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It takes more energy to resist than to let go


Those were the words of wisdom that I heard from a yoga teacher in a class that I attended named “Hot flow level 2” where the temperature of the classroom is about 90 to 100 F. Lots of sweaty enjoyment there! 🙂

No doubt she is “right” about letting go… almost.. 🙂

When we speak about physical resistance, then that may be the case. When we are talking about emotional issues, then to let go takes greater courage and greater wisdom than to resist, when there is someone there “choosing” to resist or to let go.

More conventional religious teachings/ spiritual teachings will make it “easy for us,” when they teach us to “resist evil,” “resist anything that is ungodly,” etc.
Those teachings will put us into selecting one side of duality and rejecting the other.

That teaching is not “bad” at all; but for someone who has a different vision and experience of the reality of life; that teaching could be viewed with further depth.

Both, to resist and to let go arise as a duality of being someone. Being someone means to have a defined view a defined image of “who I am.”

In most conventional teachings to “know who you are,” is very important.
Nevertheless, to define yourself is a problem of the thinking mind. Why? Because by doing that the opportunity to change and evolve will be minimized.

In the world of duality, to learn when to resist and when to let go according to the circumstances, is an indication of wisdom. To “always” reject resisting as in a commandment may be useful in some circumstances, but not in others. Nevertheless, the non-verbal, non-intellectual understanding of these things will come to everyone of us at our due time.

In the meantime, we just need to acknowledge everyone’s path and personal timing and growth in life.
Those were also the words of wisdom of my yoga teacher in that session… So many words of wisdom! 🙂

Yes… many know those words of wisdom intellectually, but which can only be understood by another when we can see that wisdom in “action,” in front of us; and that is the beauty of a relationship, when there is the willingness to learn from the “teacher” in front of us…

Resisting and letting go are meaningless when the individual becomes “nothing,” that is when the mind full with definitions, ideas and ideals is left aside; that is known as emptiness.

Being empty takes us into our nature of being formless. Paradoxically, because we are formless, non-defined; we adopt a “form.” It is through that form that we relate with the world… and that is the importance of knowing the state of emptiness; because in that way; we are something but…we are not. We are there, but we are not… 🙂 We are individuals… but we are part of the totality… Oneness. Both at the same time, not just one side of the coin.

The above goes beyond the simple religious understanding of “good and bad.” 🙂

Helping “others.”


“To help,” without thinking about it but just as a natural feeling to reach out to everything and everyone is conductive to the common good. “To help” as a duty, to follow some religious practice or to do it with the intention of feeling “good,” is another ego booster.

Knowing “spiritual things” could be a source of ego, especially when the aim is to give free advice to someone. There is the expectation that these “words of wisdom” must be followed.
To talk is very easy, but not so to listen. To give advice to others about what they should do, is truly easy…and rewarding to our own ego.

Ananda was sharing with Mathias, the wise tree; about a problem that his younger friend, Carl was experiencing.

Ananda: Carl believes that some people are out there to hurt him. He is afraid of a particular group; but I see no reason for his worries.
I know that nowadays many people experience issues with their minds. Many are medicated because of that.
I told Carl what he needs to do, but he doesn’t listen.

Mathias: That expectation of him to listen to you is hurting your own ego, my friend.

Ananda: Yes, but what can I do to help him?
Mathias: If that episode was happening inside you, what would you do?
Ananda: I think that thanks to this “spiritual knowledge” that I have, I could manage this problem.

Mathias: How? If your mind leaves you and you only see people trying to attack you.. How would you manage that?

Ananda: I would look for help if I had this realization of feeling continually attacked.

Mathias: If your mind leaves you and your mind makes you see things that do not exist, what type of help would you look for?

Ananda: Then, I couldn’t do anything but to suffer…

Mathias: You will only suffer? Mathias feels that you are not being completely honest…

Ananda: Well, what else? I have Mathias or Raysha. I have confidence in both of you… and I could look for you.

Mathias: Ok. That means that it is important for someone who is in that state to feel that he has someone to go to…

Ananda: That is right…
Mathias: That is the first point. Second point: Professional support. In this way, Mathias answers your question: When something is happening to someone and that person comes to you, then only ask yourself; What would I do if that was happening to me?

For everything that happens around us, is happening inside us as well. When you are honest with yourself you are helping that which is happening around you, even though you cannot see it. We are all interconnected, my friend… There is no part which does not have a connection with the totality.

Ananda: I see. When I feel that it happens to me then my action will help the other as well. Then the task is to be that person that Carl feels that he can confide.

Mathias:… with honesty.

Feeling is always before talking. Any “spiritual wisdom” could be meaningless to another if we have not felt the need of another. That necessary empathy is mentioned in the saying: “Wearing someone else’s shoes.”

Wisdom is not just to give… but to give what is needed, according to time.