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The reality of the “game.”

To delve into the ideals of society will bring greater understanding of the “game” being played. That understanding can take someone into the realm where “good and bad, right and wrong” are just infantile ideals.
There are rules in society, yes… as in every game. Be aware of the rules to play the game.

Observe Life. There is low tide and high tide. Both are the full experience. Labels are merely to identify things. Low tide is not better or worse than high tide. It just depends on how “what is” is affecting some and not others. A city overflows through high tide. Is that “bad”? Is that “wrong”?    Life does not work under those limiting labels.

Most could say that human actions are “good, bad, right, wrong,”  but again that is a very infantile way to look at things. In Life, every experience has benefit even though we may label them as “bad, ugly, wrong, devilish, etc.”

“But… Why… Killing people is wrong!! What is the benefit of it?”
🙂  Observe the world. You and I are here today because of that killing of the past.
Is that hard to see? Could you appreciate the connection of all lives?
Someone is killed. Due to that there is a change… a change which could benefit many in the long run and which others will oppose. Everyone looks at their own benefit so there is struggle of the “I,”  and through that struggle, there is suffering… Through that suffering comes understanding; dissolution of that “I, ” through that understanding… struggle ceases to be…
Just like high and low tide. Do you see that? That is called a full circle, a Life experience.

I am not saying that we should kill. Please do not misunderstand me. I am saying that whatever is happening … all is well; all is good as it has to be. I am not telling you what to DO. As we know there are consequences to every intention behind an action, and those consequences will drive further change.

Did I share that newness, creation can only come out of destruction? There is no “fixing,” that could create newness. That is the story behind the mythical Phoenix bird.

While ideals of our society are fixated in “low tide is better” than “high tide,” the separation of a natural continuity is made. That separation is only mental; it is a wishy washy belief supported by most religions through an unhealthy duality.

That is why, embracing all and everything, opening to “what is” without labeling it and trying to escape into some human morality to feel “holy than thou” becomes the most important step into inner honesty.

We can play the “game.” Yes. It is there to be played, to have fun, to enjoy it. If you make that “game” your reality, then you will be “happy” if “low tide” is there as that matches your expectation, your training, your belief. Don’t talk about “high tide.” Make it a taboo… and when “high tide” appears, deny it… That is “morality.”

The game of “reality” is a game which is not meant to be defined through infantile labels. It is only meant to be enjoyed, marveled, appreciated. Nothing to change, nothing to fix; for that feature comes already in the game. Observe it, sit back and relax….a feeling of gratitude arrives… Now, we are getting someplace.    🙂

Words with value in our society

Achieve, attain, fight, struggle, succeed, have the drive, effort, ambition, compete, performance, conquer, beat someone…  Important words to remember! and with that some key phrases and quotes to “live by:”   🙂
“I am going to teach you a lesson.” “I hate this thing, but I do it because I am good at it,” “time is money, “ “The glory is for the winner, “ “strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle,” “ First place is everything, second place is nothing,“ “if there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

A person living in our society will have those values at the end of his “training.” Those values are ingrained, part of the “survival of the fittest” mentality.
Our society praises those who have those qualities, thus we firmly believe those qualities to be “good.” 

When someone is discovering some sort of “spirituality” for the first time, those values are magically transferred from the “mundane” into the “divine.”

We may not compete openly with others, but will show our worthiness by trying (meaning: struggling, being ambitious, making effort, etc.) to obtain heaven or being worth of being “saved.” We are an example, a walking show waiting for applauses and recognition, even though we openly deny it, for we want to look “humble.” 🙂

Our definition or concept of “good” must prevail, even though that may hurt others; we are “doing the right thing.” We are “conquering evil.”

The “hero” is the one who “protects others,” by killing others. Every country has a hero. The “good ones” are from “his” country, the “bad” ones, are not. 

Once we awaken from those infantile belief systems, it is a shock. Your struggle is not worth a penny, even if you think it is; even if society supports those beliefs.

It is useless to try to change what naturally will change, for everything changes by itself… it may not be “your way” but there will be change. To try to control  an outcome, is a disease of the “I.” 
We learned that to struggle for some cause will give us a “reason to exist,” “legacy.”
All of that is “pure” ego.

Thinking that we are DOING a good action, is only feeding our ego.
Thinking that we are DOING the right thing, is only strengthening our “I.”
Fighting with others for supremacy, so we can teach them a lesson, is only feeding our hungry “I.”
Inner struggle to BE good rather than bad, is defining our ego based on society’s moral standards, the “office world,” the “mind world,” the “religious guilt trip.”

Someone who does not understand clearly the above, will say: “You are right. I will oppose society’s values. I will not conform to the machinery.”
The mind (ego) will go from one extreme into the other. The “I” is still well and alive. That is why, it does not matter what we DO, as long as the “I” is behind that action, for that action is not in harmony with the changes of Life, but it is ego driven.

Others will say: “ What you just said is  very stupid. How can I get ahead, if I don’t have ambition?
🙂 I haven’t said not to have ambition. I haven’t said that ambition is “good” or “bad.” The understanding of  “black or white” statements only, is because we live in the mind.
AWARENESS of the “I” is not there yet.