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Living Life through symbols

The word “marriage,” is just a symbol. The experience of the word “marriage” is different among individuals. We could define “marriage” but that definition may not fit the feelings of some individuals. A definition restricts, encloses an experience.

The “office world” is plentiful of symbols.
Have you seen a $20-dollar bill?
That is a symbol. The value “20” could mean anything, but it is defined through comparison with other bills. “Value” is the new symbol. That is exactly what we do when we judge another person, when we compare ourselves with another through our “value.”  The mind uses symbols to live Life, nevertheless; that is an artificial Life.

Did you know that numbers do not exist in “real Life”?
You see 7 trees.  The mind is counting.  So what?
“Those 7 trees mark my property. I could sell each tree for $100 dollars each and give a discount of $5 for the purchase of quantities above 2. What a bargain!”
Consider this: “Your property,” “dollars,” “bargain,” “discount,” are ideas created to live our “office world” under certain premises, under certain conditioning.

When we start awakening, symbols will be recognized and thus let go.
Because the mind defines everything it perceives.
“But that is good! That give us certainty. That give us the ability to communicate according to established, defined patterns…”

That is correct, but at the same time; it is not “real” just symbolic.

Trees cannot exist without sunshine, without proper soil, without air… The manifestation that we see is labeled as the “tree,” but the inter-relatedness of everything that makes the tree is forgotten. There is more than a tree in a tree… There is a “four” …   🙂 

What is the practical realization of the above?
In Life what you feel is “real.” In the “office world,” thoughts, concepts, ideas, ideals are “real.”
Definitely different worlds.

“I don’t get it… what is the brilliant discovery?”
The “office world’s gurus” dictate: “Choose to be happy.” Tell yourself: “I choose to live in gratitude and joy at every moment in my Life.”
Does it work?
Nope. Just words, symbols. Although good enough ideas for “best sellers.”

“Why it doesn’t work?”
It is the mind behind it, not the feelings.
Happiness is a feeling. Happiness is not a “choice” which is  a thought.

Choosing” between “happiness” and “sorrow” is about choosing  between symbols, words; but the true experience which is a feeling is overlooked.

A thought cannot change a feeling. Different worlds.
With the simplicity of that statement, many “self-help” ideas are discarded.
Do you believe me?
Please do not make this a religious thing. See it in yourself.  🙂

The best choice is no choice

“If you have negativity towards someone, that will come back to you; therefore, have good feelings. It is your choice.”

Even though the above sounds very logical and reasonable; very “spiritual,” it is out of the realm of honesty of feelings.

If someone hasn’t realized the unity of all and thus, what we give; we receive; then that person only is aware of the “I” as the center of the Universe. Thus, “spirituality” for that individual has another message: ”Protect yourself. Get insurance against karma.”
It is that fear of “catching the bug” the one that will make us choose “wisely.”

What we truly are, that negativity gets buried with a bunch of thoughts: “Let me send you good feelings…my friend! I love you… I wish you the best. You are always on my mind and my thoughts…”

That thought of being “good” now, is enough to cover our reality of negativity.

When we are living in the mind, we may not realize what is a feeling and what is a thought.
Feeling is what we truly ARE. Thoughts without “action” are according to those feelings; however, we could change thoughts by being aware of the thoughts; but changing thoughts does not change our feelings, who we truly ARE.
Thoughts do not change who we ARE.

Basically, “choice” is in thoughts. That is why, “positive thinking” is so popular among the masses and individuals unaware of inner observation.

That is why, meditation with “positive thoughts,” is also popular: “I am a peaceful being, I am a loving being… repeat after me…”

That is not who I AM, but what I THINK I am.
Many individuals believe that Love is a thought. “I think I love you,” that shows how disengaged we ARE from our feelings.

When Life offers you 2 paths, which one will you choose?
For the one who lacks inner observation, the “I” needs to choose based upon what the mind has learned as “elements good for ME.” Thinking about those will dictate my “educated choice.”
When there is inner observation there is no choice. What you feel is the path. It is not “you” creating the feeling. It is already there.

To recognize our feelings without the filtering of our mind, is without a doubt; the most important aspect to feel one with Life.
There is nothing to choose when we are One. Although we may take path “1” rather than “2,” there is no choice, the “I” is not choosing… there is knowing.

When we are in the mind, we worry about the “outcome,” the “I” wants to be “right.”  It is not about BEING complete, but “right.”

Feelings bring fulfillment. The path is already there, we just need to recognize it with our hearts. 🙂

Doing Nothing

“What do I have to DO to become a better human being?”
DOING does not get you there. Any doing will not allow you to see what you ARE now. Without acknowledging “now” there is only meaningless DOING.
Doing “nothing” is not as easy as we may think, when we have been conditioned to DO something.

Are you saying that I should become lazy then?

Observe how your mind is only capable of going through the extremes. If you cannot DO things, then you go to the other extreme, laziness.
That is how the mind works.
For example, if we talk about last year’s weather temperature, your mind will more likely remember 2 states: Cold or Hot. Nothing in between.

Anytime we go to extremes, we are running away from what is, from what we ARE.
You are overeating, then DO fasting.
You are a slob, couch potato; then DO exhaust yourself through exercises to lose weight.
You are a lusty, a DO sex human being; then DO practice celibacy.
You are DOING sins, then become a  DOING saint.
See the game? That is the game of the mind. It is about running away from what we ARE, going from one extreme to the other searching for “happiness.”

A mind lost in that duality, divides itself into the “good guy” and the “bad guy.” That is the game of our human morality. It is about extremes, the Do’s and the Do nots.

That is why any DOING is incomplete, for NOT DOING will need to be experienced as well. That is the complete experience. Life is both, contradictory, paradoxical… That is any belief system which only chooses one side of the experience and label that “good” is truly not reflecting what Life is.
Life is like a pendulum. Any extreme we choose to go, is only the predecessor of the opposite extreme.

Our minds are taught to choose one extreme and avoid the other, even though the other extreme will be experienced.
That is how guilt appears, forgiveness arises, the sinner mentality creates a divided neurotic personality.

“But… what is the way out?”
Obviously is not in DOING.
AWARENESS is the key. To be AWAKE.

When you are awake, there is observation of that which we call “I.” The mind is the first candidate for that observation. Ego resides in that mind/body identification.
AWARENESS is not DOING, it is not a “practice.”

“Why do I need to observe?”
Because you may need to understand what is going on and not make a judgment value based on a morality which only knows about extremes, duality.

Be aware of thinking. Be aware of feeling. Be aware on how those 2 things start and finish, become conscious on how the “external” influences the internal and also the opposite… Become aware that the internal is the external, and the external… the internal.
Become aware that there is a moment when there are no thoughts, when the “I” is not… Do not verbalize it, do not put it in words, for otherwise that experience will be tinted with duality and any word you use to express it, will be far from “what is.”

Want to explain what is the experience of silence?
Say it! Whatever you say, it will be far from “what is.”
Perhaps, “lack of noise”? you have gone to the extreme in your explanation and you haven’t said anything of value for someone else  who does not have the experience, to know silence.

That is the value of words. That is why the “truth,”  BEING cannot be expressed in words.

Therefore, anything you say will not help you become a “better” human being, neither anything you DO… what matters is what you ARE and what you ARE is expressed in how you FEEL.
You are not rich or poor, handsome or ugly, educated or non-educated… those are only extreme, labels created by a mind who is not aware of the middle, the way out of the swinging of that pendulum of the mind.
That middle has the potential to be either extreme, and to BE there, in the middle… is to BE out of the duality of the mind.

That is the place to BE when you ARE.
How do you get there?
You just feel it. Feel to Be better. 🙂

“Your” thoughts, “your” mind, “your” soul

One of the most fascinating things to discover about the self, is that after all the layers of “personality” cover ups and the thinking, analytical ego driven mind, there is nothing there, but emptiness… that is the so called “soul.”

Non- God driven religions and God driven religions agree in one experience but using 2 different labels: Emptiness and Soul are 2 different labels meaning the same experience.

The soul is the empty canvas. Our personality is the painting in top of that canvas. Ego is the “painter.” That painting may change through different experiences, different life times; but the empty canvas, will remain a clean slate. Empty.

That is why, when someone says: “I want to go to heaven,” you may wonder who that “I” may be. 

The “painter” is created through the perception of separation. The layer in between is the mind/ body perception. While many people are used to divide the body from the mind; actually one cannot exist without the other… 

Whenever there is a “painter;” Life is suppressed, for there is already a theme, which will need to be enacted by that empty canvas. The “painter” wants his own paint disregarding timing, circumstances, settings, collective consciousness… the Totality.

You see, emptiness cannot have an “I.”
But when there is that “I” then suffering will be the outcome as the “I” becomes bigger and stronger, ready to fight; for the empty canvas is part of Life, the canvas belongs to Life and not the painter.

Therefore the mind inflates giving Life to that painter, the “I.” That mind has gathered many experiences, teachings, moral standards, etc. which will “materialize” as thoughts.
Then the “I” will build a concrete persona based on the current body and situation.That perception will be thoughts. To identify with those thoughts, is ego.

Truly, those thoughts are not “yours.” “You” are empty, but as long as there is a fight for presence, then there will be identification with the thoughts and the mind.
To fight for identity, to repress, to control… those are traits of an ego-mind.
Ego solidifies in that way. There is a body/mind and thoughts to give Life to that persona.

Thoughts are like clouds in a clear sky. When a cloud goes by your house, you call that cloud “mine.” “My cloud. “My” thought … even though the cloud will move and continue on, the mind will save a picture of it and will keep on identifying with the other clouds passing by.
“MY” country, “My” religion, “MY” husband, “My” baby, “MY” soul… those are only thoughts. Language is a layer which requires thinking. That language solidifies “ego” as well. 
Identification with those thoughts/language will strengthen our ego-mind. That is why, “no-mind” is important.

The mind cannot deal with what is real in the “now,” but only with saved pictures and with vague ideas as to how that picture may look like in the “future.”

The more aware and conscious we become, then the distance to those thoughts increases and the identification with those thoughts will decrease.
We become a witness of the internal show of clouds passing by. It is not “My” show.
As we abandon the identity of the “painter,” then we become closer to the empty canvas, allowing for Life to place its colors, and then we become “that…”
“That” is when “you” die from that “I” and become the painting that you are meant to be, according to your destiny. That is the meaning of “going with the flow.” There is no “going with flow,” if there is an “I” directing the flow or believing that to yield to situations is to “go with the flow.”

Your destiny is not in your hands. You ARE your destiny. 

Finding the “I.”

Many do not know what I am referring to when I say the “I.”
Why is it important to know about that “I”?
Because that “I” causes separation when there is none. That “I” will give us a perception which is deceitful; and from that point, we will build a society based on a mirage.

The “Office” world, what most individuals call “life,” is not truly Life but a creation of that mirage.

For practical purposes, the “I” is that little internal voice speaking to us, verbally or non-verbally. Many will call that voice “me,” in fact; it is not you, but it is the mind which is made up of previous experiences, beliefs and fears from this life time and beyond. The collective mind, that is the traditions which we have been exposed to, are part of that mind.

For example, many individuals do not feel comfortable caressing their own bodies. As a matter a fact, there is an ambiguous phrase used: ”touching yourself,” which has the connotation of something “sinful.”
Where did we learn that idea? Perhaps when we were babies exploring our own bodies, we touched our sexual organs among other things, and that was something discouraged by our parents. As babies we learned that something was “wrong.” As we grew up, we learned about the “double standards” of a sexually repressed society; repressed because the capacity for enjoyment has been cut off for we use the mind to enjoy pleasure and the mind only knows about repetition, “I want this in the future as well.” Thus, it does not matter how “liberal” we think we may be. The mind will not allow for fulfillment out of an experience.

How is that?
A taboo or a qualifying thought such as “sinful” will appear as we lose ourselves in for example, the enjoyment of pleasure.

Since our society is based on the cultivation of the mind and thinking, any activity that entails “forgetting yourself,” such as the experiences of pleasure, love or just being silly cannot be fully enjoyed, for the mind and its collection of “teachings,” right behaviors and taboos will appear.
Here is a “formula”: More thinking, more mind means less enjoyment of Life.

For example, the phrase: “Sex is mental,” is truly an invention of a society lost in the mind. Actually, less mind means greater fulfillment. For that we need to learn to “lose ourselves,” to be vulnerable, open, to surrender, to allow for things to happen. The “I” showing up as thoughts from the mind is the barrier, the obstacle (ego) which will not allow us to know other than intellectual things, words. Everyone could talk about love, but without knowing that love entails that “you” are not there… Love is just another pretty talk.

A person who hasn’t been able to recognize his mind, cannot know what “silence” is, in the “spiritual” realm.
Most are afraid of physical silence as the absence of outside noise. A background noise such as the TV on or some music is typically needed by many. This does not mean that to have background noise is “bad,” it just means that we have made it a necessity. These individuals are not familiar with BEING quiet, thus the mind will move continually from one dream into another even while “awake.”

The internal noise, the noise of the mind; is the layer to be aware of in order to experience inner silence. That is what is referred to as “no-mind.”

A basic experiment to discover the “I” could be done in your own bathtub. Take a warm bath at night with all lights off so it is pitch dark, without any music or background noise. If you ARE in this completely; you will observe your fear to darkness. That is a learned fear, a collective fear, a tradition which has remained with us. The mind will protest. Many thoughts will appear perhaps with horror stories… That is the first observation. That is one form of that “I.” The other form is the movement of the mind through our thoughts. Observe how the speed of thoughts will not allow us to relax, unwind and enjoy the warm water, the “now.” That is the anxiety of the mind which most every individual experiences every day without noticing it. Anxiety is considered to be “normal” nowadays.

How does this anxiety work? You will not be able to enjoy doing “nothing.” There is something which needs to be done: Eat and listen to music. Call someone at the same time. A minute later, do something else before becoming “bored.”

It is just the mind moving your Life in different directions, while looking for a “ghost” meaning.

Once we realize the work of the mind, we could experience moments of “no-mind.” It is that experience which will move your consciousness into a different realm.

“Mindfulness” will no longer be “practiced,” for the mind cannot center anyone into the “now.” The mind can only go to the past or to the future, but to be in the “now,” there is a need of “no-mind.”
To be timeless: “No-I.”
It is in that emptiness how fullness, satisfaction appears.

Life is completely paradoxical. It cannot be understood by thinking, logic and the works of the mind. It is in “no-mind” how understanding comes through the experience of fullness.

At that point, you may be able to live with yourself without hurting yourself. When we learn that, we will be incapable of hurting others.

Now do we see how silly it may be to hear: “God will punish you if you hurt others. You will go to hell.” How elemental, how basic such a teaching of fear could be…
Don’t want to hurt others? Don’t hurt yourself.
Don’t want to hurt yourself? Be AWARE of the workings of your mind.
It is in that observation, how silence, peace could be experienced… “no-mind.”
It is through “no-mind” how there is no longer separation.
If there is no separation, who are you going to hurt?
… and so are “you.”

Learning to see Life beyond Human eyes.

A “seeker,” in the beginning is blind. He may find a little light down the road and he may think: “I found it. I have the truth. All I have to DO is stick with this.”
Little he knows that DOING will not change BEING. All different paths are merely points of reference. The “seeker” will not be satisfied until he finds himself… and for that, he may need more light than the “truth” he found, less beliefs than what he has been taught.

Have you heard the story of the starfish?
It is used by many people to convey the thought that “I” can make the difference to “help” someone.
It goes something like this: A little boy was throwing starfish back into the Ocean, for the tide washed them up onto the beach. The starfish cannot return to the Ocean by themselves and they will die when the sun sets high.
An adult passing by said: “There are thousands of them, you will not be able to make much of a difference.”
The boy replied: “To this one, it will make a difference.”

The above story illustrates our sets of beliefs and thinking, it also promotes the idea of being a ‘savior’ for someone, that is “helping them from harshness.”

That is one perspective.
Another perspective is that there is another “reason” beyond Human imagination, as to why those thousands of starfish were washed out onto the beach. The Ocean and the creatures living in it, are in tune with what is needed in the Totality. A human being typically is not, and only has his belief to live for.

Isn’t the kid “throwing” (not even placing it in a “safe place”) a dying or weak starfish into the Ocean just delaying the starfish’s death for it will be helpless and eaten by another creature?

“Help” is much more than a belief supported by the Disney channel.

The kid is projecting his human moral standards into a starfish. The adult is only projecting his “utilitarian reason” which he was taught through “education” and the “office world.”
“It doesn’t make sense. It is a waste of effort. There are too many needing help.”

That is why it becomes increasingly important to feel rather than to think.
Thinking will create “Help.”
When thinking creates “help,” there is the separation of the one helping and the one receiving help, the one doing the “good action” and the one in “debt.”
Helping supports the ego of both: The one helping and the one receiving help.
Helping means more “I.”

Am I saying not the “help”? 🙂
No. I am not referring to the meaning of the word, but how we feel when we use it.
“I helped so and so..”
When you do something from your heart, the “I” is not helping. That is the Universe taking care of things through a person.
How come?

Feeling is the way to connect with the Totality. When thinking, we could be “right or wrong,” but when we learn to listen to our feelings, we cannot be right nor wrong. Feeling goes beyond that.

To be able to perceive Life from a different perspective, demands that we abandon that which we think we know or feel comfortable with or that we have conveniently labeled as the “truth.”
That is the courage needed to take away the certainty and comfort level of the “I.”
To become aware of this, is to “be” less “I” without trying… thus, true, honest and sincere.

Practice a method to change “you,” and that will only change behavior.
Be open for Life to change you, and that will change consciousness.

Learn to listen to your true feelings and you will embrace your destiny.
Follow your mind and thoughts and you will be trapped in the duality of “right or wrong,” trapped in beliefs, rationalization and dogmas…always wondering if your “I” was right…or wrong or “rationalizing” how “good/true/right” “I” am.

Until next Monday… will be taking a week vacation!

Freedom from the belief of labeling someone as God or the Devil

Consciousness allows someone to perceive things in a particular way. According to that consciousness, we could have a limited understanding. To see things under a different perspective means to have the openness to accept newness. Honesty means to acknowledge our new perception despite a belief, a teaching, and a dogma.
Fear arrives through dishonesty.

Ahnanda is not concerned about denying or proving the existence of God or the Devil. Ahnanda is only concerned about finding his own beliefs. Rest assured, that this sharing is based on my own experience.

I have searched for God. I have found God. I have forgotten myself.
I found myself, then I found no-self and with that I found that all there is… is God. Although, many labels could be used to name it.

Do you want me to elaborate on that? It is for you to find out. It will be misunderstood for those who have not gone through the full experience.

“God created the Universe.”
Didn’t he create the Devil as well?
“NO. God has given us free will to choose.”
Really? Why is the Devil “wrong” then, isn’t he following his free will?
“Because he is against God.”
Is it “free will” as long as we do not go against God? That is not free will but manipulation. Isn’t that a devilish trait?

God and the Devil depend on each other to survive.
Believers are needed.

“But, I had an experience with God himself. I felt floating in bliss and with such love that it had to be God giving me this experience. It cannot be the Devil.”

The issue is not the experience of something extraordinary in our lives. The issue is the label that we have used to describe that.
“That must be God.”
The concept, the definition is added into that experience and through that a belief.
Let me “rephrase” your consciousness:
“I am unique. God has chosen me. Someone else’s experience is not the “true” one for I know God and they don’t.”

The clothes of Santa Claus do not make the one wearing it, as the “true” Santa. You have to believe in Santa, for that concept to exist. We make that concept alive.
Different people wear the Santa Claus’s clothing. Common agreement makes that clothing “special.”
“Knowing God” is meant to enhance the ego of the one who claims that. In my experience, it truly doesn’t matter if you “know God.”

Know yourself to find no-self. That matters to you and to me. Not to God or the Devil.

“God did not create the Universe. Everything already existed. “
If God did not create the Universe, why do we call him God then?
“Because, he is the Supreme.”

Isn’t that a belief based on the concept that God has to be the supreme? Aren’t we building up concepts upon concepts to make an ideal?
Because we have 2 different explanations of God; Is it possible for God to create the Universe and not to create the Universe at the same time?
“Well… One belief is right and the other is wrong.”
I suppose yours is “right,” correct? At the end, it is about “you.”

Beliefs are neither right nor wrong. They are just beliefs.
Accept a belief and your perception will be in one way.
Do not accept it and your perception will be in a different way.
Acknowledge the belief and let it go, and your perception will be yet in a different way.

What difference does it make to know who created the Universe?
What difference does it make to have intellectual answers to believe in?
Lost in the intellect, the mind, we forget the heart. That heart which is not meant to love “God alone,” but to love without restrictions.

Truly want to know what love is?
It is inversely proportional to the size of the “I.” That is the extent of your love. Love is being it.
How do you like that “definition”? 🙂

“What is your relationship with God?”
Until I find no-self, there cannot possibly be a relationship. I can call God my father, my lover, my everything… Those are just labels, ideals based on “ME.” Find no-self and the perception will be different.

A change in consciousness is not related with beliefs and intellectual answers.
Those things are meant to change behavior only, to make us believe that “we are transforming ourselves.”

The self, the “I” cannot transform itself. Every action or thought directed towards self-transformation will only follow an ideal, a learned belief.
For change to be “real” it has to be natural. Not manipulated in any way through the beliefs of the “I.”

When we step outside the boundaries of a belief system meant to delimit our consciousness and to keep us safe within the limits of our society’s collective beliefs, at that point we can explore, we could observe and be an active participant of Life.

“But… If I step away from my belief of a God; who will save “me” and protect “me” and take care of “me” in this Life of uncertainties, and in “my” next Life in the future… Who will be there for “me”?

That is not the question that a grown up could ask before leaving his parents’ home to move in a place by himself. That is a question that a kid could ask. The kid looks for that certainty, he calls “protection.”

Who will be there for you?
Freedom from a belief, freedom from ideals, freedom to experience life.

To be free was the dream of the slave. The dream of the one who wanted to express but couldn’t, the dream of the one who wanted to live and not just breathe.

For the one who is caught up with beliefs and ideals, for the one who breathes fear in every inhalation and repression in every exhalation, for that one freedom is meaningful, holy and necessary to enjoy life.
Freedom from the known, is for the one who is ready. It is a waste for the one who is not.