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The ontological question of BEING.

The “reality” of the “normal” person is surrounded by a man made “reality” of formulas, formalisms and philosophy known as economics. The poor and the rich are man made. That is not something coming from Nature or Life. That “reality” is what most humans are conscious of. A man made illusion which has become “real.”

Similarly, at this time in Spirituality; there is the “reality” of the “ethereal body” for some individuals. This is related with the touted “Ascencion to the 5th Dimension.” where it is said that “everyone in the planet will go through that.” That “5th dimension” is not a place. It is a state of consciousness where the bagagge of emotionality will be dropped by some individuals (those who are ready) with the outcome of a non-violent being who is ready to explore the meaning of love. Thus, the development and awareness of this vehicle (ethereal body) has importance according to this time.

Below is the conversation between Mathias ( A being of light manifesting as a tree of Nature) and Ahnanda about some ontologycal questions surrounding BEING. I am reproducing it, for it shows the interconnection of BEING with the Totality. The question of “who I am?” is answered in an orignal way. Note that many religions or philosophies may use other labels.

Ahnanda: Now that you mention about the importance of developing the ethereal body at this time, I read many articles with contradicting information about the ethereal body. Could you tell me what the ethereal body is?
Mathias: It is “you” but bigger. It is a world of giants. En each part of those worlds, there is “you” as well, but you are under the illusion that you are only here. The ethereal body is the body limit which unites these dimensions with another sublime reality where density is not nor duality. It maintains a connection and interaction. It is like the roots, stem, leaves and the flower. The ethereal body is the leaves before the flower.
Ahnanda: What is the flower in this analogy?
Mathias: The essence, my friend.
Ahnanda: The essence? That is what is known as “soul.”
Mathias: That is what is known as “spirit,” that is “you” not “I.”
Ahnanda: Isn’t the soul the essence, as I have been taught by religions?
Mathias: If you wish, we can call that soul.
Ahnanda: But, you call it spirit…
Mathias: Yes.
Ahnanda: And that flower is the one having experiences of many lives?
Mathias: The stem has the experience of many lives, my friend. What would you call the stem? The stem has two parts. The first one is the emotional body and the second part is the physical body made to enter duality. Then you have the roots.
Ahnanda: But that stem unites everything.
Mathias: Of course, my friend.
Ahnanda: And… where is consciousness then? I mean, the plant who is conscious of the stem, the roots and the flower.
Mathias: In the water, my friend.
Ahnanda: Water is the Universe?
Mathias: Everything. Water here is everything. It is called Totality.
Ahnanda: But there is a difference between the plant and the Totality, right?
Mathias: Correct. Do you want to know a label for that?
Mathias: It is called nothingness.

After the talk with Mathias, I was wondering what would be the “root” in this analogy of the plant.
When I recalled that he used the word “root” to refer to my ancestors, my “roots.” My past, my genes which make up my personality. That is the connection with the past, which is part of the stem.
Thanks to this talk, I understood how spiritual schools, religions and philosophies emphasize only one label, one thing as the most important aspect of the human being when responding to the question “who am I?”: Soul, spirit, genes, physical body, consciousness, etc. without seeing the connection.
The plant is not only the flower or the roots. The plant requires water to survive.

Every human being is living their own “reality” of “who am I?”and thereby, the answers that he will validate as “the truth” are the ones fitting that “reality.” Very convenient indeed.

Who am “I”? 🙂
Laughing at that question, is my “rational” answer.

Going into “No-I”

“Spirituality” as it has been taught for many years, targets an infantile consciousness. It is the popular “Monkey sees, Monkey does.”
It is understood that we learn by imitation like a 5-year-old child. That is the need for “role models.”

Have you seen a 50-year-old with the consciousness of a 5-year-old?
They may know a lot about the “office world.” They know how to “make money,” how to be “ahead.” They know that “I” is different than “you” and different than Life. They know how to look out for #1.
Life is for ME to make what “I” want of it. Life is for ME, I and MYSELF.
What a dingy bird!

What type of spirituality will be “good” for that? Do this. Don’t Do that. If you do it, you will get punished; but if you follow the instructions, if you copy the “role models,” then you will be “good.” “God” will have a special place for you when you die while a monument will be built on Earth after you. You will be eternal.

That is all about the “I.”
With that kind of spirituality, “I” have to become something better, “I” have to achieve something special, “I” have to show others my value, my capacity… “I” will continue on even when “I” am no longer here. “I” need to achieve heaven and join the political party of angels and saints…
“I” need insurance for the afterlife.

That type of consciousness is not ready yet for “No-I.” That is the other half of your 24-hour day…
Although we may be awake, we are asleep trapped in the routine of “another day at the office.”
When “I” sleep sound and deep, who am “I”? Where am “I”?
When thoughts come into “my” mind, who sent them? Wasn’t it “me”? Why can’t “I” stop them?

The “problem” is that I call that experience “MY” mind.
“I” have not been trained to OBSERVE the mind as when a bird passes flying on the sky. Do I say “my” bird is flying now? 🙂

What are those things that build “ME”?  …. “MY” body.
Definitely, but can I observe that IT is getting older without “MY” permission? Nevertheless, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, conditionings have me wrapped up in MY identification of ME.

Enjoy your body! Only know that it is not yours or you… unless your consciousness is still there with that song… Then, embrace that. Acknowledge it … You are not ready for “NO-I” yet,  otherwise it will be a dull belief, another “reason” to be dishonest with yourself. …but it doesn’t mean that “No-I” is nonsense. It just means that “I Am” not there yet.

Emotions, thoughts, beliefs, conditionings are shaping ME, for through them, through that filter, “I” perceive the world and “Myself.”
Take those away, who am I?
Wait a minute, that is not easy! I cannot take those away as “I” take my coat off.

No problem. Life DOES IT. 5 years from now, “I” will not be the same.
All it links ME to the idea of ME, are labels: My name. All the rest will have changed at different percentages which “I” cannot control.

Who am “I” then? 🙂
“No-I” and “I” are 2 sides of the coin. “I” can BE and at the same time, “I” cannot BE. Thus, when “I” need to BE… I AM. When I don’t… I AM NOT.

Who am I? 🙂

What I AM NOT and what I AM. Senseless, illogical, irrational stuff. Perhaps the “truth.”  🙂

The gist of “Spirituality”: Awareness and Surrender

Spirituality is related with the word “spirit” and that word is open to many meanings. How can we talk about “spirit” without the experience? Could a blind person speak about light?
Obviously, whatever he says about light will be far from what is, although he could speak scientifically about wavelengths and color spectrums. There is no experience. Nevertheless,  even if we are not blind, whatever we say about light cannot be the “truth” but merely a description of it, of our own experience with “light”. The same principle applies when trying to make sense of “holy books” or “spiritual best sellers,” words cannot convey ‘truth’ only a partial description.

The other day I was talking with friends about “spirituality.” (i.e. Making the human experience “better”) Someone “discovered” (heard from others) that the problem of human suffering was related with ego.
“Get rid of the ego and you are free,” she said.
Bravo! That is the solution that most everyone knows. Why is not working? Why “knowing” the solution is not bringing the expected fruits? Oh! You need to “practice,” to follow the “right” method.
 That is the next belief in the chain. What are you going to practice?  An idea of what someone told you to be “right”?

Most are not AWARE of ego. Most only have concepts about it. Thus, how is it possible for ego to be dissolved, to SURRENDER it?
That is a key question.
Intellectual understanding of a concept does not change the individual. That is why “spirituality” as it is “now” is pure hogwash; nevertheless, “inspirational.” Any concepts that we bring in, will not accomplish the goal of “creating better human beings.” It will be all “pretty” talk; collectively we have become used to this.

Spiritual people ask the question: Who Am I?  Any conceptual answer will not bring the experience of knowing ourselves. Because there is no AWARENESS, we could go on with some belief or with some dishonest phrase: We consistently say “I,” without knowing who that “I” is. We embrace another label such as “soul” or any other “spiritual” term, then we are “happy” with, for we believe to have the “right” answer.

When we are AWARE, we could perceive that we are not the body. Breathing happens. I am not DOING it. The heart pumps blood, I am not DOING it, thus; how can I say that “I am the body?”
When we are AWARE we could perceive that we are not the mind. Thoughts come and go without “my” control. They just appear and I want for them to go away, but I cannot DO that.
When we are AWARE we could see that any concept that I have not experienced, it is just conditioned information, “knowledge” coming from the mind.
Soul, Spirit, etc. are such learned concepts. I want to believe to be those, although I don’t know if I have experienced what the label entails, so I can be “spiritual” but I am faking it. If you have experienced to be a soul or spirit, please do me a favor: Change the label... Pick any other label, for your experience will be different from that of others.

When we are AWARE we recognize that “I will not be able to find who I am” for “I am always changing.” Paradoxically, I am the body, I am the mind, I am the soul, the spirit, I am ALL of those things that we believe to be, so why label to separate?

Paradoxically, the question “Who Am I?” is most important to formulate as long as I am not looking for an answer. Can the mind “understand that”?
Probably not. That is why, get out of the mind if you would like to experience you own wordless reality. That is part of deconditioning.
If you observe your own mind, you will be AWARE of it and then you will understand what the word ego, the “I” means, without using a dictionary definition.

Please be AWARE of this: We cannot live in the “NOW” as long as our mind IS. The mind is past or future only. To say: “I want my mind to be in the Now” is an ignorant remark for lack of awareness.
If you are in the NOW, you are in No-Mind.
Don’t believe me. Try it at home… BE AWARE of all of these things, so SURRENDERING happens.

If you believe that “I will surrender,” even though this phrase may be grammatically correct, in “spirituality” that phrase  is completely senseless.

I am glad you asked. That is for you to find out. Your own journey.

Until March 20th! 🙂

The deceiving question: Who am I? :-)


When the drop of the Ocean asks: who am “I”? That is the beginning of intellectual deceit.

It is obvious that this drop of water is the Ocean itself, but some sort of myopia of consciousness takes over.

The drop of water beliefs to be something else.
“I think therefore, I exist.” That becomes the law of certainty as being something different, something special, something divine as if everything else wasn’t that special or divine.

Q: Avyakt7, you are contradicting yourself. 2 years ago you mentioned here, that “I am an eternal soul.” Then, you changed into: “I am pure dynamic consciousness,” and then you even said that “I am nothing,” and now it seems like you are changing into “I am the Totality.”
Can you make up your mind?

A: Do we see that a question such as “who I am” is only strengthening that idea that “I am” a drop of water?
Do we see that any definition of “who I am” is limiting through limiting words and never accurate?
All those different things that Avyakt7 mentioned that “I am” range from a something to nothing, to everything… according to Avyakt7’s consciousness.

Avyakt7 covered all possibilities of being! 🙂 Now, someone looking at this writing from a belief system, will not hear the answer given above. That person is only looking for the keyword, so she can say: “I believe.”

For instance, If someone believes “I am a soul.” That is a great belief! Now, let me ask: What actually that means?
For some it will be about denying everything that “I am not” to find “who I am”…that soul. But how that drop of the Ocean will find what “it is not,” when it is the Ocean itself? How denying something about himself will bring that person into the Totality, which means a different consciousness?

The above is a pretty deep explanation. Hopefully clear as well.

Right now, if someone asks Avyakt7, “who am I?” … well, a smile will come as a response… 🙂
If Avyakt7 dares to say something by adding more words to define “that,” Avyakt7 will be lying more and more by being away from what it is, through fancy words.

Do we see that?

Q: So everything that you said before was a lie!!

A: Everything that Avyakt7 said before was according to his consciousness… and “right” at that time for those in that consciousness as well. It was an honest answer. Let me tell you a “secret:” Unless you live what you talk about, you will be a fraud. When you are fake, what you communicate does not have any strength. In Spirituality, you discover things. It is not about someone telling you “this is the answer.”
If it was that way, then everyone will be “illuminated” by now.
“I am a soul” so… what? Is that another belief or an experience? If it is an experience, how come your consciousness is the same as any other person who does not know that “he is a soul”?

Many seekers in the past have shared their experience through words. Those words may have been seen as contradictory through time. (He said this before and now he is saying the opposite.) Followers who do not have an experience of those words, will be only concerned in making sure that everything that person has said from the beginning is “consistent” so the “dogma” looks the same. Nevertheless, those followers do not realize that those honest seekers, were merely sharing their own discoveries through limited words, and those discoveries will change as his own consciousness change.

To discover means to change.

Anyone who takes these words literally so he looks “educated” when he talks to another person about Spirituality, is not truly a seeker. That person is only concerned in concepts and dogma.

When you discover something for yourself and perhaps these words help you a bit in your own search, then… we are moving “someplace…” 🙂

One more time: Who are you?


In Spirituality, there are words which mean absolutely nothing.
Only if I become that which I am naming, then that means something; but that something cannot be the same thing that I name. The meaning is in being, but naming has no meaning.

What I know in Spirituality, I cannot describe accurately through words. It is indescribable; but unfortunately; I need to use words to express somehow what is known.

If you take my words as the “truth,” you will know “falsehood.”
If you take my words as an “opinion,” you will know that everything we convey are just opinions.
If you take my words as my experience; then you will know that what is true for some, may not be for others.
If you listen to my words without thinking about more words to say or clarify, you will become a good listener.
By becoming a good listener, you may realize something which you didn’t know before.

That is the meaning of “my words.”

Who am I?

I am…. This label or that label. But not both. That is not logical. 🙂
Those labels are merely descriptions. You are not a description.

I am a soul.
Wrong! 🙂
Another label. Another word to define.
You cannot be a definition. That definition is meaningless. A concept means nothing.
More words to confuse one another.

Where is the experience?

Close your eyes. Close your mind. Close your senses. Feel. Experience.
That is “you” without using the meaning of the word “you.”

I am who I am?
You are not!
“You” does not exist. Another label. Another concept. Another word. Separation is the illusion of not perceiving unity.

Who am I?
That word “I” does not exist because “you” is not real. It is just a verbal representation. A concept.

Who am..?
Now, we are getting someplace!

Then, I could discover that without words, there are no questions to be asked. Then, there is a new world to discover.
A world beyond words and labeling, a world beyond the domain of the unstable mind.