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Question: Dear brother, The following points from your article is great. In my experience there is no easy escape and also the fake game will not work either. One question though, sometime we get tired as to how much longer we have to wait before we see the day light, as the suffering, and sorrow is too painful, should we keep moving along? “The knowledge of duality has the answer. Night changes into day automatically once night time reaches its limit; in other words; by being totally aware, without escape, by feeling that sorrow, that anxiety, that anguish, which is that “hell” in us; that is by being conscious on those things, then they will go away just like night time changes into day light. That is part of observing the self. That is the “work.”

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

When you “wait for when it will finish,” you are in essence “tolerating,” when you tolerate there is no “acceptance” of what is, but rather we can’t wait for things to change. When we do that, we are not living life in the moment and also we are not aware, we are not sure that “night will turn into day time” at its right time. We have doubts.

On the other hand, when we have that certainty, “tolerating” is over. It is senseless to complain about “why is there still night time?” or to fuss about night time or to reject night time or to talk about how terrible is night time, all of that “perception” is what is causing us suffering…. all of that is just adding suffering into the self… Night will change into Day automatically, whether we fuss about of it or not.

The day we get to understand this, we will be able to see that to “waste” energy in fussing and tolerating is just making us tired without any purpose.

Dear soul, in your question:”Should we keep moving along?” 🙂 You will keep moving along. The question is if you rather move along with a clean mind filled with “good wishes and pure feelings” or with lots of “painful thoughts” about something which is temporary and “natural” in the unlimited.

Best wishes!

Question: Dear brother, how to overcome waste thoughts..? Sometimes thoughts arising due to our vices or sanskaras pull us towards them…Perhaps the mind derives pleasure out of them..? Even after understanding knowledge and liking the experience of purity( which I have experienced in flashes only ) and knowing the importance of it, why the mind sticks towards it…? Sometimes I know that these are waste thoughts and I shouldn’t think about it as I will lose much valuable energy and time but still I find it difficult to take my mind off and redirect it…Due to this I feel i am bound in chains as it hinders me in releasing my full potential..I want to get rid of this once and for all…Please suggest what should be done…? How to keep mind focussed in higher pursuits only…?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

This is not like “taking a pill” and get better all of the sudden. First the disease of waste thoughts have to be realized and perhaps when it comes in its most advanced stages, we can “get rid of it” by no resisting them or fighting them that is, through being awake, aware, conscious when they arise.

Experiment. Walk around and then your friend says hello to you. You can say hello back, but watch the whole scene including your role with the consciousness that it is a “role.” if there are waste thoughts after that, those are not your thoughts but part of the role.

If you do not identify with those thoughts, then you are “getting there.” As you add further consciousness, as you are awake at every moment, then that waste will not be there unless you are “sleeping.”

It is true that a “sanskara” is the cause of those waste thoughts, but knowing that it is a “sanskara” doesn’t do anything to understand why those waste thoughts emerge. Moreover, there is no need to understand why they emerge, but only that they are “there” but that those thoughts are not related with you, that is your identification with them has been “cut off.”

That is all. Let the thoughts appear, be conscious, be awake in witnessing them as if you were watching TV; the stuff is going on in the TV, but that only affects you unless you identify with the TV program. The same is with life… you can create all sorts of waste thoughts about why the actor didn’t act in another way or fantasize with the stars of the program…the TV program has already been made the way it was broadcasted… The movie of life is in essence another TV program but commercial free! 🙂

Best wishes!

The mind could be mine


Avyakt Murli – October 19, 2011

“BapDada saw that the mind is your creation; that you are the creator of your mind and so you control the mind. You are the masters with the controlling power and ruling power of the mind, but nevertheless, your mind still deceives you. It is your creation, you say, “it is mine!.” However, because of not having enough controlling power, it deceives you. The mind is also said to be a horse, but you have the reins of Shrimat.

You do have those reins, do you not? If your mind ever takes you to any waste, then, by tightening the reins, you can finish the slightest impurity of waste thoughts that still remains. Become a master of your mind. Just as Father Brahma checked his mind every day, in the same way, check your mind every day and finish the waste thoughts. Today BapDada wants you to finish these waste thoughts.”

Above are one of the teachings of BapDada concerning how to be a “master of our minds.”
The above teaching is very simple. Anyone can grasp it and understand it BUT, paradoxically; it is that simple that many will not understand. 🙂

Why if we have a mind that we call “ours,” we cannot usually “will” our thoughts?
Why do we have waste thoughts? What does “applying the rein of Shrimat” means?
Is conquering the mind a matter of checking our mind every day? How many times? 🙂

The mind and its work is just a reflection of our sanskaras. A Sanskara expresses through the mind so it could be put into action by our physical organs through a “decision.”

Let us say that there is an apple pie there. It appears delicious but I just eat. The sanskara comes up of “taste lust” (indulging in particular flavors is a mild form of lust, then we can overeat for the taste of it) then if that sasnkara is strong in me, it will express through my thoughts. “I should get a piece now.. No.. maybe 3 pieces before someone comes up and eats it… No, maybe the whole pie. No one will know. I am slick. I will leave no way to trace me…. etc…etc. “Waste thoughts” keep coming until the decision is made to eat the pie.

That is what is known as “normal.” On the other hand, through BK “reformation” we will be told to ask for permission before eating that apple pie. That is Shrimat. As a matter of fact, there is a line of 50 souls wanting to eat that only pie! Chances are that we will not get anything.
We call that “renunciation.” I am renouncing that apple pie for the good of others. I will delight on their savoring of that pie. I become a “Saint.” 🙂 Have you seen a smiling saint?

On the other hand, someone who understands about the “healthy” options will not choose the apple pie, when he can have an apple. BUT, someone who has “control” meaning who can choose to eat apple pie or not eat it because that sanskara of “taste-lust” (gluttony) is not there; that one could care less if the apple pie is there or not. Similarly, that sanskara of “renunciation” of the so called “saint,” is not helpful at all; for that sanskara of renouncing will not allow that person to enjoy life when taken into extremes.

As we can see, it depends on the intensity of a particular sanskara. Renouncing or indulging in apple pie are 2 extremes.

When the mind sees 2 extremes, the mind is not balanced. At this point, we talk about “having yoga” to submerge the sanskara of gluttony and renunciation. Nevertheless what we experience is that a submerged sanskara can emerge again if we do not “sit in yoga everyday…” Why is that?
Because I have not created a new sanskara instead to replace it. That is, I have not transformed the original sanskara.

How do I do that? How do I transform every single one of my sanskaras? What is the “yukti”?
Then, someone will come up with a list of 108 yukties for every single sanskara which needs to be transformed.
Something like:
1. Gluttony : Do this drill 3 times a day for 30 days.
2. Renunciation: Baba says that renunciation is good so keep that one… No! BapDada has said to renounce renunciation… To renounce seeing the defects in someone… To renounce the old sanskaras, etc. Let us please take the word renunciation in context and not just apply it for the sake of it.
3. Etc. etc.. 108 times.

Then, we think that we need to “memorize” that list and “practice” it to really get to know those sanskaras…

I know there are souls who like the structure of a check list. That is great if those souls feel comfortable with that. But I wonder is there is an easier way…

There is a simple way.

It is the first “Shrimat,” that is remembrance. Where remembrance starts? It starts with the self. Once I observe “me” in my daily interaction as a detached observer, I will learn to see when “my” mind takes over. That requires AWARENESS. I am not “my” body. I am not “my” mind, I am not “my” thoughts; I am not “my” feelings/emotions. Whatever remains is who I am. That is the experience.

As we feel “centered” then we observe the mind. When we observe the mind, all of the sudden “my” mind is not “mine” anymore. When I use the heart rather than the mind, I will feel love without labeling.

When I feel love and I observe the mind, I will not react. That requires awareness. Constant awareness. That is to be conscious, that is remembrance. That is constant meditation.

BapDada will make a point in such a way that it is easy to grasp what He says by everyone, however; the interpretation, the filter; will depend on our experience of that which He is talking about.

Our task is to experience that experience rather than to intellectually understand just words.

Comments on Sakar Murli 5-19-12

Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to fulfil all your pure desires. Ravan fulfils your impure desires
and the Father fulfils your pure desires.

Question: What will be the final state of those who disobey the Father’s shrimat?
Answer: Those who disobey shrimat will be taken home by the evil spirits of Maya to the sounds of
“Rama is with you!” There will then be very severe punishment. Anyone who doesn’t follow shrimat dies.
Dharamraj will take the full account. This is why the Father gives you children very good directions:
Children, beware of the wrong directions of Maya! It shouldn’t be that you belong to the Father and then
perform sinful actions, for there would then have to be one hundred-fold punishment. Not to follow
shrimat and to stop studying is to have bad wishes for yourself and to not have mercy for yourself.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:
1. Serve the yagya with a lot of love, follow shrimat at every step and claim from the Father the fruit
you want, which means the kingdom of the world.
2. Destruction has to take place. So, use everything you have in a worthwhile way. If you have money,
open a centre and become an instrument to benefit many.

Blessing: May you be one with elevated fortune by putting a stop to the strong flow of waste thoughts
in a second and making your stage free from all other thoughts.

After you have made a mistake, do not waste your time in thinking about “Why? What? How?
Not like this…” The more time you spend in being an embodiment of those thoughts, the more you
are reinforcing those stains on yourself. The time of a test paper is short, but the sanskar of waste
thoughts increases the time of that test paper. Therefore, put a stop in a second to the strong flow
of waste thoughts with the power of transformation and your stage will become free from waste thoughts.
When this sanskar emerges, you will be said to be a fortunate soul.

Slogan: Become full of the treasure of happiness and all other treasures will automatically come to you.

Another of those "scary" Murlis. Please do not take this as being "disrespectful" for it is not. Let me explain.
Baba is emphasizing that once we get to know God, we should continue in the path and not deviate from it for otherwise there will be "severe punishment." Nevertheless, the "Drama is predestined." Nevertheless, we ask God for everything that we need and "He fulfills our "pure" desires, while Ravan fulfills our "impure" desires. Why not ask God to be "forgiven"? Is that "impure"? After all, we have “done” so much stuff for so many births without “knowing” and all of the sudden we have to “shape up” in just one birth…Isn’t this “reasonable”? 🙂

The way this Murli is explained is for a childish audience/understanding.
There is God, the hero, the "good guy" and there is Ravan (Satan) the "bad guy." The fight is between the good vs. the bad. The "children" have good and bad sanskaras. Baba says: Good "must prevail," "always do good," (even though life does not present such a clear cut black or white moral decision.) It is a simple teaching but in that simplicity there is a lot of depth lacking unless we churn it deeper.

Children "eat your broccoli for otherwise, the cookie monster, Dharamraj will get ya. You will be punished tremendously, while listening to the song "You met God but you didn’t obey Him, even though what you did was "predestined" to happen for not everyone can be a King, you now will be punished for eternity…" 😦 and just to make things a bit more difficult, "Only 8 will pass with honors, the rest will suffer punishment for ever and ever. There is no escape. Not even God can liberate you from this desire." SO, YOU BETTER BE GOOD. 🙂

NOW, how do i look at the same Murli from a more "grown up" perspective?
There is a consequence for all of our actions. Although the Drama is beneficial for all, many times we could save ourselves from experiencing suffering if we just continue following Baba’s directions. Some children will learn out of an experience. Some others do not need that experience to learn. An experience could be considered as "using up precious time" but at the same time, it is necessary for some souls to grow. Growth hurts. But it doesn’t have to if you have good yoga. Many times it is not about selecting yoga OR suffering, both are needed in our lives. We shouldn’t choose, we need to accept both and use both in our lives.

Now, this is the difference on understanding gyan "literally," the popular "Baba says." and by churning based on the "authority of experience" while following this path.

The essence for Dharna had an addition that I didn’t hear in the Murli: "Serve the yagya with a lot of love." Like I said before, the yagya is not an institution but is made up of all of us Brahmin souls who are "dying alive" from Ego. We don’t serve the Yagya. We are the Yagya.

I would like to say to whoever is adding those things to the Murli, to please stop doing that. Just limit yourself to give the essence of Dharna based on the Murli of the day. Thank you.

I liked the blessing very much. Ego means to live in the past. Whenever we recall something that has happened we can ask a million questions which deepen our troubles. It creates unnecessary thoughts that will bring sorrow. The root of those wasteful thoughts are our own desires. We want to change situations, we dream about different outcomes etc. All of that is waste which comes from our desires to not accept what has happened even if it was our own "mistake." Forget the past and live the present. There are no "mistakes" in this Drama. Everything that is happening is necessary. We just do not "do" things. We let them happen.