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A bit of craziness for the mind

The first aspect that will be tested in the path of a new consciousness, will be the mind.
The mind full of beliefs and static idiosyncrasies has the baggage, which will need to be emptied.

As those beliefs are left aside, space will arrive in our consciousness. Then, the next step will need to be experienced: The cleaning of our emotional paraphernalia.

The mind is mostly related with this lifetime. Emotions come from many experiences before that.

An emotion is a trigger waiting to be pulled. The consequence is a reaction that will affect our psyche and the way we feel about Life.
A feeling is an untainted manifestation. As we live Life, as the “I” appears, those feelings become traumatic experiences, which have the power to determine our behavior. Those are emotions.

As we can see, it is very little that can be done by “changing our thoughts” only as the panacea for becoming “spiritual.”

In my experience, it will come a moment when those emotional traumas will need to be released. It is like a feeling in the chest, which brings a sensation calling for the need to cry without a reason.

At that time, Life will provide the necessary help to continue with this experience of inner knowledge and complete release. The inner pipe is clogged up with many sensations.

At that time, we may experience our inner voices looking to come out. Truly, there is a small step between releasing long held emotions and craziness.
I could understand now, how some people who have experienced traumatic experiences such as being left by a loved one or losing their work which gave them an identity, or any other “big” change in Life, could be affected by their emotions to the point of experiencing craziness.
To release emotions we will need to be situated in a consciousness of inner care; by knowing that this particular emotion had a purpose at one time, but in order to change in Life, it will need to go away. It is a thankful release.

After this cleaning episode which may last many sessions, a feeling of happiness for the sake of it, without a “reason;” may be experienced as the untainted feeling came back again to our awareness.

That is known as being emotionally in balance. The task is to be aware of it, by cleaning our minds and emotions from that time onwards.

It is in that new space, when the mind will still play tricks. The mind, will bring old sensations of pain or memories which evoke sadness.
This is the process of healing. Nevertheless, the mind will keep on bringing those sensations.

What to do?
Because that comes from the mind, it is important to get out of it.
How do we do that?
By occupying our minds with nonsense. That is right, get out of that state of stationary sadness by thinking stupid things, acting crazy with yourself.

Nonsense becomes a very important aid.
The mind, which is accustomed to linear thinking and logical stuff, knowledge and all of that, will be challenged with nonsense and the mental anguish will go away right there.
The mind needs to be cleared that way. Do something crazy once in a while 🙂 it is good for you!

As Carl Jung mentioned: “ the pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right or wrong.”
As I can see it, “Right or wrong” are inventions of the human mind but not of the mind. Life is neither right nor wrong. It is “what is.”
A teaching imbued with “right or wrong” is obviously not reflecting Life. Being one with Life, requires to reflect Life.

Emotional comforts


What is the “origin” of thoughts? That is a typical question from a typical thinker.
When we understand Oneness, we could observe that thoughts as everything else; are “part” of that Oneness. Because language is meant to separate “things” as thinking does, it is impossible to “define” and to verbally explain what can only be directly perceived.

The other day I was speaking with someone who shared her experience with me: “ As I was walking I experienced that everything was me. The table, the tree, the bird. There was no difference.”

That Oneness “expands” into many things, many beings as our perception could perceive.
When a particular manifestation acquires a personality through separation, through THINKING, that is the point where Ego develops.
As that “personality” evolves, solidifies, becomes “real,” then an emotion is born according to the consciousness of that “personality.”

Here is a typical life story. Some experiences are perceived as “good.” The ego thrives. Becomes “bigger.” Other experiences are perceived as “bad.” The ego reduces its size.
Thus, there is expansion and compression. A perception could be intensified by a person, to the point where his body and mind become affected. A disease appears.

Is that “bad”? That is the way Life has to show us a different “reality.” Reaching a limit is many times, the point where change starts to happen. That is why, every experience is important as it is. “Good” and “bad” are infantile labels, which only supports the existence of our ego.

When the ego wants to survive and fight, then anything that assures its existence becomes “good.” A comfort.
If eating brings pleasure to deal with the traumatic experiences of the ego, then “more” is “better.”
If a religion brings the comfort of knowing that “I” will exist in the afterlife with God, then that becomes an emotional comfort.
If a person arrives in my Life to save “me” from “feeling” lonely, then “Love” becomes a label to cover my own neediness. To hang on in a relationship, which is emotionally disturbing, is the proof of that emotional comfort which the ego craves to maintain.

To control things, to maintain the “status quo” or to fight to keep them in a certain way, is another emotional comfort desired by that ego.

Do we see how emotions are entangled with ego?
Why do women appear to be more emotional than man?
Because in our society a man is taught not to show his emotions. To repress them. That is a sign of “weakness.” On the other hand, a woman could show those. “The weaker gender,” is the label used.
In most chauvinistic societies, all expressions have a gender. That is a way to control.
A sexual man will be labeled as a “stud.” A sexual woman, a whore.

That type of mentality serves the purpose of perpetuating differences, classes, and antagonism. The “solution” is not to “fight against it,” but to be aware that this exist, to acknowledge it and to move on. As the consciousness of individuals change, then a “moral” standard today, will change tomorrow.

It is violent to pretend that “everyone” should do something to change, which we perceive as “good,” “moral” or “Godly.”

An emotional comfort is a personal seclusion from accepting Life in its Totality.

To peel the layers of ego is not something that could be done by understanding a book written by an “enlightened one.” It is not something which happens when we believe on a God or when we ask for his help. It is not something that happens when we “act” to conquer “the ego.”

None of the above will help. There is nothing that needs to be “done.” Other than becoming aware that it is there.

If there is a pothole in front of us and we become aware of it, we automatically avoid it. There is no thinking needed. If we don’t avoid it, we will learn through an experience.
Everyone will have a different experience.

“The pothole is bad. You must never step on it.” That is a “black or white” perception, which only assures fear and creates a moral standard, which does not exist in Life.
A pothole is a pothole. Society may teach us to label it as “bad,” but for the one who is AWARE, “good and bad” are just point of references with static limits delimited by a belief system.

As a friend shared with me: “Sometimes you are the bug, another times the windshield.”
Life changes. Emotional comforts do not.

Taste the experience not the words


In Life, we experience a range of experiences. 🙂
That range is like a colorful rainbow in a rainy afternoon.
Anyone with eyesight could see a rainbow.
That person could enjoy by appreciating the sight and perhaps adding gratefulness for such an experience!

That is to enjoy life.

It is so simple, so thoughtless, so uncomplicated.
The simplicity of enjoyment could be taken away once thought enters through our analytical mind.

All issues start with a seemingly innocent question.
What is the color of the rainbow?

-Look, the “rainbow has 7 colors.”
That is the beginning of trouble.

-“Really? I only see 6. “
-“Well, there must be something wrong with you….”
-“What colors do you see?”
-“Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet…”
-”Indigo?” What on Earth is that? Don’t you see it is violet or purple… Same thing different label.

Pure enjoyment changes into “who is right” and thus, the label of being “wrong” also appears.
Perception is perception. Someone sees 7 colors someone else may see something else, but …
Who is able to see the rainbow as white color?
Definition: A rainbow is white light seen through a prism (the raindrops.)
Isn’t that arid definition a boring, tasteless and deceiving “reality”?

Therefore, what is the color of the rainbow?
For someone caught up with the mind and thinking, to “know” the facts even though it is just information biased by perceptions, that is all that matters. That information is totally useless when it is looked at from the standpoint of appreciation of Life and the intimate relationship that this experience could have in our lives.

The experience of seeing a rainbow. Wow! Feel that fullness gathered through seeing with an empty mind.
That is meaningful. Life has a meaning in that way.

That “seeing” without mind is pristine, new. It does not have comparison built in nor judgment.
“The rainbow that I saw a year ago in Alaska was way more beautiful than that one.”

That is the sin. Comparison does not know about appreciation. Judgment does not know about gratefulness, therefore… that state of mind does not know about enjoyment.

Can we live life without enjoyment?
Most human beings do.
It does not matter what your religious beliefs are.
It does not matter what your moral values are.
It does not matter what pious actions you may do.
It does not matter what type of Divine experience is following you….
If there is no enjoyment in Life “now” under whatever is happening, what in the heck are we living life for?
Paradise tomorrow? A nice job in the future? The kiss of a princess?
Are we holding our breath until then?

A mind caught up with analysis, comparison and judgment cannot know what love is, for to love means to accept, to acknowledge, to appreciate, to be grateful, to enjoy, that is to be filled by the experience of “being present” rather than “thinking about it.”

Look there, a rainbow!
Wow! 🙂
It was in that thoughtless observation how Life presented a new exquisite flavorful meaning, which escaped all wordy, brainy definitions given by Wikipedia.

Identification of the “self.”

teaching something

The static “self” looks for identity. Our identification goes along with our consciousness.
I could be taught: “You are a soul, eternal Atman,” If I believe that, and if my consciousness is identified with the way my body looks, the automatic reaction for an individual experiencing duality in the mind, is to reject the body and to embrace the new “idea” of self.

Rejection or fighting against anything as a method to overcome something is completely irrational.

That is how the word “spirituality” came into being. It is about the “spirit,” the “soul,” “who we truly are.”

When our awareness allows us to see something else, we could observe that the duality between the body and the spirit has been created out of a concept, an idea; thus we will reject something about “us.”

Living life with joy, the “now” becomes “spirituality” to another type of consciousness.

It doesn’t matter if we know the concepts, the ideas about “who we are,” for that “knowing” is all about the dualistic mind.

When we abandon the mind and start living with the heart, labels and ideas are no longer needed.
Those beliefs become an obstacle to experience life to the fullest. The mystery of “who we are” will be answered when we realize “who we are not.” 🙂

Life is harmony. To live life to the fullest we may need to be aware of that harmonic, rhythmical movement. Without that awareness we become rigid. Fixated in something. Death.
I recall the words of my friend Mathias about harmony and rhythm in life.

“Rhythm in life is already there. Human beings continue, in a hardheaded way; to try to accommodate life to what they believe is their life.
When you develop your intuition then you begin to understand that “to observe” is more than what we are able to see… then you start discovering that the internal weeping comes from the stubbornness of trying to be someone who is no longer you.
When that sense of rhythm is lacking, then we embrace extremes in our life.”

If we are unable to live life to the fullest “now” like a child, how is it possible to pretend to live to the fullest “in the future”?

How concepts and labels such as “atman,” “predestination,” “karma” and all of that are able to help us when we have not been able to realize by our own observation how Nature, Life works and rather rely on the hand –me -down ideas of someone else?
It does not matter how enlightened those ideas are, or how much we quote them or repeat them. If we have not experienced those, we will have our mind full of ideas and our hearts empty of fulfillment.

To know means, to live life in that harmonious symphony.

When we listen to a song, we don’t think about it. We don’t dissect it in different parts and analyze it to discover the exact timing of the instruments to try to discover why a song is “likable.”

When we truly listen to the song, we enjoy it. That enjoyment is a feeling where the mind has no place.
Life is like that song.
Feel the song. 🙂


Feeling beyond thinking


Living life to the fullest means the capacity to enjoy every moment of it for “what it is.”

Perceptions of reality are there all the time.
What do we do with them?
Do we create a philosophy or a religion out of “our” perception? Or do we want to spend our time, searching for the “truth”?

Those perceptions are there to be enjoyed while they last. There is no “purpose” other than our own, so why not enjoy it?

When we label those perceptions and compare them with our own expectations, then that perception becomes a belief and that belief will be part of our personality. We are building the “Self.”

Expectations become beliefs.

A life, which is full of thinking and thoughts, is ready-made to support the existence of the thinker, the “self.”

“I think, therefore; I am.”
That phrase by Rene Descartes has become the basis of Western mentality. The “I” exists because the “I” is the thinker.
Doesn’t it seem logical? 🙂

However, that “I” is living miserably because of its “own” thinking which cannot be stopped.

A child does not have that “problem.” His thinking is minimal. His innocence is there to protect him.

An adult who was indoctrinated into the belief of the existence of the “I” as the only “reality,” has lost the zest for living.

That is the modern man searching for security and comfort. Searching for pleasure and power, searching for immortality and looking to possess someone who he believes to be the ultimate “boss” in the Universe, God… for in that way, “He is alright,” saved, redeemed, etc.

That thinking is dualistic. That man will be trapped with his own expectations and beliefs. Isn’t that obvious?

What is the solution?
Shall we “think” about a solution?

Feel life. Feel your own being without the enclosure of the word “I.”
Be natural, in Nature… get acquainted with “it” again.

Joy resides in feelings not in thinking. As our feelings increase our thinking will diminish. Balance will come back again to our lives.

This feeling is not something that we could artificially focus on something or someone. It comes naturally, for life itself, for the Totality.

The separation of Godly and Evil exists only in our minds.
Nature, the Universe does not operate through that “black or white” morality.

A “free man” is the one who can enjoy without the mental blockages of beliefs, fear and ego driven traumas, someone who has the innocence of that child, to live life spontaneously without hurting the “others;” for he is in tune with life itself…while at the same time, having the courage to conquer his inner dragons… one by one, through carefully looking at the mirror of relationships.

“I feel, therefore I enjoy Life.”

Sensual pleasure in “Spirituality.”


Isn’t sensual pleasure part of the experience of living life?

Why it has been denied in many ways and in many beliefs?

The word “spirituality” is identified by many as “beyond the body.” To reach that belief of “beyond the body” for many, it is about denying the body. That acceptable practice could be mystified by adding another word to it: Purity or to purify our self.

Pain and suffering could be easily accepted as “life lessons” or “karma” but the experience of pleasure is to be rejected as “non-spiritual.” 😉

We accept one side and reject the other. That surely will bring issues in our lives.

Individuals nowadays are addicted to thinking. Their feelings have been shut down. Because the mind is always looking to repeat a pleasurable experience, then addiction appears.
“Thinking” when it is related to pleasure means repetition. Something to compare to. Something to enhance every time, to make it “better.”

When the mind meets an experience in life full of thoughts, taboos, beliefs and traumas, it is obvious that there will not be a fulfilling experience, even while that is pleasurable.

Thinking separates the subject and the object. It is in that separation when “loneliness” arrives. However, not only loneliness arrives but everything else that we believe to be “me.”
Neediness, emotional traumas, addictions, taboos, beliefs, etc.

Pleasure or desire is the opportunity to calm or fill even momentarily our own feeling of emptiness through something beyond our sense of self.

That is how pleasure was satanized by cultural beliefs and religions, for it became an addiction.

“I” could enjoy a party if paradoxically; “I” am not there. That means the baggage that comes with thinking about “me.” That “me” only exists in my mind.

“I just want to be myself.” 🙂 It is actually “no-self.”

To get out of thinking and the world at the “office,” where logic, analysis and research is needed, we may need to open our feelings. We could do that when we experience the “non-I” which we could find in Nature.

To increase our ability to enjoy life means to decrease our capacity to think.
Our culture worships thinking and forgets about feelings.
Too much thinking kills our feelings and without feelings, we cannot enjoy life.

Pleasure is enjoyed when “I” am not there and because of that, “I” let things happen.

That enjoyment is fulfilling because there is no “I” there to think about it…
At that point, I am living in the “now.”

Sex and pleasure are not bad or evil. It is the condition of our minds which make something “ugly” out of an experience.
Drinking a glass of beer is not bad. Unless you are an addict. (That is a mind condition.)
If I say: “Beer is bad. It is impure…” all I am doing is reinforcing fear to drinking beer and denying the experience of it. Beer becomes a “problem” in my mind.

If you want for something to be remembered continuously in your mind, all you have to do is deny it to yourself, then it becomes a “problem.”

Religions will find a childish solution to that “problem.”
“There is something better than beer.”
“There is paradise in the future where you could enjoy.” Deny yourself now. Repress yourself now. Wait for the future, wait for enlightenment.
“There is a non-sensual pleasure in meditation which is better than physical pleasure.”
“Connect to God and you will not feel the body.”

For God’s sake… the issue is our minds. The issue is our addictive thinking, everything else gets colored by the condition of our minds.

A belief of the suppression of something to cure our minds is like patching our internally bleeding heart with an external band-aid, so everyone could see that “ our bleeding has stopped” but we are the only ones who can feel otherwise.

Thinking about nothing


Raymond was finally home after a busy day of work.
Raymond didn’t feel like doing anything for the rest of the night. He relaxed in his couch, turned the lights off and started to look at the window while listening to Jeff Kashiwa’s “Hyde park.” 🙂

Raymond was able to listen attentively that song for the first time!
Even though, he has listened to it many times before, his mind was busy in trips back to the office, or in thinking about someone’s life, the purpose of life, etc.

Raymond was looking at the window but he wasn’t interpreting anything in his mind. There was no script playing. Raymond was thoughtless!

During that time, Raymond appreciated the beginning of silence as a prelude of the song, to a shy start into simplicity, elation and “brightness” of the tune… The slow crescendo into maturity to the fading away into silence…

That was awareness and appreciation at the same time!

Why is it so difficult to stop thinking?
Isn’t it that “I” created the thought? Then, why it is so hard to stop it? 🙂

Let us not bring explanations and theories about it. Let us not bring a belief.
Just observe the inner voice, the movie, the coming and going to different places through the mind, catch-all of that “activity” right now.
Be aware of it. Conscious.

And then, the miracle may happen… It may stop.

If we take our attention into something else, the inner activity with thoughts and ideas will start again.
Unless we are conscious of this thing happening, there is no book or religion or savior that could liberate us from living life in our heads.

Thinking is “good,” only when necessary. In our society, at this time; thinking has transformed into “over-thinking” which is a disease.

Do you want to worry about something? Do you want to plan things out to the last detail?
What about thinking about the unforeseen circumstances? Let us plan for some remedies. Let us make a scenario to think about….

All of that stuff that we have learned so we can theorize about how sound and logical our actions are, and get the approval from someone; all of that is creating a noise which does not allow us to enjoy life, to appreciate it, to sit back and relax…

Do we want tips on how not to over think?
That is, well “thought out” methods? Do we want to meditate about a thought? 🙂

Have you heard the “it is impossible not to think” theory?
That belief is an obstacle in our own discovery.

To meditate, our minds need to be clear from that noise, then that silence is healing, it is comforting, it is fulfilling.

Raymond experienced a meditative state while listening to that song.
Raymond discovered that there was no difference between life and how a song plays.
Everything starts in silence and goes back to silence.
Thus, it is in silence (thoughtless state) how we could know our essence without beliefs.