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Perceptions and Consciousness

What you read here or in “spiritual” books, holy scriptures, etc. is of no use to change consciousness; without change of consciousness, there is only change of behavior to pretend to BE someone who we are not. Are those things useless then?
No! Those things influence our perceptions, allow us to see things from a different angle, but we are still under the same consciousness.

The “spiritual teacher” across the street or the “personal coach” may have read a lot. He knows all the answers, he solves the problems of his followers; however his relative told him: “You don’t practice what you preach.”
The “coach” realized, his relative was “right.”

How is that possible? His intellect may know a lot of theory, but his consciousness is the same. He cannot BE who he pretends mentally to be.

How consciousness changes?
Through Life experiences. Everyone has a different Life experience, different paths; that is why there cannot be a single “method” to change consciousness. The journey is individual. The final step to change is not the true “solution” but the catalyst. There is a background of many experiences to get someone ready, ripe enough.

My experience of happiness is different than someone else. We may communicate using the same word: “Happiness;” but our meanings are different. That is why words cannot convey the “reality” of an experience….

One question was submitted: “How to go to the subtle region?”
For many readers, the “subtle region” has no meaning at all. For the reader who asked that question, there is no experience of that “subtle region” but it is only second hand knowledge, a dull repetition of someone’s experience. A belief.
The reader wants a “method.”
The subtle region is not in my experience, if it was I couldn’t tell you. A close relative “goes” there at will. She didn’t practice a method. She just can do it.

I am sure you have many experiences. Cherish all of them. Enjoy them.
Two things I can tell: When you understand about different states of consciousness in yourself, you will understand the subtle region … and when it is your time, you will “go.” Until then… enjoy yourself…

Many Brahma Kumaris brothers and sisters, have been writing questions in this blog recently. Sometime in the future, Ahnanda will interact openly in a different platform. Thank you for your questions. Please bear with “my process” until the time is right. 🙂

Epilogue: Death is a window until the door is shown


Life presents different perspectives from different people who are under the same situation.

A friend mentioned: “I know what is like to lose a father.”
We can only know about our own experience. Let us not generalize. If a particular experience was full of sorrow, pain and uncertainty; then the expectation is that everyone should experience the same thing.

That belief, does not allow for openness in our consciousness for the “I” becomes the center of the Universe.
“I feel this way, therefore; everyone else must.”

Ananda’s sister; Raysha, is gifted with a high sensitivity.

Raysha saw her father sitting by a lake in a region of white light. He looked much younger and his body was of white light. They spoke to each other. Raysha noticed that his father did not have any emotions in him.

Ananda asked Mathias, the wise tree about this episode.

Mathias responded: “ When you get re-set, you do not have any experiences in you. ”
Ananda: “Re-set?…But if my father was “re-set,” what is the benefit of going through the previous experiences if he will be in “zero” mode?”

Mathias: “ He will take with him what he needs for his next life experience.”
Ananda thought: “ But…who gets to give him what he needs for his next experience?”
Mathias said: “ The Totality.”

Ananda smiled: “ I understand now, Mathias… Thank you.”

Our minds are framed in the belief of being separated. It is that “I” with is own stubbornness and pride who fights to continue on. That belief is so enrooted in our bodies and mind which only allow us to perceive this individuality, separation. That is the cause of suffering and it is suffering the one who will burn that “I” until it gives up, surrenders, bows down, let go, etc. Use the word you wish, but we get the idea.

When that happens, a new experience awaits.

That “burning” can take many years of suffering or just a month of “intense fire” like in Ananda’s father’s case.
Then, according to what is needed in the Totality, the Universe, life, etc; the drop of water will be ready to appear in another place, another time, another circumstance to perform a particular task needed for self-preservation of that Totality.

That is the moment when the “I” will be born again.

Observe that I could label any of the words above with religious terms.
I could call the “Totality” as “God.” I could name the region of white light as “the subtle region.”
I could call that experience of “purging the I” as purgatory, hell, punishment, etc.

I could call Ananda’s father as an “angel.”

Forget the labels.

What you interpret, dear reader; out of all the experiences that I have shared with you up to this point, is your interpretation. That could range from “nonsense, false, true, the holy truth, etc.”

It does not matter to Ananda the way the above is interpreted. Ananda only shares his experiences here, for the common good.

What is the epilogue of the characters of this story of life?

For Raysha, it is to know that his Father is doing alright. A sense of closure. To know that Life does not end when the body perishes. That is no longer a belief. That experience of dealing with his father’s passing was a source of internal growth, the kind which no book, lesson or “spiritual teaching” could ever give.

For Ananda it is the trigger to recognize that “I.”
To dissolve all his previous religious beliefs and to “re-set” his mind into the wonderful and amazing experience of living life with joy. The teacher and the student are the same. However, life is the teacher… and there are friends to listen to in life. 🙂

For Ananda’s mother is the time to deal with herself. That is to experience loneliness and attachment. She has lived for 50 years with her husband.
Some may say: Is to have a relationship “bad”?
Not at all. She grew with the support of that relationship, now the opposite must be experienced. That is the world of duality. If there was no “I” in her, how could she experience loneliness or attachment?

Some religions or beliefs will state that it is best “not to open karmic accounts.”
That “black or white” belief, does not take into account that every experience in life is an opportunity for growth. It is not the action in itself but the state of consciousness. It is not the time that we spend being “spiritual” but our readiness through life experiences.

If we don’t experience, we do not learn. If we don’t suffer, we do not grow. If we don’t know our limits, we cannot go over them.

For Ananda’s little brother, the time has arrived to walk his own path into life, for if he remains in dependency; he will miss the experience of life through his own lenses.

Ananda’s father got liberated from his decaying physical body and in the process; he has obtained a new consciousness.

Therefore, everyone gets benefit.

To live life is an awesome experience, thus; to be amazed by it, to be in gratitude to it; to completely appreciate it as it presents itself… that is to be in love with it…is the greatest experience.

Questions – June 20, 2013

Brother, Its been a question that has been plaguing me for a while now. I have heard that mentally-differently enabled people have in their previous births have abused their organs, and this is natures way of doing a balancing act. meaning in this birth their sanskars would emerge.. but the physical organs would not enable them to put it into action. The question i have is that if it is in my family such a soul has taken birth and i observe that it is actually waging a war between its sanskar and its organ’s in-ability to convert to action.. what as a spiritual person we can do to make its life/journey easier

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question.
In a nutshell and out of experience.
1) Good wishes and pure feelings
2) Your words with that person should encourage him/her to find something where this soul could feel happy in his/her present condition. Avoid any situation when possible, where this soul could feel the energy of pity coming from others.
That is what I like to call the “poor thing” syndrome. Many people inadvertently send those vibrations when they feel the hurtful emotion of pity for such a soul rather than encourage him/her with pure feelings.
3) Observe. Learn and become a detached observer.

Dear avyakt7, “ILLUSION” in the ‘worldly relations’…. Is it ‘creation’ of BRAIN function? Whether there is any role for the ‘SOUL’ with regard to the experiences of ILLUSIONS?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question!
The brain does not “create” anything. It is just a role-playing that illusion (as you pointed out.)
The “game” resides in knowing that some will be able to find the “illusions” and others do not, but believe to be in “reality.” However, everything is needed as it is.
The beauty of the Drama!

Best wishes!

Om shanti, what is the true reality existance of SUKSHMA vatan. Is brahma baba’s light energy body with soul is still there. wheather also al the human being presently on earth also have same another LIGHT ENERGY BODY parallely exits in sukshma vatan or what is the purpose of this sukshma vatan….Seeking for direct enlightment.

Dear soul,
Your question is appreciated but to get direct enlightenment as you would like to, you need to experience yourself this subtle region.
I have mentioned in this blog earlier that I have no experience of the subtle region, therefore; I do not feel comfortable speaking about that. However, if you want “theory,” there is plenty in this blog already about it.

Just use the “search articles with keywords” box and type “subtle region” (The English translation of sukshma vatan)
Below and article as an example.


Also, please bear in mind that all of those question that you are asking now may be in this blog already. I am aware that many souls are coming to this blog from the first time, new BKs who would like further clarifications; thus, I would like to encourage them to use the search facility of this blog.

Best wishes!

Question: What is the status of sukshma vatan. Is it exists for ever or only exists in sangam yug ? I know it has nothing to do with spiritual growth but sometimes becomes necessary to know.Hope you will not mind it. Thanks.

Thank you for your question!
“Sukshma vatan,” is the “Subtle region,” in English.

Let us find out.. 🙂

Gyan tells me that there is no time in the subtle region. If there is no time, can the subtle region be created or destroyed? 🙂

It is always there. We just become conscious of it at the Confluence age (Sangam yug.)

Best wishes!

Question: Om shanti, thinking is the nature of mind.. wheather the souls in parmdham is also continuesly produces thought…,plz enlighten.

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

As explained in the “reader remarks: Free will and Predestination” you will be able to see that thoughts means Drama. In Paramdham, there is no Drama, thus no thoughts. The subtle region is related with this Drama, thus; thoughts. Brahma Baba has pure thoughts for his children… which are blessings for them 🙂

Best wishes!

Space and Time in the Brahm element


This post is in relation to this note:

” Just a few days before Avyakt 7 was saying there is no time, no space in Incorporeal world.
(I was saying that there is no time However the space is there)
And today Baba is also saying in this murli (Sakar murali 4th Dec 2012 ) “Souls would definitely reside in a space.”
Pl note. Not for proving the point but for correcting the error.”

The following is an excerpt from the Sakar Murli on December 4th, 2012.

“For instance, there is the sky. It is not a physical object. It is just space. It still has a name-sky. It is a very subtle element. OK, deities reside even beyond that. That too is a space. They are sitting beyond the sky. Beyond that is another sky. That too is a place for souls to sit. That sky is called the brahm element. There are the three elements: Corporeal, subtle and incorporeal. Souls would definitely reside in a space. Therefore, there are three skies. The play takes place in this sky and so light is needed. There is not a play in the incorporeal world. That is called the element of brahm. Souls reside there. That is the highest of all. There are three worlds, that is, three storeys of the world.”

In this paragraph we can infer that Baba is explaining about the Brahm element and the Subtle region to the children. “ There is the sky, and then another sky were deities live which is a subtle sky (subtle region.) Beyond that subtle sky, there is another “sky” (space) where souls “sit.” That is called the “Brahm” element.
Then Baba mentions that “souls will definitely reside in a space.” (Read, In a “sky.”)

In this explanation we can perceive that souls could reside in anyone of the 3 “skies” or spaces.
Baba is using comparisons existing in the corporeal, physical world to explain the subtle region and the Brahm element to the “children.” Baba is just using the word “space” to be interchangeable with “sky” to make his explanation.

Is the above explanation accurate in explaining that there is “space” in the soul world?
Not necessarily. If we go by the definition of “space,” in Wikipedia:

“Space is the boundless, three-dimensional extent in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction.[1] Physical space is often conceived in three linear dimensions, although modern physicists usually consider it, with time, to be part of a boundless four-dimensionalcontinuum known as spacetime.”
From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space

Note that Baba is using the term “space” which is used in the physical world to explain something which is “non-physical.”

If there is “no time” can we have space as we know it? In other words can we put “a soul in top of another soul” or can we say that the “soul world is crowded with souls.” No, we cannot.
In that “realm” as well as the subtle world, there is no sense of space as we know it in the physical world.

That is why when we “see” a ghost. Is that ghost occupying a “space”? If so which of the “3 skies” is the ghost occupying? 🙂

That is why in a “different” view, we can see that those 3 separate “skies” or spaces can be interrelated and again its “space” is just a perception.

A soul “residing” in the middle of the forehead, is not really occupying “space,” for no one will be able to find it. So where is it? It could be in any of those 3 “spaces” according to our perception, but at the same time, in none of them… but is there. 🙂

“Space” only exists in the perception of physical objects, the physical world, according to the above definition from Wikipedia.

The issue, is in the subtle region, where there is no existence of time, but there is movement.
For instance, we “see” Brahma Baba in scene “1.” In scene “2,” Brahma Baba extends his arm to bless us.” From scene 1 to scene 2, we call that as “time” from the perspective of the physical world; however, from the avyakt perspective the succession of “scene 1” and “scene 2” is not time, but could be called “space,” for lack of a better name.

This is just to demonstrate the issues with language in interpreting labels from the physical perspective and at the same time not having enough labels to represent a spiritual reality, for language is made under the consciousness of the physical dimension.

That is the challenge when explaining spirituality.

Question: Hi brother, You told in your post that “it is Brahma and also his connection with god I.e Bapdada has changed from sakar days till now”. Please explain me this and how shiv baba comes in Brahma baba if he never thinks and if he is constantly there in paramdham only,pls clarify this and also when you told that Bks experiencing the company of god is Brahma only not shiv baba as he doesn’t think Then you mean to say it is Brahma baba only who is doing service or you mean to say shiv baba through baba as shiv baba does service through others ,please clarify and explain this also,I am waiting

Thank you for your question!
It looks like the email form wasn’t working again, so this time all questions will come directly to the “feedback” in this site. That means that I will not be able to answer questions as quickly but, I will get your questions in a more reliable way.

You are not asking simple questions there… so bear with me in this long explanation.

Brahma Baba was an “effort maker.” Just like you and I. The difference is that He is the number #1 soul, according to his capacity to become soul conscious. When Brahma Baba first started having experiences back in 1936 or so, He didn’t know what was happening. Obviously, he explained these things through the devotional knowledge that he had. Even He thought that he was God for some years. What it is very hard for souls to understand is that God, Shiva is the “purifier” as long as there is a connection from us. God exists, but He is not quite the way “devotional knowledge” has explained. Divine knowledge has appeared through Brahma Baba. Obviously, we can note in the Sakar Murli, the types of sanskaras that he had, and we can also appreciate that those sanskaras have changed, in the avyakt Murlis. That is his spiritual journey and I know that for experience, because it is happening to all effort maker Brahmins, whether we realize it or not.

That is some background information to answer your first question.

Now, the part the “God comes in Brahma Baba.” I have also mentioned that we shouldn’t take things literally. I also have mentioned that “God is bound by the Drama” according to the Murli, and I also have mentioned that “we do not learn, but we remember.” Basically, every soul has a role already “recorded.” God may be the trigger for it to unfold in Brahma Baba, or maybe something else happened. I can only speculate. I don’t know. The only one who knows that accurately is Brahma Baba. No one else could know that. I have written an article when I explained that ( http://bkgyan.com/2012/11/22/god-speaks-seen-without-the-lenses-of-devotion/)

On the second part of your question, I can see that you are beginning to “interpret” what I said. That is good, for that gives me the opportunity to clarify.
You talk about Parandham and Shiva being “only” there.

Parandham is not a “place,” as we know it. Shiva is a soul. Pure soul. It is our experience to feel God with us or inside us, or merged with Him, because for a soul there are no boundaries OR we can delimit those 3 regions as we have learned and say: Shiva is in Parandham. Subtle Brahma in only in the subtle region. His soul is in the subtle region with him now (how is that possible if souls are only in Parandham?) However, Dadi Ji has taken a physical body, but her subtle body as Dadi Ji, can still be experienced through Dadi Gulzar, etc… 🙂

You see where I am coming from? It is our “physical understanding” which will not allow us to see beyond rationality and logic which only exists in the physical realm because we are bound by physical laws when in the experience of body consciousness. Otheriwse, we are “multi-dimensional” beings. My body of light is already there. My sister have “seen it,” even though her physical vision is impaired, but I have physical vision now but unable to see it. I have felt it only; how is that possible?

Logic cannot answer that. You have to experience it to understand it and then it will be without any rational answer.
So my answer to you is, you will need to experience this, but for now, you have knowledge which as you “practice it,” you will develop a sense of knowing without “rational” understanding. Rational understanding is a very superficial way of knowing, but that is what our educational system values the most.

On you last question about Brahma Baba.

Brahma Baba is the founder of the Brahmin clan. God is there for all religions as all religions believe to have closeness to God or that God founded their religion through someone. God is “just there” for all, without taking sides. Brahma Baba’s connection with God has allowed him to “purify” the self and to become angelic, according to the Drama. In that respect, we can say that “God founded this religion,” but also we can see that every religion emerges at a particular time with a particular founder or avatar, who is believed to be of Divine origin.

Brahma Baba sustains now the Brahmin clan, but He has that connection with God, which is known as BapDada. He is One with God, merged, etc. How?
I have also said that at the soul level there is no “separation.” Remember that?? 🙂

That is why in the first avyakt Murli (when Brahma Baba left the body) He mentioned that: “BapDada will be known as God, at the confluence age.” Evidently, only Brahmin souls experience the confluence age. See?

The keyword is always been to me “Experience” …before “theory.”

Hope this is helpful. Thank you for your challenging questions.

Best wishes!