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Questions – June 20, 2013

Brother, Its been a question that has been plaguing me for a while now. I have heard that mentally-differently enabled people have in their previous births have abused their organs, and this is natures way of doing a balancing act. meaning in this birth their sanskars would emerge.. but the physical organs would not enable them to put it into action. The question i have is that if it is in my family such a soul has taken birth and i observe that it is actually waging a war between its sanskar and its organ’s in-ability to convert to action.. what as a spiritual person we can do to make its life/journey easier

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question.
In a nutshell and out of experience.
1) Good wishes and pure feelings
2) Your words with that person should encourage him/her to find something where this soul could feel happy in his/her present condition. Avoid any situation when possible, where this soul could feel the energy of pity coming from others.
That is what I like to call the “poor thing” syndrome. Many people inadvertently send those vibrations when they feel the hurtful emotion of pity for such a soul rather than encourage him/her with pure feelings.
3) Observe. Learn and become a detached observer.

Dear avyakt7, “ILLUSION” in the ‘worldly relations’…. Is it ‘creation’ of BRAIN function? Whether there is any role for the ‘SOUL’ with regard to the experiences of ILLUSIONS?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your question!
The brain does not “create” anything. It is just a role-playing that illusion (as you pointed out.)
The “game” resides in knowing that some will be able to find the “illusions” and others do not, but believe to be in “reality.” However, everything is needed as it is.
The beauty of the Drama!

Best wishes!

Om shanti, what is the true reality existance of SUKSHMA vatan. Is brahma baba’s light energy body with soul is still there. wheather also al the human being presently on earth also have same another LIGHT ENERGY BODY parallely exits in sukshma vatan or what is the purpose of this sukshma vatan….Seeking for direct enlightment.

Dear soul,
Your question is appreciated but to get direct enlightenment as you would like to, you need to experience yourself this subtle region.
I have mentioned in this blog earlier that I have no experience of the subtle region, therefore; I do not feel comfortable speaking about that. However, if you want “theory,” there is plenty in this blog already about it.

Just use the “search articles with keywords” box and type “subtle region” (The English translation of sukshma vatan)
Below and article as an example.


Also, please bear in mind that all of those question that you are asking now may be in this blog already. I am aware that many souls are coming to this blog from the first time, new BKs who would like further clarifications; thus, I would like to encourage them to use the search facility of this blog.

Best wishes!