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What is real? What is not?


Ananda went to visit the dentist. He selected that dentist because the price was very reasonable. In his perception, that dentist was a “smooth talker.” The dentist worked on Ananda’s teeth cavities. When Ananda went home; one of the tooth fillings came out.
All of the sudden, Ananda’s suspicions gathered unusual strength: “That dentist is a fake.” He said. “He just wants money from me.” Ananda created additional thoughts as to how to “prove” the dentist to be wrong. Ananda did not feel sure about getting “good work” in his teeth. Ananda woke up with these feelings of suspicion and of being taken advantage of. Ananda created suffering in his mind.

When he went to the dentist, he had his tooth redone. The dentist explained about all his work to Ananda, so Ananda felt satisfied.

Was Ananda right on his appreciation?
It doesn’t matter. The issue is to stick to the facts. Ananda created unnecessary suffering to himself due to his own beliefs, although they seemed “right.”

Ananda left that faraway place after a week. He was just visiting and taking advantage of the occasion to get dental work done at very reasonable prices. When Ananda arrived to his place of residence… that tooth filling came off again! 🙂

That is what is known as a karmic account which needed to be settled.

In this little story we can recognize what is factual, but at the same time how Karma works and the importance of maintaining equanimity and not “jump at the gun.”
Let the actors fully act and then be ready to act when it is the time to do it. Ananda wasn’t wrong, but neither right. His creations of thoughts and emotions were all in his mind. Not real… but real to him.

Another example:

Ananda was happily talking in a reunion with family members. All of the sudden Ananda said something unwillingly which wasn’t taken “right” by someone in the reunion. Ananda was reminded by his sister about it, afterwards. ‘

Ananda “swore to God” that he didn’t say that. That was his sister’s invention. Ananda wasn’t lying. In his mind; he never uttered those words. However, “reality” was that he actually said those things.

Is the reality of Ananda “messed up”? Is Ananda crazy? No.

Ananda learned that our physical senses are unreliable. Many times we do not realize what we do or say. We are “unconscious.” The reality for others, wasn’t real for Ananda. Although he agreed to that reality when someone else agreed with his sister. Reality by “consensus.”

There are many “killers” who have denied committing the crimes that they are prosecuted for. Many of them are not lying in his views, even though it does not match “reality.” They are simply unaware of what has happened and under extreme anger performed their actions, which clouded their perception of “reality.”

Finally, let us consider the example of Meera. She is the devotee who fell in love with Krishna. For Meera, Krishna was “real.” He was so real that Meera was ready to leave everything for him. No one else could experience that experience. Was Meera out of “reality”?

No. Krishna was real for her. However, there is a fine line in the reality game. That line is not what we perceive and experience but what we learn from it, what it makes us realize, how it makes us grow. That is what differentiates a person with “sanity” and others without it.
Every realization is a step forward into greater consciousness once we are engaged in spirituality; without that “time off” to observe what is going on with us and digest the teachings of life, we will be living life just like a “normal” person.

What is the trademark of a “normal” person? Unconsciousness. Oops! I forgot. That is a common excuse understood by others. I forgot to feed the dog, I forgot to fulfill my duties; that is OK. It happens to everyone. Sorry. That is the greatest acceptable excuse.
It is fine if no one else sees Krishna, but how is that experience changing Meera’s life? Is she aware of that?

To recognize that our physical senses could fail in perceiving what is known as “reality” is to grow in wisdom. The issue is not to be “right,” but to grow wiser. Life is made by experiences an everyone will have a different take on them. With this new wisdom, we could treat a human being not as if we have the “truth” and the facts, but with the healthy knowledge that we could perceive a different “reality.”

What we “perceive is what we are.” Life will just make that obvious through “mirrors” (people, circumstances, etc.) When that which we “are” changes at one point in time, our perceptions will change.

In short, reality cannot be perceived as such. It is a perception. Because the “majority” agrees that something is real; it does not mean that “it is real.” Ask Galileo.
We are always dealing with perceptions of reality, which obviously differs according to our level of awareness.

Question: Dear brother, I have read in an article on net that during the time of destruction all the Bk souls will be saved i.e.they will not leave their bodies and also another thing that during that time people will have visions of deities through us and also that all the souls will come to know and have visions of what they have done during all their births. Are all these informations true?please clarify.Thankyou.

Thank you for your question!

According to “pure gyan,” that cannot be possible unless it is some sort of patronizing story implying that everyone needs to be a BK, which in gyan, we know is not possible. “All the BK souls will be saved.”
Saved from what? We are immortal souls. Nothing could ever happen other than “change bodies.” Isn’t this knowledge? 🙂 BKs not leaving “their bodies”? Isn’t the Murli saying all the time that “it is time to go home?” 🙂

As far as people having visions… 🙂 People can have visions of anything. Certainly I am not opposed to that. BapDada many times mentions things in “general.” Referring to all “BKs.” However, we should know by now that everything is a numberwise game and unless we have reached a degree of spiritual perfection, no one will have a vision from us, just because we dress in white and wear a badge. As far as having a “vision of all the things that we have done in our births<" that would be a very loooong movie… which will repeat again. Now, if you mean "we will have a vision of all the bad things we have done." then that will be another 2500 years long movie with the only good thing that there will not be any commercials in it… 🙂

Come on! We know about the roles "being recorded" in us. Why get "punished" for something that we will repeat again? Why inflict suffering for something that we cannot do anything about to "fix"?
However, in the unlimited; even those things that were "sinful" were beneficial for the Drama to be the way it is. It is all cause and effect.

What will be at the end is suffering through our own vices. When is time to leave the body, unless we have experienced enough soul consciousness, attachment and ego will be there and that feeling will bring suffering in a numberwise manner.

As a kid my parents liked to watch "spanish soap operas." I recall about this guy laying in bed in his last moments, crying like a baby saying " I don't want to die… I don't want to die…" That is the way he died. That is suffering. No need for further movies and visions, don't you think? That is why while we are living we need to experience what is eternal.

I hope I answered your question.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, Happy Diwali and Om shanti, We all talk about golden age and how 100% happiness and purity are there too, but can you share some of your knowledge as to how the kingdom will look like in terms of government, technology, language, and finally the educations (if that is needed)?

Thank you for your question and happy Diwali to you too!

As far as a description on how things will “be,” you could find those in the Brahma Kumaris publication from 1996, “Visions of the Future,” which are excerpts of Sakar murlis were Baba talked about that.
As far as “my” knowledge, I could offer some “churnings. ” based on “pure gyan.”

To start, “happiness” is not something that will be recognized there. That will be the “normal” state and since there is no duality; the state known as happiness cannot exist there for otherwise, “sorrow,” will need to be known and as we know, it is not. The state there is of spiritual bliss, for there is no duality when the soul expresses.

That expression has been called something like “the arts,” but it is just a word which appears similar to what we know here (artists.) Rather than a world of “artists,” it will be a world of beings expressing ‘creativity,’ meaning inner expression without influences.

Here in this world, you may have artists without creativity but just “followers” and non-artists with lots of creativity… 😉

I wouldn’t like to add more to this for I have not experienced or seen in “visions,” none of that, so pardon me if I don’t answer this question thoroughly.

Best wishes!

Question: Baba says that I have key to”Vision(Sakshatkar)” how do baba make us to vision? Baba says that I do not give this key to you? what is meaning of that?

Great question, thank you. 🙂
Today the Murli mentioned that our roles are “fixed.” In other words, what you are experiencing is part of that role.
You have a vision. That is a role playing at the right time.
You believe in Hanuman. You have a vision of him. Straightforward cause and effect.

Someone sees Brahma Baba in a vision. That person has never seen Brahma Baba “before.”
That is part of the role. However, whether it is just the role playing or BapDada “acting” at the right time, that is the “mystery.” That is the enigma. Some will call that simply a “role” but there is an “interaction” of “His” role as well, specially if we haven’t seen him before.
We do not have the “key” for that. 🙂
Let us leave it as a wonderful mystery.

Best wishes!