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Question: Wishful thinking

We make our destiny our-self,if this is true then wishing and planning to live with a particular soul in future is a sin ?

Dear reader,

The word “sin” has a guilty connotation. When we are aware that there is cause and effect, that “sin” is just a cause for a consequence that you will experience. Therefore, nothing is “sin,” but just a cause for a consequence to be experienced.
In your question you are assuming many things. “We make our destiny.” Sounds like a “true” statement; but in fact, that statement is very simplistic.
Your destiny has been destined already. Thus, you are making it happen … 🙂 that is how everything is perfect, because “you” cannot mess up… 🙂
That “making it happen” is the “making my destiny” that you are talking about.
Now, if we go a bit further into your question, you are saying: “my destiny.”
Who is that “I” making things “happen”? That “I” is truly an illusion. That “I” does not exist; that is why there is a destiny already, pre-arranged. Nevertheless, when you are in the consciousness of “I do, I make things happen,” then in that consciousness, you think that “you make things happen in life,” but you don’t.
How do I know that?
Because if you understood cause and effect, you in fact could make your destiny to happen, so you could in fact “live with a particular soul in the future” as you currently wish.
If you did that, then you wouldn’t need to “wish” and “plan,” for this should happen automatically.
Therefore, wishing and planning means not knowing if that soul will live with you in the future.
How is that “not knowing,” going to be a sin? 🙂
There are many articles in this blog about the illusion of the “I,” as well as predestination and free will. I suggest a reading on those to fully understand the response to your question.

The above is the long “intellectual” avenue to get to the beach by taking buses.
The shortcut to get to the beach is this:
You can wish all you want. You can plan all you want. If it is in your destiny, it will happen. If it is not in your destiny, it will not. Therefore, I’d suggest to plan and wish for things that are only in your destiny… 🙂

Best wishes!
This is the last question for the year… Other questions will be answered next year!

The unreachable star


You are the far unreachable star
melting my heart with one desire
to be there, to reach to you
be part of the selected few

My day is lit with your presence
my night is just your omnipresence
that is the time where my dreams
meet your name as it seems

In the darkest moments of my life
i could see you and be fine
to be there will take time
for now, to see you is sublime

Sparkling lights are your eyes
their depth is truly a work of art
your beauty matches your heart
you are the star… among the stars!

Poetry: Wish I could tell you

I wish I could tell you
I wish I had the opportunity to be
Time and circumstances are in between
Just like a drama dream

Love increases in silence
When I see you, I have to pretend
There is a strong recognition
But, this is not the time to spend

A super hero wearing a mask
Sacrificing all for one task
Love is always for the villain
And I am just like penicillin

I could be anything for you
Superman, batman or a watchman
I am careful not to give you a clue
For If you knew,
it would be a dream that just flew.