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Fight to survive

Our society is built upon the idea of separation. There has to be a nemesis to make our Life interesting, to have a purpose.
Humans have developed their little colorful country flags, their little national anthems and the idea that they are “representing” something “special” over everyone else. That sense of identification is misguided through chauvinism.

It is team A against team B. It is “Me” and what I am identified with, against everything else.

To separate, we could use jerseys of different colors, the color of our skin, or ideas. Anything helps to make a separation.

That idea of separation is in our core. When “I” am not representing “my” country, “I” am representing my town, my church, my political party, my “ism,” my race, my social status, my education, my age group, my sexual identity….

It is that idea the one that needs to be flushed out from our system for the repercussions are tremendous. This is a matter of consciousness.

I can litter the streets because those are not “mine.” It is “my” country but my separation mode is different now. Among same countrymen, the streets, the Ocean, the air are not “mine.” Those are “mine” only when someone from another country, someone “different” wants something with them.
That is the stupid idea deeply ingrained which books do not talk about, nor the priest, the religion or the politician.
Those only “talk about” peace, unity, love… Cheap talk.
When we ARE separation, how could we be united? By DOING something?

That conditioning of “survival of the fittest” is flawed as most humans believe it is.
“I” cannot survive without the other things around for the “other” things are truly part of “I.”

Pollute the air, pollute the Ocean, displace animals from their habitat… What happens then?
In our society, economic interests are first. We live in this human made realm to compete. That is our fight to survive.
That is the extension of the conditioning.

With the above in mind, how a man will act with a woman when united in sexual intercourse?
In separation.
Deep down it is a fight. A competition. A struggle to subdue the other. It comes natural! Although we may label that as “love” or “making love,” or use another “nice” label. We cannot hide who we ARE.

Anything a “modern” conditioned man DOES will only reflect who he IS.

So, am “I” preaching to “change,” to be someone else by “practicing” some idea? NO. I am merely stating my perception. It is just a perception.

Change does not happen when I try to DO the opposite of what “I” understand to be “wrong” to make it “right.”  That is infantile.
Change happens when I can clearly see who “I” AM without any additional emotions to defend or condemn myself. Just SEE it completely.

For as long as we do not SEE it, we will only believe it or we will not.
We will add yet another belief in our deep and huge bag of beliefs, that sooner or later will be lost in forgetfulness. All we will have left then, is another “nice” talk about Love, Peace, Compassion, Unity, etc.

The mind can live with the ideal, but “reality” cannot.

Separation will bring unity

The “I” cannot fix Life, neither self…but the “I” can fix things and do things.”

Once a person learns a concept, and “buys it,” then that concept becomes an investment to protect, to treasure.

“Separation is bad. This world is the way it is because there is separation, animosity, fights, quarrels, etc. We need unity to bring peace in the world.”

The above phrase is a politician’s talk. It is the magic of empty words. Use certain keywords such as: Life, Freedom, Democracy and some method to support those “values,” to have the acceptance of the “majority.”

The other day I heard a politician trying to explain to the public, how 2 commercially competing neighbor countries, could “complement” each other. If 2 people compete against each other, there cannot be a possibility to complement each other, so is with nations for they are the extension of individuals.

The “power” of appeal over depth of understanding.

Through concepts, through thinking, through believing totally in the accuracy and truth of our own minds, we create space for self-righteousness and because of that, we are biased towards anything that goes against our “investment.”

Nevertheless, Life will teach us the lesson. Whenever there is a belief that someone is “great,” that is the exact path to diminish that one as small, minor, modest. It is just a matter of time.

Observe how your “high” at one point due to something, will become your “low” at another time, when that something is gone.
Then the advice for “others” will be: “Stay away from that.” There is no understanding of a process.

Every experience is meant to show us who we ARE as the sky reflects a cloudy afternoon in a tranquil Ocean.
The clouds are not the problem between you and the Sun. The problem is that we are incapable to enjoy the clouds…
All clouds move, they go on, never static… Once they are all gone, then we could discover that we “miss” the clouds for we realize that the Sun is too bright, too hot… suffering sets in.

“SO… What do you want me to do if “I” am burning?”
Jump into the Ocean. Don’t think too much.

Labeling separation as “bad” is not a solution. Separation does not require a solution for it is not a problem to be “fix.”
It is merely a state of being. Once that state reaches its fullness, it will change itself through a Life process of dissolution. Merely observe how Life brings the perfect setting when we are ready.

“That does not make sense. I want to help the world to be united. I want to help people who are in need, I want to make a difference and not just sit there and watch…Go with the flow…”

Then, allow for that “I” to be dissolved. Otherwise, any activity that you “do” will be tinted with egotism. Do you want change “now,” right?
If you force that to happen because it is your goal, you will be acting with violence as you will not be respecting the natural process of Life.
Please see this: If something is currently “left,” it will move to the “right.” It has its own timing to be natural. If you force that because you feel sorry, because you want change in your Life time, etc. Violence will be executed unavoidably. There are consequences for that.

“So it is better not to act, then…”

An action coming from the unity of the heart, mind and soul and expressed through the body is a wholesome action. That is a “pure” action. Typically our actions are fragmented not wholesome. There is a difference.

Would you like to spend your Life thinking about solutions, thinking about ways to bring “good” to this world by fixing it “now”?

That attitude only shows the strength of your “I.”

Life does not need of an “I” to “help it” improve.
Separation brings unity and unity will bring separation. Duality 101.

Dance the tune, move with the song, it is not about “fixing” the music, changing the song; but to learn to enjoy and appreciate “what is,” for it will change for sure.

Note: I came upon this blog: http://lonerwolf.com/ I was fascinated to find “newness” there. FYI.

Unicity through diversity

unity and diversity

One of the greatest ego-trips is the belief in individuality.

It is that belief the one originating separation among human beings. That separation expresses itself through a competitive attitude.

If you are number “1” in something, there must be number “2,” “3,” etc.

“I” need to become this or that. “I” need to arrive there all by myself, with my “own effort,” “I” must control “my” life and “my” environment; so I can become successful, well-known, somebody… In that way the world will know about “me” and “my” greatness, and “I” will be an example for humanity to emulate and they will follow “me,” and “I” will be teaching them to be “like me,” the “right way.” 🙂

Then, everyone will remember me when “I” die.. and “I” will be helping them from “up above,” (so “I” will continue on) so things will move in the “right path,” with the “right belief.” “I” will be seating next to God, observing, judging, controlling, punishing, criticizing, making things “good,” for all and helping all… “my way.” 🙂

The above is an egotistical, childish trip to nowhere.

For many the “reality” of being an individual who can do what he likes when he likes, is enough to create that illusion of separation.

Why is it an illusion?

Because what “I” do, what “I” say to “others” has a consequence which will be experienced by “me.”

“I” can do what “I” want, but “I” cannot stop the consequence of “my doings.” Moreover, If “I” had wisdom, “I” will not do something which will hurt “me.” Right?

But … “reality” is that we typically hurt ourselves at any given day.

Even though it is so simple to understand this principle of interdependence, our imagination and illusory thought; fully believes in our individuality.

There is no one who has taken the life of another being, who has no experienced a return on that.

There is no one who can possibly sit on the right side of God, who has developed an illusory sense of “I,” that individuality which is killing the best of humanity.

There is no one who can “go to heaven,” without caring for “others” and not just their own little story, their own beliefs and dogmas, their own sense of “security.”

Why is it so difficult to look at the Ocean and see that Ocean as part of “me”?
Isn’t that Ocean helping me survive? Can’t we see that far?

Humanity is a story, which has already been written. Things will happen as they have to. It is when “I” separate from that story, to create my “own,” when “I” create suffering for “me.”

All of our own beliefs are supported by this idea of individuality, separation.

The irony resides in labeling “others” who perceive the unicity of diversity as “infantile,” by doing that, we create the separation of “you” and “me,” which is the greatest illusion of the mind.

Are we interested on religious dogmas or in perceiving truth?
Are we interested in following an educational system based on solely this idea of individuality?

We could have the consciousness of individuality; but that is a partial “reality.” When we understand oneness through individuality; that is the time when our conceptual, analytical understanding of life is happily thrown out of the window of our own minds.

“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.”
― Swami Vivekananda

“The meaning of Supreme Knowledge is to become one with all. Why so many diversities in the world? It is also due to lack of this oneness. Why so many diversities among different religions? That was also due to lack of oneness. Nothing will exist one day. Temples, Churches will not be required. When a man gets God within his body, then only everything will be abolished.”
― sri jibankrishna or Diamond

“We are all different expressions of one reality, different songs of one singer, different dances of one dancer, different paintings – but the painter is one.”
― Osho

“Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion?
― Rumi

“Trouble makes us one with every human being in the world – and unless we touch others, we’re out of touch with life.”
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

“We are members of one great body, planted by nature…. We must consider that we were born for the good of the whole”
― Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Caught up in feelings to “feel” Spirituality


“The beauty of your celestial face
shines in the softness of your skin
that is your everlasting grace
which makes us lovers akin

Mystery is your Divine name
your beauty is worth a golden frame,
to me there is nothing but your heart
that is what keeps our passion alive.”

The above piece (written sometime ago and re-arranged) may bring certain feelings. It may bring a closeness to an ideal, an experience, a wish, a desire.

In feelings, we can open a different world of experiences. We could be finally “alive.”

In Spirituality, God has taken that pedestal of perfection, of totality, of fulfillment.

A “lover pursuing the beloved” is the story of human beings looking to meet their complements for the experience of completeness.

Even though romantic feelings will take us away from the common “primal instincts” and put us into the plane of deep sentiments, closer to “real” spirituality; still there is the need to recognize that unless we are complete in ourselves; there cannot be the experience of two equals complementing each other in a “healthy” relationship.

If there is no “self completeness,” God is “up there” even though “here.”

That is what makes God unreachable. For the moment we could reach that equality in our beings; that is the moment where the need to feel fulfilled through another, magically dissapears.

Then, being “merged,” being equal, being complements, is the natural relation. Oneness.

Oneness starts with the Universe inside ourselves. When feelings and thoughts align in this Oneness; then there could be the opportunity to complement that oneness with a greater one… 🙂

The dog chasing its own tail


A dog is composed of many cells, those cells make up organs; those organs have a function, nevertheless; everything works as a unison, that means that there is an interconnection, a relationship of all organs to work together into what is perceived as a dog.

The dog breathes without being conscious of it. Its heart beats without being conscious. It happens! There is a universal intelligence making all work, as long as we are in tune with that, everything is in balance, in harmony.

However, a dog is more interested in the “outside,” that is the world existing from its own skin outwards. It is in that consciousness when the dog “loses” itself.

“Shazam” is the name of a that cute dog.

If Shazam could think like a human being does; Shazam could be separating his body into different parts: Head, tail, belly, back, etc. It is in that idea of separation, that a dog could perceive its tail as being different. If Shazam bites its own tail on the perception that his own tail is not his, then there will be instant “karma” for Shazam.

That Karma will be in proportion to the intensity of his own bite. 🙂

If a cell in the tail of Shazam develops some consciousness; that cell could come up with a name to differentiate itself from all the other cells. This fictional cell calls itself “Billy.”
Other cells in the neighborhood, call him dearly “Billy the egomaniac.” 🙂

Billy has an attitude. Billy does not want to be a cell in Shazam’s tail. Billy starts his campaign to recruit followers for his idea of “justice.” Billy was able to recruit 30% of Shazam’s cells from the tail. Billy and his folks developed an insolent behavior; what is known as a “cancer.”

The exact thing happens with human beings. We are not able to see that everything is “us” for we cannot survive by ourselves, alone. That is the illusion. We depend on each other to work as an organ does to a body, which in turn will work with other organs, which will look different than “us.” Those organs will have different “parts,” to give life to something far greater than all of us, the World.

Whatever we do to the “outside” of “us,” to what we perceive as not being “us” will have a consequence in “us.” When we get to this point, we are dealing with “enlightenment” for the first time. Just like Shazam, we may need to bite our own tail to recognize that, for the light bulb of intelligence to shine….

By creating cancer here and there, thanks to our thinking consciousness, we are unable to see the greater picture. That is until Shazam bites its own tail with great anger, in that pain; “Billy” and his buddies will be gone.
But also Shazam’s cute tail… 😦

Shazam is all what exists in this movie of life. The plot is about Shazam chasing his own tail.

Some moralists will say that Shazam is a “bad dog,” for wasting his time in such mundane endeavors.
Some will say that Shazam is a “good dog,” for entertaining himself in such a clever way.

The issue is not about labeling something as “good or bad” and to play moralist.
The issue is to realize the consciousness that Shazam has while doing that activity.

Everything is consciousness.
Shazam gave his “Woof!” of approval. 🙂

Vision and Attitude


As maturity increases, to acknowledge different perspectives, different viewpoints as valid, will be visible in our understanding of life.

A viewpoint is not just valid because it is “reasonable.” It is not just valid because it is “logical.” Those two words are “cover ups” for the fact that human beings are basically emotional creatures.

If we look at historical accounts on religious wars or just wars across the board, we will see that “reason and logic,” wasn’t part of the “decision making.” To hurt the planet or human beings to make a statement of power is not reasonable.
It is emotional.

Are emotions “bad”? No. They are part of the process of growing in life. Growth appears when we have that ability to expand our vision and that happens when we acknowledge the emotions of others as well, so our perspective expands from a single “unique” view to different viewpoints.

For example, in the history of the world, religions had great importance. It is basically what you believe in.

Your belief dictates a life style, a way of looking at the world and to understand life. For a “true” believer his emotions will be settled in that one “basket.” The issue comes when we are unable to accept other viewpoints as equally valid.

This acceptance does not come out of “trying to be good;” it comes out of the experience that our perception depends on our consciousness and that consciousness depends on our level of awareness, which continually changes. Thus, we are “right” and “wrong” at the same time, every time. 🙂

To acknowledge the possibility that we may be wrong, is a step forward to discover other possibilities.

Everyone may be looking at the same bright full moon surrounded by stars, but to believe that everyone is seeing the same thing is to be naïve.
Different experiences, different perceptions, different backgrounds, all of that determines our vision.

Therefore, changing our vision is truly important. That change does not mean to say one day that the color of the sun is “yellow” and the next day to say that it is “red.” It means to expand our vision to the possibility of different colors.

Truly, to say that the color of the Sun is “yellow“ is a costly oversimplification, especially if we are going to defend this particular belief. It all depends on the timing of the day, place and position to perceive a different shade.

Change the word “Sun” in the example, for “God.” Change the word “Sun” for “country,” “religion,” “beliefs,” “traditions,” “thoughts,” etc.

When there is an “unlimited” vision; there is no single item to identify with. Nothing to defend. Nothing to get all “emotional” about. It is just the understanding of different consciousness, different awareness, different timing.

This new vision will certainly bring a new attitude in life. That is the attitude of openness, that is the attitude of acceptance.

That attitude is unlimited and therefore, acknowledges and respects all.

That is why, a helping “angel” for humanity, cannot have a religion. Angels do not have a religion.

Question: Beginning the journey of Spirituality

Brother, Often concept or so called knowledge for many satisfy the egoic mind, but it is only some who go beyond the egoless stage and truly realize the meaning of our true being, question here is what would be the fundamental and first step for someone who is beginning their journey of spirituality? How can this be applied in daily life that will deepen this experience?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question!
From my experience, nothing could happen unless there is the realization that all changes start from within and that there is a need to change from within if there is no experience of serenity and joy in our lives on a continuous basis. Suffering is not “normal.”

That realization may take a long time. In the meantime, some may find relief or a palliative time through beliefs, religious dogmas and devotional practices, rituals, etc. All of that is an important step for many to spend time in knowing the self. However, many as well will stay in that “soothing relief” all their lives hoping that God or a ritual will help them reach “illumination.”

Paradoxically, that Divine help only comes when we help ourselves first; when in our minds and hearts, reaching a more conscious state of being; becomes our life for the common good of all.

When we live life with gratefulness and appreciation of all that exists, we are applying practically that realization of inner change. That experience can only deepen into a harmonious unity with all.

Best wishes!