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Question on Divine help and Dark energies

“Dear brother, Suffering is due to our karmic accounts. Gulzar Dadi is “karmateet” and yet she has an operation of kidney stone and it seems karmic bondages with the body still remains. Kindly clarify my viewpoint. Also once she said in her class that when Baba used to come he would would cure her fever with loving drishti. So why not cure the problems of the body now. Please give me your thoughts on this.”

Dear reader,
Everything that “you” experience is a karmic “account.”

Suffering is part of that experience. To be “karmateet” or beyond the effects of “karma” does not depend on what is perceived as happening to “you.” (Sickness, suffering, elation, winning the lottery, etc.)
It depends on what you “make out” of it. 🙂

That is why the teaching on forgetting the “I,” or to be a “detached observer,” a “witness” is in place.

The body may hurt. That is an experience. To go “beyond” that experience does not mean not to experience pain; but not to make a “trauma” out of that experience by identifying yourself with that pain and its consequences.

Suffering is mental agony, which we inflict upon ourselves. We have control over that.
Physical pain is an experience which brings discomfort. It will go away in time; but only our minds can make that pain to last for a very long time, well beyond its normal course.

Baba or any being of light helping humanity at this point in time will not “do” anything, which is not already “recorded” in our destiny. Any experience has a “process” to unfold. Once that process is over, then that karma will be over.

If you have a disease that is obligating you to look closely at your health and that disease is meant to teach you something which will be of ultimate gain in your inner growth; it will be “bad” for you if that disease is gone as soon as you are aware of it.

Baba and other beings of light are aware of our own personal “process” and that disease will go away when the time is right; that is, when we have changed our previous ways and attitudes; when we become conscious of the value of our health and act accordingly.

Everything happening to us has a “reason” beyond what we can see at one moment. It is a “process,” change happens usually little by little rather than all at once.
Everything is beneficial when we have the wisdom to “see” beyond the obvious.

Best wishes!

“hi, I have been in knowledge for 3yrs now, I want to know how to deal with spirits.. I often get affected with the dark energy,,,and I need to get help to clear them.(I go to spiritual healer). why is this happening to me? I do wake up for yoga.. can you teach me how and what must I do? I want to go deeper in yoga.”

Dear reader,

The discovery of existence of spirits is an interesting Aha! moment . Many times we believe that everything is physical, but there is complete “interbeingness” (inter-relationships) with all types of beings, corporeal and non-corporeal.

Why is this happening to you? By the answer above, you could realize that it is “karma.” 🙂

There are some experiences, which we need in our “process,” and they will come from different sources.

Avyakt7 will share this experience with you.
One day in a healing session at the beginning of my ‘healer’ side, my client started crying heavily. The energy coming from her was so strong that Avyakt7 fell down and lost consciousness for about 2 seconds. Unknowingly, during that short time Avyakt7 had a being that “adhered” into Avyakt7’s personality at that moment. That being was generous hearted but at the same time had a personality as if it was mourning or lamenting.

Indisputably that affected Avyakt7’s personality as far as his view of the world and life, during that time. It wasn’t “me,” but Avyakt7 was being influenced. Many could think that this was “bad” for Avyakt7; but in fact; it has helped to change Avyakt7’s personality from a “go getter, self centered” individual into something different.
That took some time. There was a process.

It is the same as when you live with another person and you imbibe some of their characteristics by just living with them.

When that influence was no longer needed, Avyakt7’s destiny had a solution and that entity went away, allowing Avyakt7 to fully smile again.. 🙂 as a different person. The karma was settled.

As far as “dark energies,” that may come from other persons trying to hurt you. As you can see, that is a karmic consequence, something that you may need to discover with help.

Anyhow, you may need to learn to protect yourself by expanding your own energy and to fill the room where you sleep with your own energy. When you become sensible to energies, you can tell when something has changed in your state of being, and you need to “clean” yourself energetically speaking. It is very important to learn this, and you may need to learn it from someone who is experienced.

When something like this happens to you, that is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about it. That is why, it is in your destiny. Be open minded to the signals that life brings. Do not be afraid.
“Do” your part and let time “do” its work.

As far as “yoga” or connection with the Divine. That “yoga” is meant to be the expression of feelings. It is not about “thinking.” Yoga is an experience “inside you.”
To feel, believe or experience going “up there” is a way to open doors for other energies to come into you.

As we become more conscious of ourselves and the distinct moods that we could experience, we will know when we need to “clean” our energy. As a matter of fact, it is a good practice to clean the “doors” to yourself; that is your main chakras.

The above may sound “spooky” for people who have no experienced these things; but your experience is not “normal” and so, should be the solution.

Enjoy the process. It is a game for an immortal being.

Best wishes!

Diverse questions by readers dealing with beliefs

1. “is that possible to transfer a one soul to the another body? even if the other body is alive? please give me a quick answer thank you.”

Dear reader,
That depends on your belief system and experience. What you call “soul” may not be what I understand and experience as soul. In some beliefs systems, it is possible but only for a few “selected ones.” In others it is not, and then you have your own experience. Let us say that a “ghost” or a spirit enters your body. Your behavior will definitely change and you may even feel things that you have never felt before as “real.” Nevertheless, a “soul” hasn’t entered you, but this is what you may refer as soul entering another body.

Best wishes!

2. “is it possible that two body can transfer their soul to each other? exchange soul for shorter? by dreaming only?

Dear reader,
Please see answer above.
If you are thinking about it, it may be possible; you may even have experienced; but from that to be “real,” there is a difference. “Reality” changes according to your state of consciousness.

Best wishes!

3. How will the entire process of destruction and krishnas birth and Baba revealation take place….When Baba says that those children who become bodiless in one second will go with me and the rest will be left behind, what does he mean???

Dear reader,
If I tell you “this is the answer, this is what Baba means,” would you believe me? Why?
Dear reader, Baba just teaches self-transformation. It is the same teachings with different words according to time and belief system. If you have not experienced the subtle self, the soul, the spirit; whatever name we want to use, you will not be able to leave your body in your last moment, without experiencing suffering.

Best wishes!

4. “I want to ask that we always talk about goal of human life is to reach enlightenment .But what happens after reaching enlightenment? Do we become the Master soul or what ?”

Dear soul,
There is no goal for a human life, but only the one that you believe in. You are just reaching your capacity according to time. The belief of a “goal” comes from the idea of “continuous progress” continuous evolution in linear time. If you believe in cyclical time, there is no point for a “goal.”
Enlightenment is important for those who have not reached that state, for whatever they think it means; once they have reached that state, it is no longer important.

When we are situated in the field of beliefs, all you will get is a belief. If I tell you: “For sure, we will become master souls,” do you believe me? Why? It is pointless. Spirituality is experience. It is not a belief.
Once you reach that enlightenment, then you will know what comes next. If you give yourself the title of “master soul,” then you have reached your belief. Names, titles, getting a higher paycheck…:-) all part of our greed and ego.

Best wishes!

5. “I have another question that can i settle my karmic debts in one lifetime or will i carry forward it into another life, how can i know that i have so much amount karmic debts please enlighten me on this topic.”

Dear reader,
All you have now is your life. If you can discover your karmic accounts in this life (meaning your weaknesses) then there is no reason or motive to either go to the past or the future. If we want to do that trip to the future or past, we will be again in the realm of beliefs.
Do you believe in me? Why?
Thus, enlightenment on this topic means to observe what is going now in yourself and how you are resolving those issues. The rest are just beliefs.
Spirituality is the ultimate knowledge to get us to know that ultimate truth, that is ourselves.

Best wishes!



I hear that word all the time in religious gatherings.

What is sacred?  What is holy?  What is sacrosanct?

I don’t know. 🙂

That word must be something important. I need to find out. Let me look that word up in the dictionary.

According to the on-line Google dictionary:


  1. Connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration: “sacred rites”.
  2. Religious rather than secular.

Because I know something about duality, I can see that this word is dividing something “Godly” with something “secular,” that is; non-religious, worldly stuff.

Then, the problem arises when we want to pursue that which is “holy” and reject or put aside that which is not.

The issue is that our society, our traditions will choose that which is “holy” as the important thing.

Is the temple “holier” than my office at work?

Is the church sacred and not my apartment?

Is God deserving veneration but not Nature?

Is a ritual, something which God may need or like from us?

We can see how by inventing a word to convey “higher importance” than the other things, we have separated items which otherwise are just the same.

This is the origin of worship. The origin of devotion.

What is the sense of having devotion for something  or someone?

Our sense of inferiority. We can call that with the nicer label of  “love.”

However, love is not between an inferior and a superior. Love is between equals and that is why, devotion cannot be love.

Equality. We know that we are souls. Even God is a soul. That is our equality.

When we accept a tradition and perform a particular ritual, we may need to ask ourselves what is the point on that.

If we don’t,  we may not be venerating the sacredness of our valuable time.

The universe is holy. Life is holy. Sacred. No need to be divided by a dualistic mind.

Reader Remark: The paradox of individuality and Oneness


Om shanti brother.
Brother, you said, “That “subtle energy of life,” is not divided in many pieces. It is One. However, because it is expressed through many beings; it gives the appearance that it is embodied in many beings. In other words, our bodies give that energy the appearance of individuality, which is further expressed by a personality.”

Well, brother, please explain how you have arrived at this conclusion. If it is the same life energy running through different bodies, how can we account for different sanskars of different souls/ people?

Yes, we ‘identify’ a soul by the body he/she/ it is occupying; and we also know that each soul is unique and there will be a world of difference between some souls.

It still sounds ok that we are all ‘leaves’ of the same tree and that we are individuals having the same life energy (with different ‘concentrations’). Even not a single leaf of any tree is the exact replica of another leaf of the same tree. They may look alike, but they will have some minute differences in their form.

If “preordained roles are enacted through human beings/ souls’ – our present understanding is that a soul should have the capacity to play a role assigned to it and the capacities of souls do differ.

That shows that the souls are separate. It is like, we are all ‘birds’ flying together, but are flying on our own.
And, we are the individual droplets of life, ‘flowing together’ thus making it a stream of life.
That is why, when all of us are interlinked and connected, what we give unto others reverberates and comes back to us. Treating ‘others’ with love will make us also experience love.

Even now, the more we practise soul consciousness, the more we can easily link our intellect to any soul in the world and can pass on our thoughts/ feelings to them INSTANTLY. Most of us are experienced in this aspect. And we can also ‘feel/ experience’ the stage the other soul is having at that particular moment.

This shows that we are individual souls having different stages of soul consciousness/ purity at any point of time and that we can experience anyone’s company in a second. All we need to have is the stage of soul consciousness, the only aspect that will enable the ‘meeting’ of a soul to another soul or many souls as well as the Supreme Soul.



Thank you for your well thought out note!
I am afraid that we will be dealing into the corners of too much thinking… But I truly appreciate your question!

Dear soul,
We are dealing with the paradox of individuality and Oneness. You see individuality. I see Oneness.
Who is right?
Who is wrong?

We are dealing with duality of concepts. Our understanding goes according to our consciousness. It is not that a particular consciousness is “higher” than another, but just a different perspective.

There is a Drama. It is One not many. However, it manifests as “many” for it runs through different actors.

If you go watch a play in the theater, you perceive actors acting different roles, however; their roles are already scripted to fit the writings of the Director of the play.

Let us say, you watch the movie “Saturday night fever” (1977) starring John Travolta.
Now, here is a simple description of the plot: “Saturday Night Fever is a 1977 American dance film directed by John Badham and starring John Travolta as Tony Manero, an immature young man whose weekends are spent visiting a local Brooklyn discothèque…’

John Travolta is not Tony Manero. Just as a soul is not the role.
However, John Travolta is there acting, because of the forces of the destiny. He was “selected” to act in that movie.

We simplify by saying it is the movie director who selected him. In Sakar Murlis, that director is God.

However, we know that the “sanskaras” which Travolta demonstrated to be selected are not really “his.” It is part of the role playing in that soul. Those sanskaras are nothing else that the expression of being numberwise. Every actor displays a set of sanskaras which are determined by the Drama for they are needed at a particular time.

Also, we know that the writing of the movie director is not really his writing, but came through him.
Who was behind all of that?
The Drama.
Who is the Drama?
The interplay of being an non-being, the interplay of duality which makes the Drama tick. The “sankaras” which express in the world of action as “karma.”

It is the spider web of the Drama, the “subtle energy of life.”

Souls without roles to play are like stones sitting in the pavement. “Sleeping beauties” if you like.
A Soul can give life to a body, but roles give that body “something to be.”

John Travolta without his role of Tony Manero, wouldn’t be known at all. It is that role what made the difference.

Therefore, if the Drama is one but expressing many things through actors; why do we just see the separation of different actors?

If the tree is one; why do we like to be caught up only in the manifestation, that is in looking at how different the leaves are?

A soul may be individual but the “sleeping beauty” does not make the Drama tick. The roles do that- Drama. Please see how that individuality of the soul is meaningless without the Drama.

The Drama is One flowing through the individuality of the souls.

Best wishes!

Depth of Spiritual Knowledge: Being and Non-Being


If we could truly go into this writing and nothing else, to really look at it for a little while; perhaps we could understand something to liberate ourselves from our own preconceptions, our own little beliefs, our conditioned dogmas and traditions, our own rituals and slaving thoughts.

There is “being and non-being.” What does that actually mean in BK knowledge or in any other spiritual knowledge?
There is duality. Every religion points to that in one way or another; using childish language or one for grown ups.

Being means what “is” then non-being will be “what is not.” They are not static “realities.” Those states change all the time. One will become the other. The problem is that we choose one state and reject the other. That is all. We call one state “holy” and the other “sinful.” One state cannot exist without the other.

There is day. It is 10 AM. Night is not there. That is being and non-being.

There is “soul consciousness,” because of that; there is “body consciousness.” Being and non-being.

Therefore, an eternal being, will experience non-being that. Maya. The Illusion.

In a nutshell, this is the depth of BK knowledge.

We could build upon this in many ways according to the motivation of the one who is relating this observation, this realization. I can make a religion out of this. A philosophy. A dogma. Followers are needed. Just believe. No need to understand.

When there is being and non-being; we could observe that changes come little by little. It is a gradual movement from one state into the other.

We could conveniently divide that change into 4 seasons. That is the cycle of time.
Just as Spring and Summer are related, so it is Winter and Fall. Not 4 but 2 seasons. Soul consciousness. Body consciousness. Yin and Yang.

It is the absence of heat and the presence of it; or the presence of cold and the absence of it. Being and non-being. Heat increases gradually. Cold increases gradually. Entropy.
Is heat different than cold? The gradual absence of one makes the other. They are not 2 but One.

To understand that concept deeply, so it is no longer just a concept; means to liberate ourselves from all other concepts.

Which other concepts? Omnipresent and individual God. Good and Evil. Pleasure and Pain. Anything that seems opposite. Anything that we have conveniently selected one side and rejected the other side. All of that is gone. Repressions are gone so to indulge in something is gone too. Virtues and Vices. No more dualistic concepts. See beyond. This is not for beginners.

In the gradual change of being and non-being; souls will appear in the scenario of the Drama of life. Every soul has a preordained role to play. That role will be played to help the Oneness of the Drama to change from being into non-being.

Actors of the Drama merely aid into this transformation by acknowledging a role running through them.
Therefore, an actor can believe that “he is doing things,” or he can realize that “he is an spectator of the role assigned to him.” Become a “I and mine,” or a “trustee.” Being or non-being.

Being and actor or Being an spectator. Being and non-being.

That consciousness reflects happiness or sorrow. Being and non-being. Being happy or not. Duality. Even though those states are related with a role, the soul; is beyond that duality.

Religions have created the rest of the story. Someone to worship. Someone to fear. Someone to obey. Someone to lie.
Punishment. Guilt. The sinner. Heaven and Hell.

It is just about where our consciousness is located. Being or non-being.
We are truly eternal beings not realizing our own eternity.

A wealthy man sleeping on the cold floor of conceptual fear.
That is our history.

Being and non-being.

Questions for June 8, 2103 – Roles, Shiva.

Om shanti brother What does bapdada mean when he mentions become merged in father’s love. Would love to hear your thoughts 2) what is baba trying to explain – become emperor or subject. I believe it is an analogy for something. I can relate to higher state of awareness and reduced state of awareness as we all are number wise.. Look forward to your thoughts Thqnks

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,
What BapDada means is an experience. It is not a definition. Become merged in love and you will find the Father’s love. Feel that love that you are and you will find “real” love.

That love that you are is not different, in my experience; than the Father’s love.

On question number 2, the Father wants for his children to be the best… That is in a talk suited for a childish mind, that means to become an Emperor, number 1, Narayan, etc; etc.

The Father wants for his children not to slack off, for the children may be thinking that once they reach Paradise that is all and since the children are BKs, then Paradise is an automatic “reward” according to SMs. Then, there has to be something to become, something to compete with others, higher marks to get, percentage, etc to fulfill ; that is the carrot in front of the donkey, so the donkey can continue moving forward. See?

When you become soul conscious like anyone else there, does it make any difference what your role is? If it does, isn’t that “role consciousness,” leading into body consciousness? Could it be possible to be in “paradise” and to think:
“ I wanted to be Laxmi, why didn’t I become that? “ Isn’t that sorrow in Paradise? 🙂

Best wishes,

Dear soul, The thought of an eternally repeating cycle makes me wonder if Shiva has recollection of the previous/future cycles. Surely that must not be the case. I assume that Shiva lives completely in the moment focusing on his role to purify his children and provide the foundation to start the golden age. Also, I have been thinking what does Shiva do between the golden and silver ages. What role does he play at that time? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Many thanks brother

🙂 Thank you for your question, dear soul…
In this Drama, no one does anything. Everything gets done through us according to the Drama. A soul receives a role. That role is not the soul, but just a role like in a play for little children.

A child has the role of a donkey, another child the role of a king. In their next life, the child who was a donkey may become a princess, and the one who was a king may be a toad. See?

You are humanizing Shiva as if he “was working hard for us” as the SM mentions ( at the office from 9 to 5 PM, and even overtime…making plans to save the children from the claws of Maya, the villain.)

If Shiva was like us but He could not forget; it would be “severe punishment” for Him, to remember every cycle countless times. Remembering and forgetting is duality. Shiva is beyond that.

Is there any other way that “Shiva can purify his children,” besides reminding them this knowledge through Brahma which will be understood in a “numberwise way”?

We will “do” (remember, we don’t do anything) the rest, according to our prescribed part.
Thus, what Shiva does between the Golden and Silver ages? 🙂

He rests for 2500 years after having a “hard time” trying to convince His children to self transform at the confluence age… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dear soul,
I apologize for not being able to share anymore on this for now. I hope you understand for there are many levels of souls reading this.
However, as your experience increases in self transformation, you will understand the answer of your question very well. It is just a matter of patience and time.

Best wishes!

Reader Remark: Omnipresence

Dear brother Yesterday I was hearing a lesson from Maduban Jewles from 4.3.12 name is Conversation: Style of Connecting to Baba no36—(results 211 of 601) after an our and twenty minutes Morni was sayin that Baba said to her that for Brahmins God is omnipresent it is very interesting how Baba is teaching us not to be rigid in our study.

Thank you for sharing that, dear soul!

Wasn’t Baba the one who said that “omnipresence is poison?” How “logical” that is? 🙂

Dear soul,
As BKs are getting trapped in words, concepts, definitions and logic; they will not have the experience of the Spiritual subtle nature of things. They cannot for their dividing minds will not allow that to happen.

That dogmatic view of defending concepts is childish but necessary in the spiritual development of some souls.

When you love God, you see God everywhere.
That is omnipresence… well sorry about that! 🙂

Thanks again!

Best wishes!