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Poem:Oh my God – You are my Father BY: VVRISOR

Oh my God, Oh my God
Yes my Child, Yes my Child
I want some thing, I want some thing
Ask me Child, Ask me

I want to become like you, like you
Yes my Child, Yes my Child
Follow me, Follow me
Take that my Child, take that

What is this Father, what is this
Churn it my Child, Churn it
Thank you my Dear Father, Thank you

I Churned the KNOWLEDGE, I Churned
I got the POWER, I got
But it says ‘maintain PURITY’, maintain
It brought me PEACE, It got me LOVE, It got me BLISS

Thank you my Dear Father, Thank you
I realize now, that you will not give, you will not give
you will not make me like you, you will not
I have to become, I have to with my efforts

I realize now, I realize, to TAKE it from you
I am your NATURAL CHILD, Natural Child
I am your Natural Heir, Natural Heir
I will become like you, one day I will….

Thank you My Dear Father, Thank you.