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Consciousness is the bottom line


To understand (non intellectual) the depth of that “I” in our everyday Life is to regain awareness and to experience a different consciousness.

The classical example is about the individual who “renounces” the worldly power, wealth, name and fame to embrace the “divine” Heaven, God and Angel mind set.

From the viewpoint of consciousness alone, it is the same consciousness just deferred to a seemingly different goal, but it is all about the permanence of the “I,” in this Life and “after” this Life.

That consciousness is still full of “I.”

Let us say that this individual joins a religious group due to an “out of the world” experience which makes him feel “special” and a “chosen one” (more “I” ) or for whatever “reason” we could think of.

This individual full of “I” will use the “office mentality” paradigm (That is what he has been taught) to climb up into the religious setting, for a position that will be well regarded by his peers. Rather than be called “Doctor,” he may be called “Great soul.” Eventually, becoming a dedicated “follower” will bear its fruits in some “benefits” in this Life.

Let us say that this individual for whatever “reasons” later on decides to leave that setting.

Let us observe that the state of consciousness of this individual is still the same. The sense of guilt of doing something “wrong” will be experienced to the same extent and intensity as his previous dedication to that religion.

If the ego of that individual was hurt in his religious experience, then obviously rage and hate will be the response as a reaction.

A change of consciousness was needed to “get in.”
A change of consciousness is needed to “get out.”

Do we understand why to be secluded in a box of dogmas becomes important for a religion?

Because consciousness changes all by itself, through the assimilation of Life experiences.

Why is that?
Because Life is change. We are not different than Life. The static “I” is truly one of the biggest illusions.

This example used for a religion, could be used for many things in Life.
To belong to a political party or to show adherence to a particular cause, etc. All of those require for the individual to commit to a “box of do and do not’s.”

Ananda recalls his years in high school.
No… Ananda actually, did not go to high school. Do we see that? Isn’t this paradoxical?
Ananda does not have the same state of consciousness as the guy who experienced “high school.”
Does Ananda have a desire to experience those years again?
No. Ananda’s consciousness now does not fit that experience anymore.

Many readers may be reading these things just to have further “reasons” to get out of a certain condition in their lives.
That could be a religion; that could be something else.

For whatever you “decide” to do, I’d like you to be aware that to cheat yourself may not be “desirable.” If “reasons” got you “In.” Reasons will not get you “out.”
Consciousness will. Awareness. It is automatic when the time arrives.
Nothing is static in Life. You are not different than Life.
What you believe to be “you” is what is holding “you” back.

Consciousness cannot be changed at will. The “I” wanting to change “my” consciousness is an illusion.
Just allow for the experiences of your Life to be the teacher. Be open to that possibility.

There is no doubt that the strength of that “I” is the one not allowing for change to occur, even when the heart calls for it, even if our feelings are hungry for newness.

“The world will get into a new state of consciousness.”
Yes. But man and his teachings are not causing it.
Do we see that?

Have you heard of “Crystal children”?
They are not “made.” They are born like that.
When we realize that things manifest according to time and according to our readiness, then there is no point in rushing for a fruit in a tree to “make it” ripe quickly.
Just enjoy the moment, enjoy what Life brings. That episode will change if that “I” allows it.
Balance, harmony with “what is” by opening up that closed door of the “I.”

As Guru Porky pig said: “That’s all folks!.” 🙂

The range of experiences


One of the paradoxical aspects in self-realization is to discern the “illusion” of the “I,” the “self.”
“Illusion” is not the right word to use, but it conveys the meaning. The “I” is not an illusion for the majority of human beings at this time. The “I” is a “reality.”
When that awareness of the “I” becomes stronger, then suffering comes as the catalyst for change into “searching” for another avenue… until we find “no-self.”

Life experiences may take someone into that. Intellectual understanding will not give a person the necessary experience to change his consciousness.

Paradoxically, we are everything when there is no awareness of “self” but at the same time there is an essence, which some call “soul.” However, the “soul” does not have the awareness of individuality, which some call “soul consciousness.”

Thus, “soul consciousness” is only a state of consciousness. That state of consciousness is not the ultimate, it is not “good,” and everything else is “bad.”

The range of experiences will change as our consciousness changes. That change is not dependent on the will power of the “I” but rather it is something that happens at different times when the individual is “ready,” that is when there is an assimilation of diverse experiences which takes the individual to the full range of experiences.

Through a “black or white” mentality, we have been indoctrinated to label the lack of “I” as “good,” “ego-less,” and the fullness of “I” as “ego,” “bad.” That labeling is like using “training wheels” to ride a bike. We are riding the bike.. yes.. but truly we are not… 🙂

Let me explain the above in simple language.
Have you seen a survey with the “likert scale”? It goes something like this:

Do you believe in God?
1. Strongly disagree 2. Disagree. 3. Neither agree nor disagree. 4. Agree 5. Strongly agree.

In life, all of those “ranges of agreement” depend on a particular state of consciousness. That is all there is. None of those “choices” indicates a level of superiority or inferiority. As a matter of fact, in the continuity of life, we will experience all of them. However, it is a circle so after experiencing “strong agreement” what comes next?
Strong disagreement.

Unless we are caught up with a dogmatic view which will pressure us to perceive things under a limited boundary.

If we could grasp the above, we could appreciate that someone who is “ego-less” has only reached a particular state of consciousness, which is not static as everything in life changes.
Because our vision of life is “static” and dualistic, we label someone as “saint” or “sinner” not realizing that this state of consciousness will change in the experience of that individual. It could be in this life, in the next one…it does not matter. It will happen. This realization is known as having an “unlimited vision” of Life.

When we discover that, we could observe the absurdity of pretending to change someone’s state of consciousness by following a method.
A fruit will not be ripe enough and quickly by following a “method.” That fruit will be ripe naturally according to time. All experiences not a particular one are important for that ripeness to appear.

How Eckhart Tolle “reached” his state of consciousness?
By following a method?
No. It just happened. How about Mooji?
Same thing.
How about Yogananda?
He was born with that, but still he needed time to become aware of it.
Consciousness changes at a particular time and when it does, we may need to acknowledge it for we cannot deny the “new reality.”

That is why, it becomes more and more important to enjoy what we are able to perceive at this time and having the openness to allow for something else to arrive in our lives. When we synchronize with the movement of life, we are in balance.

Things will happen when they are supposed to. Does it mean that I have to sit down and do nothing waiting for things to arrive? 🙂

If there is that understanding because of this writing, then we have not understood a thing. That is alright, for that understanding will change in its due time. This is not intellectual business but experiential.

The virtue of Tolerance


A notch of depth will be shared below.

If God were to speak with a group of people about living life to the fullest, what could be “His” way of addressing the audience? 🙂

Most probably according to the audience’s state of consciousness. Otherwise, “his” message could not be understood.
One thing to notice is that “interpretation” of that message will happen until there is personal experience of the words conveyed. For all practical reasons, the only concern is to make sure the audience understands the message.

That is a powerful reason not to limit the manifestation of what we may call “God” in our lives. “God” is not meant to appear in just one form to everyone.
My intellectual ability, cultural traditions, moral values, beliefs, etc. are different from someone else from another culture or historical time.

As our consciousness moves to a different position, so will be our understanding.

Let me illustrate the above.

Matthew 5:39 (Holy Bible) “But– I say to you, not to resist the evil, but whoever shall slap thee on thy right cheek, turn to him also the other…”

The above is believed by many to be the words of God. For some, the words of the “son of God” and for others “nice words to live by.”

Malcom X said: “If you turn the other cheek, you can be enslaved for 1,000 years.”
Nietzsche interpreted “turning the other cheek” as “slave morality” in his “master and slave paradigm of moralities.

Even though the words: “To turn the other cheek” were pronounced by “God himself,” according to some; those words were not really understood.
As a matter of fact, those words caused a rebellion in those listening to them. Every experience of war or racist issues bringing the problem of “you vs. me” created an environment in which the majority of human beings were not able to “give the other cheek” to the “enemy.”

At that point, God decided to change his words and used the word “Tolerance” instead. 🙂
“To tolerate someone or something” was considered a virtue.
God himself could be praising our ability to “tolerate.”
That tolerance became a “Spiritual” power.
The power to tolerate.

You could “turn the other cheek” because you were “tolerating” as God has taught you.

The above is something which could be understood by many.

To “tolerate” means that there is a “wall” in me called a personality. That wall does not allow for things being thrown at “me” to pass through. The focus of someone who tolerates is to do the “right” thing.
The focus is important to understand consciousness at a deeper level.

Basically, when “I” tolerate John’s behavior, “I” will make myself believe that “I” am doing the right thing and even though John’s behavior is not something which “I” approve; that is fine for I have learned that to “give the other cheek” is “good.”

In a deeper level, to tolerate means to lie to yourself.

Is it possible for God to teach us about lying to ourselves?

That is the wrong question to ask when we could see the “valley from the top of the mountain,” but a valid question to ask when our consciousness is stuck on the focus of being “right or wrong.”
That type of consciousness is filled with judgment and duality.

To tolerate is a step forward in keeping things at peace. It is the first step for someone whose “normal” behavior is filled with animosity.
Tolerance is something that a person in this level may understand for to “give the other cheek” is still out of reach.

Is tolerance a virtue?
It all depends on your state of consciousness.

When your consciousness is focused on enjoyment, to “give the other cheek” is not an issue. Many examples in the life of the Buddha will point to this.

When our consciousness is located in “being right” we could give the “other cheek” as compulsion.
“It is the right thing to do whether I feel that or not.”

That is why, virtues are not found in the dictionary. That is why to be “virtuous” is not a matter of “practice.”
It is a matter of consciousness.

“Others” will label what they perceive as “virtue” but there is nothing to practice.

Tolerance is not necessary when the wall of the personality is not there anymore.
That is called emptiness.

To be empty is not something that could be defined. A concept is not the thing, but when we experience emptiness ourselves, then we will know.

When we know about emptiness, to tolerate someone becomes meaningless.

Is emptiness a virtue?

Let me laugh at that question …. 🙂 🙂


The Common good is yourself


When we discover the paradoxical aspect of life, the Universe, the Cosmos, Nature, etc. We could understand that to use logic and analysis to make sense of life may not be desirable.

On the other hand, beliefs are more suitable for logical “entertainment” of the mind.

Here is one statement that I have discovered to be true to myself, but that could be a belief for “others.”

If your aim or purpose is the common good, “you” will be included in that as well.”You” are the common good. If your “purpose” is “you” then that separation with all will be your own decline.”

Let us change the utilization of the word “purpose.”
It is not about “myself.” It is about the “common good.”
It is not about my group. It is about the “common good.”
It is not about God. It is about the “common good.”

Consciousness is the world. Without enjoying consciousness, perception is not possible.

That consciousness manifests through different beings. The Totality of consciousness fragments itself to be expressed through the diversity of beings.
When we see this, it is impossible to separate “myself” from everything else… unless “I” create a personality.

What are the consequences of perceiving the separation of “me” and everything else?
Rather than seeing that “I” am the whole, I will see that “I” am part of it or separated from it.
In that consciousness, my belief will be that I am a “ spirit, a soul an individual” completely separated from everything else, when consciousness is rather ONE but manifested in different ways.

It is in that separation when “I” cannot grasp the immortality of consciousness. At that point, “I” will be looking for “salvation.”

It is “I” who wishes to be saved. It is “I” who wishes to be “someone” and to remain “alive,” in the “afterlife.” 🙂

Please see the absurdity of that. Consciousness is already eternal.

Thus, my search for meaning could end up in a search for a “creator,” for the “big boss” who can do the miracle of granting me “eternal life.”
Please see that this search is merely a consequence of my own state of consciousness.
Therefore, that journey is very important. It is very “healthy.”

That “true” search will be compensated, (cause and effect) as searching for meaning in life is not something that everyone is conscious of.

God will appear in one way or another. In one experience or another, just as when we were kids and “searched” for Santa. There was always someone who could take that role for us, someone who could dress like him, someone who I can take pictures with.
We are not alone.

That “God” could take the name of Buddha, of Jesus or be a guru or defined as something else. Every religion has its own beliefs.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. That is the bottom line of that search for meaning.

Please see that this step is necessary for many in their development to experience a different consciousness.

Obviously, some may want to be like “Peter Pan” (he wanted to be a kid forever) and stay in that consciousness, when sooner or later things will change for that is the nature of life itself.

We separate from ourselves just to be ourselves again, just like the phases of the Moon.

This may be the journey and there are many paths for that.
Every path will express that “they are the true path,” but now we could recognize that a “true path” is in intimate relationship with our state of consciousness.

We may just need to learn to trust, for everything has benefit. Every experience has a beneficial unseen motive behind. That is not just for “some” selected ones but for everyone.

We are Consciousness expressed in different levels. None better than another for everything is necessary as it is.

Everything starts when we search for meaning.
Again, the search is not for God, but for meaning. God may be there to fulfill a meaning but everything comes back to us, the “creator” of that search for meaning.

That search starts with a child mentality.

“I don’t think I want to speak with him, because he is too shallow and bad karma could get me.”

A childish view, but everyone starts someplace.

We could grow out of that childhood only when we ourselves, realize that we are no longer little children; otherwise, life will provide for “protectors” that could keep Peter Pan safe from its own mischief.

Beliefs are important in that child like consciousness. Thus, beliefs are not “bad,” they are necessary for the growth of some.
To understand and to embrace the existence of different levels of consciousness is to be mindful of the common good.

When that little child realizes that it is the same consciousness which is keeping us together despite the illusion that we are separated, that is when things start to change because it is no longer about “ME” and my desires, but the common good. The starting point of that common good is not “me” but everything, which includes “me” and paradoxically… is totally “Me.” 🙂

The above does not mean that “I” have to deny myself for the benefit of others first, as religions may teach.

Change does not start when we exhibit a different behavior. That is artificial.
Change starts when our feelings, our attitude have a natural change based on our own realization.
That will come. It will happen. How soon?
That totally depends on us.

There is a level of sensibility to beauty, which could be experienced by being in touch with Nature, life, the Universe. The problem of separation started when we separated. The problem could be solved as we are willing to integrate again.

Place “yourself” last to be in the front.

That is only possible, when there is no “I” and that is how “my goals” are achieved.
Paradoxically, that is why; there is nothing to achieve.
No purpose in mind.

So, enjoy life… 🙂

Reality is not real… but it is :-)


As we are discovering, many ideas that we may hold “true” or certain, are at best ambiguous depending on our state of consciousness.

Definitely the world is as we perceive it. However, that perception is not “reality” by any means.

The “sunset” is not real. There is no sun setting in the horizon. However, there is one… because we “see it.”

Let us say that we have the “almighty God” speaking with us. We probably would like to ask questions to him to “prove” that he is God. Right?
What could you ask knowing the above about “reality”? (Reality is not “real”)
God will have to tune into our state of consciousness to be able to communicate with us. By doing so, there cannot be “complete” answers.

Dear God, You “say” that you are omnipotent. Can you create a stone that you cannot lift?
Answer me: YES or NO.
If you answer “NO” then you cannot be omnipotent… but if you answer YES, then you are not omnipotent either, because you cannot lift that rock. See? 🙂

That is the trap of logic and language. A Kid’s game used by grown ups.

Truly, the only thing that we could ask is about “how to increase our consciousness” and then that reply will be catered towards a particular individual at a particular time. It cannot be an answer for all.
Do we want to ask about how to get rich or when are we going to get married or when are we going to die? 🙂

If we are never going to experience being rich in this life, do we want for God to give us suffering by telling us the “truth”?
It will not happen because a higher state of consciousness is respectful of everyone’s experience in life.

If we believe in heaven in the afterlife, then a higher consciousness will obviously relate with us using that same belief in mind, for it is up to us to realize the limit of our own beliefs. There is a growing process necessary, immersed in that belief which has the potential to change at any time according to the openness of our consciousness.
The flower opens little by little so it does not get hurt.

Any society and any religion will have plenty of beliefs. Once we realize that, then the point is not to label those as “false” or “true” because they can be either one according to our consciousness.

The point is to see that those beliefs are there in a life learning scenario, to open up our consciousness.

Since there is nothing that could be truly known, for knowing is “boxed in” a particular consciousness, then it makes sense to enjoy our time rather than spending time thinking about answers of life ‘greatest questions.’
We could enjoy our time. Enjoy living life. That has in itself a “good” karma… 🙂
Some will interpret to “enjoy life” as pleasure. You are an “epicurean” avyakt7!
Another label out of a misinterpretation.

To enjoy is to be fully present to appreciate. That is not a particular thing but the whole context. The whole experience. Totality.

Truly there is nothing to “do.” We are “here.” Let us enjoy that moment. Let us share our joy. Let us feel the “common union” (Communion) with everything.

Lost in beliefs (theories, ideas, concepts, thoughts) we cannot appreciate life as it “is.” 🙂

The “keyword” is consciousness.


Explaining the word consciousness is an impossible venture. It is in our experiences but we do not recognize it many times…. Perhaps because we are unconscious… 🙂

The dictionary will define consciousness as: “The state of being awake and aware of one’s surrounding.” Get it? 🙂
Now every one of us will interpret that definition. Some will venture into becoming gurus and explaining their own take on that. They will have followers who will merely repeat the “concept” and if they stick around long enough, then they will become the next guru in the “lineage,” full of dogmatic concepts to repeat to potential followers.
“We have the truth,” they say. In truth, just a bunch of concepts, definitions and so on.
Their task now is to fit the perception of “reality” into their dogmatic views. Quite a task.

And that is how we “think” that spirituality is another “concept” gathering deal.
You got to know the keywords: “ Consciousness, live in the moment, soul, God, eternity, etc.”

Do we remember the time when we played with dolls?
I mean, most girls have played with them. Also boys: The popular “G.I Joe.” The exclusive image of a super macho guy with his impeccable wardrobe to fight evil through muscles and guns. The “fun” was to change his clothes according to the appropriate circumstances, according to the “adventure.”

Do you remember the time when you decided to stop playing with dolls?

Most probably not. There wasn’t a single moment which indicated that change of…. consciousness.

Granted. If your “Grandpa” caught you playing with your G.I Joe doll, he may have said something to you, like: “Boys do not play with dolls” and just to make sure that you got his message, he may have added a group of things that “boys are supposed to do.” That probably stayed in your memory banks, so you could repeat that to your grandkids. 🙂

Then, at that point; even though we may want to play with our G.I Joe exclusive edition, we were repressed thanks to Grandpa. Our consciousness did not change, but our behavior did through a “commandment.”

See where am getting at?

Another example.
Let us say that Annie was a meat eater. She decided to become a vegetarian because she wanted to “eat healthy.” According to her views, to eat healthy is equivalent to be a vegetarian.

That means that whenever she is not feeling like “being healthy,” she could go back into her old self.
Her consciousness has not changed.

What about if Paul is told by “eminent, respected individuals” about how animals are mistreated, even as pets when he attended a talk given by XYZ organization. Paul felt that he had to do something about it. He joined the organization….”I am for fair treatment of animals,” nevertheless, he could not stop eating a “big mac” on a daily basis. His consciousness couldn’t see the relationship between his “ideal” and his behavior.

Another example?
Petra joined a religious group. She had an “experience” in that group. She believed that to be a Godly experience.

Petra couldn’t understand how her folks were against her joining that “cult.” (The label given by those who do not like a religious group.)
Obviously 2 different state of consciousness.

Petra found some “support” from others which had similar consciousness. Their main task was to stay in that consciousness without further change.
They felt that they “have arrived.” They felt that their consciousness was the “highest.”

That is how there are many religions. Those only pinpoint the difference in consciousness.
Nevertheless, ego could be so great and then the point becomes in believing that “my consciousness” or “our consciousness” is the greatest. The truth… and “I am part of it.”

Notwithstanding, that type of consciousness may become a “life style” rather than a necessary experience in our paths to open up our consciousness even further.

That opening comes “naturally” when we are not entangled with beliefs, just like when we stopped playing with that G.I Joe doll…. It just came the day when we decided to stop being part of his awesome adventures… 🙂

Everyone of us, is a “work in progress.” There is no “arrival.” The issue is when we see something, when we realize something and we are unable to live according to that realization due to different fears.

Moreover, there are some who believe that the “time when we played with a G.I Joe doll was a waste of time.”
Obviously those individuals do not realize that everything has its own timing in life…. And for everyone that timing is different… all according to their own state of consciousness.

My next goal: “I” want to go to Heaven…


From the last article on Oneness, we can really see interdependence, that everything relies on everything else to co-exist. This is the higher consciousness needed to realize that “we are not alone.” It is the “You” and “Me” deal that separates.
Granted; when Joe Average keeps telling Joanne about all his great accomplishments in life so she feels proud of him; in that consciousness there is a need to understand their language of separation which brings “having” and “possessing” one another as the “normal” thing to do.

We need to understand that we may need to “speak” the language of separation with them; but keeping a state of consciousness far beyond that moment. If Joe Average felt oneness with Joanne, he wouldn’t need to try to impress her. Who is he trying to impress whom?
“Me” wants to impress “You.”

Is there anything wrong with seeing things in the separation of “you” and “me”?
No. It is just a state of consciousness.

It is in that state of consciousness of separation where most religious beliefs have been created.

There is “heaven” which is the ultimate prize. The “six figure job” in the afterlife. 🙂

Of course, “I” want to go there. That becomes my new “motivation in life.”
What are the requisites? That is the “job qualifications.”
You have to be “good.” You have to follow the commandments. You have to love God. If you don’t follow the above, then you will not get there. You will fail. You will not get the job…
You will miss heaven for eternity… 😦 and that is a long time… 🙂

Then, going to heaven becomes an exclusivity for not everyone could make it; it becomes another competition, which truly reflects the ways of our society.
Just another reinforcement for an ego driven personality. Not everyone can go there. But “I” have to go. “I” have to “make effort” to go there.

As we can see, in the above belief there is that reinforcement of “I” as something completely individual and separated from everything else.

Why do you want to “be good” and “do good”? Please ask this seemingly naïve question to yourself.

Because… “I” want to go to heaven. Because “I” want to be an angel. Because “I” don’t want God to punish me. Because “I” don’t want to burn in hell for ever…

What a bunch of ego builder answers!

When we truly see interdependence, that “I” am everything; then “I” cannot go to heaven unless everyone else does, that is when heaven is important for the sake of the world. That is beyond the “I” want, “I” need game.

Humanity is greater than my “petty” self and all its fears.
That is how, heaven is no longer another belief after “I” die.

“Would you like to liberate yourself from the lower realms of life? Would you like to save the world from the degradation and destruction it seems destined for? Then step away from shallow mass movements and quietly go to work on your own self-awareness. If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself…”
Hua Hu Ching Ch 75

If “I” do good. I am not good. I just “look” good.
If I am “good” then thanks to “me” there is someone who is “bad.”
It is when “I” go beyond that duality, beyond good and evil, when “I” die alive “now,” then everything can exist without separation. A different “reality.” Awareness. Consciousness.

“To the ordinary person, the body of humanity seems vast. In truth, it is neither bigger nor smaller than anything else. To the ordinary person, there are others whose awareness needs raising. In truth, there is no self, and no other. To the ordinary person, the temple is sacred and the field is not. This, too, is a dualism which runs counter to the truth. Those who are highly evolved maintain an undiscriminating perception. Seeing everything, labeling nothing, they maintain their awareness of the Great Oneness. Thus they are supported by it.”

Hua Hu Ching Ch 19.