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The truth and beliefs: Questions by BK followers

Below some questions by Brahma Kumaris followers.

Avyakt7 currently, does not wish to be engaged in any belief system, although avyakt7 respects someone else’s beliefs.

Avyakt7 will not emit judgment whereas your belief about a belief system is wrong or right, or the explanation that you received is “right” or “wrong.” Avyakt7 has no opinion on those issues.

Dear BK readers,
Let us go into the main lessons of your belief system:

The first lesson is that “I am soul.” The second lesson is “God is a soul.”
My question is: Can you know God unless you know yourself?
God and “you” have the same eternal nature. Unless the experience of that which you believe in, is experienced in yourself, there is no possibility of knowing what you believe God is.

Do you know Avyakt7? Because you read these writings here, do you think that you know avyakt7? Because you have spoken with Avyakt7, do you think that you know him? Because you have seen his picture or a video, do you think that you know him? How can you know avyakt7?
By being him, of course. Who is him?
Isn’t “he” a soul? 🙂
Isn’t God a soul?
Aren’t you a soul?

In spirituality, knowing is being it. In the “normal” world, to know means to have the head full of information about something. We cannot know what swimming is by just reading about it. We cannot talk about Spirituality without observing and knowing ourselves, because in that we could know everyone else.
We share the same nature.

When we understand deeply the above, we can abandon the idea of being a “devotee” of God and turn our journey into the honest quest of knowing yourself.

That is called with many names by many spiritual teachers: Soul consciousness, dying alive, detached observer, self transformation, self realization, emptiness, nothingness, detached participant, self- awareness, consciousness, Buddha and of course, illumination…

Now let us go back in to the “soul.”
The word “Soul” is just information, a label to denote something which can only be experienced. When that something is experienced, then we can put different labels to that something: Some may call that spirit, others, emptiness, others light, self, bindi, atma, purusha, etc, etc.

The third lesson in your belief system is about the cycle of time.
Let me ask you, is the “soul” bound to time? No, because it is eternal. Then, how is it possible to experience time?
It is a contradiction… That is why, we cannot explore these things with intellectual understanding, with “0” or “1” answers.
We are both, we experience time and we are time-less. It just depends in our consciousness.
That “contradiction” that we found is the “door” to further realizations.

We cannot talk about the timeless with words bound in time. We cannot understand the timeless, when our consciousness is bound in time.

Last question: In which moment of the cycle of time do we truly know God? 🙂
If you say “now,” Please read this response again from the beginning. Note that in the Golden age, God is not there and that is the moment of highest consciousness, when those beings know themselves. When they are “equal to the Father.” 🙂

Throughout Avyakt7’s life, the search for the truth was the main point and driving force in my life. First, it was understood as a label, as something intellectual to understand, to write down and tell everyone. To know God was part of that intellectual understanding; but that wasn’t enough.

Then, Avyakt7 went through different changes and found the truth in knowing myself, going through the journey of observing the only thing that Avyakt7 can change in the whole world.

The queen who lost her necklace was looking for it everywhere until she realized/ became aware/ conscious that she was wearing that necklace all along.

We could believe in anything, doubt in anything… but finding the necklace is where fulfillment is no longer an idea to believe in.

Best wishes from the heart!


1. “In a class I heard that there are souls who reside in the soul world when they do not have a role to play in the drama. So, this means those souls are with Baba for a longer time than the souls who start the drama from Golden age. Isn’t that what we all want in the end- to spend more time with Baba? Why would we want to start from Golden age?”

2. “Dear Avayakt7, Bapdada’s role specifically in terms of service: three types of service Bodily, Wealth and through the mind. Is the topic of maximum number of souls served the basis of your position in the beginning of the cycle? If that is correct then Brahma Baba being number one is a little flawed inspite of his avayakt role. There is a feeling that Dadi Prakashmani had more to do with expansion. I understand that this is specific to the BK Belief system but wanted your view on the whole aspect of service connected to the position you would get.. or is this is a story of the carrot being waved? Would love your response.”

3. “Does God ever become “imperfect”? In BK gyan, they say that God has come in the body of Brahma and give knowledge to human being in order for them to make effort and become deity. We all know that the “perfect” stage is only in the soul world which means “zero”. When souls come down on earth to play their parts, the mind then be created and their stages gradually decline into 1 ,2 ,3… till 15 and body consciousness grasps in. So when God Himself comes into the field of action, does He become 1 rather than still in “zero” stage? Because you know when souls start to use physical organs, information start to flow in, create fluctuation which is the mind.”

Salvation to all … is a lunch break to all.

One of the lines of Gyan which will need our undivided attention is to find out how is “God the one who gives salvation to all.”

As this role perceives it, the issue with “praising God” by using well known religious lines ( Christianity has that line as well) is that “pure Gyan” may not be able to fit that description.

In “Pure Gyan,” we can observe how experiencing and expressing a role, is all there is. In this circle of life; there is no such an “arrival” as “salvation.”
Because I am here. I will be here writing this in 5000 years despite of what I may do in between. That is a warranty of the eternity of this role. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to stay… 🙂

Everything is “temporary but eternal.” That is a huge paradox to understand.

If going to the soul world is “salvation,” then getting out of it, is not.. 🙂 The “news” is that we will be “in” and “out” as an “unlimited tourist.” Therefore, where is that salvation?

If salvation is to get to the Golden age, then how is it possible for “everyone” to get “salvation”?
The word “salvation” is a loaded word.
“Salvation” is a 15 minute break for some or 45 minute break for others. That is all. It is a “lunch break.”

When looking at Gyan then, it is important to take a look at it without the pre-conception of “loaded words, “ that is words which mean something which they may not truly represent.

It would be advisable to see Gyan as it is; destruction is not really destruction, but “transformation” based on the fact, that we are eternal souls. Just as when one of our teeth is being pulled (hopefully by a dentist,) we may feel pain, but that is not the “end of the world.” (Another “pun…” sorry.)

To look at things in an “unlimited way,” is to go beyond the boundaries of this “existence.” That is why we have the knowledge of the cycle of time. That is why, we are “trikaldarshi” at this time.

Destruction is as natural as Creation. One cannot go without the other. That is the “natural” law in the world of duality. When we become aware of this circle of life, transformation is what we will be able to see. Nothing is static, but just our own mind set… Sometimes. 🙂

Question: OM SHANTI I also wanted to ask that the drama brings us the souls to this field of action because we can experience our spiritual mind,intellect,resolve or sanskar,nature,qualities,attributes,power,specialities,resources, treasures,relationships and connections? Because in the supreme abode we souls are only in peace and purity and also incorporeal,bodiless and point of light. Is it the drama that creates the costumes or bodies with organs, brain and heart for us souls because human beings cannot create any bodies?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul.
Existence has always existed. This Drama is a circle, a cycle which has never had a “first time” around. It cannot for we are eternal souls. Eternity means that we have existed forever… 🙂 Our minds are set up to look for a “beginning,” where there is none for we are in a circle, a “vicious circle” (Pardon the pun on that, but the role thought that to be funny…) where souls “come and go” from the soul world to the physical realm. The Drama is movement, eternal movement; that is why there is no “beginning,” for this movement is what exists and our minds are caught up in taking a still “picture” of something which is moving, and in calling that still picture the “truth,” then we have something to worship, something to make us feel “secure.” 🙂 It is a movie. Movement.

We go from a world of non experience, to a world of experiences and expression, just to come back to non experience. We go from “restfulness,” into “movement,” that restfulness is what allow us to “recharge,” so we could continue afresh, forgetting all previous experiences. What you attribute to those nice words (attributes, power, connections, relationships, etc) in your question are just merely experiences which you have taken the time to label and which we want to maintain as it is, when everything moves, changes, evolves… to become the same again 🙂

Experiences and Expressions and lack of them. That is all. That is the Drama. Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that beneficial? 🙂

Best wishes!


Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,
Let me ask you to please use regular case letters to write your questions. As it is, I do not have the time to go back and re-write questions. Thank you 🙂

It was shared in other posts about the soul world (parandham) as a “dimension” rather than a “place.” Therefore, location, distance, etc. do not apply.

Our language cannot explain something like that just because our language has been created in a particular consciousness greatly influenced by the physical “reality.”

To put it in simple words, what you are asking is similar to:


A sunset does not exist. The Sun exists. The Earth exists. But a sunset? The Sun is much bigger than the Earth… is illogical!! A sunset is an experience. Can you see that paradox? Even though the sunset does not exist, because it is an experience, it exists. However a “black or white” language cannot respond as “WHERE” the sunset is neither “HOW FAR.” can you see that?
A better answer would be, it is “THERE,” “RIGHT HERE.”

You are asking to explain about an ocean in terms of its”dryness.”

Best wishes!

Question: Great blog – happy to have a bigger perspective. Question – Baba says ‘the whole part is recored in the soul’ (possibly the deepest point of gyan) – and that ‘the soul is a resident of the far away land/home’. I’ve often wondered if indeed we are always in the soul world and just having an experience of our part from a non-physical state of peace. If everything we experience is in the soul – then even the world is in the soul (our experience of the world) – so could we just be in the home? This FEELS true to me as we are eternal and safe always as we watch this movie unfold from within. I’m interested in your thoughts. On a side note: This blog is really hard to read because of the black background. I have skills in design plus lots of wordpress themes you could use – so if you want to change it let me know. More people will read.

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

Quantum physics is bringing a different perspective to understand Baba’s knowledge (will write more about it in the future.)
The point “the soul has its part recorded in it” It is a deep point as long as we do not take that literally. Nothing has been recorded and certainly there has never been a time when someone “recorded” a part in the soul.

The understanding of paradoxes and the quantum mechanics concepts of “being /non-being” (which has existed in Taoist thought before) allow us to understand that we are sort of “multidimensional beings.” There is no single place where we “are,” but paradoxically we “are” located where our consciousness is located.

In other words, we can “be” in the physical world, in the soul world and in the subtle region at the same “time” (from the perspective of the physical world, for in the subtle region and in the soul world there is no time ) and the “movie unfolding” is not really “us” but we experience it that way for our consciousness is stuck in that illusion which paradoxically is “real” to us. Most feel the “movie” to be them.

Moreover, the question of “where are we?” is not really a fair question, for location only exists in the physical realm and not in the other two (soul world, subtle region) however, we want an answer based on the physical “reality.”

That is the problem with science and classical physics in trying to understand spirituality. The scientific vision is stuck in the physical world thus, it will be unable to understand non-physical dimensions. That was until Quantum mechanics appeared and from that point, we could easily dismantle any scientific “truth” about anything considered “real.”

The video below explains this. How can we explain the world of 3 dimensions to a person whose consciousness is stuck in only 2 dimensions? Is the person fully conscious of 3 dimensions “really” living in the third dimension only?
As far as the background of the blog. It is the first time that I hear about a problem with a black background. I could switch the color to a white background with black fonts . If 2 other readers would like for that to happen, I will do so. Nevertheless, I have written another blog with a black background for several years and never heard a complain about it. From my perspective, it actually allows me to pick up my orthographic mistakes better than writing in a white background. It is easier on the eyes from my perspective when I use a black background.

Thank you for your valuable input.
Best wishes!

Space and Time in the Brahm element


This post is in relation to this note:

” Just a few days before Avyakt 7 was saying there is no time, no space in Incorporeal world.
(I was saying that there is no time However the space is there)
And today Baba is also saying in this murli (Sakar murali 4th Dec 2012 ) “Souls would definitely reside in a space.”
Pl note. Not for proving the point but for correcting the error.”

The following is an excerpt from the Sakar Murli on December 4th, 2012.

“For instance, there is the sky. It is not a physical object. It is just space. It still has a name-sky. It is a very subtle element. OK, deities reside even beyond that. That too is a space. They are sitting beyond the sky. Beyond that is another sky. That too is a place for souls to sit. That sky is called the brahm element. There are the three elements: Corporeal, subtle and incorporeal. Souls would definitely reside in a space. Therefore, there are three skies. The play takes place in this sky and so light is needed. There is not a play in the incorporeal world. That is called the element of brahm. Souls reside there. That is the highest of all. There are three worlds, that is, three storeys of the world.”

In this paragraph we can infer that Baba is explaining about the Brahm element and the Subtle region to the children. “ There is the sky, and then another sky were deities live which is a subtle sky (subtle region.) Beyond that subtle sky, there is another “sky” (space) where souls “sit.” That is called the “Brahm” element.
Then Baba mentions that “souls will definitely reside in a space.” (Read, In a “sky.”)

In this explanation we can perceive that souls could reside in anyone of the 3 “skies” or spaces.
Baba is using comparisons existing in the corporeal, physical world to explain the subtle region and the Brahm element to the “children.” Baba is just using the word “space” to be interchangeable with “sky” to make his explanation.

Is the above explanation accurate in explaining that there is “space” in the soul world?
Not necessarily. If we go by the definition of “space,” in Wikipedia:

“Space is the boundless, three-dimensional extent in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction.[1] Physical space is often conceived in three linear dimensions, although modern physicists usually consider it, with time, to be part of a boundless four-dimensionalcontinuum known as spacetime.”
From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space

Note that Baba is using the term “space” which is used in the physical world to explain something which is “non-physical.”

If there is “no time” can we have space as we know it? In other words can we put “a soul in top of another soul” or can we say that the “soul world is crowded with souls.” No, we cannot.
In that “realm” as well as the subtle world, there is no sense of space as we know it in the physical world.

That is why when we “see” a ghost. Is that ghost occupying a “space”? If so which of the “3 skies” is the ghost occupying? 🙂

That is why in a “different” view, we can see that those 3 separate “skies” or spaces can be interrelated and again its “space” is just a perception.

A soul “residing” in the middle of the forehead, is not really occupying “space,” for no one will be able to find it. So where is it? It could be in any of those 3 “spaces” according to our perception, but at the same time, in none of them… but is there. 🙂

“Space” only exists in the perception of physical objects, the physical world, according to the above definition from Wikipedia.

The issue, is in the subtle region, where there is no existence of time, but there is movement.
For instance, we “see” Brahma Baba in scene “1.” In scene “2,” Brahma Baba extends his arm to bless us.” From scene 1 to scene 2, we call that as “time” from the perspective of the physical world; however, from the avyakt perspective the succession of “scene 1” and “scene 2” is not time, but could be called “space,” for lack of a better name.

This is just to demonstrate the issues with language in interpreting labels from the physical perspective and at the same time not having enough labels to represent a spiritual reality, for language is made under the consciousness of the physical dimension.

That is the challenge when explaining spirituality.

Question: It is said that Father (Baba) will take us all back home (soulworld) at the end once all the souls have descended from the soul world. Does that mean at the end it will be revealed to every soul on the planet who the father is and the knowledge of the drama?

Thank you for your question!

As “pure gyan” states, There will always be human beings in this planet. Therefore, not “all souls” will go back at the same time.
Also, we cannot take the words: “Baba will take us all back home” in a literal way, for before that we need to go through “Dharamraj” right? 🙂 and then, to the “soul world” in a “numberwise” manner. That means, not necessarily at the same time.

I feel that every major religion knows who the “Father” is, even though they may call “Him” with different names. At the same time, every major monotheistic religion has its own version of “Armageddon.”

God is one. The experiences that we have with Him are many, because we are “numberwise.”

Best wishes!