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Re-defining God

Grew up with the religious belief that God created everything and gave us free will; then I was introduced into the opposite belief: God did not create anything and we were all predestined.
Went from one extreme to the other on that belief.
I went through the full experience… The full polarity on God in one lifetime.

Could God create the Universe and not create the Universe at the same time?
Could God give us free will and predestination at the same time?

Isn’t the definition of God: Omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient?

Thus; if God created everything, then God created the Devil. He created his own nemesis.

“No! The Devil was an angel who used his free will to become the Devil.”

Isn’t God omniscient? He knew what was going to happen with his creation. Thus, God created temptation, God created salvation, damnation and Hell… Isn’t that God sort of Devilish? 🙂

If God did not create anything and we are all predestined… That God doesn’t fit the previous definition of “God.”
What could be the task of such a God ?

“To give us knowledge… as it is written in holy books.”
Sorry. That is not in the definition of God.

Knowledge only brings intellectual understanding.
Intellectual understanding does not bring a new consciousness.

“But…Why is a new consciousness important?”

Without a new consciousness, we cannot go to “His” Paradise. We cannot become “angels.” We cannot be “holy…” All of those “nice words” wouldn’t have any meaning.
Without a change of consciousness we can only pretend to be “good,” act agreed upon “good” actions but our thoughts, our feelings and our intentions will be as they typically are for most: Bad thoughts, ill feelings, hidden intentions..

“… I need to practice to have positive thoughts and positive feelings.”

We cannot change what we ARE by practicing. DOING does not change BEING.
How could we go to “Paradise” pretending to be something that we ARE not?

Do you see my logic? Do you see my reasoning?
That is knowledge. It is utterly worthless when it comes to change of consciousness.

“OK…What changes consciousness, then?”
Living Life.
The experiences of Life itself will bring change of consciousness when we allow it, when we align with Life.

Define your God. Worship Him. Love Him.
Nothing wrong with that.
Just remember that your God is only your God, not necessarily everyone else’s.
Definitely, the “One” is not the only One.

Perhaps in this understanding by going beyond deep beliefs, we could begin to explore consciousness and to trust our Life path, which has been set up for us to travel. There is nothing “special” to DO but to enjoy the journey; for wherever it may take us, it will be without doubt, what we need in our Life process.

“What process?”
Going North, just to come back South. Experiencing day, just to experience night.
Do we see how insane is to label one side of the duality “good or bad”?
That only will bring fear, shame, guilt and low self-esteem.
All fears will vanish, when we open up. 🙂

Understanding the process of healing in Life

The observation of the process on how a fruit matures in a tree, may be one of the greatest teachings in Life.

Intelligence, wits, understanding, knowledge… Those traits could be defined, confined and imitated.
Nevertheless, once a lifetime ends, then all of the above will end as well.
Insight is what remains in the journey of Lifetimes.

Insight will develop through the assimilation of those experiences in Life.

Wisdom is not something learned. It is not something acquired by reading, by getting a degree or by becoming “old.”
Wisdom is the natural unknowingly, unrehearsed, application of that insight in Life.

That is what some people may refer as the trait of “old souls.”
That terminology is not accurate, for there is no such a thing as an “old soul” but just range of experienced experiences.
For instance:
Some individuals may stay awake 22 hours to experience most waking moments offered by the day. Others, will sleep 8 hours and stay awake for 16. Some will label the one who was awake longer as an “old soul,” but the range of experiences in both cases is different.

“Who is better? Who is worse?”
Those are not valid questions to ask. It is just different for everyone. Sleeping is not better than being awake. Both are necessary, complements of each other.

It is in that range of experiences in Life how insight is developed through many Lifetimes.

There is a process behind that insight. Continuous change, continuous becoming, which is BEING at the same time.

When I was 8, I thought and felt like an 8 year old kid.
When I was 30, I thought and felt like a 30 year old man.
Am I the same person?
Yes and No.

Despite that contradictory answer, what matters is to observe the process of change.

Can you teach a 2 year old how to solve a differential equation?
Why not? He will be the same person 30 years later! Why wait until then?

Simply because the 2 year old “now” is not ready. There is a process to go through, which is beyond the hands of any human to decide.

The same is with insight.
Living Life is the process to it. Experiencing Life to the fullest is the catalyst to that insight.

There is no religion that could teach insight. There is no book or university able to confer a degree in that. There is no human being who could develop his insight by “making effort.”
“Why not?”
Because we are ONE with Life. Not separated.

Insight is the fruit of living Life with “open hands.” The minute those hands are closed, the minute we think that we “have it,” we have “arrived,” that is the self-placed limit to that potential growth of insight.

For example:
3 years ago Ron said that sex was “bad.” The day before today, Ron said that sex is “good.”
That is the range of experiences. The process, the journey to be walked to know. That cannot be gathered by intellectual reasoning. You have to live it to know.
An outsider may say: “You are contradicting yourself. You are a traitor to your former cause.”

Human moral standards of “righteousness” do not understand the walk, the journey, the process.

Open your hands. Keep them open.

What is the teaching? we may ask.
Embrace all. Integrate all.
You can only know when it is your experience and not the product of intellectual minds.
But…By keeping your hands open, you will know that “your experience” at one point in time, will not be the same always.
Never ate strawberries before?
Here is one for you.
That was a sour strawberry for you?
Here… take another.
No? You remember the bitter taste of it. It created a trauma in “you”? Do you want to generalize, now?
Open your hands. Keep them open.

There is a difference between trust in Life and making the same mistake.
Your own “walk” in Life will give the answer to that.
Insight perhaps will tell you that a mistake… is not a mistake after all. 🙂

When the “I” is hurt and wants healing, there is something important to understand:

Healing is not to forbid, but to trust.

“Black or White” morality.


Killing is “bad.”
The bird killed the fish to eat it.
Was that “bad”?

A human killed a fish (the “sport” of fishing) just to throw it away for he had many already with him.
Was that “bad”?
Intention before action.

Shall we put everything under the umbrella that “killing is bad”? Make a commandment for all?
That is the “black or white” world. The mentality in that world is a consequence of having ideals, moral standards that are completely incapable of changing according to time and the circumstances. That inflexibility cannot flow with the changes in Life.

That is the religious view of “good and bad” based on actions which are qualified as moral or immoral, good or bad, pure or impure, virtuous or sinner.

Trapped in that mentality we are unable to observe that Life does not work in that way.

“Your” God, “Your” morality, “Your” ideals, “Your” virtue… it is all tinted by the “black or white” mentality.
Do we see that?

Want to be a “vegetarian”?
Define it. Defend it. Make yourself look “good,” “humanitarian.”
Want more followers, more adepts? Then, you are “especial.”
“Black or White” mentality. Vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian.

Want to be a “vegan”?
Define it. Defend it. Make yourself look “good.”
Want more followers, more adepts? Then, you are “especial.”
“Black or White” mentality. Vegan vs. non-vegan.

When humans lose the sense of balance which animals in Nature have, at that point all becomes a “black or white” matter of fact.
Is a bird a vegan? A vegetarian?
Do they live their Life based on definitions and concepts?
They live according to their nature, for in Nature, they have a particular task as we are all One.

That is why, even though the bird kills to survive, that is not “bad.”
Humans on the other hand…..
First acknowledge your own nature. Then acknowledge that it will change. Then acknowledge that a definition of yourself through a label only limits your own understanding.

Of course, the above is not for everyone. Ahnanda does not share “spirituality” for the masses.
Those who are meant to understand, will.

Playing with Emptiness and Silence


Some write: “That is a special widget.” Others may write: “That is an especial widget.”
Who is right? Who is wrong? 🙂
Some may say that “special” is the same as “especial.” Others may say that “especial” is “specially special.”

That is the same with emptiness and silence. What monotheistic religions may call as “silence” is what non-deistic religions may call as “emptiness.”

When we become caught up in the words, we miss the experience that those words are trying to convey. Lost in words we may open a “discussion forum” to bring those “concepts” forward, without having the experience of what “holy people” and “sages” are trying to convey through dualistic words.

Have you felt emptiness as an ache in the chest? Have you tried to get away from that sensation of despair of “feeling empty”?

That is a sign that something is transforming. Any process of transformation requires the feeling of emptiness, but not so we run away from it or become “busy” by ignoring it; but to observe it and use that empty space to create new things.

This is what a sage calls: “Creative emptiness.”
The room was full of stuff. To transform it is to empty it. Once it is empty, then we can start decorating it, creating new things.
Being creative means to create from emptiness. Otherwise, we are just continuing a known theme.

Many readers may not understand some of the things being shared here. These readers may “study” these words for hours, they may have all their attention into these writings and are willing to understand them… These readers are pretty intelligent as well… How is it possible for them not to understand these things?

Because they may need to have am empty space in themselves so, these things could settle down.

How is that?

Have you ever been 100% in a religious belief? Have you ever been completely dedicated to a cause?

The room is 100% full. There is no empty space there to hold anything else… anything new. All we recycle is the same thing. The same dogma.

That is how when the stuff goes out of the windows and doors of that room, when we realize about becoming obsessive. A feeling of emptiness arrives and then… we kill it by distracting ourselves… by becoming “busy.” 🙂

When we step away and allow for some empty space, then something else could be understood. Therefore, to be empty is a requisite to understand beyond a superficial game of words or “concepts.”

Many times if we have an empty space and still we are unable to understand, the time will come when a particular experience will allow us to understand. It is a matter of timing.
That understanding is non-conceptual for it is part of our being.

That is why it is said that when we are completely empty, we are everything. That is the paradox of being and non-being.

Do we want to call that silence?

That is fine.
Is that silence an absence of words? No.
Is that silence and absence of thoughts? No.
Is that silence a feeling like peace? No.

That silence is an empty (silent) space in the room of the being. Unlearning has occurred and with that, the magic of transforming.

As thoughts let their space for feelings to arrive, that silence is no longer an experience to talk about.
It may become a room full of grateful feelings… but empty at the same time.

Reader remark: End of year summary experience

“First of all thank Avyakt7 for this wonderful experience in my journey….I just wanted to share some of my own understanding from a year-end summary perspective.

° Oneness- When I wrote about the Dandiya Nite experience- the subtle suggestion “that next time around observe your internal chatter of the mind”- I did that and it was a beautiful experience to observe how easily we can become like puppies who have that biscuit- going deeper I found that was only scratch of the surface.

° Knowing God- God Knowing you is great… but how much do I know myself- mantra- Observe- Observe and Observe yourself.

° Don’t Label- even putting it on Karma is an easy escape- I used to think that was acceptance lol-

Oh yeah another gem- How do I know that I am now becoming a young adult in spirituality- When I stop needing the Father’s hand in this journey- He is there has given me enough tools- thank you father- its time to test those tools for myself and observe how it works for me-

Happy Holidays to all- Enjoy all the Tolis whichever you can lay your hands on.

Wish everyone a blissful and great end of the year.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for sharing your new understanding.
Happy to know that there are some “points” to remember and to consider… That is the task of a “good intellect…”

The task of a “good heart,” is to feel those things continually without remembering what is in the mind. That means that those points are part of you when truly assimilated, and they will change, evolve and fit your own life experience.

The mind will show us only our individuality. The things that we can understand to share with language. The heart and feelings, will express our oneness, our unity in the “movie” of life.

Nevertheless, when the mind and the heart are united, in harmony, then we can appreciate life from the perspective of that unity. That is, we could appreciate the different shades of colors in life. Today is this, tomorrow is that. He is like this; She is like that. All is great as part of the movie. When we separate a particular movie shot and make a still picture, and remember that picture over everything and lose the perspective of a continuous movie, then suffering sets in along with the sense of separation. The mind keeps the picture and our feelings (which when healthy allow us to feel unity with all,) become trapped in our own experience, that is called self absorption.


No matter what we do. No matter what we believe in. No matter who we know.

My deepest appreciation to all readers and supporters of this blog. Wish everyone of you, depth and beauty in your life. Depth of understanding and beauty in your heart.

Depth is beautiful…but beauty touches deeply…

Til next year…

If you change, the world changes

Have you heard those words before?
How is it possible?
Please ask the above question to whoever says those words… you will be surprised at their answer.

“When you change, the world changes,” sounds whimsical, a nice thing to say in religious gatherings to look “good” and to talk the “talk,” nevertheless, in the understanding of those words lies the perception of a greater “reality,” greater understanding which if truly understood, could change our own life.

Would you like an explanation? 🙂
Here it goes. In a basic understanding of the “law of karma,” (action) we can understand that if “I” do something, there will be a repercussion which will be experienced by “me.” That is why in this basic understanding all we care about is… about “me.”

If I do this, will I get any bad karma back? If I open karmic accounts now, would that be bad for “me”? Would “I” go to heaven if my actions are “good”? 🙂

The above only strengthens the personality of “I” which is separated from everything else.
Do you ever feel alone?
Yes? Then, see that separation.

If we observe carefully (as explained in many writings before,) we are interdependent of one another.
How is that?
You exist because your parents existed. You exist because there is oxygen, water, sunshine, food, everything else which in our individualistic mind we see as “separate.” Even though there is a fact of interdependence, our consciousness only perceives separation.

That is why basic understanding of the law of karma only strengthens the “i-ness” and “my-ness” ideas. When that concept of separation is gone, there is oneness. No duality of “you” and “me,” but oneness in that interdependence. “You” exist because “I” exist.

Therefore, there is no “other.” What “I” do, is done to myself.

If we take the reality of interdependence into the law of karma; what “I” do is done to everything else, for “I” am one with everything, as a fact, not as a nice phrase to repeat. “I” am interdependent with everything else. We are oneness.

That is how the world changes when “I” change, for “I” is truly the world. As a matter of fact, once that “I” is over, then there is only the world, without further labeling to separate things.

Let us say that Peter throws garbage in the river. Peter forgot to dispose of the garbage and he thought that by getting rid of it, “now,” his house will smell alright and he could be alright as well. Peter didn’t want to bother his neighbor by dumping his trash into their waste basket. Peter was afraid of being caught or to ask… but the river was nearby. Peter planned to dump his garbage when there was no one around. The river cannot hit back nor lawsuit him for dumping trash. “Nothing to fear,” Peter thought.

That river was a source of sustenance for many species. Fish, plants, even people who used that river in different ways.
That garbage became food for many species in a very unnatural way, bringing disease to some of them which in turn were nourishment for bigger fish. A fisherman caught several fish to be sold in the nearby market. Peter bought a couple of those fish. 🙂

Peter ate his own garbage but at the same time, others ate it. That has additional repercussions. Other species were influenced by Peter’s actions and there were consequences which Peter was completely unaware of.

If Peter changes his consciousness, that change will have some effect in Peter’s environment and closer individuals around him. Peter is not changing “others” but Peter is merely changing his own “self-extension,” that is, those who are part of his life.

That is how we can see that a truly spiritual individual cannot live in isolation. Whatever he does, he says, he thinks… all of that affects everything else, which will be experienced by everyone else… the world.
Then, we can see that any religious separation or any sort of “man made” boundaries such as casts, ethnic origin, gender, language, creed, beliefs, traditions, all of that only strengthen the sense of “I” belonging to a group which is only a part of the whole thing.

A sinner exists because “I” exist. It is “I” the one who labels, the one who judges, the one who separates. If “I” wasn’t there; then a “sinner” wouldn’t exist.
We could put this in another way: A saint exists only because a sinner exists.
The world exists only because “I” exist.
What the world does is because “I” do.

Vision and Attitude


As maturity increases, to acknowledge different perspectives, different viewpoints as valid, will be visible in our understanding of life.

A viewpoint is not just valid because it is “reasonable.” It is not just valid because it is “logical.” Those two words are “cover ups” for the fact that human beings are basically emotional creatures.

If we look at historical accounts on religious wars or just wars across the board, we will see that “reason and logic,” wasn’t part of the “decision making.” To hurt the planet or human beings to make a statement of power is not reasonable.
It is emotional.

Are emotions “bad”? No. They are part of the process of growing in life. Growth appears when we have that ability to expand our vision and that happens when we acknowledge the emotions of others as well, so our perspective expands from a single “unique” view to different viewpoints.

For example, in the history of the world, religions had great importance. It is basically what you believe in.

Your belief dictates a life style, a way of looking at the world and to understand life. For a “true” believer his emotions will be settled in that one “basket.” The issue comes when we are unable to accept other viewpoints as equally valid.

This acceptance does not come out of “trying to be good;” it comes out of the experience that our perception depends on our consciousness and that consciousness depends on our level of awareness, which continually changes. Thus, we are “right” and “wrong” at the same time, every time. 🙂

To acknowledge the possibility that we may be wrong, is a step forward to discover other possibilities.

Everyone may be looking at the same bright full moon surrounded by stars, but to believe that everyone is seeing the same thing is to be naïve.
Different experiences, different perceptions, different backgrounds, all of that determines our vision.

Therefore, changing our vision is truly important. That change does not mean to say one day that the color of the sun is “yellow” and the next day to say that it is “red.” It means to expand our vision to the possibility of different colors.

Truly, to say that the color of the Sun is “yellow“ is a costly oversimplification, especially if we are going to defend this particular belief. It all depends on the timing of the day, place and position to perceive a different shade.

Change the word “Sun” in the example, for “God.” Change the word “Sun” for “country,” “religion,” “beliefs,” “traditions,” “thoughts,” etc.

When there is an “unlimited” vision; there is no single item to identify with. Nothing to defend. Nothing to get all “emotional” about. It is just the understanding of different consciousness, different awareness, different timing.

This new vision will certainly bring a new attitude in life. That is the attitude of openness, that is the attitude of acceptance.

That attitude is unlimited and therefore, acknowledges and respects all.

That is why, a helping “angel” for humanity, cannot have a religion. Angels do not have a religion.