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Gaining Spiritual Knowledge


Spirituality is a label, which could mean to live with joy and fullness at every moment. That is to be aware, conscious of the wonderful opportunity to be and to experience life as it is.
To appreciate being.

That appreciation is far away from beliefs, judgments and ideas.
When we experience an empty mind, we could observe without adding our “individual” baggage to it; that is usually to add our perception of suffering and biased ideas.

To be empty means to be “pure.” Untouched by information to direct our experiences in life.

The above may sound hard to accomplish. The above may seem “too much effort,” or “work to do.”

But it is not.

We are already that. We have been that, but as we live life, we add things to our empty nature to become a “someone” who separates himself from the Totality. That is the beginning of our perception of isolation, suffering and loneliness.

Therefore, learning to unlearn becomes that “gaining” spiritual knowledge.

It is not a matter of accumulating things, such as information from books, CDs, gurus and so forth, but there is just a realization that whatever “I” think that “I” know is a layer added of additional stuff which does not allow me to be light, to be closer to my empty nature.

For many, to gain “spiritual knowledge” means to gain information. To accumulate data in our brains, so we could “talk like an expert” in the field of “spirituality.” 🙂

Intellectually, we could think that we understand things, but practically there may not be EXPERIENCE of that which we talk about and because of that our “knowledge” becomes an obstacle, another belief…. For it defines how our experiences “should be;” that is because that “knowledge” defines the “right way.”

The paragraph above has some depth.

We could say “I am not the body.” I am a spirit, a soul or another label. I could proselytize my idea or dogma; but if I am experiencing a disease in the body and that disease does not allow me to operate in joy and fullness, then my “theory” that “I am not the body” is just another idea.

The thought of “gaining” Spiritual knowledge is just another ego trip.
Another way to feel better about “myself.” Another drug to be addicted to. Another belief to hold on to, to be dependent on.

When someone is “serious” 🙂 about enjoying life without dependencies, just by being; that individual will need to put the time to observe himself. That individual will need time alone and time with Nature, just to recover the innocence of being empty, void, nothing… Because by being nothing we could be everything, full, fulfilled; that is joyful. It is paradoxical!

“Time” is needed for our consciousness to fully awaken. But we choose how to use that time.

We could choose to add things to our personality as to affirm our own ego or we could choose to subtract what is already there until there is nothing.

To be nothing is to be everything.
Wisdom reflects emptiness.

Ananda was swimming in the Ocean. Ananda felt an immense feeling of love and wanted to embrace the Ocean. Ananda opened his arms and slowly closed them. There was no water to hug! Nothing!

Ananda understood that when he separated himself through a thought from the Ocean, he could not be close to it, merged in it. However, when Ananda wasn’t “there,” that is when he wasn’t conscious of being himself as an individual entity to separate things… Then, he was everything, including the ocean… but without “thinking about it.”
There was not “Ananda enjoying the Ocean” but there was only enjoyment.

Therefore, there is no love that could be “sent to the Ocean” when you are merged in it. There is only love.

There is no difference between the thought and the thinker… Although, we may think there is.

Integration into the Totality


Mathias; the wise tree, was “humanly happy” to see his friend Ananda open to life and enjoying the experience of living. Life is a precious experience to share with “everything” and “everyone,” from dawn to sunset and beyond… From listening to the morning orchestra of birds, to hearing the human sounds and voices throughout the day….

Life is consciousness. Everything is consciousness, although there are different degrees of it.

Mathias: Once your consciousness is open to life, there is joy, enjoyment. Nevertheless, there is still a division. There is “you” and everything else.
The next step is integration with the Totality. This is what some refer to experiencing “nothingness.”

Ananda: Friend is voidness or emptiness necessary for that integration?

Mathias: That is right.

Ananda: I will definitely be open to that experience. The paradox could be “Oneness through nothingness.” Nevertheless, I could not pinpoint how that openness comes. What is the point when someone experiences this openness?

Mathias: As you remember, Mathias mentioned at one time that growth happens through suffering. Mathias could give you a different answer. Mathias could tell you that this happens because of a particular practice or a particular clothing that you wear; but no….

Ananda: But… many people experience great suffering and still there is no openness in them…what I could see is bitterness instead. Why is that?

Mathias: Because those individuals rather live with their fears. They have a terrible toothache. They are aware of the pain and they want for the pain to go away. They sit in dentist chair, they are afraid of the dentist, afraid of the noises that his equipment makes, afraid of the whole experience… These individuals will decide to live with that pain. They will get up and run from the dentist’s office even if the tooth gets rotten…

Ananda: I can see that integration with the totality could bring fear in some. It sounds like losing the sense of “I.”

Mathias: In that state there is no desire. What are you going to desire if you are everything at the same time?
Greater openness to life happens according to your consciousness and… according to time.

Ananda: Perhaps this integration with the Totality is what some religions call as” Being one with the Father” or “merged with God.” Their consciousness may be unable to see that God is part of that Totality as well, but they are only able to see separation: “Me and God alone,” as if the rest was something different, something foreigner… when “God consciousness” is perhaps the greatest integration there is.

Mathias: Friend, are you ready for integration?
Ananda: Yes, my friend… although I have no idea how this could be.

Mathias: Do you remember the ball bearings in a roller skate?
One ball bearing cannot find its true purpose until that ball bearing realizes that there are more ball bearings needed to move a wheel in the roller skate… Once that ball bearing realizes about being part of the roller skate, then we could say that the consciousness of that ball bearing has opened… but oh!! All of the sudden the ball bearing realizes that there is a foot in top of the roller skate and with that obviously there is a different consciousness…greater opening my friend, new realizations!

Ananda went to the Ocean after this conversation. As he was looking at the dance performed by the waves of the Ocean, the coming and going accompanied by the soothing sound of the water hitting the shore and the nearby rocks and shells; there was a profound relaxation felt when there was no thought about “me” remaining.

Ananda realized at that moment about the immensity of the “roller skate” and allowed for that moment to “be” while his mind was empty of thoughts… 🙂
At that moment, he “understood” what is meditation beyond a discipline or a ” 20 minutes practice,” and he “understood” what is peace without thinking about it.

An empty self can contain the whole while being empty.
In Spirituality the whole contains the part, but the part is also the whole… 🙂


The beauty of voidness


Matter is 99% composed of empty space.
Isn’t that logical?
Ask a scientist for a logical answer. He could give you a “reason” and then, you could accept that answer as the “correct” answer. Intellectually, that is just information; practically, there is more in that.

A human being is mostly empty space. Our eyes have the ability to recognize a form, and we become very entangled with that form by labeling it as “pretty” or “ugly,” “good” or “bad.”

Beyond that form there is no-form, which is that emptiness, that voidness. A human being is composed mostly on empty space, not made mostly of water as we have learned, but if we go deeper; between the molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen, there is empty space. It is that emptiness which brings value to everything, for that emptiness, that voidness is part of everything, that is the “Totality.”

Our mind will create a personality based on that form. That personality is the means for human relationships. Nevertheless, that “form” should come from “no-form” from emptiness, that is from the “totality” to be “harmonious.”

If the above does not make any sense, is because there is so much “thinking” there… 🙂

In a nutshell, an “empty mind is a healthy mind.”
There is “peace” in emptiness.
Why is that type of mind healthy?
Because it reflects that voidness. It reflects that belonging to a “Totality” and not only an individuality as the “normal” human being does.

It is amazing how a squirrel is capable of jumping from branch to branch in a tree without “thinking” about it. The squirrel is “one” with that emptiness.

It is amazing on how a human being will not be able to enjoy swimming in the ocean, when he thinks too much…Something like: “ I wonder if there are any sharks around? “ or what about if that stingray comes close to me? Then, the mental “movie” is in motion and we are unable to relax and enjoy.
We cannot go back to that voidness anymore.

When we are part of that “totality” then we are immortal. That “no-form” cannot be destroyed. Neither the “form” could be destroyed, for it can only transform into something else. Matter transforms. No form, the “Totality” remains.

That is how there cannot be destruction. It can only be transformation.

When our mind in entangled with only a “form,” we miss the other side of duality; “no-form.” If we experience only “no-form” without being conscious of having a “form” then , we are “unfit” to live life in a society.
That is the paradox.

I hear, “But I am a soul.”
That voidness has a “center,” you could call that a “soul” but there is “nothing” in that center as well.
For example:
The “eye” of a Hurricane is the center of that Hurricane, but that center has nothing in it… 🙂

The “center” of a human being could be called a soul, but there is nothing in it. That “soul” is part of the “Totality.”

A balanced individual knows about that “form,” that individuality, but at the same time; is aware of that “no-form,” that voidness.

It is in our awareness of that “no-form” how we can develop a “form,” and it is through that “form” how we relate with the world.

Being “good” or “virtuous” is nothing but being part of that “totality,” that “no-form.”
When we have experienced that “no-form” then our “form” will have those qualities of being part of the whole, the “totality.” Ego and its separation, is not there anymore.

Most religions and philosophies are only concerned in changing the “form” of an individual from a mental aspect, through the hammering of beliefs; however, it is in the awareness of that which we belong to; the “totality” when that change happens without beliefs.

Ask the squirrel. 🙂