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The moving ball of expectations


When there is expectation in life, when there is something that we want to accomplish and we set the “ball in motion,” there will be some heaviness to carry with us.

When our minds are set up to only see the “fruit,” the “outcome,” the “end result,” the “achieved goal,” then it truly matters how much strength we use to put the “ball in motion.”

It is not by becoming the squeaky wheel, how things could get accomplished; but there is a “form” to “make things happen.”

That “form” comes with experience. It comes when there is consciousness of our own activities well beyond the pursue of the “end goal.” It comes when there is the understanding that the “means” we use is what will take us to a goal without sending an egotistical message to the world.

A change does not come about by pushing things. Any sort of violence to get into some change, means that the goal is more important than the means, however; the goal is merely an instant, which will change into something else… as soon as accomplished.

Nothing remains the same… not even our expectations!

Mary Anne is learning how to dance “salsa.” She has been taking “salsa” lessons for 5 months now. She is dedicated. She wants to learn how to dance but…. Her mind gets “blank,” she says. She forgets the steps. When you see her dancing, there is no sense of rhythm in her steps. There is no joy in her dancing. For her it is all about remembering the steps. Dance is no longer about enjoying a good time, but it is the pressure to achieve something.

Mary Anne is not taking lessons because of her desire to learn how to dance. She is there because her boyfriend, Enrique is a “great” salsa dancer. Enrique is a perfectionist. Enrique wants to see Mary Anne converted into an outstanding “salsa” dancer… after all, Enrique is the “greatest dancer.” 🙂

Mary Anne is in love with Enrique, but she does not love herself. Enrique is only in love with himself. Mary Anne is viewed as an extension of him.

In life, we could act like Mary Anne. We could “sacrifice” ourselves to do different things because we love someone. That could be the guy/girl next door or even God, nevertheless; whatever we attempt to do for “him/her” will not have zest, life unless we feel that we are doing that for ourselves, that we want that for ourselves… and in life, to discover that honesty is what sometimes takes time. That is why to do something out of love cannot happen when there is “two” different individuals, but “one.” Ego gets in the way of that oneness.

This wanting for “ourselves” is not a mental thing or an ideal. It is to discover our circumstances at a particular point in time, embrace that and move forward. To discover “ourselves” is the first step to uncover it. We cannot pretend here.

In life, we may act like Enrique as well. Our life is meant to support our ego. Everyone else should support our egotistical ways. We use people and abuse them. People are just the means to our goal.

Mary Anne pretends not to be egoless. Enrique does not pretend, but at the end and in both cases, is just ego in between them.

Mary Anne may be a great dancer. She may have a great potential, but under the circumstances that she is in, Mary Anne will not be able to learn to dance “salsa.” As a matter of fact, if she does; she will not enjoy it.

Enrique puts in motion the “ball of expectation” with such strength, that it could only bounce back into his face.

If Enrique pursues his egotistical ways, Mary Anne could hate “salsa” altogether… Her “love” for him will turn little by little into hate…

Once the ball of expectation is set in motion, we need to wait and see. Take a look. Observe. That is how we could recognize the damage of that ball when set in motion.

The above is the issue with expectations. It is not just about our desires, but how those are perceived by others around us. Once the ball gets moving ….there is no way to stop it.

Freeing yourself from yourself


This idea of self is truly detrimental once we believe in it. One thing is to relate with this “self” label as when “I” greet someone: “Hello John, how are you doing?” or when in my daily speech “I” need to use the words “I” and “my.”

A different thing is to believe that those words that we use to communicate are indeed “real.”

Note that Avyakt7 is not saying that the idea of “self” is “bad,” our “worst enemy,” or that we need to have “distaste of that idea.” That is childish.

Avyakt7 is using the word “detrimental” not as judgment but as a way to communicate and convey a close but not accurate meaning to Avyakt7’s inner discovery.
“Detrimental” is used as an obstacle, an obstruction to perceive something else.

As mentioned before, please do not take that as the “truth,” for it cannot be communicated with words.

Have you ever taken a stroll in a park or the bay early in the morning with a smiling face? 🙂

Do you know where that smile came from, without a particular reason to smile?
That is when YOU are not there. Notice that the harmonious perception of what is already there in Nature, without any thinking or additional ideas will bring that magic.
To be alive in appreciation means not to think, to have a quiet mind. Silence. Stillness. Emptiness.

Is thinking “bad”? Nope. Thinking has its own place. Thinking is not supposed to be an inner voice in our heads. Thinking is not supposed to bring that separation of the “thinker” and everything else. Unless we believe it.

There is no problem which is truly a problem when we realize that everything is temporary.

That is why that perception of “I” is a mental disease. That “I” needs to go away with his/her ideas. That “I” needs to go away with his/her expectations and illusions.
That “I” must go away… but through thinking, that “I” remains the “same.”
It wants to survive forever… 🙂

That is why any ideas about the afterlife are just ways for that “I” to remain. Those ideas will bring certainty through another thought, through another idea, another belief.

Living is not thinking about the “future” and what could happen next. We live “now.” As it is “now” when we are aware of it.

That is why it is important to be aware of our mind and its games. That is why, it is important to awaken to that “reality.”

God cannot help on this. To clear our minds from that on going “mental garbage” is our own task.

The outcome of that inner cleansing is a frank smile.
Observe your neighbor’s cat lazily stretching in the morning, say hello to “top cat.” Observe the birds chirping their tunes, appreciate that music with your awareness… Move slowly into the day by looking at the trees and perceiving their aroma, notice the sun caressing your skin and the wind massaging your face… as long as there is no YOU in it, “YOU” will appreciate that moment without words. Otherwise, it is just an empty thought.

That is the mystery of being and non-being.

Enlightenment through duality


The time comes when our belief that there is only an answer, a right answer for everything, will be challenged by reality itself.

It is “either this or that,” is one of the greatest beliefs which is limiting our perception of many avenues and many paths.

Anyone wants examples to clarify? 🙂

Is free will true, or it is predestination?
It is both and neither. It is both, for both exist according to our consciousness. It is neither because they are just ideas.

Are we mortal or immortal?
It is both and neither. We will die, but we are eternal as well. We are neither mortal nor immortal. We are both. Those are not ideas for there is an experience of that. Consciousness.

Does heaven exist?
It does and it doesn’t. It only exists when we are not in it. Once we are in it, it does not exist. Heaven exists only out of comparison, out of duality.

There is soul consciousness and body consciousness. Are we the soul or are we the body? Both and none. In duality we think of a separation. Without duality, there is nothing to be separated. There is a wholesome unity.

Soul consciousness is a label to denote absence of duality in our awareness: man and woman, life and death, heaven and hell, good and bad, etc.

If we could imagine a consciousness beyond duality, we could look for the origin of that duality: Our minds.
Thinking is separation. Analysis will not allow us to know. When the object separates from the subject, there is just description. A description is not the same as knowing.

That is why, to know is not related with thinking. Knowing is a very distinct faculty beyond thinking.

Logic is just the game of words, which exalts thinking.

If we look at the beauty of the waters of a river at dawn, we will perceive how nighttime changes into day light. Morning time does not exist. Afternoon does not exist. Night does not exist.

It is just continuity. It is unity perceived as three different stages, separated in an artificial way to allow for language to describe phases when there is none….but there is. 🙂

A thinking mind will see separation only. 11 PM does not exist but only in a thinking mind. Nevertheless, we call 11 PM “late.” That label creates an idea. When we believe in that idea we create a world of our own. When this world is made out of collective conventions, we live in our own “fantasy world.”
The irony is that we call that fantasy, reality. We call that life.

Mathias: How much time have you existed, Ananda?
Ananda: I am eternal.
Mathias: I have not asked that. I have asked, how much time have you existed?
Ananda: 27 years. I was born 27 years ago.
Mathias: and before that?
Ananda: I think that I have lived before. But there is no proof. I do not remember.
Mathias: Aren’t you eternal then? How long have you existed?
Ananda: My belief says that 5000 years. That is my belief.
Mathias: Mathias has not asked you about your belief. Mathias have asked you about how much time have you existed.

Ananda was in silence. Ananda wasn’t able to respond to Mathias because Ananda was caught up in reasoning, logic and duality.

Ananda couldn’t see that Ananda has lived as long as time has existed. No beliefs in that.

The cyclic movement in Life


Unity will change into its opposite, that is variety; for that is the only way for Unity to appear again in “newness.”

There is morning, afternoon and night. Two opposite polarities with something in between.
That afternoon in between those 2 extremes, will change. It becomes closer to one extreme and then to the other, little by little.

The above explains how things work in Nature.

Morning time “creates” nighttime. In turn, Nighttime “creates” morning time. That “creation” takes place slowly, gradually in a timely fashion. There is no rush. No one can accelerate that process.

A baby becomes an old person. In between, we have different stages which will be labeled as: teen, youth, adulthood, maturity, etc. Those labels are just concepts which cannot grasp the reality of movement, of continuous change, like an analog watch.

After Spring time, there is Summer, then Fall and then Winter time. There is a sequence. We can conveniently put a beginning and an end to every season; but in “reality,” is not like that. It is a continuous flowing. Change.

We cannot ask: which season was first? I mean, we could; but that question is not a proper question for it does not understand something cyclical. If there was a beginning of a season; we couldn’t explain how that season appeared there without something before it. That question is illogical. 🙂

If we create “Paradise,” automatically “Hell” is created. Whoever “created” Paradise then, must have created “Hell,” as well. For day cannot exist without night; neither hell without paradise.

We have the concept. If we believe in a concept, we will not be able to grasp the reality which cannot have a name, a label.

Every single thing in life is in movement, changing; therefore, the “4 seasons” apply to everything in life.

The top athlete will become the lowest. It is just a matter of time. If you don’t’ want to be the lowest; then do not become the top.

Suffering appears when we cling to a particular stage, to a particular season. Then, we cannot see that things will continue to change. That is attachment to a season.

That is why, to hold tight to a particular idea, even though holy; is not the way to evolve; for holiness is not a place to arrive to but rather a continuous, a process which will change. Holy change…. 🙂

Ananda discovered that life was a ride with “ups and downs.” When life presented him with the opportunity to be at the “top of his game;” Ananda was a happy “little ego.” That means: a great paying job, a huge house; many luxury cars and a pretty wife to adorn his fragile but huge ego. Those are the “ups” in life for many “normal” people.

Then one day, things started to change. Ananda was fired from his job; then Ananda lost all his “goodies,” and finally his pretty wife and with that his ego was shattered.
That experience could be very painful. When there is no acceptance of the “down” time in life, rejection of what is happening will make things harder, for the only thing in Ananda’s mind (a “normal” mind) is to get that “spring time” back when is time to enjoy the “summer.”

Life could be like a “roller coaster,” with ups and downs. Ego will suffer while “down,” but on the other hand, the inner child will enjoy the ride, if allowed to come out. That is his “time.” Time to play.

Wisdom teaches us to use the “down” sides as impulse for the next “up” in life. In that way, energy will be preserved and with that we will be prepared with an umbrella in our hands, for the upcoming rainy season.

When we use the knowledge of cyclical time to our advantage, there is always “sun and fun,” even when it is raining.

Staying in the inmaterial world or the material: That is the question!

om shanti dear brother.i here want to share some of my recent experiences and also want ur reamarkable suggestions.through yoga i feel myself as an entity completely different from matter means my body.the feeling was that our substances are different.the visualisation of the soul is different neccessarily from what the eyes can see.from that soul consciousness everything related to matter seems to be transparent as the soul has no boundary.it is simply free where it stays.then as i can not recognise how i am related to the body then i feel that my energy is scattered through all the body for which i feel the sense of each part of my body.thus i feel a subtleness a different world inside.in that subtleness it seems to me that i become more sensitive to energy field of others and also beyond everything whatever they causes good or bad.so the gross material world becomes like only the outward covering in the depth of which a subtle and sensitive world flows.in that way i feel my material role i am performing is only an image i am carring what i am really not.you know brother for this i feel certain fear as i can not simply recognise myself what i am truly because both conciousness are very present.i know the gyan and fully believe all this baba says.i also know the fear of losing myself is being caused by my ego and attachment to this material world.where to stay brother,in that subtle world or material world of playing role as both are neccessary.is it the way to karmateet stage?how can i continue to keep that stage of soulconciousness always.i want to go to experience that subtle world more and more but i fear of losing of what i dont know i cant realise how to tackle with the world where all the people are material minded. thank u brother in advance.

Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing your experience. I know of some souls are experiencing the same.
It comes a point where someone may be so “intoxicated” in the subtle, astral experiences that losing a hold on the physical world becomes a reality. Some may even feel trapped in the physical realm and experiencing things which are physical in nature, out there in the subtle.

Dear soul,
Fear is the only enemy. You are an immortal being experiencing different things. In your experience that is your “reality,” and that is good for now. This is something that I would like for all BKs to understand: “for now.” It will change, it needs to change, therefore; a selection or picking this over the other is to place yourself in suffering.

Become conscious, full conscious of the physical reality, perform your duties as assigned to that role without fear.
Fear is an emotion and that emotion is a “roller coaster.” It will make you feel safe and secure, but also the opposite. Watch your own fear.

At the same time, when your consciousness is taken into the subtle experiences, rejoice… do not select this one over the other.

To be a teenager is one of the most difficult times in our lives. You are not an adult yet, neither a child. You are in between.. but that will change. In the meantime, acknowledge your experiences without wanting to be a child nor an adult. Enjoy that sensation for it will change.

We cannot have fear of the unknown, but only of losing what is known…which is temporary but yet eternal…

Yes, you are a soul but you are conscious because of a body. To deny one and embrace the other is called duality.

Best wishes!

Reader Remark: Death does not exist

One more view on life and death http://www.robertlanza.com/does-death-exist-new-theory-says-no-2/
again: thanks for all your sharing! have a beautiful day *P

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul,

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing that link.
Let us consider this:
If “death does not exist,” then what do we call when we are “born”? – Birth?
In the world of duality, if death exists, then birth must exist. If death does not exist, then birth does not exist.

This is the world of “logical” words…and the world of thought, based on the “reality” of duality.

Spirituality, knows that neither “death nor birth” exist because we are eternal beings. Therefore, no birth, no death.
So, how is it possible that we experience “birth” and “death”? We experience that because our consciousness does not allow us to experience what is beyond thought.

Scientists are in the same type of consciousness, making their theories out of “their” thoughts.

Because we are eternal, time is an invention of thought (As Krishnamurti pointed out.) Being “time-less” is to experience our real self. When we have the filter of thoughts, we have a consciousness which knows about birth and death.

Scientists are still in that consciousness, thus; “time” exists for them, for they rely on thought.
Theories based on the consciousness of thinking, is like a dog chasing its tail.

Best wishes!

The mystery of the relationship of time, thoughts and words


Many times we have listened to BapDada speaking about time, thoughts and words, Sometimes those items are talked about independently and some other times, BapDada mentions them together.

What is the significant of it?
Below a Murli excerpt to illustrate this point:

“What did Baba see? Up to now, your account has not accumulated as much as it should have. Your time, thoughts, and words, are being wasted. Whilst you are moving and walking around, the importance of this time has not emerged in your awareness as much as it should have. If the importance of time was constantly emerged in your memory, you could use your time in a much more worthwhile way. You are spending your time throughout the whole day in an ordinary way. You are not spending it in a wrong way, but in an ordinary way. Similarly, the thoughts you have are not bad, but they are wasteful.” (AM November 30, 1999)

As we can see, BapDada mentions, time, thoughts and words together; but then, BapDada will concentrate on the issue of “time.”

Time is a creation of our mind, our thoughts. In that sense, time is an illusion. We describe that illusion through the use of words; thus, our words are made to make alive something which is an illusion.

For example, if I think about someone; whether that thought is good or bad, it is not the issue; the main issue to understand is that whatever I think about someone is an illusion of the past. There is no one who could remain the same. “Reality” is that we are continuously changing. A thought about someone is like bringing a picture in my head and using that picture to “label” a person. “He is like that…”

Through the illusion of time, we can bring that picture with us “for a long time,” thus, we are not in tune with “reality,” which is dynamic change, but we bring the illusion of thoughts from the past. The same will be if we “have a good picture” of someone. Still we are bringing things from the past. We are stuck with an image which is not real and many times, we could suffer because we hold on to that picture rather than seeing the reality of change. ” You weren’t like that, what has happened to you?”

That is by all means, wasteful thoughts. That is “daydreaming.”

This disease, prolongs itself when we use words which are made to express a “dead reality,” either the past or the future.

“Remember last time, she did that to me, That was hurtful, I anticipate that she will do the same now.”

The issue is that that “now” is not “now” but a future which has been anticipated before it actually happened.

Our language is a problem and the insanity of it, is that our thoughts have created that “problem,” and those same thoughts pretend to “resolve” the problem through the use of more words.

That is why, it is considered “elevated” to speak little. That is something that we are not acquainted with in a society where “talking a lot” is rewarded as “entertainment.”

Now that we see a glimpse of the relationship of thoughts, time and words, we should ask if there is a way to “get out of it,” and the answer resides in bringing the “atemporal” state of being a detached observer. Time is trapping us, for our thoughts are numerous and chaotic, as we perceive time shrinking on us, our thoughts increase and so our words, all of that is “neither good nor bad” but wasteful. All of that brings anxiety about “time.”

That is when BapDada needs to “go at our level” and talk about the recognition of “time.” However, let me assure you that if this wasn’t the “confluence age,” still the possibility to experience the self, to awaken our consciousness is there and that is not wasteful. That is “time” well spent.

According to our thoughts, it takes time to awaken. However, when this “trick” of our thoughts is perceived, we can realize that the only time we have is “now.” That is the time for awakening. It doesn’t have to be “tomorrow,” for “tomorrow” may never come.