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Consciousness and not “truth.”

Last article had an important information that most likely is not seen in many “spiritual teachings.”
“Before fully accepting the animal side (Tantra) we need to fully reject it.” 

For example, there are 2 “spiritual seekers” looking for methods to deal with anger. Both of them have the same guru.
The guru could tell both the same answer: “Anger is Bad. You must control it. God dislikes angry people.”
This consistency of telling the same method for the same issue (anger) apparently is “good.” Most will conclude, the method must be “true.”

A guru with greater depth will not look only at the question, but at the state of consciousness of the seeker.
If the seeker does not know about rejection in his consciousness, he will need that. The answer above (“You must control it”) may help him.
If the seeker had plenty of experience with denial, rejection and repression of “bad traits,” then he may be ready for Tantra.
The guru may say: “Observe it. Become aware of it. Let it go through you.”

The “answer” is according to the state of consciousness of the disciple.
The word that destroys this harmony between state of consciousness and answer, is called “truth.”
When a seeker is looking for  conceptual “truth” is not truly looking for inner change.
The truth about Life is  a personal journey to be discovered, not researched or accepted as second hand information.

Observe that in “spirituality for the masses,” information is given and that is interpreted by the reader. This information then is “applied” into Life. That is the theory, but it does not work.
Because inner change does not happen through mental understanding of concepts, but through living experiences in Life… then what we read, we could identify as “true” according to our experiences.

Life experiences have a polarity. Two ends of the same rope. One side of the rope is on the “right” and the other on the “left.” Most spirituality labels one side as “good” and the other as “bad.” This simplistic but unrealistic perspective does not understand that the natural way of things is to move. Life is movement. We will experience the full range of experiences. This is not a matter of just one life time, but many. Continuity is endless.

Carlos is a womanizer. He wanted to settle down when he no longer could keep up with all his lovers, that is the time when trouble was evident for him: Unwanted children, fights, stress, diseases. He realized that he wanted to change his ways. He embraced the religious view that sexuality should be avoided to be “pure.” That made sense to his mind as sexuality brought trouble to him. Thus, he went from one extreme into the other. “Black or white.”

As he did not fully understand his own sexuality and sexual energy, he used his will power to reject sex, to repress it as to agree with his new ideal of “purity.” That is how his journey started moving from the “right” side of the rope, into the “left.” That is the full range of experience.
Obviously, Carlos is not ready for Tantra (full acceptance) yet for he will misinterpret it as “permission” to continue with his lifestyle despite the trouble that he is experiencing. But he is ready for Yoga, that is the use of willpower to change his behavior through rules, do’s and don’ts.

There are many religious views in the world. Many times some ask, who has the truth?
IT DOES NOT MATTER. Let us not get confused with that little word. What matters is that a religion, philosophy or belief could be a vehicle to allow for consciousness to move from one side of the rope into the other. That is all.
That path is there. It only needs to be walked to discover it.  🙂

Question June 25, 2013 – Experience with Yog – “Yoga” and anger.

Om Shanti Brother, I have a question. When I was a kid, I did not know what anger was. What was that emotion like and I used to wonder how people get angry and how can they shout at others. I would also get scared of such people. I spent my childhood among extremely dominating people and never ever expressed any feelings. Now, I get so angry that I wonder how people can remain calm or even have patience while dealing with others. Even small small things irritates me and I end up getting very angry and take a lot of time to calm down. What I realize is the more I do yog, this quality is becoming more and more stronger. Please suggest. Thank you. Om Shanti.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
You are observing yourself in the process of time. You first didn’t understand what was anger, then you developed anger. You understood by living it not by a definition or as a concept. Please keep always that teaching in mind.

We could spend lots of time trying to find the reason of that anger, but the reality is not that you have anger but that you are anger. Two different things. That is why, external methods can only suppress that feeling of anger for a while, but it will be there until we realize it.

Your last sentence is ambiguous: “What I realize is the more I do yog, this quality is becoming more and more stronger.”
Is that the quality of becoming angry?

Let me share my experience with “yog” or yoga; perhaps this could answer your question.

When I started in this spiritual path, yoga was about feeling love for God. That quality of emitting love made me feel bliss, something which I have not felt before, for there was no opportunity in my life to feel deep by just sitting in meditation.

That new experience was able to “cool me down” for a little while. I felt at peace and at ease. However, some other times, as I understand in your question, negative emotions such as anger could be felt as being really strong.

That sensation may appear to be stronger, but it was just the realization that “I was this calm” individual at one point; which I never had the chance to realize; but then I could see when that calm individual turned around into a monster. Like “Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hide.”

Thus, Yoga or Yog is a great way to realize our “unchecked negativities,” but it is kind of artificial if I have to sit around every time to “submerge old sanskaras” or my old personality.

This is why quite often you hear people sharing about their old “sanskaras” (predisposition) coming back even after many years of “doing yog.”

However, BapDada has talked about the “fire of yoga.” I have felt that when there is an oppression in my heart due to a past emotion arising. Then, I will feel strongly “giving that to God” or simply feeling until that “thing” dissolves.

I don’t need to label that emotion as “it is this,” but just be aware of that bothersome sensation being with me.

Thus, whatever you think or feel while doing “yog,” should take you to feel deeply. That is the magic of it.

Nevertheless, It is my own appreciation that the practice of the “point” form or the “a-temporal” stage of the self, the soul, that is what brings greater and lasting transformation for me.

This practice has been discussed in avyakt murlis (please read 1969 murlis) and in this blog as well. Please click on the “spiritual efforts” tab for additional articles; or deeply study this article:

In that awareness, there is a change of consciousness where the “me” is not there. You don’t have to sit for yog, but it depends on your consciousness and its “location.”

Therefore, changes will be permanent as long as you are in that consciousness. The spiritual work then resides in maintaining yourself motivated to experience that consciousness on a regular basis.

Anger is there because there is an “I” doing things, wanting things, expecting things. If you experience what is to be “out” of the “I,” then there cannot be anger for there is no one to get angry.

The last thing that I would like to share is that we will not get there by “doing things,” but by realizing the self.


Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, It is often the expectation that once we join the divine family (bk) that things will improve quickly, on a personal level, we will become pure quickly , we will be virtuous quickly, we will reach the karmateet stage quickly, but as you have mentioned many times, it is not easy as going to your aunt’s house. Everything takes time… there is no instant result , my question is that once the BK honey moon time is over, some of us tend to get tired and start having questions such as what is happening … why there is not a change as expected?, are these questions due to our ego or does it mean we still need to experience the real spirituality?

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul.

In a nutshell; those are expectations from the “I.” The spiritual path is meant to make that same “I” disappear. 🙂 That is how those expectations will be gone, for there is no one to “expect” anything anymore.

We do not get there by simply “joining,” we get there by knowing that which is beyond that “I.” To experience that, is what the spiritual path is meant.

That is why, it is very important to recognize what is an “accessory,” what “looks nice and spiritual,” and what spirituality actually is. Once we realize that the spiritual path is not about “knowing God,” but about getting rid of all those layers of ego protecting the real self, (thanks to this Divine, Godly knowledge ) then it is for very few to have the courage to remove those layers. The “tests” will come thanks to following the “Code of conduct,” and then you will show to yourself; what you are made of.

In my experience, if you understand/conquer anger and lust; you are on your way for “true spirituality,” until then; we are just “playing with dolls,” which is a necessary first step for many.

Best wishes!

Fear to advance in the Path – By Mathias

When there is a numerous amount of people united at the same time, using their internal power; there can be a fantastic impact over matter.
The way to stop this wonder is when we act in egotistical ways and by having fears.

Those are the fears arising from internal insecurity.
Those fears make those who are meant to advance; to stop.
Those fears not only make the individual to stop but to fall down several times. Then, this individual will hurt his already damaged self-esteem.

In this way a severe chronic damage will be created; which only through intense pain; those memories could be erased or aggravated.

Finally, “sound” depends on 3 factors: Location, intensity and form: the birds know this very well.
Intensity depends on your auto-realization as individual.
Form, is that which is obtained through your auto-image, that is thoughts.
Location depends on your experiences.

I want to finish by saying that the best moment to initiate any type of awakening is NOW.
It is after awakening that we can continue to advance in this path of light, sounds, stillness and silence.

* About Mathias: A wise being of light.

Harmony and Balance: The main qualities to be aware of in Spirituality

In general human beings are used to “static” things. Humans become comfortable with the “status quo,” and that comfort becomes later on, simple stagnation.

When embracing a particular spiritual path, there is the transitional “shock,” meaning that whatever I had done in the past, my “ex-life style” will be viewed comparatively as “bad,” “negative,” “full of vices,“ etc. Our way of embracing something “new” which is viewed as “better” or “purer” is by rejecting our old “self.”

That is how those “instant” but ephemeral changes in personality happen. We see people converted into a particular religion or spiritual path and expressing that conversion and acceptance through a new behavior, different clothes, a new way of speaking, etc. However, this is a very external change.

That “new path,” becomes the source of life for that person. It is the way to identify the self. Then, obviously there is this great determination to follow the particulars of this path, “no matter what.”

Unavoidably, that person will become serious and that seriousness will take away the joy of living. There will be an inner conflict going on which will be typically suppressed in order to “be 100%” with the new life style, to be “loyal.”

At this point is when “zeal and enthusiasm” is lost. This is the moment when the spark of living life in a very light manner is forgotten and the time when emotional “fighting” starts.

That means that harmony and balance have been lost.

We can try to convince our own self that things are “alright” by converting that determination into stubbornness, but once the zest for life is gone, which means that we are no longer present in life, we are “death” while still living.

Without balance and harmony there is no healthy determination.

The compass of any spiritual life style is balance within. It is harmony with the surrounding circumstances.
Balance brings happiness and that happiness is capable of changing “shells into diamonds,” in a happy way….
To acknowledge harmony and balance within is to start our spiritual journey with our hearts open to embrace change, and that is not easy.. but it is easier if we are happy. 🙂

Question: How to overcome loneliness in the spiritual path?

Good question! Thank you.
If you are following the “code of conduct” of a BK lifestyle and you are a single person who does not live in a center, sooner or later you will feel what is like to be alone.
To face loneliness is an interesting test that not too many souls have the ability to feel at ease with and the capacity to “overcome.”

If you want human company, all you need to do is to “follow.” You can follow anyone who has a group of people. It is very comfortable to follow. However, when you are “alone,” it is easier to “get eaten up by Maya.” Then, your mind will look for comfort, you will need for people around you, etc.

In my experience, there is no formula for loneliness. You just hope for the best and let the Drama offer the path for you, that is, to have enthusiasm and hope for the best. The Drama is beneficial. The Drama will change your “test,” “environment” when it is the time for you. Trust that and “don’t do a thing.” Let things flow by itself and recognize the change about to come, then; embrace it.

There is plenty of learning going when being by yourself. Of course, we always say: “You are not alone, it is Baba and you.” Easier to say specially by those who have plenty of people around them… 🙂
Of course, the Drama/Baba will be there and you will feel those “hands working magic,” but when you are alone, you can really perceive the self with greater accuracy and all the “tricks” happening to get out of that state of feeling alone. It is a good time to “learn” to be self fulfilled. To be complete.

This takes time, but If you survive, I guarantee you that you will not be looking for any external supports to take your spiritual life to a new heights. You will not depend on anyone or anybody to “survive.”

Here is when some of the popular Murli advises will not apply to you, such as: ” Be in the safety of the gathering; ” You will be there for service only, not to look for safety. Or, “be careful of the company around you,” It will not matter. No one can change you because you do not depend on their emotional support to be…. you.
Life will be your teacher, Baba and His teachings will become your best friend. The time of childhood and ” baby formulas” will be over at that point.

The Drama will show you “your next step,” and you will be able to take it without being afraid.
Everything has a prize and conquering loneliness is a very expensive one, but it is worth to go for it for it means FREEDOM.
Best wishes.