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Metamorphosis of being: From Avyakt7 into Ananda


As part of sharing for the “common good,” Avyakt7 is currently using “Blog Talk radio.”
The aim is to have a 30 minutes talk every week in English and Spanish. Callers are welcome when there is a live talk- Will be announced via Facebook. Otherwise, you can download the recording and listen if you wish. Recordings will be there to be downloaded for 1 week only, after that they will be erased.

The first talk is here. Enjoy! 🙂




Salespeople not needed in this job

During my “vacation” in Peru; I had the opportunity to talk to the public. I wasn’t pursuing that. It was one of those things from the Drama.

I presented myself as a simple “avyakt7” with degrees from the USA who was going to share things about spirituality. The theme was : ”The Universal knowledge of time and the being.”
It was a talk in a place where “seekers” gathered to listen to conferences. The talk through me, wasn’t an “official BK talk” for “official” service; but just a talk by someone.
It was just sharing.

A dear friend of mine suggested to feel the vibes of the public before I was going to talk and then to address those feelings that I gathered from the public. The vibes I got had 2 labels from that audience: Tired and still seeking for something.
In the talk, I assured them that I didn’t have anything to sell them. Nothing to recommend that they should do or purchase. I told them that I was there without an agenda, just to share my experiences in Spirituality.

I told them about the importance of experiencing the self to know God. I told them about the experience of time as suffering when our consciousness is attached to physicality, even though; the experience of time is nonexistent when centered in the consciousness of the being, the soul or the spirit. That is why meditation is needed, so we could experience that.
I told them that spirituality was inner work, to be able to recognize the “vices” and to transform them into “virtues,” for a vice is a virtue in its lowest state.

The feedback from the audience was very good. They mentioned that it is “unusual” for someone to give a talk without selling something or wanting something from the audience.

Up until that moment , it was about 75% of my talk, I didn’t mention anything about Brahma Kumaris nor anything “typical” of the 7 day course. Then all of the sudden I had 2 good questions:

1) What is the method that I used to transform those vices?
2) To give an example of my personal transformation.

Without doubt, great questions….

Guess what… 🙂 At that point I had to talk about Brahma Kumaris.

To reply question number 1, I told them about this famous writer in Peru (He writes books about Business with a spiritual touch or just about “how to become a better individual.”) His books are well known. He usually mentions in his books, that he obtained this spiritual knowledge from Brahma Kumaris and because of that, many had taken the “knowledge” as well as BKs have been “born.” This writer is not a BK.

That was the presentation of Brahma Kumaris for me. Then, I told them about the “Code of conduct.”
I told them that Brahma Kumaris has been for me an institution to “reform the self.” I told them that basically the “code of conduct,” will put anyone in a position to be acquainted with their own vices. I told them that when you follow those “codes”, you will be placed between the “sword and the wall,” you die in silence or you ask for mercy. 🙂 I told them that this “code of conduct,” wasn’t meant for everyone, but that was the method how I am realizing those vices, for unless we are aware of them, the rest is just “pure” talk.

For question #2, I told them about this young avyakt 7, with his many “possessions.”
Who had a great paying job, who had a good, pretty wife, who had a big house with a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi and a luxury car in the driveway; that young guy who had “reached the American dream” and who had a brighter future ahead…. And then I told them about how all those things were gone and how avyakt7, ended up cleaning swimming pools and how from that point on a “transformation” started… Also, I told them how life is starting to give those things back even though those items do not have the meaning that they used to have anymore. It is the circle of transformation. Self esteem never comes from temporary things.

Obviously, without this knowledge I could have been in a hospital along with many other “directors” who lost their “great jobs” and their possessions. The feeling of life taking away the candy from your mouth is very painful. Your self esteem derived from those things go away when the ones who used to “praise you” for your “success,” go away as well as their “nice” comments. Those experiences could make you bitter or they can give you the ingredients to discover ego and to gain some wisdom.

The audience responded favorably. They were touched as feelings were coming from those words when those experiences were revived…. and who knows… they may be exploring spirituality with other eyes… or going to the “BK center near them,” if they feel up to the challenge or just perhaps grateful that I did not sell them anything “new” or “old.”

Question: Om shanti. I am 16 years old and In health class in school the teacher talks about things that I feel very uncomfortable with and find very repulsive ( lust, and sex) and I’m not sure what to do. Can you give me some advice?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
There are many ways to approach that situation.
My suggestion is to inform your parents or guardians about this situation. Then, you may want to approach your teacher to have a private talk so you let him know what is bothering you. Or, you can ask your parents or guardians to do the same. Depending on the teacher’s reaction after he is informed, you may want to consider further steps in the hierarchy (school principal.)

Best wishes!

Experimenting with Soul consciousness (2)

One of the easiest practices to check our current state of consciousness is to stop everything, sit down, and do “nothing,” but become aware of our own thoughts and emotions.

It is almost as if the mind has been used to “noise.” It wants to get busy on something, add something delightful to enjoy and change emotions through something, for instance; such as listening to music.

That state of boredom, or anxiousness to finish “nothingness,” is the more subtle aspect of body consciousness.

If we have the patience to go through that “first barrier,” we would find another layer, something different which will “center” us; until our mind will take us away from that state, due to some reason or emotion.

It has become “normal,” to talk fast, to be quick in replying, to speak loudly and to be “funny.” Those aspects are like “entertainment,” when we encounter someone with those characteristics, we feel at ease and enjoy listening whatever they have to say. We crave that entertainment to escape from our “boring ,” meaningless life.

That entertainment, “makes us smile,” by taking us from our “dull” state of “searching for something to be fulfilled.” Time to talk about the weather and “how time goes fast.” 🙂 Just say something. Laugh after that. That is the normal script, after all.

Out of the experience of those “normal” behaviors, “fast thoughts” will appear; for to maintain that “entertainment,” is not “natural” “being-ness.”

If you are with someone, experiment not talking to that person. There will be moments of “un-easiness.” That is, “entertainment” is needed to fill the moments of silence.

That is one of the first practical aspects to be comfortable with.

Once, we feel at ease with that “tranquility,” boredom will change. Mental tiredness will change as well; and we could enter into a realm of a different consciousness, where the bulk of our presence does not depend on how much “talking noise” we make or how “entertaining” we could be or how much “stuff” to do we can come up with. (the “I am so busy” syndrome.)

In that new stage, we will be closer to the “real self,” where emotions are replaced by feelings and “funny talks” by a sense of peace.