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Sainthood or Angel-hood?


Actions by itself do not carry a moral value. The intention behind the action becomes the important ingredient for every action. That intention cannot be faked to ourselves.
We could lie to others but never to ourselves.

I could donate tons of money for the welfare of “others,” but my intention is to get a tax break. For society, I may be a “great soul;” but for Life it is all about “my tax convenience,” which is not “bad” either.

Life returns an action based on the intention.

Moral codes and religions are caught up in the “Do not.” The actions.
Those “moral codes” automatically create saints and sinners.

A saint is a repressed individual.

Religions create saints.
Want to be a saint?
You know the path.

There is nothing wrong with becoming a saint. Our society supports sainthood. A saint follows to the dot and beyond what our society perceives as “positive.” To take away those behaviors, which are deemed as “impure”, is the task of repression.

That is the reason why repression has been taught as a way to “purify” the self.

For example, if the Buddha embraced celibacy in his late years, for the follower that means that “we have to be celibate now to be like him.”

Forget about that the Buddha had a kid. Forget about the fact of his age compared to many younger followers. Forget about the fact that the Buddha embraced celibacy, as a natural state of his consciousness, thus there was no conflict in him.

For the rest, that repression becomes a sign of sainthood.

Let me share a secret.
Saints cannot “become” beings of light also known as “angels” until their life is harmonious with Life itself.

BUT WHY!!!!!

Any form of repression does not lead into enjoyment of Life. That is balance, harmony in Life is very important. How could you be an example to “others” if you are not naturally cheerful after going through all experiences in Life?
Do we think that by repressing, sucking it up and trying to forget about “it,” we will “conquer” our longings? How do we think this will affect our emotions?

Nevertheless, let me share this second secret with you. 🙂
To have the experience of “being a saint” is necessary to understand by EXPERIENCE rather than intellectually, one side of the swing of Life.

For example, Mike does not want to join a religious group because he finds that group to be repressing. Mike wants to “enjoy life.” “Enjoyment of Life” means for him to taste every single pleasure that Life offers to the extreme.

Mike will do that “tasting and more” in his life as he did it in other lives, but in this Life as Mike, he will experience something different. He will find himself completely drained, unhappy and looking for something “better.” Suffering will appear in his Life for the first time.

Even God may go across his path at this point. He may even have a “spiritual experience” to seal his destiny into a religion just to find the “path of sainthood,” the opposite of his current way of living.

Do we see the pattern?

Life will present to us as an oscillating swing in the playground of Life. One side of it, as Madonna could sing is to: ”Express yourself” just to go to the other side, in sainthood as: “Repress yourself.” Both are experiences of having a “Self.”

Even though, we have understood this intellectually, we must experience it ourselves to know. That is why, in Life; knowing is being. To know is not to keep information in our heads by reading books, listening to “experts,” etc. However, in the “office world” “information is power.” Thus, a balancing act is needed in a Life that integrates everything.

In Life unless we become our own “expert” by being awake, aware; we will be in the position to rely on a belief system.

As mentioned before, relying on a belief system is not “bad” but part of the oscillating swing of Life for some people; not all, but some.
To be caught up in a belief system means not to be able to enjoy the full oscillation of the swing.

A “being of light” is the one who had the experiences of the full swing and he is able to live harmoniously in Life, not taking sides, labeling and rejecting for he understands that the oscillations of the swing of life are “teachings” meant to be enjoyed. Integration with “what is” at every moment.

As we go into the air by swinging in that swing, we will oscillate to the other side, which will serve as propulsion to gain greater momentum, just like a pendulum. As you are up in the air, going back and forward, then an automatic, natural smile will appear… You are enjoying Life! 🙂

That enjoyment is not artificially made by something like: “You must love God” or the religious, “Be happy… you have been saved from experiencing x,y,z in Life.” That enjoyment is a natural offspring of the oscillation of Life.

Balance, harmony could be explained as the “middle way.”
Interestingly enough, the Buddha taught about the “middle way.” So did Christ, but Christianity is not the “teachings of Christ” but the teachings of Paul and later on, Popes and other “authorities,” people without the insight of Jesus.

That “middle way” teaching has been interpreted in so many ways that it has become a source of inner abuse or even organized abuse.

Here is another secret: 🙂
That “teaching” is not a teaching. It is a faint description of Buddha’s consciousness by using dualistic words and many translations, which obviously were misinterpreted by followers.

To know what the Buddha is talking about, we need to walk the path. “Walking the path” does not mean to join a Buddhist temple, or Buddhism, No! That is to regress into human interpretations. (Which is not bad either, but necessary for some) It is to be aware, awake, and conscious of the teachings brought to Life at every moment. Life is the “temple.”

Humans even as keepers of “Godly teachings,” can only teach about sainthood.
Only beings of light could “remind” someone about their own angelic nature. Not humans.
Life has it exactly in the way that it has to be. Perfect and complete.
All experiences will take us to our destination. Whether we choose or we don’t; we will get to our destiny in our own particular time. To trust Life is to love Life.

Enjoy the oscillations of the swing of Life!

Question on duality in suffering-pain


“just a realization, and hope you can awaken me further! pain does not mean suffering, pain is physical, yet suffering is mental however once I point that out as pain, then there is suffering right there however once it is observed as it is then there is non duality – no suffering.”

Dear reader,

Thank you for sharing your realization with us.
There is physical suffering/pain and there is emotional, psychological suffering/pain.
When we talk about the experience of non-duality, it does not mean that we will not experience physical pain. At the physical level there is pain and pleasure. Both of them are experiences which come and go.

The issue is not to make those experiences a trauma or “something we cannot live without;” such as the experience of a particular pleasure.

There is pleasure in looking at the Sunset or a full moon surrounded by stars. There is pleasure in looking at the beauty of a smiling face or a hummingbird ready to fly…Experiences, moments which a healthy mind does not depend on or rejects. Likewise, the painful experience of being burned by the Sun while riding a bicycle at noon when it is outside 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the shadow; is an experience which only marks a limit. That is what physical pain does.

Emotionally, there are experiences which we treasure or reject. That is duality. Psychologically, all experiences are neither “good” nor “bad.” Just experiences. Our internal label and traumatic, dramatic “interpretation” of a experience is what makes that experience more than what it is. Then, we choose, then we experience duality in that choosing.

Here is the example:

John and Carl had a fight. The 14 year old Carl beat up his “friend,” John; who was 12 years old at the time. Carl then spat at John’s face with anger, and left him laying on the floor. John’s felt pain, his body was aching but after a week; everything went back to normal. However, John’s mind was resented for many years after that incident.

John never forgot that experience. John resented Carl for what he had done to him. John felt humiliated and carried that trauma with him in his older years.

John made that experience of being spat on the face, a trauma which caused him mental suffering.

On the other hand, one man spat at Buddha’s face. His disciple, Ananda said:”This is too much. Give me permission to show this man what he has done.” The Buddha cleaned his face and spoke to the man:
“Thank you for bringing this experience to us. I could see that there was no anger in me whatsoever. It was a great experience for Ananda as well. Next time you feel the irresistible urge to spit at someone, please come see us again.” The Buddha was saying this with great appreciation and gratitude thankful for that event which allowed him to discover his “true” nature. That is acceptance and appreciation.

That man couldn’t sleep that night for he was thinking about that episode which he couldn’t believe. He was seeing Buddha’s eyes filled with compassion and thankfulness… The next day he came back to Buddha asking for his forgiveness.
The Buddha was sitting by the Ganges. The Buddha said: ” Lots of water have gone by already in this river. Why are you still carrying with you what happened yesterday?” The man asked for forgiveness. Buddha replied:” I cannot forgive you for I didn’t get angry with you. Just forget. But if getting forgiveness is what you need, go ask Ananda; he will be happy to give you that.”

The Buddha observed the events as they were. He saw that event as an opportunity to find his own Buddha nature. He did not act out of fear or convenience. He did not choose. He simply appreciated and accepted the events as they were.

When someone is in the path of self realization, every opportunity is a chance to discover that “buddha nature,” therefore, the “good ones and the bad ones” around us create the right environment for that realization to take place.

In psychological suffering the question is: Who is suffering? When the answer is “I” then you know that our mental creation known as the “ego,” is there giving “life” to something that no longer exists. That “life” is food to nourish the ego. A “normal” response out of ego means anger, fear, resentment, revenge, etc. that is “normal” behavior.

Transcending duality means to go beyond ego. That is “soul consciousness,” which Avyakt7 rather call “consciousness.”

Best wishes!