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Getting rid of the Spiritual Training wheels


If Jack becomes conscious of the “game” that he is playing with himself, he could change. Otherwise, he will remain in that consciousness.
What game?
He is trying to be “good,” “respectable,” a “model” for others by adopting a behavior which does not truly reflect his feelings. That behavior is motivated through a belief, which uses punishment and reward to “change behaviors.”

That is the shortcoming of any belief system. It can only change behaviors just like Pavlov’s dogs. However, feelings are intact and that is the “lying” game that some like to play with themselves… until they realize something different.


A belief system is like training wheels on a bike. It will help someone to have the feeling of what is like to ride a bike.
Some may feel that they are actually riding a bicycle. Their consciousness is attached to the training wheels. These individuals become self-righteous.

Some may realize that those training wheels are in their way of experiencing a full ride… but they become afraid. Fear arrives.
“I could fall down. That will hurt.” Even worse, these individuals will look for “logical reasons” to keep the training wheels on.

“It has been proven by science that 90% of people who take the training wheels off their bicycles, will fall down in the first 3 minutes and experience contusions, bruises and even death.”

At that time, those who had the spark of realization will terminate that “new” feeling of taking the training wheels off the bike and go on with the thought, the belief.
Fear dominates. Guilt appears.

It is safer that way. There is safety in “numbers…” 🙂

Avyakt7 shares his experiences and realizations. That is all. Avyakt7 is not quoting the latest research or trying to align with a particular belief system. As a matter of fact, Avyakt7 is in the ongoing process of cutting off beliefs from his psyche.

Avyakt7 can share about things, because he had the experience. That experience is not the “truth.” It is just an experience.
For example, Avyakt7 could tell you about sadness and depression because either he has experienced that himself or indirectly participated when someone close to him had the experience.

We could learn by listening to others experiences as long as we use that experience to recognize what is going on with us at the moment.

For instance, Avyakt7 has observed 3 different causes of sadness or mental depression.
1) Your own attitude towards life- Your emotions.
2) A chemical imbalance
3) Being over sensitive to the outside environment, such as the atmosphere or the influence of ethereal beings (ghosts, lost souls, spirits, entities and the like, etc.)

Because depression and sadness deals with your own thoughts, that is the perfect opportunity to look into it. To experience being thoughtless for a moment and extending that moment.
That is, to forget yourself.

It is in our own laboratory of the self, how we could learn by experimenting.

As we find more challenges in our personality, we could choose to deal with it by observing it or… we could use other things as palliative medicine.
Those things will give us the valuable time to keep observing.

As we honestly go into it, help will come because we are never alone. However, the first step needs to come from us and from that point, we need to keep on walking one step at the time… until we arrive.
Then, we will know. Not before.
Beliefs reside in the “before” knowing time.

No one can do the walk for us.