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There is forgiveness of others and there is forgiveness of the self.
Basic “moral” teachings will speak about “forgiving thy neighbor” for the wrong doings that this person may have performed onto us.

Note that there is the separation between “I” and “you.” Notice that this type of forgiveness may be also an opportunity to develop “ego,” as being magnanimous, being “good,” and is a great chance to communicate to the world “how forgiving” we can be… 🙂

When there is a higher understanding of forgiveness, we realize that this “wrong” done to us is a consequence of our own activities in the past. This is known as the “law of karma.” Therefore, when we forgive another; we are basically “settling” that karmic account. Thus, forgiving “others” is thought about bringing a “good karmic account” back to us.

When there is an even higher understanding, we can see that the “other” is basically another manifestation of myself. Thus, by forgiving; I am just forgiving myself. In this vision there is no “duality” but the vision of oneness and interdependence.

When there is even a higher understanding, there is nothing to forgive inasmuch, as outside activities are not affecting “me.”

This can only be accomplished, when there is no “me.” Without “me” there is no need to forgive.

Those are examples of different types of Spiritual understandings.
The above could be understood intellectually by many; but that is not true understanding.

We need to feel this, play the game of life; become like a window which could reflect what is in the outside as well as the inside, which allows light to pass through it, so others can see… what they are ready to see…and understand 🙂

Reader comment about the blog

“Brother, thanking you immensely for everything. I would like to share my experience to express my gratitude. An example of what you are stating about knowing your truth, embracing change and experiencing it. Not being a writer it’s a bit hard to express and also being a very private person who has never shared such things it has taken a lot of courage but somehow felt now is the right time to share this with you especially with the changes that you have made with the blog I felt that you too took a courageous step and not that you need any encouragement but this is a token of appreciation of how you are benefiting this soul. What I am experiencing would certainly not be unique and must be many others experience as well. Your explanations have had a profound impact for which I am ever grateful.

Coming from a Science/inquiring background and seeing the path of my life and how chance encounters, people and messages were leading me, I had been documenting the same without much thought. It’s only now when I re-read it I realize I have always had an innate need to know ‘Who I am’ and how Choice and Chance create Destiny from a very early age. I did feel different and a misfit but did not know why and it had never bothered me. I had had some realizations but somehow got lost in between. I had succumbed to your blog earlier as well but somehow since I did not understand the BK language, I did not attempt to explore any further.

I had always wanted to study ancient scriptures at a university but never got around it but that’s how I found out about the BKWSU but never pursued it. I have never been a devotional religious person but having lived in a country where religion is deep rooted and certain rituals being followed in every family (mine included) I have never disrespected others beliefs and participated in them but had too many questions which were disturbing me and have never been a true follower. A few months back, challenging circumstances and some questions led me to visit the BKWSU website and write a mail; a BK soul emailed me the correspondence course in Raj Yoga Meditation and some doubts led me to discover your blog again.

Simultaneously, the same question of Choice and Chance led me to attend a BK event in my city, which I knew would not be able to answer my question; however, that very same day someone else had asked a similar question on your blog. So it led me to explore your explanations in depth along with following certain practices which had been evolving gradually over the past few years. What I felt getting to know what you describe as pure gyan is indescribable, for the first time in my life I felt I could understand myself better. Obviously, I am too new and taking baby steps, even after ‘getting it’ intellectually, I still had my doubts; however, they are being resolved. I am a contented, hopeful work in progress.

You have an instrumental role in it and I am ever so grateful for that. Strangely, even just thinking of something you seem to answer it for someone else or write about it. If I shall write down the instances, it may come as a surprise to you or maybe not. The first initial times it was way unreal for me. Just as an example, I shall write a few instances. I had come across the ‘Dr Quantum’ video on YouTube however; I could not comprehend what exactly was meant by the observer that they had shown – i.e. what was making the particle behave like matter and was sincerely contemplating on it, the very next day you wrote about it and my doubts were clarified. My aunt visited and was talking nonstop about Akshavatra Geeta and asked my brother to get a Hindi version for her and an English version for me to read. The English version was not available that didn’t matter much to me but I had the assurance that I would read it if and when I am meant to. A day later you posted a readers link to the same, to be honest not that I understood the whole thing but got the gist that you explained. Too many occurrences and changes I have been observing happening in my life for a while and since yesterday, I have been contemplating about intuition and you wrote about it. I would probably not be able to grasp these ideas had it not been for your crisp explanation. So have no ways to thank you and all the higher energies and influences enabling you to do the service that you are doing.

Another instance that I would like to share, coming back to the pure gyan and the 5000 year question. Since, the gyan and the blog were truly helping me in a manner for which I shall always be grateful. I never questioned the ‘5000 year’ time frame but sincerely asked for a concrete sign for me to know that it is the truth for me and I wasn’t going crazy (I am being honest).

What happened is an AHA moment for me. I happened to watch the video on your blog which talks about planetary alignments and the details of the Pyramids in Egypt, found it super interesting as I love astronomy, ancient architecture; however it confused me as well. I immediately asked a question pertaining that to you. After writing it down, I went to check on my brother, who had met with an accident and was resting at home. He was watching a movie; I normally do not watch movies during the day more so, mid way. Since, he was watching a movie with one of my favorite actors ‘Angelina Jolie’, and the movie was also about talking about some planetary movements I decided to sit for a bit. Within a few minutes of it, a scene came where Angeline Jolie mentions to the protagonist that he must give her a missing triangle piece so that she could solve the puzzle, else they would have to wait for 5000 years for the same planetary alignment and things to repeat. For me, that was my sign of the truth. The movie I am talking about is Tomb Raiders, it released in early 2000’s, is pure fiction, they could have said any number of years. However, I end up watching it in April 2013 and immediately after having asked the question.

Moreover, I would not have understood what she was talking about had I not watched the video on Pyramids which you had linked.
So this entire write up is just to thank you ever so much for being one of the agents of profound change in my life. Wishing you the best today and always!

Also a request, like I mentioned the pure gyan has truly helped me however being new to reading about such concepts and applying them in my life, find it hard to understand ‘Avyakt Murlis’ as is, I enjoy your explanations to the ‘Avyakt Murlis’ as that’s what this soul currently understands. I believe a new season of Avyakt Murlis would begin. If it is possible would you please do the churnings for those ‘Avyakt Murlis’ maybe as a separate blog? I understand the change in direction that the blog has taken and truly respect your decision and whatever you may take.

Also, if you would feel appropriate to share what is the story behind choosing the name ‘Avyakt7’. Many thanks.”

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear reader,
I am very grateful to you as it is good to hear such feedback once in a while.. 🙂
I thank you for letting me post your personal note.

As we can see there is a “plan,” in life. Some may call it, “Godly plan,” others “Divine plan,” yet others, “Drama,” “Tao,” or simply life. Choose the name you like, but please do not become trapped in it. Otherwise that will become another concept to defend and to make divisions among human beings.

I had a similar beginning than you. Many things started to “synchronize,” as far as getting answers to questions. For me the truth was everything.

Just like yourself, the knowledge that I learned through the Brahma Kumaris was understood by me in a way that it is not typical.

The real practical aspect of this knowledge nevertheless, is appreciated when we recognize the importance of “NOW.” When we come to appreciate life as it is and people for what they are. When we behave and deeply understand that things are as they have to be…and all is “good.” This understanding will bring the need to change “NOW.”
If I am not happy… the time to be happy is “NOW,” not tomorrow in the Golden age, but “NOW.”

Interestingly enough this is the teaching of philosophies and religions where God is not considered as a “pivotal” view such as Buddhism, Zen and Taoism. All of them go into the “NOW,” and offer different tools to help us change our current state of consciousness. Because self transformation is not about worshiping the messenger, but to understand the message of the need of time… and Be it! (Not do it 🙂 ) that is how we can see that every religious path, has something to teach us and our own spiritual path will move us into something else when the teaching has been learned. Nothing is static. Everything moves like a leaf moving on top of the river of destiny, and everyone has different timing to grow.

We just need to respect that.

The role of avyakt7 is about the common good. Avyakt7 is not interested in defending a religion or a philosophy, neither interested in debating about ideas or opinions anymore. Avyakt7 is interested in the common benefit, the common good. That is all.

The name avyakt7 came to me early in my path when I started with the Brahma Kumaris. I cannot tell you what it means, other than it felt “alright” to use it as a “pen” name in the internet.

As you requested, this role may comment on avyakt murlis of the season as part of sharing spiritual knowledge to all, but this role will not be caught up in a “box” of “duties,” for the goal is for you, dear reader; to be able to understand spiritual teachings out of your own experience. Please do not become dependent on anything, even on this blog.

Finally, all of this is happening with a purpose which is beyond my thoughts. Divine help has been there in my spiritual upbringing. I am very thankful of that; but at the same time there is the sense of responsibility towards myself which means, the world… the common good.

Avyakt7 will not forget that; and readers like you only remind me of that.

Best wishes!

Reasoning needs to finish to understand Spirituality

mathias (2)

This is the talk about “Spiritual matters” between 2 friends, Mathias and Ananda.  The talk started with the recognition of fear and how an intuition is related with fear. As the talk went on, “reasoning and logic” turned that friendly sharing into some sort of “debate,” where listening to another in the light of self observation was forgotten and only intellectual concepts took over.

Mathias: Fear creates suppositions, suppositions create wear and tear in the self; that break down will finally exhaust you.
Precaution and intuition does not trap you in that state of mental exhaustion.

Ananda: When a person says that intuitively she has to leave from doing something, that intuition gives her fear to leave right away….
Mathias: That intuition is not intuition. Intuition is something fast, instantaneous. It doesn’t give time for doubt.

Ananda: An Intuition could be mistaken?
Mathias: If that intuition does not go according to your wishes, then for you it will be a mistake, but if it goes according to the Universe it cannot be a mistake.
Ananda: Then, an intuition could be according to the Universe or according to our expectations?
Mathias: Definitely.

Ananda: If I am afraid that a dog will bite me, and I want to get out from it, then intuition appears….
Mathias: When there is fear, there is no intuition. When there is day there cannot be night.

Ananda: Interesting…
It seems like fear is what is making us suffer..
Mathias: When there is intuition there is no fear for a few seconds but because an intuition is so fast, then fear could come.. That is why intuition needs to be followed by action because there shouldn’t be an empty space after it.
Intuition is quick. Fear is slow, long.

Ananda: But..fear is a thought, right?
Mathias paused and realized that Ananda kept asking questions without considering and observing in himself the answers that he was getting, then Mathias decided to discourage Ananda’s reasoning by asking unrelated questions instead. This is what is known as “Koans” or riddles or mental puzzles, words just to exhaust the reasoning ability of someone who is trapped in concepts which will not allow that person to “see” without limiting definitions.

Mathias: Is the day an action?
Ananda thought that question to be weird, it was not related with the talk at all but Ananda answered Mathias’ question anyway.
Ananda: The day is an action? No, it is not an action.
Mathias: The night, is a state of consciousness?
Ananda: Yes and No.
Mathias: To lie is an action or an alternative?
Ananda: It is an alternative.
Mathias: It is not an action?
Ananda: No, I have not performed an action.
Mathias: When you lie, you create karma?
Ananda: Yes.
Mathias:What is the meaning of karma?
Ananda: Action. But I have not performed an action…
Mathias: It is an akarma then?
Ananda: It is an akarma which could have consequences…
Mathias: There could be consequences when there are no actions?
Ananda: No.. There cannot be consequence when there are no actions… but to lie, you say it is an action, but I am not doing any actions..
Mathias then finally replied:  Mathias haven’t said that.. Mathias only tries to make you tired until he can speak with you.
Ananda smiled nervously and said…OK
Mathias further added: Mathias only wants to speak with you.

Ananda is full of concepts and has a “debating” attitude. It is about demonstrating who is “right.” He has a conceptual answer for everything based on reason and logic. However, his learning in life is based on experiences and not in mentally understanding concepts. Mathias words are helpful as long as Ananda can see those words in himself and not when he separates those words as mental concepts.

The “problem” of  Ananda is the “problem” of most intellectuals when dealing with Spirituality. Learning about life and the self is not “book learning.”  To debate about who is “right” means very little when it is about knowing the self.

Ananda: I want to understand, that is why I ask questions..
Mathias: It is not from the game of reasoning where you could understand. You will only run around like a dog chasing its own tail until you get tired of it…But when you get tired and sit down and observe, you will understand.

Question for June 7, 2103 – Maya – The Illusion

What are the different forms of maya. How can a bk recognise it. Baba says the sronger you become in effort the stronger is maya. What types of maya affect a senior bk? Please help.

Dear soul,

Thank you for your great question!
Maya or “illusion” is just that, an “illusion.”
In Sakar days, it was about the “illusion” of taking you away from the “Father’s lap.” In our days, it is the illusion that removes you from self-transformation if that is what you value in life.

The stronger is our ego, the stronger will be the “effort” needed to “overcome it,” thus, that “illusion” becomes stronger.

From a child like understanding then, Maya is “bad.”
We need to destroy “her.” We need to “make effort” to go over it…

Once the child grows up then, “Maya” is a teacher. (This is something which Baba has said as well.) Nothing to be afraid of, but it becomes the way that we learn about ourselves when we have that honesty, awareness and Spirituality is our aim.

I don’t know what kind of illusions a senior has. But, definitely, just like the rest of us. My illusion may not be your illusion, but your illusion is an illusion just like mine.

Once we awaken from those illusions, the nightmare is over.

What are the different forms of Maya?
It is formless. Or as many forms as the sand grains at the beach… It is omnipresent 🙂

How can a BK could recognize it?
By suffering. Unless you are able to see it at a “distance,” and no reject it, but play with it… 🙂 or just wake up from sleeping mode.

How can you recognize day light?
By having experienced night time.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear avyakt7, When asked by a SOUL about your introduction, you wonderfully gave your realizations in your post. This SOUL would like to know on a famous QUOTE in SPIRITUALITY: “knowledge is only an achievement of the brain, whereas realization is the awakening of the soul”. Would you kindly share your CHURNING on it, for the benefit of SOULS in search of realization?

Thank you for your kind words, dear soul. Thank you for being a wonderful supporter of this blog through your participation! 🙂

I’d like to change that quote a bit: “knowledge is a virtue of the soul. It is wisdom. The issue is that we have forgotten it, because we have forgotten our “true” self.

Then, spiritual teachers will be necessary to allow us to remember that. That is BapDada for us BKs. When we use only our intellectual understanding to make sense of teachings without realizing that the teacher is pointing us into our own inner search, then; we will make out of those teachings a dogma, a rigid body of “knowledge.”

That “knowledge” is merely intellectual. Hollow. It just requires intellectual understanding. It will make us good speakers and good writers, but not “new,” self transformed human beings.

On the other hand, a realization is the understanding of the heart. There, the mind and the intellectual thinking is not needed. It is the unconscious “old sanskaras” catching up with the conscious the “new” sanskaras, so there is automatic change. In that change there is no repression nor renunciation.

A realization like that is true understanding….Awakening of the soul!

Thank you for your thoughtful quote, dear soul!

Best wishes!

Question: What is the UNIT of measurement to measure Power, Purity, Peace, Love and Bliss? In this PHYSICAL WORLD we measure TIME in an UNIT of MEASUREMENT called….Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Day, Night, Days, etc.,. …. and so on. All these are the ‘names’ of ‘words’ that we have coined ourseleves in this LOUKIK WORLD. It is the ‘experience’ that we have coined these words on the basis of our ‘own experiences’. If so, is it that ‘with the experience’ that ‘we experience’ with ‘DUALITY’ and ‘ETERNITY’ that we can measure Power, Purity, Peace, Love and Bliss in this PHYSICAL WORLD?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

The moment you come for the first time in the cycle of time, gives that “measurement” that you are looking for. That is the “natural” way. Time as we know, does not exist just as triangles do not exist. However, we use those “non-existent” things all the time. A clock does not measure time. It just ticks every second and we “believe” that to be measurement of time, just as when we observe the sun setting in the horizon and believe that the Sun moves around the Earth. As a matter of fact, that was the “belief” for many centuries.

Different perspectives, different understandings, different realities. All according to the Drama.

Best wishes!

Question: Its great i’ve never thought this way_“newer” soul does not have a great deal of karmic bondages to settle, likewise when it is time to go “back home,” that soul will not need BK knowledge to settle his accounts. Those few accounts will be settled through suffering. *is this the reason why most of the souls i meet don’t show not so good response to the knowledge?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

🙂 There are many responses to that ( It is not their time to understand, teachings methods are not adequate: too much bhakti or too little, not enough “yoga,” etc, etc) but you are right. That is why Baba mentions about “taking the pulse,” then you’ll know what to give for “no one can go empty handed.” 🙂

Best wishes!