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The world of Spirits and other entities

A dove is supposed to be a dove. Nothing less or greater than a dove. Likewise, is with human beings. A human being is meant to fully live the experience of being a human being. Not to be a spirit, an angel, or a demon. Just to be fully a human being.

In this “Oneness” there are many kinds of beings.
Every being brings its own type of energy.

From yesterday, we could see the importance of the family tree. There are particular types of energy that every family brings into this Oneness.
For example, in Peter’s maternal side of the family there is the energy of resourcefulness on the “positive” side but sadness on the “negative.” Peter’s grandpa was devastated when his wife passed away. Peter’s grandpa survived for another 15 years full of sadness. He even attempted suicide a couple of times without “success.” Sadness was there to stay.

As a youngster, Peter became acquainted with that energy as he had a close relationship with his grandpa. Later on in Life, that energy appeared through spirits in his Life. The purpose was to enhance that energy of sadness so it could be dealt with, without the “karma” exchange with another human being.

Peter’s father’s side has the energy of joy on the positive side but pride on the negative. Peter’s life has been about the exploration and settlement of all of those energies through different situations in Life.

Another example?
Mary may have an extreme need to feel loved in her Life. It is part of her family tree, her ancestors. That energy could appear as a need to be loved but may be disguised in her awareness. A situation in an intense relationship, a roller coaster of ups and downs, the search of the “perfect” partner in Life, could be the theme in that Life experience.

If that energy is remaining in Mary’s Life and there is no opportunity for settlement through a human being, spirits will present the necessary experience.
When it is time to deal with something inside ourselves, Life will present the opportunities at the right time and in many unusual ways.

How do these spirits come into contact with human beings?
First, “spirit” is a general term. There are many types of entities to name, which cannot be perceived through human senses; nevertheless, they exist when they come into our experience. We affect each other. It is not just “them,” but also “us,” humans.

Some entities will be attracted to someone who has a similar type of energy. Sadness will attract sadness. Neediness to feel loved will attract that neediness.

When there is a rupture in the human energetic field which acts as a “shield,” those entities will arrive and they will act as in a symbiotic relationship where the “host” is the human being.

That rupture in the energetic field could arrive through many ways: Exchange of energy with other human beings, sometimes by using the pendulum or the Ouija board or any other “door” to the spirit world. Once the energy field of the human is repaired through an energetic healer or through a process of trial and error, then the spirit will go away because it has no way to enter or “live off” the host again.

In the spirit world there are many types of energies just like the diversity of human beings.

“Lower” types of energies will represent a challenge for a human host. “Higher” types of energies are helpful for the development of humanity as a whole.

Nevertheless, whether a “higher” or a “lower” type of energy is part of our experience, we can be sure that it is exactly what we need in our development at a particular time.

Typically a lower energetic form will thrive in creating a dependency or in robbing the energy of the host. That energy could be emotional, Life force, sexual or to enhance the primary energy of the host. (i.e.: Sadness with greater sadness.) For this purpose, that entity could present itself in a suitable way for the host to avoid conflict. Many times, the host may not be aware of the spirit existence; but when there is awareness and consent a “relationship of dependency” will be built.

Sometimes, that spirit energy could create an addiction in the human host, making it very difficult to get away from it.
Energetically the host and the entity are bound together, they get used to each other, thus when rupture of that symbiotic relationship happens, there will be suffering in the human being as there could be emotional involvement. Just like a “normal” relationship between human beings.

On “higher” energetic forms, the aim is to help for a determined task or purpose and then once the task is over (the common good) that spiritual being will go away without creating a dependency. Beings of light typically proceed in that way.

When a person “dies” residual energies of that person, could create an entity with some characteristics of the person when he was alive. Some humans could perceive that energy. That is the reason why in some cultures, they burn the body of the deceased.

Why am I sharing this information?
Because it may be needed.
Those who have dealt with spirits in their experience will understand what I am conveying here. Those who haven’t can use this article as simple information.

Oneness is more than beings living in the material world. There is a relationship with spirits as well, which typically influence the human world. “Older” cultures knew about this relationship. “Newer” cultures, only laugh about that “joke.”

To each its own.

The many players in the game of life


“Life is like a monopoly game. There are players playing on the board of life, but also there are other players who are influencing the players in the game.”
Mathias, the wise tree; said that to his friend Ananda.

Many “spiritual,” metaphysical paths bring the awareness of the players who are influencing the “real” players on the board of life.
They call them “beings of light,” “ghosts,” “spirits,” “archangels,” “angels,” etc.
These beings are the ones influencing the game.
We don’t see them. We may not be able to communicate with them, but they can do that with us if needed.

Some may know the darker side of this experience for there are many types of consciousness in the “spirit” realm reflecting the human world.
But some may know the beneficial side of this experience when a being of light contacts someone. A being of light contacts a human being, chooses a human being. It cannot be the other way around.

Yet for some, all of the above is nothing but rubbish.

It is all according to what we need to experience at the time. Everything changes and as our awareness increases, we could be able to experience other things in life.

A being of light may be playing “Santa Claus” for some individuals. Worshiping them has been the typical behavior from many. As our consciousness develops, then we could see that the motive for such a connection is to increase our consciousness, our awareness for our next level of experience.

The path is different for everyone, although it is the same path. This is paradoxical.

If we are able to perceive our own immortality then because of that our acceptance of what life offers becomes complete and unconditional. The seed for a new state of consciousness is born at that time. When the student is ready, the teacher may appear…
However, just like when we change grades in school, we also change teachers.

Self-realization may be the apparent destination, but that journey has so many different paths according to the state of consciousness of the student.
Self-realization is a “one-to-one” individualized training. It cannot be put as a “mass teaching” in a book or in a religion. Of course, “Mass teachings” and religions are not “bad” but part of the experience of life. Those experiences are the “agents” for change in consciousness.

That is why, anything and everything that occurs throughout our paths in life is necessary, useful and perfect. When we learn to accept that without thinking about it and move on, life can flow through us and change the chapter onto the next one.

When we complete the different chapters of the book of life, the book is no longer needed and then we may discover that reading the chapters of the book until the last page, was meant so we could start forgetting about it…
What is the purpose of living then?
To enjoy the experience. 🙂

Question on Divine help and Dark energies

“Dear brother, Suffering is due to our karmic accounts. Gulzar Dadi is “karmateet” and yet she has an operation of kidney stone and it seems karmic bondages with the body still remains. Kindly clarify my viewpoint. Also once she said in her class that when Baba used to come he would would cure her fever with loving drishti. So why not cure the problems of the body now. Please give me your thoughts on this.”

Dear reader,
Everything that “you” experience is a karmic “account.”

Suffering is part of that experience. To be “karmateet” or beyond the effects of “karma” does not depend on what is perceived as happening to “you.” (Sickness, suffering, elation, winning the lottery, etc.)
It depends on what you “make out” of it. 🙂

That is why the teaching on forgetting the “I,” or to be a “detached observer,” a “witness” is in place.

The body may hurt. That is an experience. To go “beyond” that experience does not mean not to experience pain; but not to make a “trauma” out of that experience by identifying yourself with that pain and its consequences.

Suffering is mental agony, which we inflict upon ourselves. We have control over that.
Physical pain is an experience which brings discomfort. It will go away in time; but only our minds can make that pain to last for a very long time, well beyond its normal course.

Baba or any being of light helping humanity at this point in time will not “do” anything, which is not already “recorded” in our destiny. Any experience has a “process” to unfold. Once that process is over, then that karma will be over.

If you have a disease that is obligating you to look closely at your health and that disease is meant to teach you something which will be of ultimate gain in your inner growth; it will be “bad” for you if that disease is gone as soon as you are aware of it.

Baba and other beings of light are aware of our own personal “process” and that disease will go away when the time is right; that is, when we have changed our previous ways and attitudes; when we become conscious of the value of our health and act accordingly.

Everything happening to us has a “reason” beyond what we can see at one moment. It is a “process,” change happens usually little by little rather than all at once.
Everything is beneficial when we have the wisdom to “see” beyond the obvious.

Best wishes!

“hi, I have been in knowledge for 3yrs now, I want to know how to deal with spirits.. I often get affected with the dark energy,,,and I need to get help to clear them.(I go to spiritual healer). why is this happening to me? I do wake up for yoga.. can you teach me how and what must I do? I want to go deeper in yoga.”

Dear reader,

The discovery of existence of spirits is an interesting Aha! moment . Many times we believe that everything is physical, but there is complete “interbeingness” (inter-relationships) with all types of beings, corporeal and non-corporeal.

Why is this happening to you? By the answer above, you could realize that it is “karma.” 🙂

There are some experiences, which we need in our “process,” and they will come from different sources.

Avyakt7 will share this experience with you.
One day in a healing session at the beginning of my ‘healer’ side, my client started crying heavily. The energy coming from her was so strong that Avyakt7 fell down and lost consciousness for about 2 seconds. Unknowingly, during that short time Avyakt7 had a being that “adhered” into Avyakt7’s personality at that moment. That being was generous hearted but at the same time had a personality as if it was mourning or lamenting.

Indisputably that affected Avyakt7’s personality as far as his view of the world and life, during that time. It wasn’t “me,” but Avyakt7 was being influenced. Many could think that this was “bad” for Avyakt7; but in fact; it has helped to change Avyakt7’s personality from a “go getter, self centered” individual into something different.
That took some time. There was a process.

It is the same as when you live with another person and you imbibe some of their characteristics by just living with them.

When that influence was no longer needed, Avyakt7’s destiny had a solution and that entity went away, allowing Avyakt7 to fully smile again.. 🙂 as a different person. The karma was settled.

As far as “dark energies,” that may come from other persons trying to hurt you. As you can see, that is a karmic consequence, something that you may need to discover with help.

Anyhow, you may need to learn to protect yourself by expanding your own energy and to fill the room where you sleep with your own energy. When you become sensible to energies, you can tell when something has changed in your state of being, and you need to “clean” yourself energetically speaking. It is very important to learn this, and you may need to learn it from someone who is experienced.

When something like this happens to you, that is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about it. That is why, it is in your destiny. Be open minded to the signals that life brings. Do not be afraid.
“Do” your part and let time “do” its work.

As far as “yoga” or connection with the Divine. That “yoga” is meant to be the expression of feelings. It is not about “thinking.” Yoga is an experience “inside you.”
To feel, believe or experience going “up there” is a way to open doors for other energies to come into you.

As we become more conscious of ourselves and the distinct moods that we could experience, we will know when we need to “clean” our energy. As a matter of fact, it is a good practice to clean the “doors” to yourself; that is your main chakras.

The above may sound “spooky” for people who have no experienced these things; but your experience is not “normal” and so, should be the solution.

Enjoy the process. It is a game for an immortal being.

Best wishes!

Diverse questions by readers dealing with beliefs

1. “is that possible to transfer a one soul to the another body? even if the other body is alive? please give me a quick answer thank you.”

Dear reader,
That depends on your belief system and experience. What you call “soul” may not be what I understand and experience as soul. In some beliefs systems, it is possible but only for a few “selected ones.” In others it is not, and then you have your own experience. Let us say that a “ghost” or a spirit enters your body. Your behavior will definitely change and you may even feel things that you have never felt before as “real.” Nevertheless, a “soul” hasn’t entered you, but this is what you may refer as soul entering another body.

Best wishes!

2. “is it possible that two body can transfer their soul to each other? exchange soul for shorter? by dreaming only?

Dear reader,
Please see answer above.
If you are thinking about it, it may be possible; you may even have experienced; but from that to be “real,” there is a difference. “Reality” changes according to your state of consciousness.

Best wishes!

3. How will the entire process of destruction and krishnas birth and Baba revealation take place….When Baba says that those children who become bodiless in one second will go with me and the rest will be left behind, what does he mean???

Dear reader,
If I tell you “this is the answer, this is what Baba means,” would you believe me? Why?
Dear reader, Baba just teaches self-transformation. It is the same teachings with different words according to time and belief system. If you have not experienced the subtle self, the soul, the spirit; whatever name we want to use, you will not be able to leave your body in your last moment, without experiencing suffering.

Best wishes!

4. “I want to ask that we always talk about goal of human life is to reach enlightenment .But what happens after reaching enlightenment? Do we become the Master soul or what ?”

Dear soul,
There is no goal for a human life, but only the one that you believe in. You are just reaching your capacity according to time. The belief of a “goal” comes from the idea of “continuous progress” continuous evolution in linear time. If you believe in cyclical time, there is no point for a “goal.”
Enlightenment is important for those who have not reached that state, for whatever they think it means; once they have reached that state, it is no longer important.

When we are situated in the field of beliefs, all you will get is a belief. If I tell you: “For sure, we will become master souls,” do you believe me? Why? It is pointless. Spirituality is experience. It is not a belief.
Once you reach that enlightenment, then you will know what comes next. If you give yourself the title of “master soul,” then you have reached your belief. Names, titles, getting a higher paycheck…:-) all part of our greed and ego.

Best wishes!

5. “I have another question that can i settle my karmic debts in one lifetime or will i carry forward it into another life, how can i know that i have so much amount karmic debts please enlighten me on this topic.”

Dear reader,
All you have now is your life. If you can discover your karmic accounts in this life (meaning your weaknesses) then there is no reason or motive to either go to the past or the future. If we want to do that trip to the future or past, we will be again in the realm of beliefs.
Do you believe in me? Why?
Thus, enlightenment on this topic means to observe what is going now in yourself and how you are resolving those issues. The rest are just beliefs.
Spirituality is the ultimate knowledge to get us to know that ultimate truth, that is ourselves.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, This article [about evil spirits] is at the right time, as lately I have been experiencing lots of distractions internally which is very unusual for me, with lots of unwanted emotions and feelings, never been like this in my life, more than 20 years in gyan, sometimes it is very difficult to sleep at night, with becoming detached and point, to some extent I am able to stay away from this . I am not sure what is causing it … this has been the case for about a month or so…. I just don’t want to rule the possibility of evil spirit right away…. but I am not sure either…?

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

If there is something which I have learned in this spiritual life, is that I cannot rule out possibilities. Information comes to us at a certain time for a “reason.”
Through sharing this, I am not implying that everything which makes us feel “out of balance” is due to an “evil spirit,” that is an unhealthy generalization. I am merely sharing information which could apply to some of us.

Before being a BK in this life, I had a “blind faith” in Science and his doctors. After becoming a BK, when the body gets some sort of disease, I have my “arsenal” of subtle help (acupuncture, Tibetan singing bowls, Bach flowers, traditional Chinese medicine etc.) I had spent $$ in costly tests to find out what was wrong in my health, just to find out that “everything is normal.”

As a Brahmin soul or someone in the spiritual path. may find out that most of the issues that we experience as a “disease” in the body are of emotional nature. Those emotions are the cause of diseases in the body which we like to call “karma,” but also a disease in the mind. I would also check that, by using non-traditional help.

Finally, if it is about “spirits” there are some people trained to discover them and allow them to “continue in their path” (spiritist,) some of them are “professionals” in this.

Whatever it takes to get me healthy in mind, body, emotions and spirit. There is so much “to lose” at this time… and a lot more to “gain.”

Best wishes!