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No shortcuts in this path


Many individuals are looking for the “way out,” that is a different consciousness, a different way to look at life and to be able to live in joy… The catalyst for that situation is typically an increased perception of suffering.

Suffering is not “bad.” It is a limit to show us something for those who are able to see.

Nevertheless, the “ Spiritual marketing department” will take the opportunity to offer “powerful speakers with transformational answers” to fulfill that collective need for something new. For them, spirituality is about offering “cutting edge information and techniques” for the masses so “we can transform the world together.” 🙂

Seekers are looking for life answers and they get beliefs to momentarily calm their minds instead.
Seekers are looking for guidance and they are offered the opportunity to follow someone instead.
Some people want to get something from life (money, health, etc.) and they are offered “recipes” for “easy success” instead.

It does not matter if we hear a speaker who is “vibrating in the higher frequencies,” that is not needed to transform the self. Unless what we hear somehow relates with our own experience, unless we can recognize those words in ourselves.
Recognition of something that we already know.

That is why no one could teach someone else something already known. It is just recognized.

Life will offer the “tools” according to our readiness to assimilate.

Inner observation is a tool, which does not have copyrights. No one can make $ out of that. No one could offer a “recipe” for “easy success” out of that, for this inner observation is a personal journey.

There is no shortcut for the one who would like to unleash that oppressed joy already in us. No shortcuts for the one who is willing to peel off the layers of his own personality as he could do with an onion, even if that means to shed some tears in the process. No shortcuts for the one who is willing to experience whatever it takes to find out… to find himself.

In this journey, we may discover:
Emotions, which cover our joy and deny our health.
A reactive personality, which destroys a good relationship with others and the self.
A head full of beliefs, which destroys our ability to open up to life due to fear.

The journey is intimate. Words cannot convey the walking of the spiritual walker.
All is required is to be aware, awake to be able to see that the next intersection in our path is exactly the experience that we need to continue on… and walking is the task of the spiritual walker. 🙂

Energetic exchange


When we speak, we emit a distinctive noise when our emotional state is altered.

For most individuals, this is “normal.” Typically in a meeting or a gathering, when we do not hear the meaning of the words, but just the noise itself, we could “hear” someone’s emotional state with ease.

The same “job” of listening to others, we could do it with ourselves. If we have difficulties in observing how an emotion could overcome us, just listening to the noises being made through our own mouths, could easily let us know about our state of mind.

The above is a significant practice. It is about observing ourselves. It is only when we catch ourselves in a state other than at “ease and peace,” that we could have the possibility to go back to it. That is the work of observation.

Typically, the vibrations, atmosphere or environment will have a great effect on our mind. If we are seating in front of confrontational individuals, and eating lunch with them; do not expect to have a good digestion. Your stomach will tense up. That tension will not allow for a proper digestion.

If we eat and watch a TV program charged with fear, fights, and negativity; the undiscerning mind will take all of that and become it.

Fear, tension and negativity will be the outcome of it.

The above just shows our interdependence with the environment. That is why eating should be a sacred moment, a moment to process our symbolic union with the environment.

Nourishment is not only about eating vitamins and essential minerals along with the groups of food; but even more important, it is about the complete experience of being part of a “symbiotic” relationship or experience with the whole of existence.
The “outside” becomes part of the “inside.”

Without this observation, we will never know how our emotional state of being is what it is.
Today moody. Tomorrow, elated. The day after, sad. Why is that?
For most “normal” individuals, the answer of that question is irrelevant if they could swallow a pill to feel ”better.”

Are we then dependent on the environment? Do we have a defense when we are around hostile environments?

In Spirituality, everything is about transformation. That is why, things are not rejected; but transformed. Things are accepted to be transformed.
Those things could be experiences; they could be feelings and emotions. The heart is the greatest transformer of energy and vibrations. To learn to close our open channels represented by the main entrance points in the being (7 main chakras) is a sure way to protect the self. To do that, we need to be aware of our environment. We need to learn to observe.

A thought filled with negativity, the bothersome feeling about being in a bad situation will become poison for the self. Thus, the heart needs to radiate its energy as protection. This is the “reason” behind sending “good feelings and good wishes for all.”

If we are not sending/giving energy; then we are taking energy in. If what we are taking in hasn’t been transformed; then we become what the outside emits.

We become “normal.”

If we take the time to sit and check ourselves, we will find out about a turmoil going on, which we could put in the back burner by “becoming busy.” If we do not catch that bothersome sensation, we have missed the opportunity to transform it and with that the opportunity to appreciate the ongoing game of giving and taking energy, which is of paramount importance to understand if we would like to keep smiling despite the ongoing things around us.

Nature is one of the greatest source for recharging the self with “new” energy. That energy has the strength to renew the self.

Not being aware of this interdependence is to live in isolation.

The Third Eye

In Spirituality, many times the words “Third Eye” are used. What is it?
I found the explanation of Sadhguru from the Isha foundation, very interesting.
He explains the significance of the third eye but also explains the meaning of the different chakras while an individual develops his/her spiritual life.

Obviously, what he explains matches in a way my own experience which was explained here:

For those who would like additional information about the chakras, you could find that information here:

Why is it important to know about the chakra system? (7 main chakras)
Because those are energetic centers of the self. Through those centers we could “ingest” energies or vibrations as well as to send that energy out. Thus, we could protect ourselves by closing those at will, or we could work on a particular chakra to allow for the energetic channels to “open up.”

When these channels are “clear,” there is the experience of bliss or peace, which may last for a small period of time, until we find a way to “clear” the issues. Those issues are usually psychological or emotional in my experience.

As we experience our own spiritual development, we could experience in which chakra we are located in that evolution at a certain time.

Enjoy the Silence

Tampa Bay

Many times we hear “ to be in silence.” For most that means, not to utter any word. Yes, that is silence; but in Spirituality we go beyond the common dictionary definition of that word.
We need to go into an experience of Silence.

“Not to talk before Baba’s meeting,” has become very fashionable. But not to think waste or even not to emit judgment or opinion, is something that not too many can “do.”
In fact, we don’t “do it,” it happens. 🙂

How does it happen?
When there is a realization of the value of not thinking mundane stuff, that is to be in silence.
As I was looking through the window, my mind had “plenty of stuff to do.” Needed to talk with this person, write an email here and there; purchase things, etc. Just mundane stuff.
Then, when the realization came of such activity without the label “this is mundane,” but as a “weight to carry,” some sort of “heaviness;” then, I was able then to really look outside the window and perceive beauty of trees and the clear shiny sky of that morning. At that point I was able to hear birds emitting sweet sounds, while my mind had stopped generating “noise.”

The realization of this change only lasts “1 second.” Because of that awareness; is that I am able to write this for otherwise; that state of beauty will go unnoticed. Almost like when we see a sunset, we become peaceful; and then we think: “If I want peace, I need a sunset.” There was no realization that our inner stage was “ready” for that experience when there was no expectation of that “peace” to happen and that the mind had stopped emitting wasteful noise. Beauty comes when that “noise” goes away.

Birds are “talking,” but their talk through singing is sweet. It is regenerating, it is fortifying. When that space of “silence” accumulates in the self; then automatically there is change in the being.

Those spaces of silence will be needed to recover our sanity when surrounded by a world of noise and activity.

Calmness, coolness, easiness; comes in the appreciation of that state of “non being.”
The beauty of dawn is appreciated when there is “no-one to emit judgment of it.”

That beauty penetrates our being as if we were sponges thirsty to engulf that holy water of silence.

Another realization comes, when we perceive that our state of being is not only dependent on “my own thinking, and feeling” but when I am able to feel the outside atmosphere. That is that heaviness which is made up by many human beings emitting “noise” through their thoughts as well as outside “entities.” That is the vibrational energy which many are not aware of.

The atmosphere brings its own energy. That energy may have different types of “noise.” If we are unaware of it, as “sponges” will be absorbing all of that and as a consequence our “stage” will be affected.

What is the cure for that?
What is the “effort”?
To be aware.

Being in Nature without nourishing ourselves with those vibes, is like going hungry to a food store, but just to feel content with the taste of candy bar.
Nature is the best “meditation room” ever created.

Enjoy the silence….

Question: When in the company of some BKs, I feel palpitation even if there is a distance between us (not face to face). Sometimes it feels like anxiety, sometimes vibes which are draining & dull to mention a few experience. Am I picking up the negative vibes sent by them? Is it a severe settling of karmic accounts?

Thank you for your question!
Short answer: If you are a BK and you are around certain BKs, you will feel different things. Remember that we have known each other for many other births in different roles.
I have felt feelings that I have never felt before around certain BKs. karmic accounts? For sure; specially if those feelings are the cause for experiencing sorrow or even “extreme” elation.
Never assume that the other soul(s) feel the same way. It may be just you.

If you have to see those souls on a regular basis; there you will have a “test paper,” which i wish you will “pass with honors.” There is no “escaping” for what you need to settle will happen through different “instrument souls,” until those episodes do not affect you anymore. How to do that? Lots of yoga and pure feelings with good wishes from the heart…Let time do its own work, so patience is required as well.

Best Wishes!

Question: My lokik mother who is 100% vegetarian (but eats onion & garlic) who has faith in Baba (but cannot dedicate her life as a BK!!!) who has been to Madhuban twice has been cooking my food for the past month. She loves to cook & cooks with a lot of love. Please may i have your comments on this type of situations. Thank you.

Thank you for your question!

There is a saying: “As the food so the mind.”

In my experience, food is extremely important in maintaining a good stage. Spiritually speaking, the vibrations are important. Baba usually mentions that “if we eat food cooked by a yogi, our stage will become good.” Also, “if we cook our food while in yoga, that food will give us power.”

In my case, I am extremely picky as to what I eat as well as if I have to accept food from another BK. I cook my own food and even though I am not a “cook” by any means, I manage to do it because I know it is important.

When I first started in gyan, My ex-mother in law liked to cook. She would accommodate my needs, she was celibate and she was a good cook! I asked around if I shouldn’t accept her food anymore.
The reply I received from Baba’s instruments was that I should accept it (to avoid confrontations and knowing that I was “new” in gyan.) However, back in my mind, I wanted to “do everything” from the beginning; and “asked Baba for His help.” 🙂

I told my ex-mother in law that in my new faith, I needed to prepare my own food but that I could accept fruits, if she had some.
To my surprise, she was very accepting and did not feel offended. Magic!

With that background information, I think that you could see my viewpoint.

Best wishes!

Question:How to stop from getting irritated?

Interesting question.

Being irritated is primarily the survival of Ego, Irritation or anger will exist in one way or another until Ego is gone, however; there are various degrees of it. You can see “gross anger” in someone’s face or vibrations (They get upset and their face change color and their bathing becomes heavy.)  That is the irritation that perhaps you refer to and it is the most common. Some call this to be “normal,” and even  HEALTHY. 🙂

In my experience the change came while I was 3 years in knowledge. On that day I became very angry with a loved one. The realization was strong, for I failed the “test paper,” of spiritual knowledge and at the same time it affected me and affected the feelings of this person who was very close and dear to me. I felt pretty bad and had the determination to stop this childish tantrum.

  From that moment on, “gross” anger went away. It wasn’t shown from my face, but then my vibrations became very strong when upset, in other words, anger still was trying to express but the gross form was gone.

Vibrational anger/irritation is felt by most people around you, specially if someone has a strong field of energy. This type of anger is related with sex-lust. I recall that feelings of sex-lust and vibrational anger were somehow related. This is a process, for we need to remember that all vices are related for they come from Ego, in different shades and forms.

From Vibrational irritation/anger comes, anger in your thoughts: Someone cuts you off while driving, a thought emerges with unkind words or unkind comments for a brief time. This is subtle anger. The only one aware of it, is you. For that is important to maintain a peaceful stage “constantly.”

Spiritual life based on practical principles will definitely, help on getting rid of irritation/anger. Deep meditation helps in recognizing that peaceful state which when lost, we automatically should tend to go back to it, so it becomes “natural.”

As you can see, your question has many layers; hope that you received the answer that you were looking for,

Best wishes.