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Emptiness: Another name for sweet silence


In the laboratory of the self, meditation with loving words in the mind is one way to express feelings and to learn to feel again. However, there is a distinct flavor when the “inner chatter,” of thoughts and words diminishes. There is freedom, there is emptiness, void, healing, silence, sweet silence, nurturing void.

All problems, what ifs, scenarios, dramas and deceptions are gone at that level. It is not that they do not exist, but looked at them from that level of consciousness; it doesn’t matter at that time.
To keep the mind free from that clutter, is known as to keep the self away from waste thoughts. To produce thoughts and feelings of good wishes is an additional step which will have the force of an empty, void, silent mind. Otherwise, there is mixture and in that mixture there is inner struggle.

If we didn’t know how to speak a language, we wouldn’t have inner chatter. That is why to be silent is not really not to talk; but to come from a place of void, of stillness.
To increase that space, we may start by not talking, then by living in solitude, then by realizing that the mind is the culprit of our inner agony of waste, and rather than using violence to silence it, we could discover that space where there is no inner chatter.

Listen to your favor music. Feel how the sound takes you to another land. Music becomes the “bus” to that land rather than a “meal” for the spirit.
Now, listen to the same song in the state of void, of emptiness. Here is when we truly listen. We can listen to the different sounds of the instruments playing, even the voice of the singer, the words are no longer important, non-emotional. We can listen and move on. We can smile and go back into emptiness, into that sweet silence, then we could smile again.
There is no reason to smile, other than tasting sweet silence.

The joy in being empty
resides in feeling null
silence can only tempt me
if my smile becomes full.

Question: I have noticed that even after coming to knowledge there are vices like (lust,greed etc.) that still comes out,what is the best way to settle or finish these vices especially if it has been done in this birth and pomp up when is been triggered?

Thank you for your question.
A vice is not like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that we can get rid of. Any vice is just a manifestation of Ego in different forms. Lust and anger in their gross ways are highly visible. The same with greed, but then the “subtle threads” appear. Those are connections with those more obvious vices. Those connections when they are reinforced, they trigger the “old” vices.

For example, I want to become egoless. That wanting “rejects” ego; therefore, I become a “double actor,” and start acting “humble” (in my perception of what is humble.) My act is convincing to others, but then “I” write this superb article. I believe that to be “me” writing. I believe to be a great writer. I may not say it or express it, but that is my belief.

That means that my ego will increase without me noticing it due to my belief and my humble act will change its quality as well. Ego will be noticeable to others in the expressions that I use while I write. I will not realize it.
My belief in “being extraordinary” triggered ego which I thought went away due to my humble act.
Here is when Baba talks about “checking and changing.”

However, ego is not “bad,” it just shows us that we need to transform.
That transformation will happen gradually through yoga (as we know) and the experience of “void,” “inner silence,” or being “a-temporal.” Those experiences will make us aware of the vices as if something does not feel right. When we reach this point in our “effort making” life, there is no need to “double act,” as pretending to be “virtuous.”
That transformation needs to be deep to stay. Otherwise, we will feel changes (old vices coming back) when the atmosphere changes around us (for example around the company of certain individuals or particular places or because our inner state has some fluctuation i.e. Feeling overly emotional) as long as our sensitivity/awareness is awake, we will notice those changes; otherwise, because we are still half-awake, we will get influenced.

Therefore, the best way to finish the vices is to increase our awareness through the experience of what is known as inner silence, emptiness or void, or just the experience of the soul. That will come as long as we do not reject something in us, but when we fully accept it.
Because Baba has said that good wishes and pure feelings are necessary to have yoga/ silence. The mind will not remain still if there is a rejection, a “something to get rid of” type of thought in ourselves.

Alone with Loneliness

Loneliness: A faithful companion
when everyone is gone
and there is no one to call

Its voice is heard loudly
following a breath
in a unison with death

Waking up in void
holding you dearly in my empty hands
waiting for the long moment
to release you in the faraway sands

You are the one who all fear
but to me you are very dear
for in your awareness am alive
finally, an opportunity to thrive

Sleep with me, whisper in my ears
hold me tight, release my fears
loneliness is not that bad
if it doesn’t make you mad.

Speaking my mind

Can I speak my mind?
look at the sky and see the stars standing by
that void space in between is what I have inside
ever aimlessly in search for a bit of sunshine

Breathing is mechanical just like sneezing
thinking is compulsory, somehow as eating
but feeling is my life without doubt
it is my compass showing me the route

Trapped in math, science and accounting
the world condemns me to a slow drowning
computers, taxes and great business deals
starve me from nourishing spiritual meals

Poetry, philosophy and dancing are truly enlightenment
but in this world of research, facts and opinions
to feel and muse free without earning
is left for evil creatures equal to vermin

Play is for children
war, for grown ups
what is the sense of living
if life is already made up?

Do you have time for such thinking?
or do you prefer drinking?
how about if we just tune out
and forget about unsettling doubts?