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Question: om shanti im bk avijit from kolkata(west bengal) …im a phy.challenged bk cant go to centrs regularly …. i use a wheelchair , i had been to madhuban 3 times …onence in this year feb.. i listen to live murli regularly n in dharna …im a kumar …. my qs is what should i do to maintain a good sthiti…. in my home as well as i know the importance of going to centre …. wht steps should i take to maintain the good vibes … n there r other souls as well who cnt go to centrs 4 phy prob what effort they do ,………… where can we find the boost

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,
Welcome to this blog! I hope you will find useful information in it.

On your question. Spirituality is different than following a set of rituals. As published yesterday about the avyakt stage, from BapDada:”If you have moved forward in your avyakt stage, your activity will be spiritual,” and my favor one: “The more you die from yourself, the more you will meet the avyakt form.”

That is all. When we start our spiritual life, we have a set of regulations and rules to follow; the maryadas. Going to class is part of it; but then we have different individuals with different needs according to their roles and then we see that we cannot “put everyone under the same umbrella,” and pretend that someone will be a subject in the Golden age just because that person wasn’t able to make it to class at the center. As you can see this is not the point of Spirituality but a means to maintain the “saplin” to become stronger until it is able to be by itself.

The point is to maintain a good stage that will allow you to experience the avyakt stage as long as you want. In the sakar Murlis, Baba has mentioned that “if you don’t have the Murli, remember the Father.” Everything goes back to that.

Remembrance brings automatic transformation. It is good to read spiritual materials, but we need to put it in practice.

I recommend “remembrance” as all BKs know it (Pick your flavor) but also, self remembrance, that is to be aware of the self while doing things. That practice will give the space between “you” and the “external” Drama. Without this practice we will easily become unconscious and make mistakes. For this, you need time to be alone in solitude as much as possible and if you have access to Nature, even better.

The rest will come after you reach a certain stage in this practice.
Keep your diet satvvic, celibacy is a must as well as Amrit vela. Those items depend on you. The “boost” that you are looking for will come when you have decided to transform yourself and meet ego face to face, for the first time. As you can see none of the things that I have shared with you, depend on others.

Spirituality is a personal path. You can share the “pictures” while going in that path, but no one will be able to walk that path for yourself.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, This article [about evil spirits] is at the right time, as lately I have been experiencing lots of distractions internally which is very unusual for me, with lots of unwanted emotions and feelings, never been like this in my life, more than 20 years in gyan, sometimes it is very difficult to sleep at night, with becoming detached and point, to some extent I am able to stay away from this . I am not sure what is causing it … this has been the case for about a month or so…. I just don’t want to rule the possibility of evil spirit right away…. but I am not sure either…?

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

If there is something which I have learned in this spiritual life, is that I cannot rule out possibilities. Information comes to us at a certain time for a “reason.”
Through sharing this, I am not implying that everything which makes us feel “out of balance” is due to an “evil spirit,” that is an unhealthy generalization. I am merely sharing information which could apply to some of us.

Before being a BK in this life, I had a “blind faith” in Science and his doctors. After becoming a BK, when the body gets some sort of disease, I have my “arsenal” of subtle help (acupuncture, Tibetan singing bowls, Bach flowers, traditional Chinese medicine etc.) I had spent $$ in costly tests to find out what was wrong in my health, just to find out that “everything is normal.”

As a Brahmin soul or someone in the spiritual path. may find out that most of the issues that we experience as a “disease” in the body are of emotional nature. Those emotions are the cause of diseases in the body which we like to call “karma,” but also a disease in the mind. I would also check that, by using non-traditional help.

Finally, if it is about “spirits” there are some people trained to discover them and allow them to “continue in their path” (spiritist,) some of them are “professionals” in this.

Whatever it takes to get me healthy in mind, body, emotions and spirit. There is so much “to lose” at this time… and a lot more to “gain.”

Best wishes!