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Reader remarks: Understanding Spiritual experiences for the sake of clarity

“Avyakt 7, deep gratitude for sharing your experiences through this blog. Restating for the sake of clarity and my understanding from your recent posts. What I gather is that once the sex lust is conquered and one has learned to watch our movie as a detached observer and live life with greater awareness, clarity and sensitivity we need to have faith in Divine Energies and be open to the experiences this drama brings without fear and being attached to whatever practices/beliefs helped us reach this stage and also be aware that following certain beliefs (which we may have been following for a long time in this or even in previous lives) probably colored our perception towards certain things as good and bad i.e. ‘marriage’ or ‘sex’. We still need our own methods to clear our thoughts and be in tune with ourselves each would find its own method – one way could be spending time with nature and taking care of diet. One has to be honest and true and would know what stage you are in to see when to progress and not use this as an excuse to get out of practices which may be helping you immensely and are not easy for all to follow i.e. celibacy and Amrit Vela. These recent posts have helped me validate my personal experiences many many thanks.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your valuable input and kind words of support!
Life is immense, avyakt7’s experiences are not. This is one of the things that we may need to look at for further elucidation. Avyakt7 is not a guru, but Avyakt7 is a spiritual walker, walking a spiritual path which may not be the same for others according to our own personal stage and capacity.

Thank you for sharing your understanding. Please be aware that your understanding cannot define someone’s experience. Our understanding is always limited and cannot grasp the unlimited unless reasoning; logic, definitions, analysis; that is all of that which is the mind, is completely dropped and then, what is left cannot be put into words… 🙂

When a leaf is on a tree, the leaf has a sense of belonging to something greater to itself. There is a sense of protection. As we know, a tree cannot keep all its leafs in a particular way forever; for there is change. When the wind blows or when the tree by itself sheds its foliage, a particular leaf will no longer be there. Destiny may have placed that leaf on a river stream. That leaf will be fine in that river stream as long as the leaf remembers that a leaf can float. That same leaf will make its life miserable if it is attached to something which is no longer there, the tree.

If the leaf remembers to be a leaf, it will avoid being close to fire; for it knows that fire will burn it. If the wind takes the leaf far away from a tree, a leaf will survive by not opposing to it, just by gliding through the wind. A leaf can do this because it remembers that it is a leaf, but if the belief of a leaf is that it belongs to a tree to be complete, then that belief will bring suffering, for now (according to time) the leaf belongs to the wind.

At the end, a leaf does not belong to anyone but it is part of the stream of life, being a leaf when there is a need to remember that, and forgetting to be one; when the need arises. That is the teaching of being and non-being. It is the teaching which will free us from thinking that we are just one thing and attached to it, when we could be many …or nothing. It is up to our own awareness that we could see more or less… because our awareness is not complete we can only see one thing.

To take away the blindness away from our eyes is the task of the spiritual walker.
Being honest, sincere and true to yourself may be the best policy in life.

Best wishes!

A new phase in the blog :-)


For those who have followed this blog from the beginning, you may have experienced different changes in it.

Those changes are meant to be, for those reflect the spiritual changes in life.

In the past few days, I have heard some comments about avyakt7’s “role as a Guru.”
First, from a BK friend who I appreciate and value; “as coming as a guru” in a conversation. Then, from other sources of the Internet: forums, mail lists, etc.

I have repeated many times that I am not a guru, just a student who happens to have the time and desire to share.I am just another human being…but it appears that my words do not meet my behavior as perceived by some souls.

I want to apologize for that, if your feelings were hurt in any way. As you can see, I am not “perfect” (yet) 🙂

Yesterday in early meditation, I had the clear feeling that this blog needed to stop. Finish.
An email from a dear soul friend of mine confirmed that feeling, this morning.

I was getting ready to do it…. to say “see ya in 5000!”.. 🙂 But the Drama had other souls in my path, which requested avyakt7 to continue.

Please be mindful that the spiritual experiences that I am having right now are changing the way that I express and perceive Spirituality through Gyan. It is not the same “clear cut” topic from the Sakar Murlis anymore. It has evolved. As always, you will read here what goes on in my heart. Not some manicured version to fit a group or someone.

Through this blog I have learned so much about Gyan and perspectives of Spirituality, which I cannot convey in words without being misunderstood.

I am mindful of that.

A very close friend of mine, suggested that I change the “form” of the articles. To share more about life experiences that could be helpful for others, across the spiritual “realm.”

Perhaps that is the “new way.” I do not plan articles but merely express them as they appear as I type. I never know what will be typed the next day, except when it is Sunday’s Avyakt Murli.

Dear souls, the “guru” needs to perish so something new can take birth.
Death is a new beginning.

Therefore, here comes my list of “action-tasks.” 🙂
1) Writings will be about Spirituality in general. Although, it will reflect BapDada’s gyan; the words as we have used it may not be utilized in the same way. If you want to know about some key words such as “drama,” or “vikarma,” etc. You will find plenty of articles here already… or the internet.

2) Questions will be accepted if only they meet the general criteria of being “universal,” that is if anyone regardless of religious association , could understand them. From now on, any questions which do not meet that criteria will be discarded. In other words, all those repeated questions of dinosaurs, Golden age reproduction, “what Baba means,” destruction forecasts and such, will be discarded. There is plenty of information here already.

3) Any writings that you may want to share as long as they reflect general spirituality or your own experiences will be welcome. Please send your articles to tiger (AT) reiki.nu or through the “reader remark,” tab.

I may share few articles rather than quantity. That will keep things in balance in my life.

Thank you again for all your kind support.
A heart felt rays of loving warmth to all of you, as the sunshine embraces a new beautiful day.

Salespeople not needed in this job

During my “vacation” in Peru; I had the opportunity to talk to the public. I wasn’t pursuing that. It was one of those things from the Drama.

I presented myself as a simple “avyakt7” with degrees from the USA who was going to share things about spirituality. The theme was : ”The Universal knowledge of time and the being.”
It was a talk in a place where “seekers” gathered to listen to conferences. The talk through me, wasn’t an “official BK talk” for “official” service; but just a talk by someone.
It was just sharing.

A dear friend of mine suggested to feel the vibes of the public before I was going to talk and then to address those feelings that I gathered from the public. The vibes I got had 2 labels from that audience: Tired and still seeking for something.
In the talk, I assured them that I didn’t have anything to sell them. Nothing to recommend that they should do or purchase. I told them that I was there without an agenda, just to share my experiences in Spirituality.

I told them about the importance of experiencing the self to know God. I told them about the experience of time as suffering when our consciousness is attached to physicality, even though; the experience of time is nonexistent when centered in the consciousness of the being, the soul or the spirit. That is why meditation is needed, so we could experience that.
I told them that spirituality was inner work, to be able to recognize the “vices” and to transform them into “virtues,” for a vice is a virtue in its lowest state.

The feedback from the audience was very good. They mentioned that it is “unusual” for someone to give a talk without selling something or wanting something from the audience.

Up until that moment , it was about 75% of my talk, I didn’t mention anything about Brahma Kumaris nor anything “typical” of the 7 day course. Then all of the sudden I had 2 good questions:

1) What is the method that I used to transform those vices?
2) To give an example of my personal transformation.

Without doubt, great questions….

Guess what… 🙂 At that point I had to talk about Brahma Kumaris.

To reply question number 1, I told them about this famous writer in Peru (He writes books about Business with a spiritual touch or just about “how to become a better individual.”) His books are well known. He usually mentions in his books, that he obtained this spiritual knowledge from Brahma Kumaris and because of that, many had taken the “knowledge” as well as BKs have been “born.” This writer is not a BK.

That was the presentation of Brahma Kumaris for me. Then, I told them about the “Code of conduct.”
I told them that Brahma Kumaris has been for me an institution to “reform the self.” I told them that basically the “code of conduct,” will put anyone in a position to be acquainted with their own vices. I told them that when you follow those “codes”, you will be placed between the “sword and the wall,” you die in silence or you ask for mercy. 🙂 I told them that this “code of conduct,” wasn’t meant for everyone, but that was the method how I am realizing those vices, for unless we are aware of them, the rest is just “pure” talk.

For question #2, I told them about this young avyakt 7, with his many “possessions.”
Who had a great paying job, who had a good, pretty wife, who had a big house with a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi and a luxury car in the driveway; that young guy who had “reached the American dream” and who had a brighter future ahead…. And then I told them about how all those things were gone and how avyakt7, ended up cleaning swimming pools and how from that point on a “transformation” started… Also, I told them how life is starting to give those things back even though those items do not have the meaning that they used to have anymore. It is the circle of transformation. Self esteem never comes from temporary things.

Obviously, without this knowledge I could have been in a hospital along with many other “directors” who lost their “great jobs” and their possessions. The feeling of life taking away the candy from your mouth is very painful. Your self esteem derived from those things go away when the ones who used to “praise you” for your “success,” go away as well as their “nice” comments. Those experiences could make you bitter or they can give you the ingredients to discover ego and to gain some wisdom.

The audience responded favorably. They were touched as feelings were coming from those words when those experiences were revived…. and who knows… they may be exploring spirituality with other eyes… or going to the “BK center near them,” if they feel up to the challenge or just perhaps grateful that I did not sell them anything “new” or “old.”

Spiritual Experiences

There is a section now, where “spiritual experiences” could be submitted as comments.
Please click on the “EXPERIENCES” tab in top of the page and write your experience…
This is open for anyone. Any religion background or life philosophy.

I’d like to start this with this experience, which could be found under “comments,” and which I would like to call “Detached observer.” 🙂
Thank you to the soul who submitted it.

The divine knowledge and its churning gave me the spiritual wisdom. Sometimes the realisation through spiritual wisdom cannot be expressed in words. But, since we are on the same track with the similar kind of substrate almost, the vibrations between we two souls will be definitelty interpretable. Here is my experience about the cosmic principle goes………..
Once I am detached from everything, I can visualise how smoothly and happily the cyclic journey is on and on. As if, I am sitting on a space craft and flying with the same speed of the earth revolving and rotating around the sun. All the creatures are in harmony and enjoying / playing their part of the role. No past, no future, no competition, its only the present, the now — with full of LOVE.

The whole cosmos is driven by LOVE, nothing else can drive it. The replica of the whole cosmos is our body, the miracle engine! With love and harmony, each and every organs are performing spontaneously. If we observe the blood circulation minutely, it will be easily understood how we are recycling our energy and getting the maximum output, like a reversible engine. With regards and love.