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Holding on to sanity through meditation


Probably we have heard how meditation is important to bring relaxation to our lives. To feel “stress free,” to “unwind and relax.”
Also, for those in a spiritual path, that meditation becomes concentration to a flame, visualization of the ocean, the sunset, concentration on something, and also feelings to God. For others, it is about “saying” a mental prayer to God or just to “stop thoughts.”

Yet for others, it could be all of the above but with an experience of bliss and peace which comes in the most unexpected moments and which cannot be brought to our awareness at will.

Moreover, some of us are willing to pay for someone to “teach us” how to meditate as if, we have asked for someone to teach us how to breath. Meditation is like breathing. It is a necessary part of being which at this time, is clouded by a continuous flow of insane thoughts, bringing the past or the future to our awareness and we are constantly identifying with it.

I wanted to share, the latest “experiment” on meditation: Observing the self. – I know, it may not be that “new.”

How is that?
As I am writing this, I am waiting in a car dealership for my car to be repaired. The “waiting room” is an ample room where there are 2 huge TVs. One with sports, where all I hear is “important stuff” about how this basketball player is doing this rather than that. All about his injuries and how he is “heroically” overcoming them, then is about all the machines that I can purchase to get “fit.” I decided to tune out of it.

On the other TV, there is a movie going on. “Transformers.” 🙂 You hear the shooting, screaming, the emotional rush going on with “Dolby” surround sound which gets the viewers in the dealership hooked into the TV. You know, all the fast talk, “cool” tough talk and lots of action. Then we see these robots “human-like” destroying stuff around them and people begging for their lives to be spared..Important stuff, for these aliens are “protecting us” from evil.:-) Great breakfast starter! Let us not forget the background music as well.. It is playing the “best of the 70’s”.. 🙂 All of that is going on at the same time.

Why give the customers only one “noise” at the time, when you can give them 3 things to choose from! It is all about choices…

That is called “Entertainment” after all, and it is “normal”… 🙂

So, where is the meditation in all of that “madness”? Sorry, I mean.. “Entertainment.”

Meditation resides into being to look at myself (emotions, feelings, breathing, thoughts) and see how everything around me, could have the power to get me out of my own “peace.” Just to be aware of the process is to be “safe” from it. My meditation resides in going beyond the layers of the mind, the unnecessary thoughts, by being aware of them. My meditation resides in being AWARE of all of those changes so I can maintain what I know to be the “self” out of experience of it. To tune in into it, is my meditation, to feel that inner power by being AWARE of it. If there is one word to describe this meditation, that will be AWARENESS.

Can anyone teach me that? No. Just as someone cannot teach me how to breath, but once I know how to breath, I can improve it through further info to experience with. All I can have is information, but without an experience, there is no knowing. I need to do it. Experience it.

Being aware of my breath, in and out at this moment is to practice that remembrance at “every breath.” When I remember the self, the soul, when I am aware of it at every breath, when I experience it… I am “equal to the Father.”

In that experience, everything changes, transforms little by little. The “rust” goes away.

I could be sitting in a nice meditation place, with all the “vibes,” the nice lights and the soft music or I could be in this car dealership. The only difference is my own consciousness.

The good news is, that I can take meditation with me. I can become meditation.

Spiritual efforts: The magic of “Check and Change.”

How do you check if your activities/actions are the “right ones”?
How do you check if your interactions are according to the slogan of “making everyone happy”?

We could go through life without even realizing about being happy.
If we have ever asked the question, “Am I happy?” For sure, we are not. That is the beginning of this thing which is known as “the spiritual search.”

The questions above may seem a bit tricky, but it is not dependent on a “method” to realize if my activities are the right ones. It is not dependent on following a particular set of directions either.

It is a feeling. We feel the “vibes” of someone.
When we observe without judgment, we can “catch” how someone feels at a particular moment and act accordingly.

“Checking” is easier in others than in the self as we know, but both are related; because depending on my current state is how much accuracy will have my assessment of someone’s “day.”
This is why, it is important to recognize a particular state of “being” in us. We can call that “peace.”

That particular state could be known through meditation. Once we are acquainted with that state of natural peace, we will automatically know when we are “out of synch,” by just checking on the self, by just being aware.
There is no need for any “laws” or mental image of that someone who we want to imitate because we consider that person “spiritual.” Any imitation is not the “real thing.” A change in behavior is not the real change.

Let me stress this issue one more time: We need to recognize our own state of peace. Become familiar with it. Anything which takes us away from that, is the source of the issue that we may need to explore in our “checking.”

Basically, why is that “thing” taking our awareness from a peaceful inner setting? That is what checking accomplishes, but it is not a question that requires a mental logical answer. It is just to be aware of the moment we enter into the land of “peace-less-ness.” That is all.

Once that happens and we become aware, “change” takes place automatically for we will go back to that state which we are familiar with, as long as we are fully aware.
When we relate with others in this state of peace, which comes from “being” that peace rather than “acting it,” we will be able to answer the questions above, without writing extensive commandments or laws or methods.

The source of “checking” is our own state based on our own awareness. “Change” happens when aware.
Everything starts in the self and finishes there as well.