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A Brahma Kumaris follower confusion on beliefs, love and freedom

“I am a regular reader of your blog. . Dear brother,i am in a great confusion. There is no place where I can share this as no one can realize me or suggest. But I believe you can. I am now still 3years in brahma kumaris knowledge. Undoubtedly I have learnt many things from here .i truly love bapdada and his teachings.i follow them as much as I can .but something I don’t like.that is the lack of personal independence.i read murlis where baba always says to do this or to do that,to be that,not to do that,that means if you do you are good and if you don’t or cant do you are bad.it is not the matter to be good or bad,i don’t care for that,but the question is about getting reward and punishment in future life.as baba says our fortune depends on how much I follow srimat and I shall get punishment or become repentant later if I don’t follow. That means I am forced to follow because nobody wants misfortune to come in his own life. I am expected to be obedient to Him.thats ok .I cant have any manmat .that’s ok.but mere problem comes it is me who has to do. if I don’t do any wrong karma but live my own life without trying to be an ideal one what is the problem? After so many years of following career, doing this or that for lowkik household ,for family members, passing through several up and downs in life(it may be also similar in 63 births that I came across,i don’t know) again to follow this or that as baba says simply is self afflicting for me as there is no freedom that I really want from spirituality.freedom means to me that I can feel my inner self ,feel my inner qualities,love myself as much as I can,love GOD as friend,feeling him truly,being merged in his love,and simply doing nothing at all only enjoying myself in different circumstances. Reasoning,intellectual thinking ,when destruction will occur,what is going to happen etc nothing matters to me. I love only to feel,enjoy anything I do. so everything else (may be gyan),is irrelevant to me.can I be fully independent in my spiritual journey of realization.it is true that knowledge is important for understanding but without feeling that becomes a pressure only to follow. Can I be full free to be of myself,to follow my inner dictates or conscience only taking the help of srimat.it does not mean that I am against gods version but I only want myself to be what I want ,to enjoy what I love not what is expected from me to be or do.but I am confused am I right?am I becoming disobedient to god?shall god love me for that?is my future is at stake?pls help me brother.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your kind words.

Good and bad, reward or punishment, present and future… decisions in duality.
I feel your psychological pain.

Avyakt7 respects your belief system. Avyakt7 will not tell you what you have to do. That would not help you at all. That is something that you have to decide for yourself and assume complete responsibility. It is your life after all.

Avyakt7 can tell you that this Freedom that you want is not simply freedom to do something, but with greater awareness, it may need to evolve into freedom for something. Freedom to give. This is of course, in things which matter the most, your time, your being, YOU for the rest of humanity.

Look at yourself. Are you satisfied with what you have learned? Why did you join your religion?
Most think that it is about God. They say “God wants me to do this.”

Let me share this with you.

It is about you. Your reformation. God does not need followers. To reform yourself is not something that you do for God. That is your freedom for spirituality.

Nice words will not do. Everyone talks about love. Loving God, loving humanity, loving thy neighbor, etc. Have you discovered that you are love? If you have, then you don’t need to love anyone for you are already that love. Let it emerge, let it be, let it express, let it be free. That is all.

If you have felt your inner self, then there is no need for beliefs and with that the struggle in the world of duality is over. But as long as “feeling your inner self” is just a nice phrase to say, a nice concept to mention, then beliefs may be needed to reform you and with that, the Father may have to tell you what to do, and… just to make it clear, He may say that “he will not give you your inheritance unless you do what He wants.” 😦

You are the only one who knows where you are and what you want out of your own life. If you don’t, who is going to tell you?

Be honest. Are you where you want to be? Have you experienced your own weaknesses? Then, have you done something about those? Is this important for you?

To do things just to please others, is not a good policy. To be happy now is important, for today creates your future, as you know…. your inheritance… 🙂

Best wishes!

Signing up for Brahmin life

I find fascinating how so many Brahmin souls do not fully realize why they have been “selected” to sign up as a Brahmin soul.

Most of the time, what I hear is about experiences with Baba and the Divine family or that they felt drawn towards a particular aspect of the Brahmin life, such as “service,” or just because they practice celibacy and vegetarianism and found “nice” people similar to them.

All of the above may have been the reason why someone “signed up,” but none of the above reasons will be enough to keep you going, if in fact what you are looking for is to find your full spiritual potential in a practical way, in your current life.

Basically, when you are in “this,” you are in it, to “die alive,” that is to transform the self.

That “dying alive,” is not well understood. It has nothing to do with having visions or experiences with Baba. It has nothing to do with having a good intellectual grasp of gyan. It has to do with seeing yourself as you really are and the contrast of knowing through gyan of “who you were” and therefore; “who you can become again.”

This Brahmin life has many tests in it and if you have not experienced tests in your life due to being a Brahmin soul; perhaps you are following some fad, like “dressing in white” for the “spirituality of it.” 🙂

Once you signed up to be a Brahmin, you signed up to recognize your own weaknesses and to observe how those overtake your life. Your ability to withstand those challenges, those “tests,” is what determines your potential, your capacity.

You may choose to look like a nun or a monk. You may choose to act like them, you may know how to talk like them, you may open 100 centers, etc. but all of that is just a peripheral view of spirituality.

What matters is at the “end,” when it is the time for you to leave this corporeal existence. That is the second that determines your next destination but to get to that second, there are many years of preparation. That is it. Simple and straight forward.

That is why, whatever you do, may give you “extra points,” but it will not allow you to “pass with honors.”

Therefore, your position in the hierarchy/administration is of no consequence. Your “gold ring” and “your teacher badge,” are of no consequence. You knowledge of the “accurate” history of the Yagya or Your “many times in Madhuban,” or “many years in gyan” it doesn’t matter at the end of the road.

You can have so many life experiences under different positions and circumstances. Nothing matters, UNLESS; that was a preparation for that final second in your physical existence.

It is not for everyone to get there. Many will drop out along the way. This is part of the “game.” However, we need to remember that everything works in “cause and effect,” therefore; your “final moments,” will be nothing but the consequence of your previous moments.

We signed up as Brahmin souls in a body conscious state, just to be transformed at the end in a soul conscious state. That is all. It is the story of the “ugly duckling” who in reality was a beautiful swan. That illusion of believing to be an “ugly duckling” is Maya.

This path “is not like going to your auntie’s home.” That is why BapDada is there, just to show us the way, but we need to take the steps in our own two feet and experience every step along the path. We can only stop for a brief time to take a breath, but the only way is to move forward.

May you keep flowing to your highest destination!

Being attracted by attractions is a distraction

Perhaps only for a few, being attracted is an issue to “conquer.”
For a “normal” individual it is “good” and desirable to feel attraction for things and individuals. It is part of the “culture.”
Mary met Bob because, They felt and overwhelming attraction. Funny, how that intensity did not survived with all the years that they stayed together. That “thing” became stale. It died.

Ralph felt attracted towards his current “new” car. He bought it without thinking how to pay it. The attraction was unstoppable. He thinks that he looks good in that car and that his peers will think more of him because of a car. 🙂
He drove it for a couple of months. He became tired of it. He wants to change it.

Both examples gives an account of what is an attraction and how sporadic it could be. Very unreliable to make a long-lasting deal. A relationship based on that alone will not last.

Through knowledge we know that attractions are basically “karmic accounts.” There is a “something” which pulls the mind of a particular individual but not another. It is like a “trap” that will force us to experience something which otherwise we wouldn’t.

Karen is 38 y/o. Mike is 22 y/o. Mike gave Karen a massage. Both “felt in love” due to the overwhelming, out of this world energy coming from both. They thought they were “soul-mates.” They lived together and that is when the dream shattered. Washing dishes and working for a living can be “overwhelming” to maintain an “attraction.”

Different personalities, different traditions, different age, different life stage got in the way of the romantic moment. Suffering came all of a sudden knocking at their door.
This is what BK knowledge calls “duality.”

Attractions are there to show us our weaknesses. Basically, it will show us why we are not complete. Wholesome human beings will not be looking for feeling “complete” through another being or object.

Certainly love has nothing to do with an “overwhelming attraction.” It is not a romantic serenade at midnight. 🙂
Love is sharing our own completeness. Our own being throughout life. That sharing renews at every moment because, we change. Love is understanding of that change and the freedom to let be. Love goes beyond the “living together,” for it is not bound by physicality. Love is spiritual in its essence. Only known by those who have found themselves in wholesomeness.
To know love is way more than to “fall in love.” An attraction is a mirage. A karmic bondage. That illusion could be “dressed up” with nice words and feelings. Because it is an illusion it will no last.

Attractions are like transactions. They will show you a fraction so you feel satisfaction…but that is just a faction. The infraction will come as a subtraction. That is why a distraction, will bring this chain reaction…. and you will feel the contraction… 🙂