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Question: Respected brother, Is the viceless soul means a pure soul and vice versa?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
viceless means without vices.(obviously.) “Pure” has many meanings. In Sakar Murlis, it usually means a soul practising celibacy.
In avyakt Murlis, the concept of purity has been extended to pure thoughts, words and deeds. That is the expression of the soul in its “satopradhan” stage.

Therefore, we can say that viceless means pure if we take the avyakt Murli meaning.
If we take the Sakar Murli meaning, “purity” is the absence of sex-lust, which is only one aspect of being viceless.

Thus, we can talk the same language and use the same words but we may not mean the same thing.

Best wishes!

Question: brahma baba’s last words: incorporeal, egoless, viceless. i think it also goes like this incorporeal in thoughts, egoless in words, viceless in actions. right? what is your churning on these last words?

Good question! Thank you.

Let us BapDada answer this question for you. 🙂
From the avyakt Murli of 9/15/71

If you stabilize in the incorporeal stage and become egoless, you will automatically become viceless.”
“you make yourself egoless for a temporary period with many methods, but you have to stabilize constantly in the incorporeal stage and then come into the corporeal to perform actions.
Because this consciousness or practice does not become natural and part of your nature, you are not able to stabilize constantly in the egoless stage.”

Therefore, become incorporeal to be ego-less so you automatically become vice-less. The “easy” method is to experience the incorporeal stage.

All the best!