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Spirituality, Sexuality and Honesty


“Unless the mind, body, and spirit are equally developed and fully integrated, no spiritual peak or state of enlightenment can be sustained. This is why extremist religions and ideologies do not bear fruit. When the mind and spirit are forced into unnatural austerities or adherence to external dogmas, the body grows sick and weak and becomes a traitor to the whole being. When the body is emphasized to the exclusion of the mind and spirit, they become like trapped snakes: frantic, explosive, and poisonous to one’s person. All such imbalances inevitably lead to exhaustion and expiration of the life force. True self-cultivation involves the holistic integration of mind, body, and spirit. Balancing yin and yang through the various practices of the Integral Way, one achieves complete unity within and without. This manifests in the world as perfect equilibrium, and perfect grace.”

Hua Hu Ching Ch 58

In Spirituality to live a balanced and wholesome life, sooner or later there will be the need to observe sexuality as a part of our human experience.
The mind will usually crave for it. When there is craving there cannot be peace. Without serenity, there cannot be balance.
A human being cannot go without food, water or shelter for too long before dying. Those are basic needs, which will bring balance to our existence.
Sexuality may have to be included in that list for some; according to the state of consciousness of many human beings.

When sexuality is observed and faced by a spiritual aspirant, there are many different views.

We have the 2 extremes: No sexuality at all for it is important for the aspirant to experience that craving to overcome it, OR the view where expressing that sexuality is necessary; thus there is no need to overcome anything but just to let ourselves be driven by our cravings. Of course, anything in between those 2 extremes will be available as well.

According to our state of consciousness, we could view sexuality in a few ways:
1.Sexuality is about pleasure. 2. Sexuality is about power over another. 3. Sexuality is about procreation. 4. Sexuality is about intimacy (emotional, physical closeness.) 5. Sexuality is communion.

Needless to say, very few human beings are able to reach sexuality as “communion.” The first 3 ranges are very common, that is the “normal” range. The 4th range, intimacy; requires a sense of commitment.

Why is it that “communion” is not a “normal” experience?
Simply because the inner work which that demands to reform the self, from its own weaknesses and cravings is tremendous. To have a partner in that same state of consciousness is not common either.

That is not “normal.” 🙂

If we look at the 2 extremes of sexual denial or indulgence, both paths will lead to the individual’s exhaustion unless the craving is over. Unless neediness is no longer there. Unless there is no longer an inner fight.

Every spiritual method; every path taken is meant so we can observe ourselves to understand our shortcomings, to see those things which create psychological suffering and more important, to be able to find that balance which will bring the mind, body and spirit together as a unity.

To reach this state of consciousness requires a great dedication to understand the workings of sexuality in ourselves.

It is easy to say “don’t do it.” It is way easier to say: “do it.”
It requires intelligence to understand the inner fight or the overwhelming neediness. To be in harmonious balance.

When a human being acquires that sensibility to be able to observe the self, to become aware of our own needs and tendencies, then that human being will recognize the responsibility of attaining such a state.
Every state forward in consciousness, comes with greater responsibility towards humanity.

In that consciousness, sexuality will no longer be a problem to indulge in or to suppress. The understanding and openness to acknowledge a variety of human beings and approaches to life will be there.

The only thing that will matter in that consciousness, will be our own recognition of where do we belong in that variety, so we could embrace that path and live life with greatest honesty. That is, there will not be a difference between what we say, what we do and what we think. We will be aligned, in balance.


That inner work to unite the fragments of our own personality, is the work of spirituality. Through that sincerity is how life will no longer be separated from us, but life will be “part of us” and those experiences in life will only bring greater clarity about ourselves.

It is in that understanding where our dilemmas in life, will have an answer which cannot be written in a piece of paper, but that could be clearly understood in the clarity of awareness. 🙂

Is Consciousness fixed ? Question by a Brahma Kumaris follower

“(“Souls come down here to play a part. The part is of 84 births. You play all-round parts. This drama is predestined. Everyone has his own imperishable part within him that can never be erased. You will continue to experience 84 births.”) Sir what I understand from above lines is that in every ‘Yug’ whatever part or role we play is prefixed and we play this part or role according to our state of consciousness (soul conscious or body conscious state). For e.g. like when a director gives a role to an actor/actress, that actor plays it according to his own capability, strength & qualities….Does it mean that in Golden & silver age we are more of soul conscious & near to God (means Godlike) we play that role perfect but in Copper & Iron age we are more of body conscious this is why we are suffering so much? means we didn’t play that role perfectly and thus our karma became vikarm. Every time we played that fixed role it means our state of consciousness is also fixed??? Plz explain this i am confuse… 🙂 “

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question!

To understand the above with greater depth, I hope that you realize that dualistic language will make things hard to grasp.
It is an experience. It has to happen in your awareness for you to see it, otherwise you will remain confused with only intellectual information, concepts, reasoning, logic, all of that.

Consciousness is not fixed. Consciousness is. There can be less or more consciousness accordingly in life. Those are called “roles” in life.

When avyakt7 says : “you,” he is not referring to you as part of existence, but you as a concept, something separated from the rest when there is truly no separation.

“You” as what you think that you are…. doesn’t exist.” It is an illusion, Maya.

Forget concepts, definitions… those will only increase that sense of “I.”

This eternal movie plays through “you” but “you” truly don’t exist. 🙂 You are part of that movie. There is just eternal consciousness, once “you” experience that, all your troubles about understanding beliefs and dualistic thought will be over.
Consciousness is the movie.

Descartes said:” I think therefore I am.” That just shows basic consciousness.

“I am, therefore; I am not;” has way more validity.

When you are consciously aware of yourself, that is when you observe yourself; (when you remember God alone in your belief system) then you will see that there is a consciousness of “I” appearing where there was none before. From that point, “I” against the world became alive. That is suffering. That “I” is known as ego.

In this movie of life, if your consciousness is able to discern that you are not the role being played through you, that is when the dreamer realizes that everything is just a dream. From that moment you will start enjoying the dream as something to experience. Then, you will be a “detached observer.” Then you will perform “neutral” karma, then you will be “soul conscious,” then you will be “illuminated,” then the “I” from ego will not bet there, so you will be “egoless,” then you will have “all relationships with the Father,” then you will be “equal to God.” You will be beyond duality.

Because “you” are not there. 🙂

At this point the concepts of predestination or free will, do not have any meaning. Concepts of time and “yugs” are meaningless.

If “you” are there, then you will experience duality and with that suffering and pleasure, because there is a center, this “I” which feels separated from everything else and rejects one side of duality to pursue the other.

The above is Brahma Kumaris knowledge in its depth. It is also Buddhism, Taoism and Zen in a nutshell.

Best wishes!

Readers remarks, sharings and question

1.“Dear avyakt7 , first of all very thankful to your writing on the site which touches deep aspect of spirituality in every region . your answers of question are also so much helpful for a true seeker in this dogmatic religious surrounding.”

Thank you dear reader for your kind words. The aim is to share for the common good as everyone has to walk their own path in Spiritual life.

There are no books or practices to experience a different state of consciousness or awareness, but our sincere approach to experience spirituality for the common good will open the doors to something different.

A religious mind is a static mind, A still picture. To follow the dogma, the belief is the aim.
A spiritual mind is dynamic. Aware of the self under the background of the movie of life.

A religious mind has a reward in the future. A spiritual mind finds its own reward in the present. The now… for the “now” will be the future.

A religious mind is the first step of awareness towards finding Spirituality. Many times, that dogma, rigidity and self-righteousness are part of the process, as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The butterfly is no better than the caterpillar; just different stages of the same process.

The religious “doing” what is right will evolve into the spiritual “being” accurate, “being” right according to the movie of life and not the picture of the mind.

That is the change, the transformation.

Best wishes!


2. From a reader:

“This is an interesting reading for the no mind realization.”

Click to access whats-wrong-with-sample.pdf

3. “Brother Om shanti, What is your take on Dinosaurs, and other primitive animals? What do you have to say on radio carbon dating and its repercussions on the incidents of world history which states that the history of mankind is just lakhs of years old?”

Dear reader,

It seems that you are a new reader of this blog. Welcome! 🙂
This blog has changed its aim for the last 3 months already.

Avyakt7 moves as the wind. Today in this direction, tomorrow in another one. Still is the wind, but just in another direction.
Avyakt7’s current role is not to defend a particular belief. Whether that is religious or scientific. Those beliefs are of no consequence to spirituality.

How dinosaurs are related with Spirituality? 🙂

Dear reader, if you are looking for information, for intellectual stuff to defend a particular position, you could look at avyakt7’s earlier writings, by just clicking on the “scientific tales” tab you will find plenty about carbon dating, dinos and more scientific beliefs.

Hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes!

Diverse questions by readers dealing with beliefs

1. “is that possible to transfer a one soul to the another body? even if the other body is alive? please give me a quick answer thank you.”

Dear reader,
That depends on your belief system and experience. What you call “soul” may not be what I understand and experience as soul. In some beliefs systems, it is possible but only for a few “selected ones.” In others it is not, and then you have your own experience. Let us say that a “ghost” or a spirit enters your body. Your behavior will definitely change and you may even feel things that you have never felt before as “real.” Nevertheless, a “soul” hasn’t entered you, but this is what you may refer as soul entering another body.

Best wishes!

2. “is it possible that two body can transfer their soul to each other? exchange soul for shorter? by dreaming only?

Dear reader,
Please see answer above.
If you are thinking about it, it may be possible; you may even have experienced; but from that to be “real,” there is a difference. “Reality” changes according to your state of consciousness.

Best wishes!

3. How will the entire process of destruction and krishnas birth and Baba revealation take place….When Baba says that those children who become bodiless in one second will go with me and the rest will be left behind, what does he mean???

Dear reader,
If I tell you “this is the answer, this is what Baba means,” would you believe me? Why?
Dear reader, Baba just teaches self-transformation. It is the same teachings with different words according to time and belief system. If you have not experienced the subtle self, the soul, the spirit; whatever name we want to use, you will not be able to leave your body in your last moment, without experiencing suffering.

Best wishes!

4. “I want to ask that we always talk about goal of human life is to reach enlightenment .But what happens after reaching enlightenment? Do we become the Master soul or what ?”

Dear soul,
There is no goal for a human life, but only the one that you believe in. You are just reaching your capacity according to time. The belief of a “goal” comes from the idea of “continuous progress” continuous evolution in linear time. If you believe in cyclical time, there is no point for a “goal.”
Enlightenment is important for those who have not reached that state, for whatever they think it means; once they have reached that state, it is no longer important.

When we are situated in the field of beliefs, all you will get is a belief. If I tell you: “For sure, we will become master souls,” do you believe me? Why? It is pointless. Spirituality is experience. It is not a belief.
Once you reach that enlightenment, then you will know what comes next. If you give yourself the title of “master soul,” then you have reached your belief. Names, titles, getting a higher paycheck…:-) all part of our greed and ego.

Best wishes!

5. “I have another question that can i settle my karmic debts in one lifetime or will i carry forward it into another life, how can i know that i have so much amount karmic debts please enlighten me on this topic.”

Dear reader,
All you have now is your life. If you can discover your karmic accounts in this life (meaning your weaknesses) then there is no reason or motive to either go to the past or the future. If we want to do that trip to the future or past, we will be again in the realm of beliefs.
Do you believe in me? Why?
Thus, enlightenment on this topic means to observe what is going now in yourself and how you are resolving those issues. The rest are just beliefs.
Spirituality is the ultimate knowledge to get us to know that ultimate truth, that is ourselves.

Best wishes!

Purity, Family and the World

There was a reader who asked about following “purity” while living in a family setting and how “all actions of those who are worldly (lokik) rather than spiritual are wrong because at this time solutions are made using wrong means.”

It is important to see how those “black or white” understandings, those “all or nothing” viewpoints are not necessarily a match of what is happening in “real life.”

Dear reader, BE PURITY. That is it. The rest around you are just who they are. No labels to define them. No need for that. Actions are merely a reflection of our consciousness.

Laughing is an activity. Is it “good or bad”? It depends on your consciousness, which is in a setting a circumstance, a time, a place.

Please read the article “On Purity” (http://avyakt7.com/2013/07/28/on-purity/)

Purity is way more than celibacy alone. Celibacy alone does not mean “purity.” Take care of your mind, take care of your feelings, those are very important in following purity.

One of the things that we found in this blog is that actions by itself do not have a “moral” value. It is our state of CONSCIOUSNESS, what dictates the consequence of our activities.

The above is very important to realize by experience, because everyone is in a different situation.

Let us say that you have a husband and 3 small children. Your husband is a decent man and he is used to being intimate with you. There are no issues in your marriage; but you understood that “celibacy” is your next step in your spiritual life.

What would you “do”? Would you leave everyone? That has a consequence. Leaving everyone is not necessarily the answer. Circumstance, setting, place, time…No “black or white” answer.

Your husband may change, but you cannot count on that. Your consciousness is what will make a difference.
BE purity. Be that loving being who is beyond the physical, offer yourself to life and love your husband without resentment in your heart. If you have this “test” in life, it means that you have the capacity to go through it. Work on that purity of feelings and purity of the mind. That is plenty. To be truthful, many practicing celibacy lack purity of mind and feelings. That wholesomeness is lacking.

Please do not allow “black and white” concepts to dictate your life. God is not reflecting “black or white” understandings for there are many situations in life (reality) where we need to observe and BE that which we are looking for without the support of the ones surrounding us.
That takes a special soul. That takes one with greater capacity to adapt and to accept things according to the situation without forgetting your spiritual objective in life.

Life changes all the time. To be trapped in concepts and understandings of “what should be,” is to put yourself in the road of suffering, repression and a peace-less mind.

Obstacles in life are like tall Ocean waves. If you feel that swimming underneath the wave is not “royal,” or “good,” then try walking straight through the Ocean and you will experience where your “concepts” take you. That is how many people have been hurt in life due to being trapped in concepts without looking at life. The Ocean changes. Today is a high tide with tall waves, tomorrow it is not. If you maintain your “black or white” concept with you no matter what, then you are approaching life without being sensible to those changes. Part of wisdom is to adapt according to situations.

Purity is not related with rituals or religious practices. It is a state of consciousness. Know “purity” in yourself, in your mind and your heart so your actions will reflect that purity.

Situations will change. That is life. When we “push” for things when the world is not ready yet, we will only damage things. To learn to wait and consider others is also part of purity.

The above is written for those whose life is experienced in unusual situations and are searching to make their lives “pure,” that is wholesome.

Many religions have the dogmatic idea that everyone has to fit in their “cookie cutter” ways. That only shows lack of understanding about “variety of people.”
It is true that a religious path has the aim for the most part, of reforming a human being’s state of consciousness, by giving the option of a more virtuous way of living; however, those are options not “laws.” Everyone will fit into those options in a “numberwise” manner. There are not 2 alike.

At the end, it is the individual with his own consciousness alone. No one knows his own story better than himself.
A wholesome human being , has the wisdom to conduct their own life without being dependent on anyone. Nevertheless, this is also accomplished in a “numberwise” way.

A good father is there to take care of the child while he grows up, knowing that his child will become an adult to take care of himself one day. At that moment. he still will be his child but not a child anymore. That is the paradox of life.

Our consciousness will dictate if we are children or adults. There is a time for everything. This is true in spiritual knowledge as well.

Witnessing -Observing- Detached Observer and all of that

The following videos will illustrate “practical spirituality,” versus “theoretical” spiritual “skills.” 🙂 These videos are about 5 minutes each.
The topic is witnessing or being a detached observer.

Out of the many modern ‘gurus’ in existence, avyakt7 enjoys to listen to Mooji once in a while.
Mooji is not like the typical Guru surrounded with all the devotional, uppity stuff around him. To avyakt7, Mooji shows human care and with his unpretentious style is able to touch listeners with his spiritual experience. Below is a video of him (there are a couple of devotional pictures before the video itself.)

Dr. Scott Peck in this video could be the typical “lecturer theorist of Spiritual knowledge.”
This video will explain the intellectual concepts behind “peace skills.”
You “learn” skills to “love.” He is going to enumerate all the skills you need to become a loving person, a “love master.”

You will learn to work through conflicts by getting into “detach” mode but at the same time, using your peace “skills.” 🙂
You are in a detached “mode” but it is not “good” to be too detached because people will think that you don’t care, etc… His talk is a good starter point for someone who does not want to listen to the word “spiritual” but yet only believes in conceptual learning and in building “skills.” 🙂

Spirituality is not a mental game to “pretend” to be something that we are not. Detachment is not a “skill” that we learn; it is a state of consciousness which appears as we experience a different awareness based on inner inquire, solitude and harmonious living.

There are not Ph.Ds in Spirituality. There is a “reason” for that.. 🙂

Questions for June 1st, 2013

om shanti… dear brother i dont know how much you are known to indian epics like “RAMAYANA” and “MAHABHARATA” which according to bk gyan were simply the mythical stories of KRISHNA and RAMA but i am trying to sort out some confusion in my mind which is related to places which actually exist like MATHURA ,VRINDAVAN which has been described in those epics and related construction till exist there , if gyan says there they irelavant , then what is your opinions abt this existance…

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
If to know that those places existed help you in your self transformation; then those places exist. If you can’t find them, then scientists will do that some day. Let us have hope … 🙂

So I think that the existence of those places are relevant as long as they help you some way to self transform.

Best wishes!

Dear brother Another lesson from 7.4.2013 of Denise on Maduban Jewles , See Father follow Father ,-B.B has said” I am with you at every step” Denise said “For Bk Baba is omnipresent ” “Always put Baba between you and another soul ” It doesn’t mean Baba is in pebble stones or fish or physical things but with awareness if we tune in we can feel His presence subtly.

Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing your findings. Let me add more stuff in this about the word “omnipresence.”

I have written an article “The dividing omnipresent mind in the Ocean of life.” (a couple days ago) Basically in that article it is explained how a person can have different experiences on the same “object” according to its state of consciousness.

According to knowledge, there is no such a thing as “the right consciousness” but rather, numberwise. For an “effort maker” that is according to time. We change. It is the natural process.

The only thing that matters is the experience of how that helps you to self transform.

Being caught up in concepts is a waste of time. I have mentioned already that “Omnipresence” as explained in Sakar Murlis is the equivalent of “pantheism,” in English.

Shiva or Brahma Baba now, are incorporeal and Subtle entities. For them, there are no physical boundaries like time and place.

In BK history, the belief of omnipresence came first. Is it because Shiva didn’t want to say that He wasn’t everywhere and allowed this for many years to happen? Perhaps Brahma Baba wouldn’t be able to understand this simple concept “logically”? 🙂

It is just a state of consciousness. It has nothing to do with not being able to grasp the “knowledge.” There is nothing difficult about it especially if we make it dogmatic; although paradoxically it could be very deep and “out of range” for many souls’ understanding. Numberwise.

It is our consciousness which changes according to an experience and to explain that in “logical” terms is “illogical.” To put something which is not “black or white” into “black and white” words so anyone could understand those words, is a challenge.
That simplicity pays the price in accuracy.
This is something that we may need to understand rather than being caught up in the word “omnipresence.”

So, we have the BK trip of going from Omnipresence into a personal God.

To believe that the Sakar Murlis had all the knowledge in the last 5 years of Brahma Baba’s life is to be misinformed.
Avyakt Murlis have the “continuation” of those experiences that Brahma Baba had from a different conscious state of being.
Here a sample:
The concept of Karmateet was updated.
The concept of “detached observer” is explained in great extent in avyakt Murlis. That is the single most important piece of information to imbibe in my view.
The concept of remembrance was updated as well in avyakt Murlis. (Read Avyakt Murlis from 1969 as shared in this blog.)
The knowledge of the advanced party was imparted in Avyakt Murlis.
The concept of being present in the “now” and not in the future “golden castle” was updated in avyakt Murlis.
The concept of hearing the Murlis only at the center, was updated in Avyakt Murlis to a more “open” state according to time and circumstances, etc, etc…

As we can see according to consciousness there is a different perception and according to that perception, a different explanation. Consciousness is not only individual but collective. The Drama supports this. In other words, many individuals will believe the same thing at one point in time. The way of the Drama to get someone out of “old stuff” is a gradual process; like night changes into day.

Now, we have an omnipresent phrase:
“For a BK Baba is omnipresent.” 🙂
I thought that for a “real BK” the word “omnipresent” was poison. 🙂 It is a very hurtful concept.. 🙂 to even mention that word should be penalized… 🙂

As we can see, that word is being used as a reminder that Baba should be everywhere in a BK vision and experience.

Paradoxically, that makes Baba omnipresent….

Best wishes!