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Question: Dear BK, kindly explain the roles of a “Team Leader” in BK Gyan. Also shed some more light on the situation where, the leader: 1. Does not maintain an eye contact with the team members 2. Does not clearly speaks to his/her team members about job related matters i.e. a team member mishandling the semi-finished product becomes a defective piece, but leader tells the employee that he lacks in social skills……,to higher level he/she says something else and so on…….. 3. Shows his/her wide open eyes (sign of threat) when any team mate tries to get her permission before entering into his/her office. But when someone else is also present there in that office he/she patiently listens to the same team mates. 4. Team mates extending a lot of suggestions and requests for better functioning, but same is never taken care of. 5. What efforts(of a leader) can render overall better functioning when team mates are showing their resentment. Thanks a lot. With warm regards

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul, the words “team leader” are not part of BK gyan. That is more a “lokik” (worldly term.) In BK gyan, the term “instrument” is used to denote the “in-charge.” It is not the same as a “team leader,” role.
In BK centers, there is this adoption of what is known as a “core-group,” with different variations according to countries.
Therefore, the adoption of a “core-group” may be a solution (in your case) if you are referring to a BK setting. If your question refers to a “worldly setting,” as well as a BK setting, the issue could be resolved if the problems are presented to the “team leader” in a formal manner (written- and requesting a written answer as well) If there is no satisfactory solution, then you should express to the “team leader” that you will seek for his or her supervisor’s opinion on this matter and take that advice.

Best wishes!