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If a dog could think like a modern human being….


Ananda was sitting by the Seaplane Basin, a lovely spot to contact Nature.
In the grassy area near the small beach, a dog was running around as if there was no life but to run.

“Precious pup” was happily hanging his tongue in its mouth and barking a the birds nearby, then “Precious” would smell the vegetation, run some more, bark here and there and you could see and feel that energetic, overflowing happiness all around “Precious… “

The owner of “Precious”, Mr. Smith; was a very busy man. He was reading stuff in his latest I-Pad in the middle of such beautiful scene of Nature.

“If Precious had a “great” mind of its own, Precious could be as smart as a human being;” Ananda thought.

Rather than to run for the fun of it; Precious could come up with something “better.”
How about competing with “Rufus,” the Labrador across the street?
Precious is just a mutt according to his owner, but “Rufus” has some pedigree …and Precious “thinks” that he is a better runner.

Precious even came up with the idea of making a flag to represent the “Smith’s household,” in that way everyone in that house could feel as a “team” against the “Parker’s” represented by the “amazing” Rufus.

“Precious pup” versus the “amazing” Rufus; was a headline in the local newspaper that Precious wanted to see.

Precious pup thought that the winner should get a “Golden biscuit” sponsored by “Mom and Pop’s bakery.”
The picture of the winner will be featured in the box of the next batch of biscuits… Everyone loves to be with the winner… and that means business for “Mom and Pop’s.” 🙂

“Precious pup” decided to start a serious training regime… Now the fun was over. He finally had a “purpose,” other than lazy enjoyment. 😦

This is serious business… just like his owner has taught Precious… no time to feel enjoyment for the sake of it, no time for existing in the reality of Nature… when the “mental human world” is “reality” for the “majority.”

Precious needs to run faster and faster… Precious needs to win the “Golden biscuit” and become famous. No matter what it takes. That is to be successful in this life!!

Ananda reflected on those wild thoughts. Isn’t that what our society has already arrived to?
Competition is “fun” – “They” say; but then “They” say that “winning isn’t everything. It is the only thing.”

Our society has bought this mental concept of life based on superiority of some over others. This superiority complex arrives out of our own inferiority complex.

We have changed the experience of enjoyment as doing something for the sake of it; to the mental concept of enjoyment through the achievement of a goal.

In that mentality, obviously all that matters is the end result and there is “fun” only when we “win.” Our society moves under this premise not only in sports, but also in business,(Survival of the fittest) in our beliefs in the afterlife (Heaven is for the few, the winners) and in the way we could raise a child, creating dysfunctional personalities; for there is no competition in Nature, in life; for otherwise there is no balance.
Nevertheless, we created that world, we bought the idea. We believe in that.. therefore that exists… it is “real.”

When we are “brain washed” in that way, we cannot possibly experience enjoyment and appreciation of the moment, the present; but we are only concerned about the future; what is to come next for me? How do “I “arrive there? What do I get out of it?

See that all of those questions are truly building up a personality, which thrives in a never-ending mental cage… Enjoyment cannot be found there at all. The mind has to be free to enjoy.

Intelligence resides in the realization of that “game.” It is not about being “against that game” for that entails to be still in the game. It is about realizing it, to enjoy it for what it is: a mind game. That is all.

Aggression and domination


Last night as I was walking without a particular course in mind, I ended up near a law office. Their name was “The aggressive law group.”

Perhaps the meaning of aggressive as belligerent, hostile, ready to attack wasn’t what the lawyers had in mind. Perhaps it was more about boldness, being assertive and energetic, to imply domination over someone.

Nevertheless if the “law” was about justice, there wouldn’t be a need to display a violent performance to “win.”

Our society values domination as a way to demonstrate superiority, worth and status.

As we are part of society, those traits are already learned. A competitive society instill those values over anything else.

We may teach Johnny to be “good,” to love his neighbor; but those words will not make a difference, when to “win” is everything in life. To win what?
Anything. The idea is to dominate. Our value is determined by our ability to dominate someone.

There are many ways to dominate people. All of them inflict violence in one way or another.
If I tell you what is good for you, I am trying to dominate you. It is about showing who is the one who knows and the one who doesn’t.

Life does not teach that way. Life allows us to make “mistakes” to experience so we learn.

Those “mistakes” are not really “mistakes” then, but necessary experiences to learn. Once we understand about our unlimited nature, our eternal nature, we can see that obligating someone to act in a particular way for “his own good,” is merely a matter of restricting someone’s life for the sake of our own ideal.

We could give advice if asked to, we could give an opinion if we feel that we must speak; but interfering into someone’s life is to be aggressive, to use violence.

The above holds true for every relationship. Many times a father may feel a sense of “ownership” with his son. The greater that sense of ownership the son feels, the greatest rejection from the son, will be experienced by the father.

If a husband continues pushing his way over a wife; resentment will build up in her to the point of not listening. This is the point where communication could be cut off. When communication is lacking; there is no relationship anymore. It is just existing together.

It is obvious that the word “domination,” needs to be looked at in our own moments of silence. To understand the ramification of that word in ourselves, means the opportunity to free our lives from that tyranny.

In Spirituality, the same “domination” is used to be “good.” In this case, we will divide our personality in the “bad” side and the “good” side. The “bad” side needs reformation, it needs to shape up. Our “good” side needs to dominate the “bad” side. If the “bad” side starts to “win” that is how temptations appear; and that is the moment that we need to emotionally whip ourselves to behave, to be “good” again.

When that aggressivity, that aim to dominate without understanding is gone; that illusory division, that duality between my “good” self and my “bad” self will be gone as well.

Inside every one of us there is a big tiger and a pussy cat. None is “bad” neither “good.” We just need to learn when the tiger is needed to act and when the pussy cat is needed to express and then, learn the forms and ways to express those characters according to time.

A tiger is not sheer violence and aggression. That is our human interpretation of a tiger’s way to survive. A tiger does not kill for the “fun of it” like a human being can, to express dominance over others. A tiger has wits, tenacity, cleverness and patience. On the other hand, A pussy cat is that huggable creature, amiable, easy-going and ….cute 🙂

That is how the duality of “good and bad” could become one. In that oneness there is no inner conflict.

Reforming conceptual religious beliefs


Dualistic thinking has brought about separation when there is unity in the sense of interdependence.

When there is separation, egotistical attitudes appear, and then the need to “reform” human beings.

The history of religion and moral codes as a reformer of human beings, could be explained in a few words; through duality, human beings have created the complexes of superiority and inferiority.

Religion and moral codes, then appeared to reform that invention with their solution: The complex of equality; which is nothing else but the perceived “better” side of the duality between equality and inequality.

A simple perception of the world will bring us to the understanding that “equality” is just a “nice” concept to fight for, believe in; etc. However, there is nothing equal in the experience of duality.

Human beings have different specialties, different skills; different circumstances of birth. Therefore, another concept was needed to illustrate that “equality.” That is “being equal under the eyes of God,” or by moral codes “as being equal under the law.”

Monotheistic religions, have invented the concept of Paradise; while moral codes, have invented the concept of “justice.”

Paradise is for the few. Religions have placed “Paradise” as the thing to achieve. Nevertheless; there is no equality there. Not everyone will be able to “be there.”

That is how monotheistic religions invented the concept of “free will.” You have the choice to “go to Paradise,” as long as “you follow the law given by God.”

Please observe that this “free will,” is not really “free will,” for the destination is already made up and the way to get there is by following a particular “law;” moreover; it is already known that only “few” chosen ones will go there, which without doubt destroys the concept of “equality,” which is the original trademark of monotheistic religions.

However the above is useful to “reform” human beings who have gone astray by separating themselves from that unity, that is from “God’s will.”

When a monotheistic religion proclaims predestination instead of free will; then another concept within duality is opened up (choice vs. predestination) and a sense of hopelessness arises for someone is already destined to go to Paradise while others are not.

Please see how dualistic thought has influenced our perception on how life works through an infantile vision, which has been used throughout history to move the “masses” out of fear.

“Good or Bad.”

A higher understanding is to observe that equality is not the answer but “numberwise,” which is not a ranking of who is better or worse (duality) but to see that human beings have different capabilities, which are useful in time. It is only our artificial value of those capabilities, which favors someone as being better or worse than someone else.

A higher understanding of being “numberwise,” could be framed in a childish context as well, when our comparison complex is taken into that “Paradise.” There a King is “better” than a maid. An archangel “better” than an “angel.” Therefore, we need to be the “best ones.” 🙂

Nevertheless, an even higher understanding is to drop all of those concepts, those complexes, all that dualistic thinking; to become aware of the source of separation; “the ego,” and to drop it as well.

That does not take a believe system but inner work, inner observation, inner awareness; that is “true effort.”

It is the path of dropping our concept of “self,” little by little, to encounter oneness with the world.

It is in that experience of oneness when the inferiority, superiority and equality complexes are gone. They will not go away if we only live in the world of concepts.