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You live what you believe


Peter saw a wasp in one of the walls inside his room. Immediately, he brought a broom and smashed the little wasp. Peter felt good about it. He got rid of a potential harmful insect who could sting him at anytime. He may be allergic to its poison. That sting could have been very painful, he thought. Even though, Peter haven’t experienced what is like to be stung by a wasp in “real life” his belief in the painful experience, his belief in a “harmful insect” was predominant.

In Peter’s mind, he has done “something good” for him.

Carlos watched a wasp in his room. He immediately thought on how to collect that wasp to put it outside his room. Carlos watched the wasp and picked up a broom to get the wasp within his reach. The wasp was up-high in the wall. Carlos observed how the wasp didn’t have any energy left. Apparently the wasp was in the room for a long time, probably trying to get out. The wasp calmly step into the end of the broom and Carlos was able to open the window, maneuver the broom to go outside the window and let the wasp go.

Carlos didn’t feel good nor bad about this, but he felt that he wanted to help. Carlos believed that this wasp wanted to get out and even though he knew about the possibility of being stung, he offered the opportunity to the wasp to be free again. Nevertheless, Carlos felt “good,” a nice flowing feeling within.

In the above, we see different scenarios. None of them is “good” nor “bad.” There certainly will be consequences to be experienced which in turn will be further “teachings” in life.
Peter acted with fear. That fear transformed itself into violence. Nevertheless, in his mind his action was “good,” that is his belief; but as far as life is concerned he may need to experience that fear and violence which he sent out.
Yeah.. it is “bad karma”…Right?
Nope, it is called “learning” for those who are able to.

Carlos on the other hand, will experience the consequence of being open and having empathy to other beings which are part of the totality of life. Perhaps his action would have changed if he saw 100 wasps in his room! Maybe… but that is not part of his reality, thus to think in that possibility is an empty thought. Every “reality” will appear according to what we need to experience.

A wasp is neither good nor bad. Please see how we are the ones labeling that insect. It is like labeling a snake to be the devil, or to be “bad.” That is just a belief. When we agree to let that belief inside ourselves that belief becomes our way to see the world.

“… and then the serpent spoke to Eve and told her to give the apple to Adam…”

Please see that “reality” is neutral. It is the dance of the movement of the forces of yin and yang, duality. It is intended to achieve something so its complementary force could arrive in its own time, thus maintaining the balance in the totality of life.

You live what you believe. No matter what it is. This belief could be a religious dogma, it could be a belief about someone or something or even about ourselves.

Nothing exists in our mind as “good or bad” until we believe it to be either way. Obviously there are consequences for everything, but those consequences cannot be labeled as “good or bad” either, because those consequences will bring benefit in one way or another. Some need a little teaching. Others more than that.

Many times, like Peter; we could create stories in our mind. To see a wasp in the wall could bring so many different stories to many individuals… Moreover, when those stories are recurrent and go to the extreme, then there could be an issue with our minds.

The problem is not being able to realize this, to be able to see it in us.

Any type of behavior which is non-harmonious with the totality, has some belief in it which is not allowing harmony to emerge by itself.

Any experience when made into a “trauma” creates a belief which generalizes into something.
If Roger experienced being bitten by a dog, then “all dogs are bad.” 🙂
We can only hope that sanity will be experienced in Roger’s mind. Only a mind blessed with sanity could take advantage of a situation, that is make it a teaching, an experience in the spiritual path of opening our hearts to the totality of life.

To that which we all belong to.