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Are the Golden age AND/OR Paradise “better” than now?


To change our consciousness means to change our perception, our vision through a different set of values that is through appreciation and enjoyment of the moment, that is where happiness resides.

Many times we are caught up with the mental world of comparisons. Someone who “is” an engineer or a computer person ( His job is that) is in tune with logical variables such as “AND, OR, NOR” which this person has been trained to use through our educational system as comparisons: Higher than, lower than, better than, worse than, etc.
These are judgment values.

When there is judgment there cannot be “pure” appreciation.

In a different consciousness those values are limiting because life is not conceived only through the mind.

Life is an experience: invaluable, unique and instantaneous. There is no chance to compare unnecessarily. Life is not a “job” to use our comparison skills. 🙂

When a religious concept such as the “Golden age” or “Paradise” is explained through a comparative mind, then obviously the idea that “The Golden age or Paradise is better” and thus desirable than any other age will come up.

This “location” of consciousness is limited to an understanding based on learned educational values and that limitation will be expressed in the way that we choose to live our lives.
Something like : “Now is not the moment to enjoy life, but the Golden age will be the moment…” “This place is hellish… but when the Golden age comes things will be better…”

Let us hear the talk between Mathias and Ananda…

Ananda: Friend, I have another question. Does the Golden age or Paradise exist as something, which is “all good” as most may think about it, or it is a neutral state where duality does not exist?

Mathias: Should Mathias respond to the friend from before or to the friend from right now?

Ananda: Please respond to the friend of right now, not from before.
Mathias: Then, Mathias should say something or keep in silence?
Ananda: Well… please share with your style of giving clues… I am not looking for something like “The Golden age is this” but I am looking for clues to help in my discovery.

Mathias: That which you call the Golden age, or that you have a conceptual view of it; is a fascinating moment, my friend. To discover that which in essence is complete… that is fascinating! To discover that which in essence is incomplete, it is also fascinating when you have material to complete that, which is incomplete!

When you do not have the material to complete that, then what is fascinating is to know where to search … That process is called life, to live.

Some will resign themselves with their conditions and some will search for things, which do not fit into the jigsaw puzzle. The golden age is then, only an instant where you could understand the jigsaw puzzle in a complete state when all the pieces fit together but that is not more fascinating than to disperse all the pieces around…

Ananda: It is the same jigsaw puzzle after all!

Mathias: Different moments, but when a piece is missing and you forget that this piece is you, then what you find there is anguish.

Ananda: And that feeling of anguish could last many years, even centuries…

Mathias: It is part of the game… Game or not a game, it is only a game… 🙂

Reality check

reality check

One of the important things that we may want to observe about life, is that “reality” is one but interpreted in different ways by different people.
It is your vision and attitude coming from your own interpretation what truly makes a difference.

Being alone is the time to know yourself.
Having a relationship is the time to know yourself.
Having a disease or being healthy are excellent times to know yourself.
Having a great day at the beach, is a great time to know yourself.

A religion says reality is “this and that.”
Our educational system mentions, “This is our reality.”
Marketing and publicity will make up their own reality.

The world is bad. No, the world is good. The world will be destroyed. No, it will not happen. Life is good. No, it is not that good.

Life is short… No, it is long enough.
I believe in this. You believe in that. My reality is this…. Your reality is that.

We ought to change the world.
There is nothing to change in the world.
We need to change ourselves… Why? What is wrong with me?

Many opinions. Many interpretations.
Who has the “true” truth?
Oh… you mean, what you believe to be God…
No… I know it is God.
Ahh! your reality…your belief… your idea… your opinion… your judgment… your truth… 🙂

No! It is the truth!!!
Ok. Believers need to apply.

The world is an illusion… No! it is “real.”
The opinions go on and on…

As we realize the “game of reality” is a wonderful game!
In this game, we could contemplate how the day changes into the night without our help, automatically; then we could wonder: what could “I” do in life? How can “I” add some meaning to my boring/entertaining life? 🙂
🙂 Any ideas?

I am sure there are many ideas.
Here is mine: Enjoy the moment. Love and appreciate the sunsets of life. The dynamics of love resides in the art of enjoyment. That is all… 🙂


Today: “Your Belief: Medicine which could poison you” 6:30 PM EST

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Emotional healing: The heart opens up when the mind is open

mind heart

Any spiritual walker has been through many experiences in life. The recognition that spirituality is a number one priority in our lives is the trademark of “experienced” beings.

It does not matter what you believe in. Reincarnation or eternal life or nothing at all; the fact, is that there are some people who are “naturally” attracted to being at ease with life and to find a purpose for being here in peaceful enjoyment and harmonious living in relationship with all.

Usually that “search” appears when the glamour of just being trapped in the values of our materialistic society, comes to an end through “sheer” disappointment. 😦

At that point, there is a “re-birth” for finding inner fulfillment. 🙂

A spiritual walker may find in his path different religious beliefs, which are in tune with him for a certain period of time. That length of time varies among individuals. Please note that to belong to a religion is not the end of that “search” in itself, but to be awaken through conscious living.

As explained yesterday, the main tool to change our vision and attitude in life is done through self observation, that is; by watching the mind: Our thoughts, the way we communicate with others, the type of energy that comes out from our relationship with the world; knowing that those energies will come back to us.

In theory that is known as the law of karma. Practically, if we are sensible enough; we will see the consequences in our own lives.

That is why, anyone who thinks that he has a complete understanding as to how life should be, what to believe; or what is the “right thing to do;” sooner or later will find out that those ideas are not accurate. They are incomplete for “my ideas” are just a part of the totality. Because life is dynamic as Nature is; those rigid patterns will need to change according to time. Everything changes in life.

A rigid mind is a dead mind. In that state there is no openness for “newness,” but only a desire to continue with whatever seems comfortable, desirable and “right” according to our beliefs.

In short, to get out of our own self-centered ideas, however “holy” we think they are, is the first step.

As mentioned in many articles before; once we use a method to arrive at a higher consciousness, we need to abandon that method at one point in time, that is; if we are truly concerned to find out if our perceived “change” is real. That is if honesty is of paramount importance to us. Otherwise, that change of consciousness is not real. It is dependent on a method for that “new” consciousness to be experienced. This is a very important personal call. It is not for everyone to do.

As we “work” on the spider webs of our own minds, openness will arrive, some sort of acceptance of things and people as they are. Appreciation is born and with that the opportunity to heal the heart.

Why is it so important to heal the heart in this process?
Because the mind is like a computer monitor. Once we are conscious that our computer monitor is merely an output device; we can truly go deeper by “erasing” the information stored in the hard drive of the heart. To heal the heart means to “erase” previous information and to place there “newness” instead.

By understanding the mind, we will be conscious of the keyboard and the mouse. Now, we are aware that whatever we input through those devices, will be seen in the monitor. Nevertheless, the computer retrieves previous stored information all the time. If the hard drive is full with information from many experiences, the computer will be “slow,” that is any newness coming from the keyboard and mouse, will not be processed at ease.

Working with the heart and emotions is like erasing that stored data. Little by little.
Formatting the “hard drive” of our life is something that few people can stand. It is dying alive.

Life will bring the right directions when we are ready to work on our heart. The right people will appear. The right circumstance will be unveiled. However, without a previous work in our minds; we will tend to reject the “newness,” and to continue with our “old” ways, our “old” pains.
The security of a known suffering….

As we can see, to go through the above consciously, is a matter of accepting the tools that life brings.
Religions are nothing but tools. Beliefs are nothing but tools. Tools are not meant to be worshiped.

Tools are not meant to create dependency.
Tools are meant to be used, to be respected as ways in our paths to better know our own selves.

Knowing ourselves is the common end of any spiritual walker from any path, from any method.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
― Lao Tzu.

Spirituality and beliefs

belief and think

Why are you a Christian? Why are you a Muslim?
Why are you a BK? Why are you a Buddhist?
If you take a look deeply at this simple question, you will discover a lot about yourself.

If your “ism” is only about beliefs to keep you together with “others” or if it is based on a particular experience; you may need to consider if those beliefs are there to teach you about yourself, that is the work of your own mind.

Why do you label yourself to fit into a “something” and separating yourself from everything else?
We mirror each other, we are inter-related.

“I want to help my heart by eating less fatty foods.” Do you think that the above phrase is correct? 🙂

You are not helping “your heart,” you are helping yourself for without your healthy heart; you wouldn’t exist.

True spirituality is not related with a belief system.

“They believe in this, and we believe in that” that phrase separates at the mental level. The same thing happens when we use other labels which imply separation.

“My buddies will do everything for me to help me while in war….” The “others” you are fighting against are not your buddies: They do not feel like you, they do not breathe like you, they do not have hopes like you. Only their minds have different ideas….

Please see the illusion of mental separation.

In true spirituality, unless we have not looked at our minds closely; we have not done anything to change our behaviors, attitudes and prejudices.

To consciously look at our own minds does not require a religious view or perspective, it does not require “help” from “up above” until we have given the first step of courage to see all of our own dogmas, rigid values, prejudices, traditions and ideas … until we realize that those ideas are making our own hell on Earth, until then; we will be separating things and people.

Anyone could believe in anything. Anyone could have a practice of anything; but the main goal of any discipline related with Spirituality is meant to look at all the lies inside our own heads; those thoughts that we believe in, those ideas, which make up the way we relate with humanity and the world.

Do you think that life is “logical”? Do you believe that God “thinks logically”? 🙂

Maybe, maybe not. You don’t know neither do I.

Why deal with beliefs then? Isn’t it more constructive to look at what we think and the way we think?

In true spirituality, the mind is first. We can know all the theory about “how it works.” We could describe the mind and its components. We can analyze that data and come up with wonderful theories about the mind. We can obtain prizes due to our original research… 🙂

All of that is of no value for the Spiritual being.

Take a look at yourself. Observe the movie within yourself. Do not believe in that movie. It is not real.

Just because it is only in your head. There are other missing items.

Life is not the movie that we carry with us in our minds.
See that all our own hang-ups, beliefs, ideas and prejudices are secluding us from the wonderful, thoughtless experience of life.

Do not deny your mind, just observe it. Be conscious about the things that are going on there without judging.
Just become aware that it is happening.

Being aware that is happening without believing in it, is the easiest way to move on from that trap of beliefs.

To become free from the rigidity of our own minds is the first step of courage, the first “real” work within ourselves.

Once that step is taken, to heal the emotions of the heart will be next. In this way, our vision will change totally without the opportunity of going back.

We will become a “new” human being.

Time to sleep!


Deepest changes in personality may occur during our sleep time.

Those changes are consequences of our attitude and vision expressed in actions, during the hours that we are awake.

Therefore, the quality of our sleep is very important to enjoy a vibrant day in consciousness.

Unconscious behavior occurs while we feel tired, fatigued or not “fully there.”

In our society, we have been trained to ingest caffeine as a sure way to become alert. Please see that this behavior only promotes dependency on a substance, which could have unforeseen effects if we continue to experience sleep deprivation.

Beyond the “brainy” explanation of the REM state and the importance of experiencing deep sleep, there is the practical experience of a good night sleep.

Mathias, the wise tree explained to his friend Ananda about the importance of sleeping.

Ananda: “I understand that during the hours that I sleep, I am not conscious. It is like experiencing a “mini-death,” I feel vulnerable at that time, is this feeling correct?

Mathias: “Correct, friend. When you leave your physical body at the time of sleeping, your energetic field is open to all sorts of energies coming from the outside.
Electro magnetic energy from different devices created by humans, will affect your own electrical field, unknowingly. Likewise, you will attract different entities vibrating at your level. It is like giving food to those entities. For instance, if you are constantly feeling sad, that vibe will attract energies with similar polarities and your feeling will be enhanced in your waking hours.
To know how to sleep is extremely important.”

Ananda: “ What do you suggest, friend?”

Mathias: “ Night time is to rest. Follow Nature in that. Slow down at night-time. If you drink liquids, they should be warm or hot, for they will be easily absorbed in your body. Help your mind with enjoyable sounds, or music and as you are getting ready to sleep, send your own energy throughout your whole body and then expand that energy into the room where you are sleeping, so you become one with the totality. Your bedroom should have only your own energy, full with it; so there is no space for anything else to enter. In that state of fullness, you can let yourself go.

Ananda: “Interesting, friend. What about waking up?”
Mathias: “ Waking up is as important as going to sleep. Embrace your own self, send energy to your own body and generate feelings that will make you smile, with appreciation and gratitude of being there … it is with that attitude, that your day should start.”

Reality= Vision + intensity


Zach: “The Earth is flat. Everywhere I move, the land underneath my feet is always flat. I cannot be otherwise.”

Mary: “Life is suffering. Everyone is suffering in the whole world. There suffering and more suffering and then… you die. It is over.”

Paul: “ My job is filled with incompetent individuals. They are a bunch of backstabbers.”

Margaret: “My dog is very kind. “Precious Pup,” is incapable of biting anyone without a “reason.” “Precious “is a smart little dog.”

Richard: “ The Earth is a sphere. NASA has taken pictures of it. “
Zach: That is a lie! I don’t experience it like that.

All of the above phrases are beliefs. Once we set our mind in a particular belief, our vision becomes stuck in something. That stagnation in the reality of movement, becomes our “reality.”

Please see that even Zach has some “reason.” His experience is different. To intellectualize something as the Earth being a sphere is beyond the experience of a “normal” human being. However, we believe in the proof beyond our experience.

The same is with everything in life.

There are 3 levels of internal information, which come together into “The” experience.

1) The mind has images 2) Our eyes or senses “see” and believe 3) Our heart feels.

The mind experiences a quick movement of images. When we “process” those images according to previous experiences, we form a belief.

When that belief acquires some intensity, it becomes part of our feelings.

Our feelings in turn, will give us an experience. That is what we call “reality.”

As your vision, so your attitude.

Please bear in mind that our vision is constantly clouded by beliefs about something, someone, ourselves, etc.

When we are constantly “feeding” that belief with our feelings, that belief becomes stronger; the experience becomes stronger as well, until “reality” shows us a different “picture.”

Our belief could be a source of stubbornness and obstinate behavior, which could be only changed under the intensity of the flames of suffering.

“Falling in love” is one of those experiences. There is a vision made up of beliefs about someone. Due to our circumstances (loneliness, needs, wants, expectations, desires) we perceive someone with those beliefs; (Mr. Wonderful or Ms. Beautiful) we create a prejudice in our minds based on the images being displayed in our minds.

We could hang on with those beliefs until the experience of living life brings suffering to an extreme.

That extreme pain has to be stronger than the intensity of our belief, for us to be able to change.

That intensity will be part of our feelings and those feelings will manifest in our bodies as emotions which could be detrimental if we had a very intense belief.

That is the equation of “reality.” 🙂

On the other hand, when expectations are out. When we let someone or something change according to its nature rather than our wishes, we are in a continuous state of acceptance. That is the “natural” state of being.
Because everything is changing.
The world, Nature, our lives, our bodies… except our beliefs.

Those beliefs are our vision. Our world will manifest as the intensity of our feelings increases.
There is continuous change and timing in life which is not about “me” and what “I” wish to happen, but always… will be what is required to happen for “me” to continue on….

That acceptance, that surrendering to life and living will allow us to see the reality of life itself without the color of our own beliefs.

Vision and Attitude


As maturity increases, to acknowledge different perspectives, different viewpoints as valid, will be visible in our understanding of life.

A viewpoint is not just valid because it is “reasonable.” It is not just valid because it is “logical.” Those two words are “cover ups” for the fact that human beings are basically emotional creatures.

If we look at historical accounts on religious wars or just wars across the board, we will see that “reason and logic,” wasn’t part of the “decision making.” To hurt the planet or human beings to make a statement of power is not reasonable.
It is emotional.

Are emotions “bad”? No. They are part of the process of growing in life. Growth appears when we have that ability to expand our vision and that happens when we acknowledge the emotions of others as well, so our perspective expands from a single “unique” view to different viewpoints.

For example, in the history of the world, religions had great importance. It is basically what you believe in.

Your belief dictates a life style, a way of looking at the world and to understand life. For a “true” believer his emotions will be settled in that one “basket.” The issue comes when we are unable to accept other viewpoints as equally valid.

This acceptance does not come out of “trying to be good;” it comes out of the experience that our perception depends on our consciousness and that consciousness depends on our level of awareness, which continually changes. Thus, we are “right” and “wrong” at the same time, every time. 🙂

To acknowledge the possibility that we may be wrong, is a step forward to discover other possibilities.

Everyone may be looking at the same bright full moon surrounded by stars, but to believe that everyone is seeing the same thing is to be naïve.
Different experiences, different perceptions, different backgrounds, all of that determines our vision.

Therefore, changing our vision is truly important. That change does not mean to say one day that the color of the sun is “yellow” and the next day to say that it is “red.” It means to expand our vision to the possibility of different colors.

Truly, to say that the color of the Sun is “yellow“ is a costly oversimplification, especially if we are going to defend this particular belief. It all depends on the timing of the day, place and position to perceive a different shade.

Change the word “Sun” in the example, for “God.” Change the word “Sun” for “country,” “religion,” “beliefs,” “traditions,” “thoughts,” etc.

When there is an “unlimited” vision; there is no single item to identify with. Nothing to defend. Nothing to get all “emotional” about. It is just the understanding of different consciousness, different awareness, different timing.

This new vision will certainly bring a new attitude in life. That is the attitude of openness, that is the attitude of acceptance.

That attitude is unlimited and therefore, acknowledges and respects all.

That is why, a helping “angel” for humanity, cannot have a religion. Angels do not have a religion.