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Words to confuse…Dishonesty to believe

Being is hidden behind words. The mind will not allow a strong ego to show himself as he is. To “save face” is important to maintain the integrity of the ego driven mind.

Words can be used skillfully and that skill is confusing. Out of that confusion, ego has the perfect scenario to continue his work behind the curtains.

Ahnanda says that love is when you are not. Someone else may quote that “love is to put yourself into someone else’s shoes to know his needs.” Yet another will quote their guru and say “love is empathy.” Then comes the Buddhist mind who does not use the word “love” but “compassion.”
Who is right?
The analytical mind may express that the “definition” that Ahnanda has given is worthless, if you compare that with well known Gurus who have written many books in spirituality. The analytical mind may say that the Buddhist tradition has existed for many centuries already and it must be right…

That is how a seeker confuses himself. That is how a word, the definition, to be “right” becomes more important than the experience behind the word. That is how “second class knowledge” becomes the source of authority.
That is how self-delusion starts and dishonesty will remain in the seeker’s path.

Which definition is the right one? I want to “practice” the “right one,” so I can be “right.”
That is ego in is utmost realm.

What is the difference between compassion and love?
What is the difference between love an empathy?

Trapped in words, we don’t see the reality of BEING.

Practice of any definition will not make you the definition.

Observe who you ARE. Observe what you feel.
The dishonesty of trying to live the definition of a word or a phrase is not love. Your mind is just trying to understand a word and that is the issue, the problem…

Do you understand what “you are not”?
When you “are not,” then you can be in “someone else’s shoes.” Not before.
When you “are not,” empathy flows because you are not just “you.”
When you are not, “compassion” is there for those who ARE something. You understand, you have empathy, you can put yourself into their shoes because you have been there, but now that you ARE not… you are love.

Otherwise, you are pity, you are “helping others,” you are “practice” of compassion or empathy, and that cannot be love.

Everyone is “right and wrong” at the same time. Seekers decide who is “right” or who is “wrong” and they have the reference of their own conditioning, their own pre-conceptions, their own beliefs… That is why there are many Gurus, many Gods, many “right” paths… offering different flavors according to the taste/consciousness of every seeker. 🙂

Useless definitions

The mind defines through thought. Thought uses words. Words express duality.
“What do you mean?”
Here is the “definition.” That definition is meant to separate that which cannot be separated.

For example, look at the Earth. It cannot be separated from the Universe, for it is part of it; however, by naming it “Earth” someone is going to ask: “What is the Earth? Define Earth…”
Then, the definition will appear and we will believe that the Earth is something separated from the Universe, a different thing, the Earth is confined to that definition…

If we observe the planet Earth, we could see Ocean and Land. Through labels, I have made the separation. Then, because the mind likes to analyze and continue the separation, I could make borders in that land and call that “a country” or “continents.” There are no countries in “real life,” but only in the human mind, the borders are in the human mind. See my point?

I am not saying that words are “Bad.” I am saying that once you are AWARE on how words direct your perception, you are free from the conditioning as long as you are aware.

Look  at these  words: soul, spirit, body, mind. Those labels only divide something, which cannot be divided.
“Who am I?”

Could John Doe be separated from the Universe?
Who is John Doe? Isn’t he a body? Which part of the body?
Oh… he is not a body, he is a soul… what is a soul?
Ahh! Let me define it: A point of light. Can I divide a point of light? Of course! Just label it something… The word “soul” is merely a label identifying someone’s experience. For most, it is only second hand knowledge. That is the beginning of self-deception.
John Doe is not a body. He is a spirit. Do you believe me? 🙂
What is a spirit? Let me define it: “the breath of God…” Sounds pretty, huh?
Or perhaps I could say: John Doe is a mind. What is a mind?
Let me define it: “It is pure consciousness…”  Very “new age-y” indeed.

The point is to observe how our language divides things. Thus, the mind divides. The Totality is one, and our minds are only concerned with a “part.” That part exists because of a “definition.” We believe the definition to be “real.”

Do you see my point? We are just adding meaningless words to define something, which cannot be defined. Therefore, beliefs come into the picture. Those beliefs represent only words, concepts.
If I say “John Doe is emptiness” that has as much “truth” as saying, “He is a point of light.” 

What is love?
Oh… Let me define it.
Absence of hate.
What is hate?
Let me define it: Absence of love.
Look at that clearly. See the mask of words? Knowing love or hate is not a matter of defining it. It is an experience. Can you put the “truth” in words then?

If the above is understood, if you had an Aha! moment… you will not believe in the world of words and thinking as the “reality,” but you will embrace the indefinable unity of all… Have you heard before that “we are one.”
It may not be a concept anymore for you.

Thought separates. Feelings unite, embrace. A mind free from thinking will know without definitions. A mind free from thoughts is egoless.
Now… If you want to “become free from thoughts to be egoless,” you are just wasting your time. What are you going to DO? Your mind has made that up; paradoxically, it is the ego wanting to get rid of himself, and that is exactly how the ego will continue to exist. If you reject something, you will make it stronger…

Just become AWARE. Forget about getting rid of things, conquering things, fighting things… The ego is an illusion created by the mind to give us individuality, separation, DEFINITION… then, AWARENESS is just a mirror. Put the ego in front of it and… you will see…

Nothing. 🙂

Being successful

The other day I purchased a bed linen. The Company selling it had an unusual ad: “It is said that Webster’s first dictionary in 1806 defined success as being “generous, prosperous and kind” Regrettably, the most recent published definition of success is “getting or achieving wealth, respect and fame.” We do business based on the 1806 definition.”

Observe how the meaning of words change in time. 200 years later, that same word means something completely different, thus a definition will change in “no time” in time. 🙂

Take the word “god” for example. Isn’t the definition of that word different among people? Who has the “right” definition? 

“I.” 🙂

The word “success” is a human invention. Our society has bought into it. To be successful is the objective, the thing to attain; although it is not clear what it means.
How wealthy is wealthy? How famous is fame? Isn’t respect nowadays another word for inspiring fear? Who is the authority to define what something is?
The guy down the street wants “respect,” and he earns it through his ability to inspire fear into his neighbors.

Being “generous, prosperous and kind” is not a corporate attitude or behavior towards business. We cannot make ourselves generous or kind through a corporate mission statement. We ARE or we ARE not. If we behave as if we were kind, generous, etc. from 8 Am to 5 PM, Monday through Friday… We ARE fake.

Words meaning absolutely nothing. Pretty, touchy words, no feelings. All mind, no heart.

That is the same scenario when most talk about love and loving someone. There is the blurb, the political correct phrases, the catchy words, but nothing else.
Love is not something to talk about. Words destroy the sacredness of the moment, the relationship, what it could be… the feeling.

Therefore, “Being successful,” means anything that you desire.
Achieving that, means very little unless there is an agreement that it is worth something.
For mice, to be “successful” could be to get cheese from a human refrigerator. But mice are “intelligent” enough not to worry about success.

Being successful is taken to extremes in our society. For instance:
What is so important about a football game or a “world cup” soccer game?
Nothing…. It is just a game. But yet there is a common agreement that this game could be in fact a “historic moment.” Everyone is watching it. It is transcendent… It is team A versus team B. The “World champ” (yet another pretty word meaning nothing) will victoriously emerge from that “duel of nemesis…”
That is the human world of fantasy. Something to pass time with, to keep the mind entertained until death arrives… Then success is over; then there is only “losing the battle” against cancer, drunk drivers, medical doctors,  and all excuses death may use to “take us away from our loved ones.” 🙂
All the winning, all the success gets taken away by Death; then under that cloudy perspective; we become automatic “losers.” We believe that… unless there is an “afterlife,” then the “I” could be “successful” there… 

As our minds step away from words, the meaning of living Life in the innocence of an empty mind, will replace the meaning of the words.

Every Life story from the “lowly” untouchable mosquito to the immortal Sam the true “man,” is neither a success nor a failure.
In Life no one could be a success nor a failure but only in the “fantasy island” of the conditioned human mind, that is the mind full of duality.
Remember: What someone says it is not accurately what they mean or feel. It cannot be.
Beware of words.

Looking into meaning behind “Spiritual” words

Spirituality is a deceitful word.
Forget that word and you may find Life. By finding Life, you may start living it. By living it, enjoying it. By enjoying it, finding the meaning of spirituality. It is not a concept.

To find honesty within ourselves, sooner or later we may learn to forget everything we have been taught, only to find who we ARE.
Every experience in Life only will show us who we ARE at that moment in time.
When we learn to accept ourselves as we ARE in an unconditional way, then we may be able to accept “others;” not as an idea, a concept, a “spiritual” virtue to practice, but as genuine, unrehearsed, unlearned, natural way of being.

Want to practice empathy?
Want to work on being more loving?
Want to practice detachment?
Do you have sainthood as an objective?
Want to teach peace to others?

Then your mind is engaged in the intellectual world of ideas, concepts and “spiritual” words.
When the mind empties itself from the intellectual world, there is knowing in BEING.

Does not make any sense?
Wonderful! That is a step forward.

Forget the “practice.” Forget to label virtues. Forget all dictionary words defining Love.
Unlearn all of those concepts.

“To surrender,” is not to give up something in Life. It is effortless openness when the “I” dilutes itself.

“To love someone” is not just a mushy feeling. It is to allow that one to be, without conditions. To grow together in joy.
“To be detached” is not to be insensitive, aloof. It is to acknowledge the process of another, knowing that we have our own.

“To go with the flow” is not to follow what Life offers for there is no option to choose from. It is to BE one with Life.

If you “practice” any of my “definitions,” you will deceive yourself. If you repeat any of my definitions, you will not be honest with your own findings.
Know that your own definitions will need to change in time, just like mine. That is what we have in common. Change.

It is said that to know “Spirituality” there is a need of a teacher to teach.
I am assuring you that none of the “spiritual values” can be taught.

It can only be found in your own walking path. As you place one foot in front of another in your Life journey, you will recognize the teaching that Life offers, only because you already know it. Concepts can be taught, not Living Life.

To teach “spirituality” is deceitful. We can only share our experiences as a friend shares with another.

When that one is ready, your words can only inspire, allow for a different perspective, but words are not meant to teach in the realm of Life.

Life is the teacher, without being appointed for that.
Thus, we can only teach when we are ONE with Life…. and at that moment, there may be nothing to teach. 🙂

Wordless Words

How am I supposed to share experiences, which cannot be conveyed in words?

Perhaps, if words are used to a minimum.

But …what about if these words are misinterpreted?
That is not a problem for the one who wants to know through living.

If you live what you interpret even though it may be “wrong;” eventually, you will get it “right” through Life experiences.
“Knowing” requires for every seeker to pay their dues. No freebies.

If you don’t have time to assimilate Life, but just enough time to go to Heaven…
All you could ever have is empty intellectual speculation.

Looking only to be “right”? Then whether you get the “concept” right or “wrong” will not matter.
Is to be “right” all that matters for you?
Then just believe. Only believe yourself to be right. Believe that others are wrong.

No one becomes a “better” human being by just knowing concepts or believing in things, but by allowing openness in his consciousness.
Being conceptually “right” does not mean increasing consciousness.
If consciousness does not increase through openness, then what you speak about will be fake. A sales job. Your talk will not match your walk.
It is not your own experience but just your concept or a hand-me-down. It is not what you live by, but merely your understanding. Your opinion. Your belief.

It is not what you are; but what you think is “right.”

Living it, being it. That is all.

Get it right or get it wrong…
It is just the same song
Live it, Be it; undefined, unrestricted
and perhaps the clinging “I,” will be evicted…

Playing with Emptiness and Silence


Some write: “That is a special widget.” Others may write: “That is an especial widget.”
Who is right? Who is wrong? 🙂
Some may say that “special” is the same as “especial.” Others may say that “especial” is “specially special.”

That is the same with emptiness and silence. What monotheistic religions may call as “silence” is what non-deistic religions may call as “emptiness.”

When we become caught up in the words, we miss the experience that those words are trying to convey. Lost in words we may open a “discussion forum” to bring those “concepts” forward, without having the experience of what “holy people” and “sages” are trying to convey through dualistic words.

Have you felt emptiness as an ache in the chest? Have you tried to get away from that sensation of despair of “feeling empty”?

That is a sign that something is transforming. Any process of transformation requires the feeling of emptiness, but not so we run away from it or become “busy” by ignoring it; but to observe it and use that empty space to create new things.

This is what a sage calls: “Creative emptiness.”
The room was full of stuff. To transform it is to empty it. Once it is empty, then we can start decorating it, creating new things.
Being creative means to create from emptiness. Otherwise, we are just continuing a known theme.

Many readers may not understand some of the things being shared here. These readers may “study” these words for hours, they may have all their attention into these writings and are willing to understand them… These readers are pretty intelligent as well… How is it possible for them not to understand these things?

Because they may need to have am empty space in themselves so, these things could settle down.

How is that?

Have you ever been 100% in a religious belief? Have you ever been completely dedicated to a cause?

The room is 100% full. There is no empty space there to hold anything else… anything new. All we recycle is the same thing. The same dogma.

That is how when the stuff goes out of the windows and doors of that room, when we realize about becoming obsessive. A feeling of emptiness arrives and then… we kill it by distracting ourselves… by becoming “busy.” 🙂

When we step away and allow for some empty space, then something else could be understood. Therefore, to be empty is a requisite to understand beyond a superficial game of words or “concepts.”

Many times if we have an empty space and still we are unable to understand, the time will come when a particular experience will allow us to understand. It is a matter of timing.
That understanding is non-conceptual for it is part of our being.

That is why it is said that when we are completely empty, we are everything. That is the paradox of being and non-being.

Do we want to call that silence?

That is fine.
Is that silence an absence of words? No.
Is that silence and absence of thoughts? No.
Is that silence a feeling like peace? No.

That silence is an empty (silent) space in the room of the being. Unlearning has occurred and with that, the magic of transforming.

As thoughts let their space for feelings to arrive, that silence is no longer an experience to talk about.
It may become a room full of grateful feelings… but empty at the same time.

When the time arrives


Raysha and Ananda’s father departed to another experience of life today, in the early hours of the morning. That is known as “death” for some or “leaving the body” for others.

Many labels to express an experience.
For me, it is continuing into a different experience.

Life is not the duality of life and death. We experience that duality when there is an “I” which brings the separation between the experiencer and the experience.”I am” the experience itself, in a word; the “now.”

For some relatives my father is death. My father has suffered… he is finally “resting in peace,” in God’s lap… etc.
I wonder if they know what they are talking about?
I wonder if they understand that their expressions of sympathy are of no meaning to me… but I understand that “their stuff” makes them feel good about themselves… that they are giving me “comfort,” they feel that they are “helping me.” 🙂

The words “my father” bring a feeling of loss, a feeling of something that is gone, etc. Lost in words, I could believe the “logic” of them.

A role in life is not the being. A label to express that role is just a label. The experience of Life itself is beyond our words and labels.

“Leaving the body” is the expression of looking at life under the umbrella of the body. The point of reference is still the body, especially when I repeat myself “I am not the body.” The duality of body and not-body makes our life to be conscious of the body …unless we realize about labeling. It all depends on our degree of awareness.

Ananda could choose to be in sorrow OR Ananda could choose to be content and happy about the “graduation” of his father into a new experience in life, which could be supported by a fancy belief system.

Right? Isn’t that the teaching of “spiritual enlightened people”?

That is still duality.

When Ananda lives in the now and experiences life as it is without adding labels to it and just being aware of his own feelings and embracing them as they are without repression or opposition, then the muddy waters will settle down all by itself and then the “magic” happens: Clear waters will appear all by itself without “me” doing anything to “speed things up.” 🙂

I could spend time labeling my own muddy waters as “impure” or as “that is something that I should not feel” etc. but once we know about the impact of our own words in our mind, then we learn that we better be careful when we talk to “others”… But even more careful when we talk to ourselves.

No wonder to go into a different consciousness, we may need to go over the limits of our beliefs.

That is the main requisite to have a new birth.