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Solitude: The easy way to experience the self


Trapped in the world of noise, lights and permanent ongoing actions, is a sure way to get lost in everything that our senses could perceive.

Watching TV is more than images changing in a continuous frenzy, it comes with a selling story as well; it comes with the possibility to increase our desires. That is the principle of a society engaged in consumerism. How to sell, how to create a need. How to get the clients “hooked” into that need. Making a dollar out of addictions. There is great “variety.”

Prizes will be given to those who can sell. More “goodies” so they can spend more, consume more.

Highly emotional words are another way to hook us into emotions; the dramatic emotions of someone who suffers; of someone who is upset or angry. Shout, scream. Become violent.Fight. Let them know who is the “boss.” That sells.

Our senses are being bombarded from different sides. Noise with “funny” comments along with ready made laughs, makes a “sitcom.” That will give as ammunition to imitate. Lights flickering, watch the forbidden apple,” for a few moments; so our minds create desires. Something to attain, something to fight for, something to live for.

The struggle of living is in not only in earning and being responsible for our own acquisitions, but in having things to show “our accomplishments.” That is the vicious circle.

There is a price to pay for all of that “showmanship.”

It is called lack of simplicity and when we lack simplicity in life, we are continuously busy in “trivial” things that we have accumulated to fulfill desires created by someone else. The trick is that we believe those to be “our own” desires.

We believe that this is living.

Talk to a person. See for how long they are able to listen to you, completely. Watch, their interest in being “funny,” emotionally “high,” “outgoing,” a “fast talker,” who knows all the latest clichés as uttered by the TV stars… Let me talk about the weather, the politician, the “jet set,” anything including about myself in a light, trivial way just for the sake of saying something, of “communicating.”

It is a world of monkeys. Monkey sees monkey does.

Texting, being hooked up with that “smart phone” so we are not able to smell the roses, but looking at the small slaving screen looking to say something to someone, to read something, to send something…. to show that we are alive, even though we are no longer living but merely existing….

Could you be alone, for just a minute? Could you sit in a room all by yourself without any noises, without any lights, without any thoughts? For how long?

Until that is not experienced regularly, the experience of peace is unreachable. Solitude is the most important step to experience that peace.

It is hard to stop thinking about feeding the dog in a few minutes, or what your boss said in the office or your “bratty” kid told you; or about putting gas in the car before leaving for whatever land…

Look at your face in the mirror. Watch. You couldn’t sleep last night. See how you are forgetting things, see how you are constantly “rushing.”
Fast thoughts taking you nowhere. At the end of the road, you will end up in the same place that someone who took it easy all his life. There is no distinction.
That is the “future.”

Someone who has tasted solitude, will be able to experience serenity in his life. The “mad house” is going on “out there,” inside there is a profound tranquility which is beyond any religious belief or rituals. It is a deep sense of being complete.
It is in this completeness when we could talk to the Ocean, listen to the Wind; smile in a walk along a full moon or to hear for the first time the symphony of birds as we wake up… with no rush. With time.

Time is the most precious commodity we could ever have at this “time.” You cannot buy it.

Simplicity brings solitude at the palms of our hands.
It is in solitude how serenity could be experienced and it is in the continuous experience of this, when we will recognize something different; that is what we truly are, which has been lost due to ongoing “progress” among other things.

Peace is not a religion. It is not spirituality either. It is you and me, when there is nothing else to take our minds away.
It is freedom, and in that freedom resides the only place where love could ever be.