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The experience of the truth

june 2011 024

Mathias, the wise tree; was speaking with his friend Ananda in a long but meaningful way.

Ananda said: “ I think that we could agree that in this world we are just dealing with perceptions, with ideas of “reality,” but the truth of reality cannot be talked about in a world of perceptions. A perception makes a religion. A perception makes a philosophy. A perception makes a viewpoint about life, a perception labels individuals, a perception shapes our minds.
Mathias, is there any way to know the truth?”

Mathias responded:” You could know it. You could perceive it. But that perception is not from the mind. It is a higher understanding coming from some sort of experience and even beyond that; to make sense of an experience without using our “trained” mind to change our perceptions to fit reality. You need to be it. To become it.”

Ananda: “ I do not understand. Please clarify your answer.”

Mathias: “ Mathias have a story for you. This is the story of people living in the night. All this people knew was nighttime, the stars, the moon and darkness.
For them, everything happening at dark was “normal.” They couldn’t see each other faces, nor go for a walk into the wilderness, for they couldn’t see things around. It was a limited life. As the night went on, the Moon was changing positions in the Sky. Everyone worshiped the Moon for giving its light and for helping them through the night.
Then, towards the end of the night; a person came and said: “ There is a Sun behind that darkness . The Moon is just a mirror. The Sun will soon arrive.”

Of course, “normal” people didn’t like such a blasphemy; so they decided to crucify that person for his insolence as an example for others. They didn’t bother about asking for further explanations.”

Ananda: “ Crucify him? I mean, that wasn’t that important. It was just an idea.”

Mathias: “For certain individuals, their ideas are more important than life itself. The continuity of their own ideas brings them security, a “status quo,” then; anything against those ideas deserves to be terminated, in their view.”

Ananda:” What happened with that world of darkness?”

Mathias:”Some individuals were receptive to the ideas of the “madman,” and discovered that as time went on, darkness started to dispel. By looking at the Moon and finding it in a different position every time, they recognized that there was movement. They didn’t know if the Moon was moving or something else; but in that movement; they recognized that change was about to happen.”

Ananda:”They probably heard the birds as dawn was approaching and how darkness was being dispelled by some sort of light.”
Mathias:” Some were able to recognize that, others were not. The ones who didn’t were “normal” people…very busy in their own businesses… you know, trying to be “successful” in life. “

Ananda:” How could they know the truth of that approaching change?”

Mathias:”They couldn’t. That “change” wasn’t part of their awareness. In the meantime, there was one person; Raysha; who was looking at the sky at all times. For her, the meaning of life was in understanding what was going on “up above.”
For her, as it is “above, it is below.” Raysha sat by a river and was looking the beauty of change, perceiving those subtle changes little by little. The birds were singing their melody and flying from tree to tree while the sky changed in clear colors: the sky turned into a red like shade mixed with blue and white; bright colors which were reflecting in the still waters of the river. She had never seen such a thing. She wanted to tell someone about this gorgeous transformation, but there was no one. Everyone was sleeping in their own “achievements,” so; she decided to keep watching, and all of the sudden; a yellow ball of fire, brighter than any moon that she had seen in her life, appeared from the horizon.

Raysha was afraid, but she kept on looking…. But then, she remembered about the Moon. She wondered were that Moon was located, many years of traditions and cultural baggage about that Moon made her think about it despite being aware of the singular moment.
Raysha looked back, and she was able to see the Moon disappearing little by little as an illusion disintegrates once the light of truth appears…and with that, the darkness of the night.

As the Sun appeared victorious, the Moon started to fade away.

Then, Raysha understood. She had the experience… but it was too late for the rest. It was time for a new day…
Friend, Did you enjoy my story?”

Ananda: ”Yes. Raysha knew the truth then. She experienced it.”

Mathias: “Yes, it was a moment. But then that moment went away. She was the truth. She became it through that experience. She could not explain what she had experienced to anyone. If she did, no one would be able to understand her. The truth is for those who are able to watch and wait, for those who are ready for it when it is the time for it to arrive but without any expectations. It just happens once you are totally there, open; like the sky who welcomes the Sun.“

The Natural Spiritual truth


When the waters of the Ocean flow harmoniously in the arms of the Wind, there is rhythm.
A song.

It is in that rhythm where understanding beyond the intellectual analytical mind resides.

Truth is beyond logic. It is poetry.

Truth is never partial but wholesome. It cannot be defined. It could never be written.
For truth is beyond concepts of “good and bad.”

Truth is an experience without a name. It is felt. Grasped intuitively. It just sinks in without thinking about it.

When the mind becomes empty, void; undisturbed by thoughts and emotions; that is the soil to receive what is real beyond any perceptions. It becomes crystal clear without the dust of words.

Along that celebration of the Wind and the Ocean, the Sun will appear conspicuously in the horizon, to share its warmth without thinking about it.

That rhythm acquires a particular timing “now;” just as when truth has its own time to be recognized.

That warm, cozy sensation is what brings the truthful into something Divine.

For truth is always warm, giving, shiny and embraces all without distinction.
It is like the Sun.
Its own proof manifested in its own light and warmth.

The hidden artist of the night

The moon shines its presence
melting the waters of the bay
the clear sky is witnessing
sheer grace at the end of the day

There is a tempting path of light
unveiling the lips of the queen
a kiss would be a dream
and the climax of such scene

That natural piece of art
brings the Almighty creator inside
the ink of His signature is real
for beauty is always his seal

The Sun is the source of that light
reflecting its power and might
through the queen of the night

That enchantment pierces the heart
causing the sparkle in my eyes
but only revealing the One,
secretly hiding behind.