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Question: What is “Time & Space” in sprituality and in physical world…please explain with some examples.Thanks :-)

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
The answer of your questions lies in your state of consciousness, for according to that, is how you will experience and understand this answer.

Spirituality as the recognition and experience of our “true” nature and thus of God; is not related with “time” neither “space,” as we know it in the physical world.

In the physical world, space is the “place” where objects are located. That distance between objects is what give us the idea of time.
This is the most widely understood view of time and space. This is to be situated in the physical consciousness. For example, you see the Sun and then Venus. Those are objects. In between them, there is space and distance. If I am on Earth and I want to get to Venus, then I will speak about distance (miles) and Time (hours) to “get there.”

If you consciousness is “spiritual,” then time does not exist, for distance does not exist. Then we can see how time is a creation of thought. A creation of that thought which is stuck in the physical dimension and does not allow us to go beyond that. Here is where the “great thinkers” reside as well as the “scientific community” in general; they are stuck in the idea of “time” which is a thought.
For instance:
At the subtle level of consciousness, “space” is equivalent to “movement.” Brahma Baba in his subtle body can be at any place in the world and be “seen,” there is no “physical” barriers in that state. There is no “time, nor distance,” neither “space” for his “body of light” is not really and object…but there is movement.

The understanding of the soul and the soul world will give us a different consciousness. The one which does not have time, space nor movement. Many will get stuck in the concept of “space,” for that I would ask them to take a look at the world of sub atomic particles and figure out if those particles are really “there” or not (quantum physics.) That is the world of “being and non-being,” the world of “possibilities,” the world where “space” as understood in the physical consciousness may exist or may not, depending on how you label or understand those sub atomic “things” to be.

Moreover, in Spirituality, we can refer about those concepts of “space and time,” to make a point, kind of being at the same level of “the majority” who are at the physical level of consciousness.

That is how we can say that “the space between thoughts, is known as silence,” or “Time is not your teacher, but BapDada is,” or “souls are at different positions in Parandham…” (Which carries the idea of space, distance and time) etc, etc…

Finally, comes the experience of being “time-less” that is thought -free. That means living in the present, the now. Neither fantasizing about the future nor bringing past memories in the now, that is the Spiritual state of an awaken soul…. but until then, there is time… plenty of time and space…to get there..:-)

Best wishes!

Silence, Movement and Calmness – By: Mathias

(from “the Awakening”- Mathias – translated from Spanish)

Many times we limit our thinking by talking to ourselves and by talking to ourselves in a negative way, through the use of language in an improper way. Together with this; we are continually ingesting toxic emotions which have brought our planet, physical and emotional damage.

How do we finish these habits?
1) By becoming conscious of silence
2) By having undivided attention to movement
3) By taking things with calmness.

1. Becoming conscious of silence:

Silence allows sound and symphony to build and shape up everything that exists in this world.
Silence also communicates, meaning; it transports subtle information to far away distances with great intensity.
Silence allows restructuring of our language and its form by nullifying the effect of a destructive atmosphere.
Silence gives life to “space.” Without space there is neither form nor harmony.

When rain drops down, it has sound. The wind has sound. The combination of both is symphony.
The space between each sound will bring stillness to the mind.

In that stillness. there is emptiness and in this emptiness, it is possible to expel or eliminate any type of energy from the physical body, even the one which has introduced itself in the heart.

To begin the “healing dose,” it is important to bring an attitude of celebration, cheerfulness and then dance. All of this is in relationship with others.

Many times in the “party of life,” the sounds coming from the mouths or hearts of someone, are like noise, but still we need to dance. For movement will not allow us to accumulate that given energy, and they will hesitate to give the same noise again.

Celebration of life is a song. The symphony of silence.

In order to heal and regenerate we need to use:
Light + sound
Space + time
Silence + Stillness
All of that will equal cellular regeneration.

We could call everything mentioned thus far, the “structure of the symphony” and this should be combined with the other “doses” to intensify its effect.

This effect with affection is called magic.

Before trying to take the next step, let go of all structures from the past. Don’t fix anything without making sure that you have let go before.
Let go, give a space to yourself. Now fix a “theme” to work on at a time, then give it form. Then, let it go; do not expect anything. Let it go. To know that this movement has harmony with life is known as celebration.

2. Bring complete attention to movement.

In this movement there is power. That harmonious movement utilizes this symphony; that means time and space which together along with harmonious breathing in total consciousness, will bring the renovated restitution of energy in the self.

A relaxed, fluent movement increases performance. It improves the distribution of oxygen, allowing us to better absorb the essential nutrients of life.

Movement with attention and consciousness will allow us to reach self-mastery of the physical senses with greater agility besides clarity of vision.

This extrasensory perception will speed up the manifestation of what is emitted in matter. The mind in its state of density usually stops this movement.
To move means to let go. To bring attention means to fix, to establish, then our consciousness will be able to give that a new form.

3. Take things with calmness

Psychological time and the structures from the past, need to be eliminated. To go beyond time, we need to finish with all interest in physicality and all its different roots.

To be in calmness is the art of disinterest. It is to generate a redirection with the unlimited. To break all barriers brought by time means to move at great speed. That speed without harmony, creates chaos.

For example: One morning John went for a walk to know the town but with the excuse in his mind of “not having time,” he wouldn’t allow himself to enjoy anything.

To take things with calmness, is to introduce in the mind a new habit, a new behavior, which means to observe and then to emit, to act and then to perceive , to perceive and then to transport.

Transformation of that which is perceived, means to dissolve and generate new spaces, where the physical senses do not play an important role, since these are limited by time and space.

For example: To listen in silence is only possible when you are capable of going beyond the influence of any physical sense. This is done through the stability of vision. That is, to look for a space where the mind is free from the influence of time. To be in a hurry or to believe to be in a hurry does not help to relax the mind. The “information” will flow through you and because you are unable to “catch it,” this information will naturally dilute itself.

Calmness means to feel the absence of the unknown, is to surrender to certainty in an appropriate way. It is to feel that that which has arrived to you has necessary motives to exist and requires total acceptance.

In this conformity with that which exists, a natural skill will emerge in you and the nutrients for life will arrive to you and all of the sudden only gratitude will emerge in you.

The harmonic movement allow us to take things with calmness; that is to feel total respect for that which comes without any further labels as good or bad, because this labeling will not allow its manifestation with a null state; it will avoid the development of communication and healing through a healthy use of the energy of words.

While things are happening, only there is a need to celebrate life. To use our time in healing that pressure of our own mental belief that everything should happen faster. Sometimes, that movement in our life stops because we are not ready; and this will bring great consequences; which could last days, months or even years.. . and even though that could happen, still take things with calmness because in the least expected moment, perhaps a door will be open! We could come in, but to remain there, means to maintain that harmony and thereby understand that everything is coming to us in the right moment. This does not depend on no one or anyone. It just happens. When? At the right time.

In the meantime, celebrate, smile and dance with life.

Question: Om shanti, wheather time and space exits in both sukhsma vatan and paramdham…Plz. enlighten-

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Time is an illusion. However in the physical world is “our reality.” We live in that illusion due to our consciousness of physicality.
There is no time in the soul world nor subtle region.

As far as our understanding of “space” based on our knowledge of the physical world, that “space” is not applicable for the soul world nor the subtle region.

Note that our understanding of Sakar Murlis could have a different “spin” if we add these ingredients. For instance; I watched a video where God as a soul was traveling through space to get to Earth. God was coming from a very “far away land….” 🙂

Best wishes!