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“Black or White” morality.


Killing is “bad.”
The bird killed the fish to eat it.
Was that “bad”?

A human killed a fish (the “sport” of fishing) just to throw it away for he had many already with him.
Was that “bad”?
Intention before action.

Shall we put everything under the umbrella that “killing is bad”? Make a commandment for all?
That is the “black or white” world. The mentality in that world is a consequence of having ideals, moral standards that are completely incapable of changing according to time and the circumstances. That inflexibility cannot flow with the changes in Life.

That is the religious view of “good and bad” based on actions which are qualified as moral or immoral, good or bad, pure or impure, virtuous or sinner.

Trapped in that mentality we are unable to observe that Life does not work in that way.

“Your” God, “Your” morality, “Your” ideals, “Your” virtue… it is all tinted by the “black or white” mentality.
Do we see that?

Want to be a “vegetarian”?
Define it. Defend it. Make yourself look “good,” “humanitarian.”
Want more followers, more adepts? Then, you are “especial.”
“Black or White” mentality. Vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian.

Want to be a “vegan”?
Define it. Defend it. Make yourself look “good.”
Want more followers, more adepts? Then, you are “especial.”
“Black or White” mentality. Vegan vs. non-vegan.

When humans lose the sense of balance which animals in Nature have, at that point all becomes a “black or white” matter of fact.
Is a bird a vegan? A vegetarian?
Do they live their Life based on definitions and concepts?
They live according to their nature, for in Nature, they have a particular task as we are all One.

That is why, even though the bird kills to survive, that is not “bad.”
Humans on the other hand…..
First acknowledge your own nature. Then acknowledge that it will change. Then acknowledge that a definition of yourself through a label only limits your own understanding.

Of course, the above is not for everyone. Ahnanda does not share “spirituality” for the masses.
Those who are meant to understand, will.

Spiritual Efforts: The Elevated Code of Conduct: Maryadas

For many, embracing a spiritual path, means to listen to someone (Guru) giving classes about a particular topic, mingling with a new group of people who are “into the same thing,” to dress similarly and help each other if needed.

This is very easy to perform. In my times as a Christian soul, going to church every Sunday was the hardest “effort” to make other than having to “confess” my sins to the priest so these “sins” could be “absolved.”

On the other hand, once I became interested in the Brahma Kumaris knowledge; there was a “surprise” waiting for me if I wanted to be “part of the club.”
That was the “code of conduct.”

In this writing I will expose the main ones with the only purpose to inform individuals about this practice. To follow these “principles” is perfectly feasible, although not for everyone. It is my experience that by following these principles, our life in general will change for the better, for a more spiritual self. It is just a matter of time and consistency to succeed in this life style.

There are 16 “maryadas” in the current list that I am aware of, but out of those there are 5 which are the pillars of spiritual “effort making life” and those are the main concern of this sharing.

1) Morning class every day. (nowadays, “hear” class every day through the phone or computer) at 6:30 AM. In my town, it is Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM and weekends at 7:30 AM with half an hour meditation before that (if possible.)
Now, this is a change from just a typical Sunday morning mass (11 AM.)

2) Lacto vegetarian life style (without eggs, garlic or onions)
This was a “big change” in my life. Fortunately I had been vegetarian for “moral reasons” (Don’t believe in killing animals to survive) back in my native Spanish country, when no one around me believed in such things, so I had to fight my way back then and eat “taste-less food” to make it. Although, “no garlic” meant that I couldn’t buy much from the store; for 99% of the food items have garlic in them.. 🙂
What is the issue with garlic? It is a well-known food item with “aphrodisiac” properties, besides the “strong” smell which most individuals believe to be “normal” to have with them.
Here a website for those who need “proof.

3) Celibacy: Things could get a bit tougher, now!! However, take care of your diet; get away from the “normal” diet and things will start changing. Diet is the first step. The second step is if you are a Brahmin soul or not. If you are a Brahmin soul, celibacy will not be so hard, especially if a “Golden age” soul; otherwise, there may be some “inner fights.” For the rest, celibacy is a “cleansing” process.
There are some who believe that celibacy is just non sexual intimacy with someone, but still indulge in self sexuality. Sorry, that is not celibacy. There are others who will experience “nocturnal emissions,” through this process. That means that there is still room for improvement. Celibacy is “numberwise” as well. These involuntary emissions could be experienced also by women; however, as the grip on celibacy increases, these episodes will diminish. For a Brahmin soul; there is a complete life-style to follow “purity,” AND; this is not just for the “clergy” or the “upper classes closer to God,” but for everyone. Higher standards; that is all.

4) Amrit Vela: Early morning meditation at 4 AM every day until 4:45 AM.
Time to wake up: 3:30 AM approx.
This is the “backbone” of the BK life style in my perspective. The whole life style points to the experience of “Amrit Vela.” If you consistently have “good” meditations at this time, you are doing good!
This practice by itself will regulate the “myth” of the 8 hours sleep cycle. 5 to 6 hours should be enough for most.
Being awake after amrit vela is beneficial to avoid “nocturnal emissions” and it is the “best time” for spiritual uplifting.

There are some souls who would like to try “Amrit Vela” without training the self for it. For most, this will require some “training.” To do this every day will be felt as sleepiness by an unaccustomed body, so the number of times per week should be increased gradually for most, to allow the self to “get used to it.”

This is something that I encounter in many souls eager to follow all the “principles,” those souls will feel “tired” if not properly trained, then, the consistency will be lacking. (i.e: 1 week amrit vela every day and the next week nothing at all ) Training and patience are required.

5 ) Keeping a chart:
This is the equivalent of “confession” in Christianity. Here, at night we could revise our activities mentally and see where we need to concentrate for further improvement. By keeping a chart, we will be able to “process” our life so we know exactly how we reacted throughout the day. A chart gives us the opportunity to “check and change.” This is the equivalent to the “dairy” which some individuals like to keep.

As we can see, these principles will definitely change our “traditional” life style; but if we have the strength and tireless stamina to learn from this new life style, positive changes will definitely be just around the corner. It is a matter of faith in our own capacity.