yourself in the darkest moments so the hero can emerge as carbon emerges under great pressure; that is shining as a diamond at the end of the day…

Best wishes!

I got a mail from Brahma Kumaris topic was,The Supreme Being or God … In that there was a point :-“In the Old Testament of the Bible, it is mentioned that Moses had a vision of light as a “burning” bush in the desert. Jesus also referred to God as light. In some Christian ceremonies, during the ceremonies, an ostensorio is held up. The ostensorio is a golden ball with many rays radiating from it. Perhaps this is a symbolic representation of God.” Now my question is:-” Jesus also said Man is Made in the image of God(GENESIS 1.26-27). Why we never consider this statement. As far as Moses is concerned the angel ‘Gabriel’ appeared to him and gave him the knowledge. Also there are more references from Bibile where it is clearly written that GOD has form.Why Jesus talk about kingdom of God and loving God? Can someone love light? Please let me know. Please give me the references where it is mentioned in the Old Testament about moses having a vision of light as a “burning” bush in the desert. Also where does he mentions that this burning light is God.Is it is mentioned that this burning light was OVAL in shape?”

Dear soul,
I have shared so many articles here, expressing that we cannot “define” God with words. The experience of God is pretty much a personal experience, which cannot be put in dualistic words just because God is beyond duality, beyond our consciousness trapped in duality.
I truly hope the above will take away our urge to define things, to put things in boxes; when that business does not do any good to anyone but just to create separation among “believers.” There is no experience in those definitions, just talk, words. Material for debates.

Please review your comments about referring to Jesus as saying things in the book of Genesis.

Let me just paraphrase this teaching by a Zen master, which I feel is related with your question. It is open for your interpretation:

Question: Why do you teach that God is reachable by our mind?
Answer: To stop babies from crying.
Question: When crying has stopped, what then?
Answer: Then I teach, not mind, not God.
Question: How about to one who is not attached to either?
Answer: I would tell him, Not beings.
Question: and what if you met a man unattached to all beings?
Answer: I would just let him experience the great Oneness.

Best wishes!

Om shanti dear brother How do you make others equal to you? thank you Baba

Thank you for you question, dear soul!
Answer: By dissolving “you.” 🙂

Best wishes!