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Question: I want list of terminology used in everyday murli….I become very much confused with difficult words and some time not able to understand the murli so can u help me with this problem by listing all terms which comes in everyday murli we listen so that we can understand it very easily……

Thank you for your request!

Dear soul,

If you want more words, here is a list in this link, which will grow as time permits:
(terminology tab in this blog)
If you want to “understand,” then perhaps you need to listen to the Murli everyday, let us say for the next 5 years, so you will have time to experience what Baba says in your own life. ( I am picking 5 years so you can listen to everyone of them (SM) as they get recycled every 5 years or so.) and of course, to continue reading this blog every now and then as you are already doing it, hopefully that will help… 🙂

Best wishes!