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Everything is connected

When many perceptions are possible out of a fact, depending on the state of consciousness of the observer, then to select a particular option as the “only truth” will only strengthen the ego of an “I.” He will say: “I have the truth.” That is ego. The idea of “Having the truth” enhances the “I.”

“Who Am I?” has many possibilites. “Who am I not?” The body/soul/mind/spirit cannot live by itself, there is relationship, a connection with everything else.
Is the truth that “I am a soul”?

Ego needs a concise idea to thrive. That ideal is strengthened through the denial of those things which “I” do not believe to be. 

The physical body is related through the subtle energies. The energy flowing through the “nadis” or subtle channels are in relationship with how healthy our physical and subtle bodies are. It is only the mind which is stubborn enough to make distinctions, separations where there cannot be.

Where does the soul start and where the body ends? That is an intellectual question, which has no answer. It is all together, all connected.

So, to say “I am a soul not a body” is wrong then?
Please forget the duality of wrong and right. Things are not black or white only. There are many colors in between, many perceptions for those who have eyes to see them.

The rainbow has many colors. The rainbow is only white light (day light) viewed through a particular lens. Could I say that day is only white light and call that the “truth”?

The mind is caught up with empty answers. Enjoy the rainbow! That is all…

An answer such “I am this and not that” does not matter. What truly matters is your ability to enjoy the experience. That enjoyment will change your attitude, your perception, your BEING.

The “I” wants to connect with his third chakra. The “I” wants to connect with God. All of that “wanting” is merely the cry of the petty “I.”
Connection, relationship is all there is, but if there is no AWARENESS of it, then the “I” will need to DO something about it; practice, make effort, study, ask for forgiveness, etc.

Because everything is connected. Everything is One.

Experiences in the “spirit” realm


We are not alone. There is more than the physical plane in “reality.” Nevertheless, for many individuals, their “reality” is only the physical plane, the 5 senses, logic and analysis.

Some individuals with experiences in the other planes of “reality” have labeled those realms as “subtle region,” “astral region,” “spirit world,” “dream world,” etc.

Those regions have their respective “inhabitants” as well.
There is a continuous relationship between the physical world and the subtle/spirit worlds.

The physical world could be labeled as the “doers.” The subtle/Spirit world as the “influencers.”

As we understand this relationship with greater depth, we could realize the limitations of the “I,” “me,” “free-will,” “predestination” concepts.

What about if what we “think” that we are “thinking” is not necessarily “our thought”?

Crazy, huh?
Anyone scared? 🙂

Lack of awareness is compelling. That is why, one of the main things to understand is to learn to observe.
There is no “center” of attention or “opinion” in observation.
From that “exercise,” we could realize many other things.

Whenever someone claims to have a “spiritual experience;” it is just that… an experience from a perspective in Life.
If we want to glorify that experience and call it “divine” or use any other label, that is our own interpretation.

In my own experience, I had some of these “spiritual experiences” and still have them. However, the interpretation that I used to give to those, has changed as my consciousness has changed.

Remember the time when you flew in an airplane for the first time? To talk about that experience was marvelous. So great that perhaps we had lots of enthusiasm… If someone asked: What does it feel to fly? Ahh! That was the opportunity to “teach them” and to advertise our experience. Perhaps we could gain a follower in the “fly now” club!
If this sounds like the way most religious beliefs are, it is just a coincidence. ☺

If those experiences are separated by time, then that is the “carrot” the donkey needs to get out of the mundane, the trivial “same ol’ thing,” and feel “special.”

Those experiences add newness to our lives. Those experiences may be different from the majority; they have a meaning; they may be beautiful but… those experiences are unable to change our consciousness.

That is how, someone who encounters a subtle being, could label him with many names, which are part of his learned tradition: Angel, God, Demon, etc.

What is important to understand is that any experience with subtle beings is meant for a purpose in our life journey. These experiences will appear when necessary. There is no need to look for them. They just happen.
Some have experienced “rock climbing” I have not. Shall I suffer because of that, when there is lots of things to experience in Life?

One more thing. Those experiences are not meant to be “followed by everyone.” These are personal experiences.

When we understand that everyone has a different perspective of Life, all experiences are never equal.
As we become prepared through an openness of our consciousness, we will experience what is necessary to continue on.

That is the guarantee that Life has for everyone of us.

That is how, “spirituality” cannot be separated from Life.
Some religions and philosophies pretend to make that separation, but that is fictitious, artificial and… “unreal.”

Life is a continuous. “Spirituality” is to be in Life, not outside of it in a golden box of regulations and beliefs.

The “spirit world” is there. It is not “better” nor worse than “this” world, just different.
We are “here” but at the same time, we are all in this… together. Paradoxical, huh?

The many players in the game of life


“Life is like a monopoly game. There are players playing on the board of life, but also there are other players who are influencing the players in the game.”
Mathias, the wise tree; said that to his friend Ananda.

Many “spiritual,” metaphysical paths bring the awareness of the players who are influencing the “real” players on the board of life.
They call them “beings of light,” “ghosts,” “spirits,” “archangels,” “angels,” etc.
These beings are the ones influencing the game.
We don’t see them. We may not be able to communicate with them, but they can do that with us if needed.

Some may know the darker side of this experience for there are many types of consciousness in the “spirit” realm reflecting the human world.
But some may know the beneficial side of this experience when a being of light contacts someone. A being of light contacts a human being, chooses a human being. It cannot be the other way around.

Yet for some, all of the above is nothing but rubbish.

It is all according to what we need to experience at the time. Everything changes and as our awareness increases, we could be able to experience other things in life.

A being of light may be playing “Santa Claus” for some individuals. Worshiping them has been the typical behavior from many. As our consciousness develops, then we could see that the motive for such a connection is to increase our consciousness, our awareness for our next level of experience.

The path is different for everyone, although it is the same path. This is paradoxical.

If we are able to perceive our own immortality then because of that our acceptance of what life offers becomes complete and unconditional. The seed for a new state of consciousness is born at that time. When the student is ready, the teacher may appear…
However, just like when we change grades in school, we also change teachers.

Self-realization may be the apparent destination, but that journey has so many different paths according to the state of consciousness of the student.
Self-realization is a “one-to-one” individualized training. It cannot be put as a “mass teaching” in a book or in a religion. Of course, “Mass teachings” and religions are not “bad” but part of the experience of life. Those experiences are the “agents” for change in consciousness.

That is why, anything and everything that occurs throughout our paths in life is necessary, useful and perfect. When we learn to accept that without thinking about it and move on, life can flow through us and change the chapter onto the next one.

When we complete the different chapters of the book of life, the book is no longer needed and then we may discover that reading the chapters of the book until the last page, was meant so we could start forgetting about it…
What is the purpose of living then?
To enjoy the experience. 🙂

The formless will give us the form


In Spirituality, there is a space, which could be perceived when our minds are totally tranquil, at ease. It is a space of awareness, just like seen the ocean without any waves… in that experience we could perceive the “formless.”

The “formless” is a subtle perception of serenity, calmness. That is a closer as I could get with words.

As we feed ourselves with this, there is the experience of nurturing the being. This is spiritual nutrition.

That “formless” experience will have an impact in a person. The “formless” will impact our “form,” that is the way we behave in the world.

For example, when we observe the behavior of someone smiling and moving with grace and elegance in life. That is surely a “form,” that we observe. That harmonious behavior doesn’t come by learning “etiquette,” in some school. That is not what we are referring to, here.

The impact of the formless in our form means a complete change in attitude.

A person who has learned, “cultivated” a behavior perceived as “elegant” will not show that behavior at all times. It is usually part of a created personality which will show the real self only when there is a problem, when dealing with difficult people, etc. At the end, the “monkey is a monkey even though dressed with a nice suit.”

Harmony in movement, grace, elegant behavior, serenity; what we know of as “having class,” is not something learned. It comes “naturally” out of that “formless” experience repeated over a long period of time.

Nature is truly a source of this change. When we look at the sky at night and just feel mesmerized, fascinated by the beauty of it, when we appreciate the wind coming and cooling us off and when we hear the music orchestrated by nocturnal animals around us, in all of that experience; the little “I” and his “big” problems disappear. The giant waves of the mind calm down through the admiration of beauty.
This is to nurture the soul.

That nurturing space produces serenity, peace, well being. That is the formless. That is what changes human beings in a subtle, inconspicuous way.
Harmony comes from the source of harmony, when there is recognition of it. Nothing better than Nature for that.

As the “formless” make up a “form” through the behavior of a human being, we could see how our current “form” our current way of dealing with people and our own selves, is in close relationship with our experience of the “formless.”

A person who does not have the experience of the “formless,” will merely “copy” what that person observes. As it is the environment, so it will be the behavior.

Spirituality, on the other hand; will show us that the subtle, the “formless,” that “serenity,” is the building block of a harmonious “form,” that is a gentle behavior.

Our “form” is how we relate with the world.
Therefore, in spirituality the formless will give us our form and our form will be the means to relate with others… the world.

“The clairvoyant may see forms which are elsewhere, but he cannot see the formless. The telepathic may communicate directly with the mind of another, but he cannot communicate with one who has achieved no-mind. The telekinetic may move an object without touching it, but he cannot move the intangible. Such abilities have meaning only in the realm of duality. Therefore, they are meaningless. Within the Great Oneness, though there is no such thing as clairvoyance, telepathy, or telekinesis, all things are seen, all things understood, all things forever in their proper places.”

Hua Hu Ching – CH 20 – By Lao Tzu.

Staying in the inmaterial world or the material: That is the question!

om shanti dear brother.i here want to share some of my recent experiences and also want ur reamarkable suggestions.through yoga i feel myself as an entity completely different from matter means my body.the feeling was that our substances are different.the visualisation of the soul is different neccessarily from what the eyes can see.from that soul consciousness everything related to matter seems to be transparent as the soul has no boundary.it is simply free where it stays.then as i can not recognise how i am related to the body then i feel that my energy is scattered through all the body for which i feel the sense of each part of my body.thus i feel a subtleness a different world inside.in that subtleness it seems to me that i become more sensitive to energy field of others and also beyond everything whatever they causes good or bad.so the gross material world becomes like only the outward covering in the depth of which a subtle and sensitive world flows.in that way i feel my material role i am performing is only an image i am carring what i am really not.you know brother for this i feel certain fear as i can not simply recognise myself what i am truly because both conciousness are very present.i know the gyan and fully believe all this baba says.i also know the fear of losing myself is being caused by my ego and attachment to this material world.where to stay brother,in that subtle world or material world of playing role as both are neccessary.is it the way to karmateet stage?how can i continue to keep that stage of soulconciousness always.i want to go to experience that subtle world more and more but i fear of losing of what i dont know i cant realise how to tackle with the world where all the people are material minded. thank u brother in advance.

Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing your experience. I know of some souls are experiencing the same.
It comes a point where someone may be so “intoxicated” in the subtle, astral experiences that losing a hold on the physical world becomes a reality. Some may even feel trapped in the physical realm and experiencing things which are physical in nature, out there in the subtle.

Dear soul,
Fear is the only enemy. You are an immortal being experiencing different things. In your experience that is your “reality,” and that is good for now. This is something that I would like for all BKs to understand: “for now.” It will change, it needs to change, therefore; a selection or picking this over the other is to place yourself in suffering.

Become conscious, full conscious of the physical reality, perform your duties as assigned to that role without fear.
Fear is an emotion and that emotion is a “roller coaster.” It will make you feel safe and secure, but also the opposite. Watch your own fear.

At the same time, when your consciousness is taken into the subtle experiences, rejoice… do not select this one over the other.

To be a teenager is one of the most difficult times in our lives. You are not an adult yet, neither a child. You are in between.. but that will change. In the meantime, acknowledge your experiences without wanting to be a child nor an adult. Enjoy that sensation for it will change.

We cannot have fear of the unknown, but only of losing what is known…which is temporary but yet eternal…

Yes, you are a soul but you are conscious because of a body. To deny one and embrace the other is called duality.

Best wishes!

Question: What is “Time & Space” in sprituality and in physical world…please explain with some examples.Thanks :-)

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,
The answer of your questions lies in your state of consciousness, for according to that, is how you will experience and understand this answer.

Spirituality as the recognition and experience of our “true” nature and thus of God; is not related with “time” neither “space,” as we know it in the physical world.

In the physical world, space is the “place” where objects are located. That distance between objects is what give us the idea of time.
This is the most widely understood view of time and space. This is to be situated in the physical consciousness. For example, you see the Sun and then Venus. Those are objects. In between them, there is space and distance. If I am on Earth and I want to get to Venus, then I will speak about distance (miles) and Time (hours) to “get there.”

If you consciousness is “spiritual,” then time does not exist, for distance does not exist. Then we can see how time is a creation of thought. A creation of that thought which is stuck in the physical dimension and does not allow us to go beyond that. Here is where the “great thinkers” reside as well as the “scientific community” in general; they are stuck in the idea of “time” which is a thought.
For instance:
At the subtle level of consciousness, “space” is equivalent to “movement.” Brahma Baba in his subtle body can be at any place in the world and be “seen,” there is no “physical” barriers in that state. There is no “time, nor distance,” neither “space” for his “body of light” is not really and object…but there is movement.

The understanding of the soul and the soul world will give us a different consciousness. The one which does not have time, space nor movement. Many will get stuck in the concept of “space,” for that I would ask them to take a look at the world of sub atomic particles and figure out if those particles are really “there” or not (quantum physics.) That is the world of “being and non-being,” the world of “possibilities,” the world where “space” as understood in the physical consciousness may exist or may not, depending on how you label or understand those sub atomic “things” to be.

Moreover, in Spirituality, we can refer about those concepts of “space and time,” to make a point, kind of being at the same level of “the majority” who are at the physical level of consciousness.

That is how we can say that “the space between thoughts, is known as silence,” or “Time is not your teacher, but BapDada is,” or “souls are at different positions in Parandham…” (Which carries the idea of space, distance and time) etc, etc…

Finally, comes the experience of being “time-less” that is thought -free. That means living in the present, the now. Neither fantasizing about the future nor bringing past memories in the now, that is the Spiritual state of an awaken soul…. but until then, there is time… plenty of time and space…to get there..:-)

Best wishes!

Question: dear brother i love your blog very much.it feeds me daily.brother,are you at gyansarowar on 9th jan. i want to ask that what is subtle body?how it is look like?how it have experiences without any organ? when we enter into other body,is previous subtle body enters too?