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Question: What is the meaning of “Trikaldarshi”? (knower of the 3 aspects of time)

Great question.
Short answer: Gyan. Knowledge makes us aware of the movie. That is knowledge, makes us Trikaldarshi.

Long answer:
Knowledge makes us aware of the cycle of time. The cycle of time is in continuous movement. Nothing remains the same. Therefore, when we talk about a “beginning” or the “end” of times, there is none (for it is continuous) but PARADOXICALLY, we know what one “loop around” the cycle is like (kalpa) through knowledge.
To know what the movie is like in that kalpa is what is known as “trikaldarshi.”

Time is meaningless for a soul. That is why, we need to take a point of “reference” to refer to time. When that point of reference is NOW, whatever has happened before is called PAST. Whatever will happen is called FUTURE.

My past is my future and my future will be my past again. This is a very PARADOXICAL concept. It will take a while to sink in.

The reference n the Murlis about being Trikaldarshi, is to recognize that every action has a consequence and according to time, we need to align ourselves to what is coming next, in order to flow with the Drama. In other words, we have the knowledge to flow, to perform activities according to that.

Many have taken the word “Trikaldarshi” as being able to foresee the future like a “fortune teller.”

It is not like that; although some people may have the gift of seeing the future. Without knowledge, this task of seeing the future as well as performing past regressions to see the past is a very dangerous business. I am not saying that this “gift” is bad. I am saying that this gift of “fortune telling” has to be used very carefully.

Let us say that person A sees that person B will get into a car accident. Person A will “help” person B by telling him to be careful or not to drive his car for a month. First, we have added some tension on person B. Second, we are looking at a car accident from the point of view that it is a “bad” thing to happen. We are forgetting that we are eternal souls and everything in the Drama is beneficial for it will take us to the NOW again. There is a difference when we know spiritual knowledge and we need to learn to accept whatever the future holds, knowing that it will be the best for us. That is why, the only thing that we need to take care of is the NOW. That is being happy now.

Regressions are ways for a person to re-live the past. It is to put the person again to a past experience. If the aim is to benefit that person, Knowledge teaches us that we have yoga and to burn the old sanskaras… or to suffer and “settle” that account. To “play” with someone’s life experiences is dangerous for we do not know the whole ramification of it. That is why, it could be very dangerous.

Time does not exist on a soul conscious level; it is just a necessary concept such as when I say “I will meet you later.” As a matter of fact, through the practice of the avyakt stage, Baba is “freeing us” from time.