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Question: Statistically, can I become a King?

Looking at the souls statiscally I have found a few questions tickling me always. In almost every murli Baba tells us that He is making us the king of kings, we are all becoming Laxshmi Narayan, He is sending us to Satyug and we have 84 births. But going by statistics only 16 souls ( 8 kings and 8 queens) are eligible for this in the Golden age. Only 9 lakh souls will have 84 births. How can we say that we are all going to become king of kings. As much as we try we should accept that the real high posts of Satyug are filled by the senior BKs. We have many dadis and senior brothers and sisters in gyan for 50+ years. What is left is the position of subjects. Baba does not like this question but statistically is it not true that we are all racing for the position of subjects which might not require all the intense effort in the form of Amritvela, food, Brahmin discipline etc.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

In Sakar Murlis, Baba’s method to motivate the children was to tell them that “everyone could be a King.” Then, in other Murlis, he has mentioned, that “Number 1 and 2 are already fixed” but also that “the children should race ahead of Mama and Baba.” 🙂

Then, in avyakt Murlis, BapDada changed the “plan” into “become part of the first division.” No more Kings and Queens.. become part of the royal family…. and then, He said that “He could add more beads in the Rosary of Vishnu…” 🙂 BapDada’s role has always been to motivate the little children to reach the “stars” according to a childish understanding of the children, of course.

I disagree with you as far as thinking that “the real high posts in Satyug are filled by Senior BKs.”
To be a senior BK is a role like any other role. Every role has its own “pros” and “cons.” Your capacity for self realization is not proportional to the hierarchy of the role that you play in the world, but in your ability not to be a “role” but soul consciousness.

Finally, let me show you something interesting… For us, this thing of becoming a King or a Queen is a big deal. What do we gain in the world of happiness? A status… we happily say..that is from our perspective right now.

Now, once you are in the Golden age and you are a “happy camper,” soul conscious and blissful; let me ask you what is the difference between a “king” and a “subject” for a self realized deity? 🙂

It is just a role. The word “status” is not known.
For a self realized being, the castle is not important neither how many”veemans” you got. But enjoying the self is…

Best wishes!

A Paradise full of ego


Religions teach about the importance of “self-less love.” Religions teach about being humble.
Religions teach about brotherhood among human beings.

If all of those many teachings are followed, then there is a “reward” for that. That reward is called “Heaven, “ “Paradise.”

Therefore, whatever we do in this life is meant so we can “get” something “good” after this life. Sort of “life insurance.”

That “trap” has been used by many religions to get the followers to do things.
Do now. Get later.

In this way, followers will “do.” Followers will become “this or that,” to make someone else happy with hopes of getting a reward. Paradise.

That has been used as a source of spiritual ego as well. The popular: “ We are the ones who will go there. Come and join us.” “We have the truth.”

I am not debating the existence of that Paradise. I am merely pointing out how that knowledge of something different and “better” in the future, could be used to “manipulate” people now.

That manipulation depends on the understanding of some individuals about that place called “heaven.”

In Gyan, we know that “heaven” is another age in the cycle of time. If we call that “the best age ever,” we are setting up ourselves for suffering, for we will reject the “now” in hopes to reach the “futuristic” heaven. Then, with those eyes and understanding, we will look at the Golden age as another opportunity to display our ego by reaching a “status.”

It is not just enough to get there, but we need to get a “status,” as well for otherwise, we will miss “happiness.”

The paradox is that someone gets there by simple karmic return. It is not by “doing things,” but by being ego-less.

How is it possible then to have an ego driven reward as an incentive “to do good,” when the task is to become egoless?

That is why, it was created the schema to “become a beggar.” That plan was taken literally by many religions in such a way as to make us believe that to be “poor” is great.

That interpretation of Paradise is merely an interpretation according to our traditions and ways of behavior. How is that?

In this society, we value “status,” we value being “the elite,” we value “being special,” we value working hard now to be assured for the future. It is not about enjoying the journey, but simply to use everything as a means to justify the end result.

When we look at spirituality under that perspective, we will distort that reality, we will make spirituality just another assignment that we learn by going to school, just another topic to learn, something to do to get a “better job” in heaven.

It is important to recognize that heaven or paradise are not rewards. They are simply places which karmically we could experience.
When we get caught up with labeling, we will use “paradise” as an enticing label, when it is merely an experience which has a determined time.

Therefore, please do not transform your life so you can go to heaven. You will not do a “good job.” Please do not “make effort” so you can get a “good status.” This is not a “career fair.”

Being ego-less, being virtuous is its own reward, because that “future” happiness can be experienced here and now; that is the way how through the law of karma, we could access through cause and effect, a future that is in line with our current state. In a few words, Be happy now, if you want to be happy later. Reach a level of happiness now, so that happiness can go with you.

In this deeper understanding of knowledge, we could see that being “miserable” now through penances is not the ticket for a “better” future.

Question: Hi brother, my question is that is it so that the one who reach the karmateet stage first in this worldy drama would the first status and so on? Is this the basis of deciding the status in the golden age?

Thank you for your great question!
Not necessarily. Mama achieved the karmateet stage before Brahma Baba. However, Brahma Baba is “fixed” as the number 1 soul and Mama as the 2nd number.

The “basis” for deciding the status in the Golden age according to Sakar Murlis, is your personal “effort.” (to be soul conscious, to do service, etc.) However, as mentioned many times; the roles are already fixed for every soul; therefore, you will get the status that your capacity as a soul allows to, which corresponds to the spiritual efforts that you will be making in your lifetime.

“To everyone according to capacity,” is the slogan. Nevertheless, that capacity is already predestined…but we do not know what it will be; thus, we say that we need to “make maximum effort” now.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, As there is so much talk about being number wise, Can you tell me if the number of years in gyan makes a difference in number wise such as the longer in gyan the higher the status is in golden age or earlier role in golden age?

Thank you for your very good question! 🙂

Short answer: No. the number of years in gyan has nothing to do with the “status” in the Golden age.

We are in this knowledge the amount of time that is necessary for us to reach our highest level according to time. That is a personal matter according to role. That is why there is the blessing of “last go fast.”

Let me share something about this numberwise game with the aim to clarify many “rooted assumptions.” BapDada has released only 2 names in the first rosary. That is it. BapDada these days plays with the idea of “increasing the size of the rosary.” 🙂

The only thing that is important is to become soul conscious. That is all.

Many times we become impressed if a soul “up” in the hierarchy has the ability to go to the subtle region, bring messages from Baba, know the future, and do “great service” (Baba working through them)and then we say: “that soul is part of the 8, I am not because I cannot do those things, so let me be a devotee of those souls, so I will be close to them in the Golden age. “

In my experience, there is a soul who I know very well, who can “do” all of those things (I will not disclose the name and that soul wasn’t born in India in this birth, just in case…) however; this soul is not a senior or “up there” in the hierarchy with many years in ”gyan” and many trips to Madhuban. As a matter of fact, many BKs have those abilities or experiences with Baba in one way or another.

None of that is important at the end of the day. Just become soul conscious; that is the only thing that is important at this time.

To make things interesting about “seniority,” you have the souls who are second time BKs , who may be right now for a few years in gyan and called “juniors,” when in fact, they may be more “senior,” than many seniors as far as time in this knowledge… 🙂 and who have the blessing of “last go fast.”

In my experience, those BKs have been able to grasp some of these sharings “right away,” and their intellects can grasp things which for other souls may take longer.

Finally, let me disclose that “status” means very little in the unlimited. It is just a role like any other role. In the Golden age an ordinary subject will feel happy according to his capacity and that is as much happiness that this soul can “handle.” There is no such a thing as the “King” will be happier than him. 🙂

That is a comparison based on the premise that we are all “equal,” but as discussed before; we are not. We are different and playing different parts. Of course in the Golden age there is no question about “who is happier,” that question only arises now when we have ego and comparative minds.

Enjoy your role, your part and do the best you can to feel the self, the real you; that is become soul conscious.

And here, the quote of the day:
The Drama is not “status” conscious. 🙂

Best wishes!

Points in Depth: “Numberwise” means entropy

6. “Numberwise” means entropy
“We are numberwise according to effort.”

One of the significant works of Bro. Jagdish from my perspective, was to try to put Baba’s gyan in a more “scientific” way. Here is when the term “entropy” all of the sudden became “gyani.”
Entropy is a term which denotes degradation in quality of matter. Something new becomes old due to entropy. The Golden age becomes the Silver age due to entropy. Entropy is linked with the second law of thermodynamics in Physics.

The problem with the term “entropy” is that according to science it happens just one way, meaning entropy will only increase as time goes by. However, in gyan; we know that the Golden age will repeat after 5000 years. Thereby, the term “entropy” as coined by scientists, do not reflect a reality given to us by “pure” gyan.

Another issue with “entropy” is that this word describes physical nature. It is matter degrading; but it does not show the interdependence of matter and spirit; since a soul’s part also experiences that entropy.

Baba already had a term to describe this important description of things reducing quality as times goes by, it is NUMBERWISE.
NUMBERWISE describes the interdependence of matter with spirituality. When souls come down to the physical plane in a numberwise fashion, the quality of the Golden or any other age diminishes as well; however; for that soul coming down for the “first time,” that quality is not perceived as “less than before.”

The understanding of NUMBERWISE rather than the term entropy brings spiritual realizations as well:
1. Everyone has a different perception of reality just because we are numberwise.
2. Because we are numberwise, we cannot have the same role.
3. Because we are numberwise, there is a “kingdom” based on status, a hierarchy which is meant to distribute roles among souls.
4. Because we are numberwise, there is not “equality,” as when we say that everyone is the same or has the same qualities.
5. Because things are numberwise, there is “movement” in this Drama (descending the ladder) which brings the concept of duality (Yin-Yang) which will allow us to climb up again that ladder or start from the “top” again.
6. Because things are made on anumberwise basis, things are gradual, they take time to materialize. Day into Night, Young to Old, etc.
Without a doubt, Numberwise is one of those key words in gyan which have not been “churned” yet in depth.