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Fearless Non-Theism and Fearless Theism

This video by Pema Chodron (Nun in Tibetan Buddhism) is interesting to watch.

I found through this video how our behavior, moral codes and life philosophy; is usually extremist.  We go from “non-theism” into “theism” and forget everything in between.

For Pema Chodron, the existence of God  is not considered at all, but the utilitarian concept of it is stressed. God is a “baby sitter.”  We rely in that “baby sitter,” because we cannot do anything without Him.

As a BK, I have to partially agree with her view.  We do not like to “grow up.”  That growing up means a change and usually, we are afraid of changes.

This is why to me, a more mature relationship with God, is that of a friend. A good friend who has taught us great teachings and showed us our true self and source of self-respect; however, that relationship is not a conditional relationship or a fear based/punishment based relationship. That is the  difference.  We are not looking for the “utility” in  a friend. We value his companionship and wisdom.

Life teaches us that there are many stages in our life. At one point in time we are babies requiring all sorts of help from our baby sitter. However, we grow up.  Similarly is with spirituality.

To be an “almighty authority” means to go beyond baby sitting….but to pretend to be a “grown up” without the experience of the nurturing love received in a good childhood , is equally foolish.

Yes, there is dying at every moment…but there is also repetition.. 🙂

yes, there is  the handicap of hope, but hope  with knowledge of a bright future; is no longer a handicap but a “reality.”

Yes, there is the acknowledgement that “I feel bad right now,”  and I can call that “compassion,” but there is the reality of my own perfection waiting to be unveiled at the same time.

Balance is the name of the game.