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Question: When in the company of some BKs, I feel palpitation even if there is a distance between us (not face to face). Sometimes it feels like anxiety, sometimes vibes which are draining & dull to mention a few experience. Am I picking up the negative vibes sent by them? Is it a severe settling of karmic accounts?

Thank you for your question!
Short answer: If you are a BK and you are around certain BKs, you will feel different things. Remember that we have known each other for many other births in different roles.
I have felt feelings that I have never felt before around certain BKs. karmic accounts? For sure; specially if those feelings are the cause for experiencing sorrow or even “extreme” elation.
Never assume that the other soul(s) feel the same way. It may be just you.

If you have to see those souls on a regular basis; there you will have a “test paper,” which i wish you will “pass with honors.” There is no “escaping” for what you need to settle will happen through different “instrument souls,” until those episodes do not affect you anymore. How to do that? Lots of yoga and pure feelings with good wishes from the heart…Let time do its own work, so patience is required as well.

Best Wishes!

Question: Is there any differeence between “Test” and “Settling karmic account” ?

Thank you for your question!

A “test paper” is the opportunity to settle a “karmic account.” You can “pass” or not. Your “tests” will be based on your weaknesses, your karmic accounts.

You may have to pass many “tests” before you settle a karmic account or just one… The issue is that when that “test” does not affect you anymore, then the karmic account has been settled. 🙂

Best wishes!