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Question: Om Shanti. Dear Brother, All souls go through the four stages of Satopradhan, Sato, Rajo and Tamo. My question is: BK souls, who try to settle their karmic account in this confluence age will go back to Satopradhan stage via Rajo and Sato from their present Tamo stage? or is it possible to directly go to Satopradhan from Tamo stage? Does reaching Karmateet stage is equal to reaching Satopradhan stage?

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Dear soul,

The names Satopradhan, sato, rajo, tamo; basically illustrate “entropy,” that is continuous degradation in quality of matter. To better understand this, picture a brand new car. Now, try to picture the same car in its more degraded usable stage, that is “old.”

You can picture the 2 ends of the spectrum, that is the “black or white,” the 2 extremes deal; however, it will be harder to pinpoint in time a car in its “rajo” or “sato” stages or exactly when one stage finishes to give away another stage. It is a continuous.

Now, when we become “tamopradhan” in a numberwise way; there is a period of “ascension” or going “up” the ladder, just as day changes into night, little by little. That is the period of being elevated one day and degraded the other, the period of “fighting” with old sanskaras, etc… until we give up the fighting… so it is gradual ascension.

Karmateet is being a detached observer. In that respect it has qualities of a “Satopradhan” stage; however, in a karmateet stage there is still awareness of duality, which is not known of in a Golden age Satopradhan stage, thus; there is a difference.

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Question: When baba said in today’s murli that the highest and most elevated beings becomes the lowest on low beings I was confused because in he book adi dev about brahma baba before he came into gyan he was very royal and well respected in his community and had a lot of emerged virtues. Can you explain this? Also, is it that we are satopradhan in the golden age and then silver age is rajopradhan and copper age is tamo?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,
Your question was answered in the post before this one. http://wp.me/p2fovd-1en

Entropy was explained in Brahma Baba’s language as 4 distinct stages. Those stages are a continuous; in other words, we cannot divide them arbitrarily. Also, the perception of those stages varies among souls and the time that those souls arrive in the Drama.

However, the Drama follows the “ancestor souls.” 🙂

In Baba’s language; Satopradhan (utmost purity) is in the Golden age, “sato” is the silver age; “rajo” (medium) is the Copper age and “tamo” (impure) is the iron age. Note that for a soul coming for the first time in the Copper age, that will be that soul’s satopradhan stage. “Degradation” will happen at that point (entropy.)

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